Friday, November 30, 2007

Update- Friday, November 30, 2007- Bi Bi Sonny

The show opens with Sean being frog marched by Paul and Liam to the Rover's. The three run into Jamie, and Sean explains that he is looking deathly ill from nerves because he is about to undergo a job evaluation. Jamie looks confused, but accepts the explanation.

Sean, Paul and Liam then enter the Rover's. Michelle comes out to the front, wanting Sean's fashion opinion. They go to the back room, Sean somewhat reluctantly. Michelle prattles on a bit about her new dress, and then realizes Sean is looking a little glum. Sean confesses that he and Sean slept together. Michelle does not want to believe it. Sean confesses somemore. Not only have they slept together while Sonny was dating Michelle, but they have known each other for years.

Michelle runs out of the pub, with Liam and Paul trailing her. They try and stop her, and out on the street, tell her they found out, and made Sean tell her. Michelle not too politely asks them to butt out.

When she finally is alone in her flat, she sits at the table, and cries. She takes off the watch and ring. Michelle, honey, I know you are crushed right now, but, keep the swag. Okay, you probably have to return the ring, but the watch is yours. Don't let your emotions keep you from expensive jewellery.

Meanwhile, at the pub, Jamie comes in and learns the truth about Sean's "job evaluation". He looks a little too judgmental for a guy who slept with his mother. Sean also asks Liam if he should go by to Michelle's house, and Liam wisely tells him to keep out of it.

Sonny is oblivious to the drama and shows up at Michelle's bearing flowers. Michelle answers the door and silently lets him in. Clever Sonny knows something is wrong, and she does not keep him in suspense. When Michelle confronts him with the fact that their relationship has been all lies, Sonny says that had he told her the truth about his bisexuality she wouldn't have wanted him. She doesn't deny it, but says that she would then have had a choice.

In the next scene, Michelle is sitting at her kitchen table with a glass of wine in front of her. Sonny begs her to give him another chance. She says no, and in the process of doing so, refers to her dead partner and the effect his death had on her. She gives him the watch and the ring, and Sonny leaves.

Sean, who has nipped out of the Rover's, sees Sonny leaving. He runs over to try and explain. Of course Michelle comes out and sees them, gets angry at the both of them, and then slaps Sean in the face.

Another "Please God, let it End" Plotline

Adam, Deirdre and Tracy see that there is a "sold" sign, outside of Charlie's house. Tracy bemoans the loss of the house, but Deirdre tells her good riddance.

Later, at the Barlows', Tracy invites Deirdre out for a drink, only to receive a text message (I presume) from someone. She says she has to go out for a bit before the drink, and heads out without further explanation.

Of course the text message was from David, and they have a little sordid rendezvous in the back alley. David, the romantic, brings Tracy some chips, and suggests that they return to his house as his mum isn't home. Tracy says he has to wait until after the trial, but David has thought this through, and he says that she won't need him after the trial and will just ditch him. She starts laughing, and he tells her that if that's how she wants to play it, then he will simply see her at the trial. Tracy calls him back and says that what is really going on is that she wants to make the experience really special. She then kisses him and leaves.

In Other News

Rita invites Norris out to an Italian restaurant to celebrate his birthday. As they are having a pre-outing drink at the Rover's, Doreen comes in. First she invites Rita out for a curry. Rita tells her that she and Norris are going to a restaurant to celebrate Norris' birthday. Doreen invites herself along, but Rita says that it will be just the two of them. Norris is very pleased. Oh, and Norris is wearing a cravat. And not in the Sean-hipster kind of way.

Liam and Leanne flirt. Jason, who saw the flirting go down, suggests that Liam see a shrink over his taste in women.

Steve tries over and over again to call Vern on the cab radio. Vern, who is drumming the dashboard and listening to music, does not hear. Lloyd once again points out the obvious but uncomfortable truth to Steve. So long as Liz is saddled with a git, so is Steve.

Christmas Pressie From CBC

An Audience with Coronation Street is going to repeat Tuesday December 25 2007 from 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm!

I know you'll be sitting around the turkey table, so be sure to set your vcr/pvr/tivo because this is a one shot deal, babies.

Update - November 29, 2007 - Manchester Version

The house has gone up for sale at Jamie’s and he and his new houseguest discuss looking for new digs, but Leanne as usual has a plan in place. She has decided she is going to break into Janice’s flat (with her permission) and squat there while Janice is in France. She uses her Battersby skills by taking a credit card to slip the lock without success , all while wearing a lovely cocktail gown! Jamie watches her in action, or inaction when Liam walks by. He is formally introduced to Leanne and tells her she is doing it all wrong. He takes a step back and kicks the door down, like a proper gentleman. In the flat, after getting Jamie to do some heavy lifting - Leanne clearly smitten with Liam asks Jamie various questions about her potential new victim er sorry, friend . Does anyone else notice all female characters on Corrie with brown hair slowly become blonde?

Tracy tells David to back off after he gropes her leg under the table at Roy’s Rolls. She mentions he better stick and then get his reward or else he won’t get any action. Could someone tell David to lay off the carrot juice? He's glowing...

Claire gets another call from Casey the depressed woman from her counselling line. Does Claire know anything about healthy boundaries? I am quite sure that it is against policy for Casey to call her on her mobile. Soon she will be moving into an extra room at the house which seems fairly strange and dangerous.

Liam hears news that Steve thinks Sonny is gay. He goes to see Steve at Streetcars to investigate the rumours and asks exactly what he saw. After a shoddy attempt of down-playing the events, Steve tells him that he saw Sonny and Sean kissing on his night out with the lads. Back at Underworld, Paul and Liam have decided to take action and lets all the girls go early with full pay, but asks Sean to stay. He is summoned into the office were he is interrogated by the brothers on his relationship with Sonny. He admits he has known Sonny for years and yes, he admits he did fool around about with Sonny. They both roughly grab him and make their way to the Rovers to see Michelle.

Who Wants to PARTY?

We have just started the holiday season and we are all getting set to eat, drink and vomit our way through the festivities. But, let’s be honest, the most exciting part of the season – for those of us older than 14 – is New Years Eve. I mean, that is the question for the holiday season. I’m curious as to what you are having for Christmas dinner. I may be interested in what was under your tree. But, mainly, I really want to know what you are doing for New Years. Is it too early to ask? Nope, it’s never too early, and those of us planning to head to the Big Apple, Montreal or Manchester, better start planning now.

Due to the CBC timeline our friends in Weatherfield celebrated new years 2007 about six hours ago. It will be MONTHS until we see what they do to ring in 2008. So, with that in mind, I am wondering which household the Corrie Canuksters would like to spend the big night with.

Let’s have a little poll. Chose your party from the list below and send me your choices. I will post the results and the fun comments.

The Battersby-Browns

The meal: cigarettes, lager, mince pies and Chinese takeaway.

To be honest, just add a martini and that is my kind of New Years meal. At this party, there would be Les, Cilla, Chezney, Fizz Bomb Brown, our Kirkey, Leanne and Yanna. Does that say “party” to you?

The Grimshaws

The meal: Lager, red wine, Indian takeaway, endless bags of crisps and chocolate bars from the corner shop.

Now I know most of us would rush to go party with Eileen and Sean, but you have to know that Violet will also be there. I like Violet but she seems to have the market on misery cornered. If she were to crack a smile, perhaps it would be better. Also, Jason – the party totty – would most likely be spending half his time there and the other half at the Platt’s. Jamie would probably be there too. But, I don’t know that he’d be the best party animal. Is Eileen and Sean enough? You be the judge.

The Platts

The meal: White wine, pizza, the last of the Christmas left-overs, Frescos pudding.

Now, this may be a nightmare, as you’d have to look at Gail all night and Bethany would terrify you. Will she choose this year to pee on the carpet? But, Bethany will probably retire to the dishwasher at 7:30 and Gail will most likely get drunk. Also, David being a wild card may do something very dramatic which would make your attendance worth it. Audrey may also kick it up a notch and bring two married boyfriends.

The Websters

The meal: White wine, lager, burned beef Wellington replaced by fish and chips from the chippy.

You would most likely end up watching movies on the couch. It could be the ultimate in low key, relaxed new years. You could make fun of Sally with Rosie and Sophie while Kevin keeps things light. Once the girls go to bed after midnight, you can sit around talking about how fortunate Sally and Kevin are and pretend that Sally isn’t prone to sleeping around and social climbing.

The House of Bishop

The meal: tea, midget gems, mince pies, tea biscuits, sherry, tuna sandwiches with the crusts cut off, cucumber sandwiches if they get really crazy, gin for Rita.

OK, on first glance you are thinking PASS!!! I know that the last thing I want to do in New Years in listen to Emily reminisce about the time she and Earnest spent new years watching the Queens address with some cookies and the blanket be bought her on a trip to Wales, but it may be good. Rita would get hammered, maybe she will bring new-found-old-pal Doreen with her. This could be the dark-horse New Years jam!

The McDonalds

The meal: left over hot pot, vodka, lager, cigarettes.

Liz and her breasts would be there. Nuf said.

The Peacocks

The meal: pork loin roast, new potatoes, fresh carrots and broccoli, home made apple pie from scratch with cream, cookies for later, white wine, tea

There is no way to dress this up. It will be a snore. Party gods help the poor soul who has to ring in the new year at this quilting bee of a celebration. The meal will most likely be fantastic, that you can count on. But then once Claire starts talking about crochet patterns you’ll be asking ‘how did it come to this?’

The Duckworths

The meal: lager, full English breakfast, dessert made by Molly.

Join Molly, Tyrone, Vera and Jack for dinner in their parlor. To follow, Jack will go outside to sit with his pigeons, Vera will go yell at Jack. Jack will come back inside to give you some words of wisdom. Vera will cal him an idiot. Molly will try to make them behave. Basically, get ready to laugh your head off.

The Barlows

The meal: Red wine – lots of it. Cigarettes, bitterness pie and sour cream.

Thankfully, Blanche will be there. Now, I don’t want to post any spoilers, so Tracy may, or may not be there. Since Amy is hideous, everyone can talk about what a shame it is that she didn’t get tweezers from Santa (he doesn’t deliver to dishwashers). Perhaps, if you fancy it, you could get drunk and make out with Adam, or Peter if he’s there too.

The Connors

The Meal: brought in from The Italian (or maybe Sonny will cook), red wine, white wine, vodka

Who cares, what happens? Just get Liam naked, or Michelle if you fancy it. Carla can tell you about the time she lost the role of Seabisquit to Hillary Swank, who eventually lost the role to an actual horse. It could be good. We know it will be posh.

So, those are your choices. Tell me how you like to party. In the comments section, I will make the first comment and choose all follow up comments to be emailed to me. This should be fun.

OK, I have a better idea, send me an email to (in the real email format) and I will deal with the responses that way. I can't get the blog to work like I want for this.

Corrie Sightings on Telly

Last night on Vison TV, I caught a show called 'Dinner Ladies' a Brit-com about a canteen set in a factory.

Who stars in this show? 3 Corrie faces!

Thelma Barlow - aka Mavis
Shobna Gulati - Sunita
Robet Dunn - the gent who plays 'Roger', Janice's new plumber beau

Add to this the goddess Julie Walters, who is brilliant on it.

I think it was on at 8:30, so well worth catching if you can.

Little Help
I volunteer for Out of the Cold, a shelter program in Toronto.

Each year they try to get Christmas packages together for all the guests and one of the items that are very much appreciated are wee soups, shampoos, lotions, etc. The kind of things you pick up at hotels.

I'm wondering if anyone who is coming to the pub night in Toronto can look around and see if they have any unopened bottles, etc around their house to consider donating them. I just went through my bathroom last night and found about a million (some from Paris no less!).

The small size makes them very easy for transporting and I hear that especially with the lady guests they are very popular.

I'm at the shelter on Thursday night and can drop them off then. Many thanks in advance

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Update - November 28, 2007 - Boys Keep Swinging

It's 7:00am at Michelle's flat and Sonny has dropped by to propose properly with a big, fat blood diamond and everything. Michelle says "yes" and Sonny is off to another one of his mobile phone meetings where they are to discuss acquiring this season's most grating ringtones.

Michelle asks Ryan if he approves and he does, if only he can live in Sonny's big ass house. Later she tells the rest of her family and sister-in-law Carla "Margaret Thatcher" Connor approves of the big rock so you just know it was dear. Paul wants to take everyone out to a big swanky restaurant but Michelle declines, saying she has to work, as does Sonny. Paul reminds her that she just bought her meal ticket and will likely need never work again and yet Michelle doesn't want to let her co-workers down.

At the Rovers, Steve, Liz, Vernon, and Liz's breasts are having breakfast and discussing the previous evening's events and Steve declaration that Sonny is "GAY! GAY WITH SEAN!"

Vern, a veteran of the entertainment industry, reckons his gaydar is finely tuned and does not think Sonny dances with his hands above his head. Vernon probably also doesn't know about Freddie Mercury.

Meanwhile out in the street, Sean, having learned from Jamie that Steve's been yapping in the Rovers, has called Sonny and asks him to come round at once as it's an emergency.

At the Rovers, Steve is still calling Sonny "GAY! GAY WITH SEAN!" Meanwhile, Sean has called in sick which suddenly makes Michelle begin to consider what Steve is saying. However to be accurate, Steve should be saying, "SONNY'S BI! BI WITH MICHELLE AND SEAN!"

At Eileen's, Sean and Sonny are talking and Sonny makes it clear that he's with Michelle now and their affair cannot continue (although he's a bit cagey and seems to leave the door open for a bit on the side). Suddenly, Michelle's at the door and Sonny runs out the back.

Steve stands outside the Rovers and smugs wildly while Michelle goes into Eileen's. She asks Sean if it's true what Steve said. Sean denies that he and Sonny have sex on each other and says that it's Michelle that Sonny wants. Michelle says Steve is just bitter and twisted and will die a lonely old man. Sean, suddenly seeing that conversation isn't ALL! ABOUT! HIM! says "him and me, both."

Michelle assures him that someday his prince will come.

Back at the Rovers, Vernon is comparing men kissing to a car crash: you want to look but you know you should look away so when he sees two men kissing, he thinks of a car crash so he'll look away.

"You talk a lot of rubbish," says Steve. Indeed, when I think of a car crash, I think of Liz and Vernon rolling around all over each other.

She goes back into the Rovers and tells Steve that she can't believe she almost believed what he said. Then Sonny comes in and asks Steve just what has he been saying about him and does he care to repeat them. Steve backs down and tells Michelle if she wants to ruin her life, it's not his business.

The Paul and Liam come in and start interrogating Sonny for a few minutes and he looks panicked until they reveal that they're just winding him up. They do tell him that since Ryan's father died, Liam and Paul have been father figures to him and tell him that the duty now falls to Sonny and they ask they he not let them down.

Sonny agrees and everyone, including Michelle, sit down for a champagne toast.

This photo implies nothing untoward about Sonny and Michelle's engagement.

Leanne's Loaded

Leanne, back from mat leave Spain, is at Jamie's and has offered to cook him a meal to thank him for letting her stay over last night.

She also drops in on Less, who gives her a welcome home hug, and remarks that she's lost weight ("about 9 lbs worth," says the missus). He gets her caught up on the latest happenings: the house has been redecorated, they got a new leather sofa, and Tracy Barlow murdered Charlie Stubbs. He offers to let her stay with them but she observes that it's already crowded and insists on staying at a hotel. Her job in Spain, selling apartments, has made her flush with cash and she gets special rates at hotels.

She later reiterates this to Jamie who tries to get her to stay at his place. It's just as well, however, because he says that the landlord called and announced that he's selling the house and Jamie will have to find a new place. I thought Blanche still owned this place but I guess I missed something when she sold it.

Weakness for Wyborowa

Jacqueline Rita had one too many vodkas last night. She decides she's been spending too many nights with Doreen and neglecting her boring old friends which one does when one's liver hurts.


Claire's still way too personally involved with Casey, the woman in crisis.

Schedule Changes

From my sources at the CBC:

BC/Pacific Time only:

Sunday, December 9, 2007
Due to live coverage of Raptors basketball, Coronation Street will be
seen at 7:00 am on Sunday in BC.
There will be a crawl running this Sunday to notify viewers

Sunday December 16 2007
Coronation Street will be airing from 7:00 am - 9:30 am due to curling


Wednesday December 19 2007
Coronation Street is preempted on Wednesday December 19 2007 due to
holiday programming
There will be two episodes of Coronation Street on Thursday December 20
2007 from 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Woo Pub Night!

I just got off the phone with Fionne Macools and they have a reservation for us under the name Jacqueline for 7 pm on Dec 4 (next Tuesday).

AND they are willing to accomodate us with seperate I am very well pleased.

489 King Street West, (King and Spadina)
Phone: (416) 586-1331

I have us down for 10 people for dinner and drinks, as I think we all tend to eat dinner at the Corrie pub nights. If you are coming and haven't told me so, let me know so I can update them.

Note to Pantagruelle: If you are in Toronto that night, your drinks and pierogis are on me.

I'll also be doing a Corrie Christmas theme trivia, so study up!

Early Christmas Shopping Update

Mrs. Wilcox and I will be going out shopping this weekend so I thought I'd take the scientific approach and make a list of gifts for my friends on the street.

(One of Glacia's favorite movies/books and CERTAINLY one of her favorite scenes)

For Jamie, A Volleyball
Claire receives a call for a pick up at the train station, unfortunately the train goes into a tunnel before all the details can be taken. Steve says it's best to just ignore the call because it's unlikely that the caller will still be at the station by the time a minicab gets there. Jamie overhears and offers to go out to pick of the fare himself, ignoring Steve's warning.

Well thank God he did - otherwise he might miss the opportunity to spend 15 minutes driving his ex-girlfriend who slept with his dad, triggering the rather Shakespearean events that befell the Baldwins.

Yes, Leanne is back in town with a sassy new hairdo and no longer sporting a tea towel or Guernsey cow in front of her. She does look fabulous I must say.

She's hesitant to get in the car but Jamie tells her it's okay and they have a chinwag on the way back to Weatherfield. Turns out, she didn't know that Janice is in France (Glacia sighs and genuflects) with the plumber.

Leanne says she's going to get a hotel, but before she goes off looking for a place, she asks Jamie to tell her all the details about Frankie and him. He gets a bottle of plonk and they talk at his place. He explains that while he doesn't forgive her, he's just exhausted from hating all the time and he's trying to let everything go.

They talk about Danny and Frankie, etc and he ends up offering her a bed at his place instead of the hotel. He says that he only got himself in the house and that soon he might start talking to a football. (What? Okay, like Corrie Canuckers have been suggesting, why didn't Sean move into his place? I guess because then there'd be no room for the wicked ex-girlfriend.)

Leanne agrees and tells him to go get another bottle of wine and when he leaves she does that smirky thing that I kind of hate.

For Kelly, A Polish/English Dictionary
Cause looks like she might have only one mate soon.


The Connors hire a new machinist, the lovely Vicky all the way from Warsaw, and not Walsall in Birmingham as Fizz thinks. Vicky gets settle in and after introductions she gives a big, 'Hey girlfriend!' to Kelly - at which point the gals know that Vicky has come in from the evening shift.

Sally, Jo and Fizz try to find out how much she is earning and corner her outside of the bathroom. Liam sees this and accuses them of trying to bully her out of her conkers and lunch money. They explain that they are worried that she is making less than minimum wage and he tells them that it's none of their business and that their own wages haven't been affected. True, they agree, but for how long and what happens if htey want a raise or if one of them is made redundant. Liam tells them to get back to work.

Kelly, meanwhile, is getting a lot of flack about working the cheap night shift. She is unable to live with the guilt and tells Karla that she can't do the late shift anymore.

Karla yells and says that everything in British industry was okay until that bloody Charles Dickens came about with his stories ripe with class inequality and social injustice.

Okay, maybe she didn't say that, maybe it was more along the lines of, 'Oh bugger.'

For Sonny, A Crates and Barrel Gift Certificate
In case he has to make any more stand-in jewellery purchases.
cb gift

Michelle is getting ready for her BIG date with Sonny to a fancy restaurant. There's been all kinds of guessing as to why the big occasion and while Liz feels that Sonny is going to propose, Steve feels that he's going to dump her.

She is looking all extra shiny when she appears at the restaurant in what appears to be a nightgown. (Oh, that's what the kids are wearing a dresses these days...yes.) Regardless, she looks fab and Sonny is well pleased.

He asks her if anything is wrong and she just says that she's not used to fancy schmancy high falootin' restaurants and he tells her not to worry because she's the best looking woman there. (I don't doubt!).

She's still looking a bit stressed and he finally gets her to admit why and she tells him that she thought maybe he invited her out to take their relationship to the next level with her moving in with him. He seems surprised and she beats herself up for even saying anything.

He responds, 'If I seem surprised it's just that I'm shocked that you think I'm that brave. That I would take that risk even though that's what I want.'

Okay, I'll stop right there and say that for me HANDS DOWN that's the smoothest line of the year on Corrie. I was transfixed the minute he said 'that you think I'm that brave.'. Omg...he's like butter!

Then doesn't he get down on his knee and propose using A NAPKIN RING HOLDER as a stand in ring...which just popped my harlequin romance fantasy bubble. I think it would have been better to just propose without the ring...surely she knows he's good for it.

Of course Michelle says,'Yes' and they scurry home to tell all the good news. She hangs on to the napkin ring holder with loving admiration and I have to wonder, 'Did the restaurant add it to the bill?'

Michelle tells him she can't wait to tell Sean because 'Won't his face be a picture?'

Oh wait, I know that picture!

Yes, Sean is surprised but does a very lovely job of being happy for her. He even offers to get be the pageboy in a sailor's suit. (I could look for an image, but frankly, it was just far too easy.)

When Steve hears of the engagement, he explodes and tells her that Sonny is gay and he is gay with Sean.

There's an interesting reaction from Michelle as she tells him off about spreading rumours about Sonny and her best mate Sean (is there anyone on the show who DOESN'T consider Sean their best mate?), we can see there's that glimpse of 'oh dammit' in her face. Like she believes what he's saying but just doesn't want to admit it.

I wonder why? Did she pick up on some chemistry between Sean and Sonny? Is she doing the math on Sean's mood swings? Or did she find Sonny's 'Big Busty Sean' magazines under his bathroom sink.

Finally, For Liz

Because my love, Lycra and middle age ponch should never be in the same room together.

Jerome and Rusty Update

I know that there's been discussion about the fate of the puppets from Friendly Giant and I'm sure our Ang can give us more details, but I just wanted to let know that they are safe and back in the hands of the late Bob Homme's (aka Friendly Giant) family.

What I glean from the Globe and Mail is that the CBC had them in their museum but used them for a Gemini Awards skit without the family's permission. This was apparantly 'the last straw' for the family. The puppets were on loan to the CBC Museum, and the family has decided to remove Friendly Giant props from the museum.

This has falls under the title of "Media Mea Culpa' for the Globe and Mail.

However, until it's pulled from Youtube, we can still enjoy our favorite musical cats (giraffe and Rooster).

It's been a looooooooooong time since I curled by the fire with a chair big enough for two, but I still have fond memories.

On a side note, when I clicked on the first youtube, a related link was the 'Tootie's Bong' episode from 'Facts of Life'.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Dear ITV

I submit my vote for the Stephen Reid role...appropriate accent attached.

BTW - I hope Fat Brenda is Canadian because I just can't master the Manchurian accent.

Just in time for Festivus!

I just got an email from the CBC online boutique. It's the Coronation Street DVD Trivia game, now on sale for $39.99. You can find it at CBCSHOP.CA.

No, I'm not being paid by the CBC to advertise this stuff. But they did promise me I could take home the Friendly Giant's castle next time I'm in Toronto.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Update for Epiosde #6502 November 26, 2007


Holly seems to be winning over the hearts of all and sundry at the Grimshaw residence. Sean sings to her in the morning. Jason blows her a kiss good-bye. Eileen tells Claire that she would be lost without the wee bairn. Even Frumpy the social worker seems to be impressed with the state of affairs when she come by for a visit.

Jason and Eileen have a good chat about babies and how they compare to puppies and kittens. He even wonders what babies dream about. When Eileen goes out and leaves Jason alone with Holly for a bit he tries to sing her to sleep (not a great voice) and then tells Holly to keep his singing a secret. In the end he has a big goofy grin on his face - it looks as though Jason may be smitten with his child after all.

Jason and Bill

Jason is going to go through the book containing the list of clients and jobs that Charlie had kept, to see if there more work to be found. Bill and Jason have a pint in the pub and agree that they should continue working together on future jobs.


Claire gets a call from Casey, the woman she counselled over the phone the other night. It seems Casey wants to get together in person with Claire, she has something that she wants to talk about. Claire agrees to meet her later. Ashley comments that this is breaking the rules Claire was given about doing phone counselling, but she can make her own rules - after all she was born to be wild. (I knew it)

Claire and Casey meet up and have a bit of a chin wag, which seems to go well enough, but my spidey sense is telling me that is going to end badly.

The Factory

The girls are at work and nattering on about the boots. Sean is giving Kelly stick over her scabby budget rate night shift work for Carla, making snide remarks about how she would sell her internal organs for money if she could. Some of the girls notice that a few things have been changed since they were there last. Sal's chair has been adjusted and it has to be just right for her, or she might get a repetitive strain disorder injury and then have to file a claim. (you think her mouth would get a reptitive strain disorder injury from complaining all the time) Fiz notices that her googly eye doll has gone missing. Kelly tells the girls that it is the night shift women who are moving things around.

Later at tea, which Sal generously brings round to everyone except Kelly, the girls decide that they have to talk to the Connor brothers and make sure they aren't going to be replaced by cheap labour or forced to work for less wages. Hayley and Sal approach Liam with their issues and he tells Sal to sit and spin. She looks mortified until he explains that he is only talking about changing the seat height. Liam assures the girls that have nothing to worry about.

At the end of the shift the girls are off to The Rovers (what a surprise) but Hayley says she can't go, she has to go through her makeup and get rid of all the old stuff. Sal tells her that makeup is good forever, she has eye liner that is five years and still good. Fiz calls her a dirty mare and points out how many germs have accumulated on that makeup. Sal wonders if this why her eyes feel so heavy.

Liam gives Carla a bit of stick about the problems her night shift crew are causing him. Carla responds by putting Kelly in charge of the night shift, although there is no mention of any extra compensation for being the unofficial supervisor.

Tainted Love

Sonny stops by to invite Michelle for a posh lunch because they 'have to talk'. He gives her a kiss and goes off to work. Liam gives his sister a bit of a hard time for snogging Sonny in the street. Michelle tells her brother that Sonny wants to go for lunch 'to talk' and Liam figures that he wants to make an honest woman out of her.

Sean comes out of his house and sees Sonny being affectionate with Michelle so he scurries over to Jamie and has a panic attack.

When she gets to work Michelle asks Liz if she can have some time off for lunch the next day because Sonny has laid on a big lunch so they can 'talk'. Liz figures that Sonny is going to propose and grudgingly allows Michelle to leave work early.

Steve, petulant ponce that he is, lurks in the background making snide comments about Michelle and her love life, offering to make a wager that Sonny is taking her to lunch to dump her.

Sean hears all this and texts Jamie that they have to get together right away - it's an emergency. Jamie shows up and is none too impressed about what the emergency really is. Jamie tells Sean that he can sing 'It Should Have Been Me' and the wedding if he wants to but should really just leave it alone. Sean protests, saying that he and Sonny have a real connection, something dead special.

In the pub Steve, Liz and Vern are stood round watching Michelle work, all jealous of her in their own way. Liz tells Vern that he never takes her anywhere special for lunch. Vern responds by telling her that he doesn't have to go anywhere - every moment with her is special. Steve tells the rhythm rascal that he sounds like a greeting card. Steve then goes on with some more snide comments about Michlle and Sonny until Michelle eventually tells Steve that she pities him. Steve tells her to keep her pity for herself - she'll be needing it.

Original date this episode aired - February 28, 2007

Our Audrey

During the bomb
threat episode we got a really nice picture of Audrey, née Potter, Robert’s life. Born July 23rd 1936 (Wikipedia) 1940 ( she would have been housed in a bomb shelter with her mother, her auntie and whoever else during the Blitz as a child. Perhaps it was watching her auntie curl her hair that inspired Audrey to be a hairdresser, but from what I hear, Audrey’s life could curl anyone’s hair, no need for perm solution.

While her daughter Gail was on the street since 1974, Audrey didn’t make her memorable appearance until April 1979. Audrey showed up just in time for Gail’s big engagement party, wearing a slip, smoking cigarettes and ready to flirt with every man on two legs. Audrey maintained that she liked to have a good time and that Gail wanted her to sit around and knit. But, that was not for our Audrey.

Yes, our Grande Dame of the street has a past. She has two children, and guess what, we don’t know who their father is. In fact, the verdict is out on if she knows who their fathers are. We do know that the oldest, Stephen, was given up for adoption, as Audrey was 16 when she gave birth to him in 1956 (that’s why he lives in Canada). Then, she gave birth to Gail in 1957. Perhaps Sarah’s fast ways are genetic.

I have to say that she aged gracefully and in 1985 she married Alf Roberts. Nothing much happens until Alf becomes Mayor and Audrey clearly looses her mind in a frenzy of status. So, in an effort to rein her in, Alf makes Betty Mayoress. Oouch.

Alf up and dies over New Years Eve in 1998 and Audrey is left penniless. Men of Weatherfield beware! Well, Fred Elliot beware. He proposed to her a couple times. She knocked him back. Poor old Fred.

Now, we all know that Gail has made some interesting choices when it comes to the men in her life. Perhaps that is another trait that Audrey passed on. Because, how many of us remember that when Richard Hillman first hit the scene Audrey was smitten. Perhaps that is strong, but she was well jealous when he showed an interest in Gail.

The most interesting thing about Audrey, for me, is her slightly elevated opinion of herself. Sometimes, I wonder if she has forgotten that she was a wild child. She has made reference to being a very young mother a couple times. But, you no longer get the sense that she really was a good time girl in the past.

Also, she wasn’t really the picture of responsible parenting. Giving Stephen up for adoption was probably a very good decision at the time. Also, Gail is very patient when Audrey voices her opinion in Gail’s wayward children. She has only tossed Audrey’s lack of parenting skills in her face a couple times. But, really, when Audrey’s criticizes Gail, it is the pot calling the kettle black.

As Audrey gets older we can see her turning back to her wild woman days. Basically, I am waiting her and Rita to star in a “Girls Gone Wild” video. She stuck her foot in Fred and Beverly’s relationship and managed to wrestle another man, Bill Webster, away from his ditsy wife. Well, actually, as it turns out, she was the second place bird when the first decided to forfeit. Whatever, she is happy now. And I say, carry on Audrey.

Curious about what Wikipedia says about Audrey? My advice is to stay curious. There is a big spoiler on the site. Stay away.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Obscure Historical Reference of the Day

In a clever bit of forethought, Herr Hitler and Herr Goering decide to bomb the north-west of England which provides the writers of Coronation Street with an opportunity for some plot advancement and comic relief.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Update- Friday, November 23, 2007- Death of a Gnome

The show opens with Vernon standing alone in the pub, eating chips. Liz gives him a call on his cell phone, but he can't hear her, so he goes outside. The police see him, and start waving their arms and telling him to leave the pub. Having seen too many American movies in which someone is "surrounded", Vern puts his hands up. Finally, someone gets close enough to tell him that there is an unexploded bomb in the neighbourhood, and he heads off to the community centre.

Meanwhile, Sonny and Sean are figuring out how to get out of Jamie's house unseen. Sean comes up with the brilliant idea that Sonny go out the back way. As Sonny prepares to leave, he suggests that he and Sean can continue seeing each other so long as they are discreet about it. He leaves then, and promptly runs into a police officer, who gives him what for, and then asks if anyone else is at Jamie's. Sonny says there isn't. Sean stays in Jamie's house and ponders the situation. What a decision: have sex, or don't (further) betray a friend...

Back at the community centre, trauma victim Vern has a blanket wrapped around him and is drinking a hot drink. Liz seems to be annoyed with him, and not really that overjoyed to see him.

Hayley strolls in with a pair of new boots, and Roy gets upset because he didn't know where she was and couldn't reach her.

Paul wanders from boring conversation to boring conversation.

Tracey catches David's eye and, being so discreet herself, blows him a kiss.

The police blow up the bomb, and in the process, blow up Ashley and Claire's garden gnome.

After the Bomb

David follows Tracy to her home, only to have her shut the door on him.

Sean manages to get out of Jamie's house, and runs into Jamie and Michelle on the street. Michelle goes on alone, and Jamie stops to speak with Sean. He asks him if he met up with Sonny. Sean tells him that he wasn't able to, and leaves.

Later, Sean goes to the Rover's. Jamie is there, and tells him he knows that Sean used his bed because his duvet was on the wrong way round. He is none to pleased that Sean used his bed to have sex with Sonny.

Sonny then comes to the pub. What follows then are a bunch of double entendres between Sean and Sonny about what Sonny likes doing with whom. At then end of it all, when Sonny confirms that their afternoon was excellent, Sean, in a pleased sort of way, picks his teeth. I don't think we want to know what he was picking out of his teeth.

Steve has been lurking around during this Sonny and Sean routine, getting a jab in every once in a while, and managing to be rude to Tracy as well. When he uses the facilities, Tracy comes up behind him and accuses him of using her to make Michelle jealous. She warns him not to do so.

The seamstresses are angry that Kelly is working for Carla for less than minimum wage, as they are concerned that it will drive their wages down, too.

Claire phones a caller from the "Women in Crisis" phone line, and Ashley is worried that she is getting to involved with the client.

Ashley and Eileen mourn the loss of the garden gnome, Mr. Grumpsy, by kicking his head like a soccer ball.

Friday, November 23, 2007


Anyone else notice what was hanging over Jamie's bed?

Yes, a 'Beautiful British Columbia' plate keeps watch over the unwashed's dreams at night. And this BC raised girl is deeelighted!

Not since the heady days of Jim's Blue Jay sweatshirt has there been such a blatant Canadian presence. Add that to the Canada mug in Gayle's kitchen...I think it's clear that ITV is sending secret messages to Corrie Canuck.

Update - November 22nd, 2007 - What a Blast!

In the Peacock’s back garden, Chesney, Kirk, Tyrone are determined to find their fortune. In the inquisitive hands of Chesney the metal detector indicates a strong signal deep in the ground. Eileen who is babysitting Holly and Co., is annoyed by the digging and asks what is going on. She looks for further at their new find and is horrified at what she sees. She quickly realizes the large metal object is an old bomb left over from the war. A panic stricken Eileen calls the authorities and the whole street rushes to see what all the fuss is about. All havoc breaks loose, as the army and a bomb disposal unit arrive shut down the Street. The units start to go door to door to evacuate everyone from houses and shops to send them to Weatherfield Community Centre. As the pub is being cleared out Liz starts to worry as a clueless Vernon is no where to be found. Jack asks if she has looked in the cellar, but she says she called down there without any answer. Jack takes his pint and heads out with the contingent.

Sean is talking to Jamie and is still stressed about the situation with Sonny. Jamie presuming Sean is about to end things with Sonny, gives him the keys his place to invite Sonny over for some private time. After taking Sonny's phone number from Michelle in the street, Sean invites him over and lets him into the house through the back door. By the time they reach the front room Sonny is already working his charm on Sean. Sonny has much more in mind than finishing the scandalous affair. He leads Sean (didn’t you just love his belt?) upstairs into Jamie's bedroom (which gets more action than any bedroom on the Street) after a bit of a romp the phone rings. It is Jamie wondering about his whereabouts. Sean lies and tells him he is at the Trafford Centre. After discovering the Street is being evacuated, Sonny panics wondering how is going to get out of the house without being seen.

David is intent on Tracey (attractive mask?!) fulfilling her side of the bargain, arrives at her house. He has carried out his part of the deal by agreeing to testify, and now it's time for Tracey to carry out hers. David is deadly serious and knowing this Tracy agrees to sleep with him, but only after the trial. David agrees to the deal but makes it perfectly clear to Tracy that he needs much more than just a kiss. The sudden arrival at the door of a soldier saves the day for Tracey. Phew, saved by the visuals...

Song playing at the Rovers:

In the Morning – Razorlight (Dedicated to Sean and Sonny)

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Three Things

#1 - For those of you who were guessing, Rita would have been 75 on Feb 15, 2007. A big birthday I would think and in need of a lot of celebration.

#2 - From Corrie Canuck Pauline, this fun little Harry Hill bit at the 2007 British Soap Awards. (No spoilers).

Bill Ward is sooooooooooooo freaking hot.

#3 - From ITV, I got this link for an RSS widget
This will add a widget to your Facebook, Myspace, Blogger or various other personal pages. The widget will show Corrie and give previews and storylines. Be aware, however, that these storylines are the current UK storylines, so only put it up if you are one of the people who like to live in the future.

Corrie Pub Night

Toronto Corrie Pub Night - 7 pm Dec 4 (Tuesday).

Come out and have a few bevvies with your Corrie mates. Enjoy food, drinks and trivia!

Now, location hasn't been determined. The Auld Spot won't take reservations anymore and in addiction they won't give seperate bills (which I know most places won't - but it was the big selling point of the Auld Spot).

Anyway...the Fionn McCools at Spadina and King provides excellent food and excellent, excellent service so I'd like to try there.

I'm going to call them, but before I do, can I get an idea of who would be up for it?

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Another Corrie Canuck Milestone Reached

The diamond anniversary of Elizabeth and Phillip was not the only momentous moment in recent days. The post 'Back From the Cottage Update' by our femme fatale founder Jacqueline was blog entry number 2000 for Corrie Canuck, the world's favourite Coronation Street blog.

Many cheers and thanks to all those involved in our little online enterprise.

Update - November 21st, 2007 - So What Happens Now?

Love Triangle

Sean got in late last night, singing "Another Suitcase in Another Hall," waking Holly and leaving Eileen and Violet to guess that he pulled. They demand details but he's staying mum.

Meanwhile, at the pub, Steve is about tell Michelle about Sonny when she makes some cracks about Tracy so he decides to clam up for now.

But not for long, as over at Streetcars, Steve blurts out the news to Lloyd that not only did he see Sonny snogging someone who's not Michelle, it was someone who's not female, and what's more, it was Sean.

"Our Sean?" Lloyd asks. "Gay Sean?"

Steve reckons when the news is broken to Michelle, she'll need a good, strong, kind of fat, heterosexual shoulder to cry on.

Later at the Rover's, Sean and Sonny find each other in the men's room* and Sonny makes it clear that last night was a drunken snog for old times' sake. Sean doesn't believe it. In any case, Mr. I-Really-Want-to-Make-This-Work-with-Michelle seems entirely unconcerned about the whole thing.

Outside at the bar, Michelle wants to hear all about Sean's "new boyfriend," whom she heard about from Violet. Sean doesn't want to talk about and say that he's sure that he'll just play with his head, all while looking directly at Sonny.

Later in the Rovers' back yard, Sean tells Jamie, whose own personal scandals pale in comparison, that it was Sonny that he snogged and that he won't be able to control himself if Sonny wants to pursue something. And Sean calls bisexuals selfish. Pot, meet kettle.

Later, Sonny goes out and runs six miles and then comes back to ... the Rovers? Anyway, Steve asks if Sonny lifts weights, raising his hands above his head in the same manner Lloyd did last night when referring to his intimate knowledge of the dancing techniques of gay men. At least I think that's what he was doing.

Michelle says Steve does "waits," too: 20 years if Tracy goes down for murder.

Michelle says that finding a relationship that works is just a matter of having faith.

"Faith," says Steve. "It'll be a miracle you need."

So now it's gone from a bit of info that Sonny should have made clear from the beginning to actively keeping something from his girlfriend, to a full-on love triangle.

Rita's Birthday

Norris is planning a little birthday party for Rita, except that Doreen is taking her off to brunch. Norris makes a snide remark when Doreen tells him that she thinks Rita would be hurt by what he said. Norris patronises that as business partners, they have a shorthand with each other that allows them to say such things. Doreen says she doesn't believe that's true.

Later in the Rovers, a small party consisting of Betty, Emily, and Norris, has assembled to give Rita her presents (she got a candle snuffer earlier). She is touched by the gesture and then goes off for cocktails with Doreen at Harvey Nicks.

I think I'd like to go out for drinks with Rita and Doreen. I bet they'd be a laugh and would have great stories from their singing days. Actually, I think my Corrie drinking buddies would be Rita, Eileen, Lloyd, Fizz, and Kevin.

The Metal Detector

Molly, Fizz, Tyrone, and Kirk are about to head off to search for gold. Jack comes by to tell them about all the best places for coinage. Fizz finds it all a bit pointless and sad. Fizz is one of those characters who, as awesome as she is, should probably have packed it in for a life deeper in the city or even another city. Her horizons are obviously broader than this little back street so right now, as long as she stays put, she will struggle to find her place. That said, I'd hate to see her leave as she's such a classic Corrie character.

Annnnyway, they find a few coins, including three quid Paul intentionally dropped on the ground for Chesney to find. They also find a "George Vee Eye" penny, which Kirk Googles to determine its worth. The gang seems to think it's rare and valuable. Kirk discovers it wouldn't buy a packet of crisps. He was the queen's dad.

"Ah, but which queen?" asks Molly. Oh, honestly. Even I know who George VI was. Apparently, it's the George V coin that's worth a bit. Just because someone is working class, it doesn't mean that they're automatically complete dolts. I know this scene was for a bit of comedy but it kind of bugged me.


Carla is still trying to figure out how to make her dungarees make money by writing her numbers on scraps on paper. Try running your figures through Excel, love. She considers cheaper denim and then gets Becky to come work for £2 less an hour. She also gets Becky to try recruiting the desperate ex-cons and druggies at the hostel.

In Other News

Chesney says the only time candles are used in his home is when the magnets on the metre don't work (and the power is shut off).

Claire took care of the kids over at Eileen's and said "shit" right in front of Joshua (off camera). I don't care if y'all find her boring. I think this is proof that she's a dirty, dirty minx.

*must ... resist ... Sen. Larry Craig jokes...

Back From the Cottage Update


I’m back!

Yes after 10 days of vacay with Mr. Glacia in the glorious wilds of Canada that included a heavy regime of Starsky and Hutch, Joanne Trollope novels, puff cheezies, vodka martinis, cocktails before noon and wildly, madly, drunkenly throwing paint on canvases – I once again ready to sail the good ship Corrie Canuck.

I’ve spent the last two days watching all the past episodes of Corrie and have things to say:

Steve threatened to bring in Fat Brenda to man the phones of streetcars. I have sent my resume and headshots to ITV in the hopes that I can play the coveted role of Fat Brenda. (Am willing to do whatever it takes to achieve the level of ‘fatness’ they require.)

Did someone actually use the term ‘gayasian’ on the show?

My UK sources have informed me that the professional days in the British school system are called ‘Inset days’, not, as I heard, ‘Insect’ days.

Someone asked who the actor was playing the solicitor. I keep wondering myself. She seems a lot like Rebecca Front who plays ‘Cathy’ on ‘Nighty Night’*…but no. If anyone can find out who it is, I’d love to know myself.

I’m waiting for the moment when Karla tries to say something about her business to the Brothers Conner that one of them actually says, ‘Karla, quiet now, men are talking.’.

Finally, I scribbled down a note to remind me of another point to make, but at this time, the words ‘Cow Shop’ mean nothing to me.

On with the update!

Glacia Is Transported Back to the Eighties

(Please note that Deborah Harry kind of looks like a muppet herself in that soft purple one piece.)

David is being extra, extra creepy and smug with the Tracey promise of sex. When he sees her on the street, he holds his index finger and pink to his ear in a mime phone movement and then mouthed the words, ‘Call me.’. Where did a kid of his tender years learn these Richard Grieco ’21 Jump Street’ moves?

He then swaggers down the street.

Tracey spends most of the episode looking a bit green around the gills and no one in the Barlow household can figure out why she isn’t more pleased about the turn of events.

Late at night she receives a call on her cell from ….wait for it….’Devil Boy’. Oh he’s just calling to tell her good night. Glacia shudders.

Somewhere Between 30 and 80
Norris, is planning a surprise birthday party for Rita, the trouble is he has no idea how old she is, other than it’s somewhere between 30 and 80. Norris also worries that she isn’t acting her age now that she’s been alley-catting around town and suspects that she’ll be sporting a hoodie soon.

Blanche thinks the idea of a party is ridiculous as birthdays should be mourned. It’s only after Norris leaves the room that Blanche asks Deidre why no one has ever planned a surprise b-day party for her. (BTW – for the record Blanche says that the one time she’s ever been happy was when she was 33 ½.)

Okay kinder, here’s the interactive part of the update. WITHOUT looking it up on the internet, try and guess how old Rita will be as of Feb 15, 2007. Hint: It’s a milestone b-day. Answer tommorow night.

A Black Man, a Gay, a Cockney and Ricky Martin Walk Into a Bar
The lads' night out is getting underway and Lloyd, Sean, Jamie and Steve start off with a few drinks at the Rovers.

When Tracey comments on how lame they all look, Lloyd says that they are the height of cool because you have a black man, a gay, a cockney and Ricky Martin in the group. Ricky Martin being Steve, which was more than generous I think.

At the bar, Sean is looking a bit bored for the lack of men he can chat up. But have no fear because Sonny is here. Yep, Sonny is at the same bar and when Sean runs into him, he tells him that he is there with clients. It doesn’t take long before the two of them are outside the bar and Sonny goes in for a kiss! Sean doesn’t bother with any of that, ‘But wait, aren’t you dating Michelle and didn't you say that you and I are through’ nonsense.

Sean is missed at the bar with the other three realize it’s his turn for a round. Steve goes out and sees our favorite seamstress/bartender snogging with some other bloke. Steve’s look is …pardon the expression….fucking priceless and I wasn’t sure if he knew it was Sonny or not because Sonny’s back was turned.

Turns out he didn’t know because when Sean comes back inside, they are teasing him about picking up guys so easily. Sean explains that it’s easy because men are basically sluts.

The Super Friends Four decide to hit another bar and as they stagger out of the nightclub, Steve sees Sonny get into a cab and ….pardon the expression…gives a fucking hilarious giggle. Oh he’s got so much on Sonny now.

Meanwhile, in the background, it seems like there’s a few Habs fans in the back celebrating with the usual breaking of glass and smashing of cars.

As the Ant Hill Turns
Kirk-eh has borrowed Fizz’s scooter and indeed smashed it. When he can’t get it repaired at the shop, Tyrone tells him to buy her something nice to apologize.

Okay, he….buys…..her…….ant….farm.

Come on! Even for Kirk-eh this is lame and stupid.

Fizz of course doesn’t love it. Her mates join her at the Rovers and they begin to discuss what to do with the ant farm. Sally says that she needs to tell him she doesn’t like it or else she’ll be getting rubbish gifts for the rest of her life. (Glacia kind of agrees with Sally on that point…harsh though it may be.)

Haley starts to ponder the metaphor of the ants striving to work but not really getting anywhere. Kelly looks like she’s in pain.

In the end, Fizz decides to tell Kirk-eh that she loves it….and I guess that’s just the way those two operate.

Calling Adam Smith
Poor Karla has realized that she gave a wrong quote for the selling price of the garments and really the only way she can still sell them is if she gets her workers to do it for 2 pounds less than she’s paying them.

She’s forced to ask Kelly if she’d be willing to go for it, but of course Kelly tells her to jump in the lake. I suspect Becky will be getting her job back.

BTW – this is what I would do. Make a deal with your workers…if they agree to take the wage cut in order to get out the orders you have promised, then you will pay them extra or give them some kind of bonus on the next order that you take at an appropriate price (or maybe just a wee bit over if you can still sell them at that price). Or course you’d have to make a big god damn promise….or offer them shares.

In Other News
Tyrone has acquired a metal dectector from a customer at the garage. Glacia yawns and says, ‘So. What.’

Amber-man is hassling Molly but Molly is holding her own.

*I freaking love Nighty Night

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The you CAN get blood from a stone Update: November 19th 2007

UK Time Wednesday February 21st 2007

The show opens
with murderous Tracy Barlow walking down Coronation Street after dropping Amy off at the dishwasher. She stops to talk with Steve who offers to get Amy out of the dishwasher at the end of the cycle due to Tracy’s scheduled appearance at the court of William Roach’s Real Life Wife. No need, says Tracy, it is just a hearing to find out about legal aid for Cynthia Dale, oh and if David Platt can testify in court.

Speaking of the Demon Seed, he comes down the street playing all, maybe I will maybe I wont testify. Meanwhile, the kid has insisted on testifying in court so he could be the star witness. It’s pretty clear what David is after.

As the Barlow elders get set to head to court, we hear the concerns over money for Cynthia Dale and Demon Seed. Ken is being intellectual, Deirdre is being irrational and Blanche is being Blanche.

In court, Blanche takes the time to remind the viewers that Deirdre once stood in the defendants box, albeit in another court room – however, most likely, in the same pair of glasses.

Judge William Roache’s Real Life Wife comes in to read her decisions. Claire’s nosey-neighbour memoir is admissible, Demon Seed can testify in court. Cynthia Dale, however, can not be covered by the crow as judge William Roache’s Real Life Wife can find no evidence that the previous lawyers were Muppets as Tracy claims … in court, at the top of her lungs.*

After the court hearing, the Barlows and Cynthia talk about the outcome and they agree to talk more once the Barlows have come to a decision. That is after Blanche and Deirdre put enough pressure on Ken through insults and jibes to do whatever it takes to pay for the lawyer.

After court Tracy hits the street and runs into Demon Seed who is still playing his will I/wont I game. Tracy, obviously still thinking that she can outsmart a petulant 16 year-old who can out smart a judge, jury and several hot shot lawyers, tells him to meet her at number 8 – also known as the place Tracy bashed Charlie’s head in. It’s a date!

Meanwhile Tracey has left her parents and grandmother at home trying to figure out how to pay for Cynthia Dale. They can cash in a pension and put the house up. That’s awesome. Who needs any sort of financial security for the future when you are already 55? It’s nice that Tracy isn’t around to hear these conversations. Later, when Blanche goes to sell her blood for the rest of the dosh, Tracy can wait while doing some shoe shopping around the corner.

I can’t help but wonder if Steve couldn’t pitch in a few bob. He sort of thinks she is innocent and she is the mother of his child. Corrie Canuksters, is it unreasonable of me to think that Steve should help her out?

Later over at the crime scene, Tracy meets David and puts the tease on pretty hard core. David loves it, Tracy looks like she wants to barf, but you gotta do what you gotta do. It looks like David falls for it, for now I guess.

Tracy gets home to find out that while she was seducing a 16 year-old psychopath, her parents have sorted the money and will put themselves in the poorhouse to pay for her defense. Awesome.

Canuksters, I have a question about this equity release scheme. So, does this mean that not only is Ken and Deirdre prohibited from moving, but when they die the house will become property of that equity release company? That would mean that the house Ken was born in and grew up in would not be passed to his offspring. Am I right here?

*I have to say, I agree with Tracy on this one. Her last lawyer needed a bath and was clearly not as effective as Cynthia Dale.

At everyone’s favourite local Liz has had it up to her two-tone hair with Vern’s lackadaisical behaviour. His pants are everywhere, he doesn’t do any actual work and he can’t be asked to get dressed. Liz gets real angry with him and he tries to smooth things over by loving her up. It’s pretty cute, actually.

Later, it seems that Vern has been doing at least some hard work, but Liz isn’t finished cracking the whip. Looks like her wingeing has paid off, until Mr. Jack Duckworth takes Vern under his wing and teaches him the art and science of slacking off. Good on ya, Jack. You have made a lazy man, lazier.

In other news

Hailey goes to some sort of rooming house to apologize to Becky. In a nice heart felt scene we see the two women decide to put everything that has gone on behind them and move on. Very nice.

Sonny goes to the rovers and is right charming to Michelle. Steve is well jealous.

Lloyd is the voice of reason when talking to Steve saying, “you have been trying to avoid her for the last three years, but now that she’s bashed her boyfriend’s head in, you can’t seem to get enough of her.” Thank you Lloyd for saying what we have all been screaming I our heads.

The Streetcars boys are excited about their night out sans Les Battersby.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Obscure Historical Reference of the Day

When hanging the green curtains in the back of the Morris, Roy made reference to the Bayeaux Tapestry, a depiction of events leading up to the Norman Invasion of 1066.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

How Not to Decorate

On Friday we were treated to Debbie’s Colin and Justin posting.

In the comments I said, “I want them to come to my place just to watch them gasp in horror at my clown oil painting.”

I realize that I’m in danger of Colin and Justin performing a Home Heist on me for what I am about to display but it’s a risk I’m willing to take.



“Throw the book at her.”

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Update- Friday, November 16, 2007- The Creep Continues

The scene opens with Tracy trying to get David to stick to his story. He says that he will not, cannot, tell a lie. Tracy tells him that perjury isn’t that bad, but he doesn’t buy it. She tells him she will do “anything” so that he will testify. But David doesn’t seem to bite. Tracy leaves disillusioned.

Later, at the Rover’s, Tracy sees her parents and tells them that David has decided not to testify. Her parents reason that he is young and the thought of testifying probably scared him. Tracy seems determined to have him testify. After all, he is a “young, innocent bystander”, and was her ace in the hole. As she is talking to them, David phones Tracy and tells her he has changed his mind. He will testify. He adds, though, that as he is taking a risk, she has to make it worth his while. He tells her he will be home all afternoon.

Tracy then goes to see Steve, who is in the back room of the Rover’s. When she walks in on him he is fortuitously counting the money from the pub’s earnings. She asks him for 100 pounds in order to take Amy out for the day. Steve coughs up and then, ever tactful, asks Tracy if she is using him so she will look good in court. To make matters better, Steve then asks her if she is pregnant or going to get pregnant to help her case. Tracy is simply stunned! and appalled! that Steve would think her capable of such a thing, and leaves -with the money.

She then heads over to the Platts’, and rings the doorbell. David comes down the stairs, and spritzes himself with cologne. When he answers the door, Tracy hands him the cash, and tells him that the amount is non-negotiable. David says that he doesn’t want money, but gets all “aw shucks” about the fact that he really wants sex. Tracy clues in and laughs at him. She tells him that she is 30 and he is 16, and so it would be disgusting. She then tells him that she is not the least bit attracted to him, and that she would rather be locked up, no, hanged, than go with him. She leaves, laughing all the while.

At this point, I had two thoughts: 1) thank God that tain wreck didn’t happen. 2) For someone who so desperately needed David’s help, Tracy did not let him down with much finesse.

Shopgirls, not Showgirls

Back at the Rover’s, Molly tells Tyrone about the “interview” at Dev’s shop. She is not put off by it, and says Amber just needs to be put in her place.

She then runs into Dev and tells him that he will not attract many employees by having Amber interview potential prospects. Dev is not too pleased that Amber took matters into her own hands.

Dev and Molly then proceed to the shop. Dev is cutting to Amber, and interviews Molly. In due course, Dev gives Molly the job. He asks if she can start tomorrow, and she asks if she can start Friday. He agrees, saying it will give him time to sack Amber.

Dev and Amber then proceed to argue in the back room. As always seems to happen with everyone on the street, they appear not to care that the subject of their argument is within earshot. It turns out that Amber has been consulting with John, because she too believes that Dev's loins are imperilled by hiring someone young and attractive. Molly takes some glee in hearing this.

Dev returns to the outer room, and he and Molly conclude the contract, just as Kirk walks in. Kirk looks a little mystified, and Molly concedes that she is taking a job at Dev’s. She then bashfully asks if they can stay friends. Kirk is a bit bewildered, but agrees.

In Other News

Hayley comes upon Roy just as he is finishing putting the curtains Becky made up in the car. Hayley seems to be going a bit around the bend with this guilt thing, because she concludes that the work Becky put into making the curtains proves that she is a good person. Roy mildly points out that that is nonsensical. Hayley continues on, guilt ridden.

Steve manages to make Michelle a little worried about Sonny’s past. She questions him about the girls he has gone out with, and he goes into a little detail before she decides that the information is only making her insecure, and puts a stop to it. Sonny questions Sean about his involvement, and Sean simply asks if he did fess up about the boys as well as the girls.

Claire makes Ashley role play a crisis call because she is going to an interview to volunteer for a “Women in Crisis” phone line. It does not go well.

Update: November 15, 2007 - Technical Difficulties Update

Due to technical difficulties, our normal Thursday update got a wee bit scuttled. Here then, is a quickie summary of that episode's events:

David Platt vs. Cynthia Dale

David puts on his best death metal t-shirt for the meeting with Tracy's lawyer. Gail makes him on his school uniform.

Tracy meets him in the street and asks him to stick to the truth. He asks if he should mention the bribes.

At Cynthia Dale's office, David seems rather smug and unconcerned about the testimony he's about to give. Then Cynthia says she doesn't believe a word of it. He almost cracks under her questioning until she admits she wanted him to have a taste of what the prosecution will do.

Rattled by this, David tells Tracy that he doesn't want to testify and admits what she already knows: that he saw nothing and he can't lie in court.

The Kebab Shop

Jodie Morton comes in to the café to offer commiserations to Roy and Hayley and asks how long Roy will be out of business. He says ten days to two weeks. He thinks it's nice that a competitor would be so friendly. Jodie then marches over to Jason and Bill and tells them she wants the shop ready in a week. Bill tells her it can't be done but she warns that she'll get someone else to do the job. I think she knows she can't. Builders are busy people and even if she could get one to start tomorrow, they'll just tell her the same thing Bill and Jason are telling her.

Molly's Interview

Amber pretends that Dev has asked her to interview Molly and starts giving her a hard time. Molly gets a little fed up and leaves, saying she doesn't want the job that much.

Other News

Liz tells Steve she thinks Tracy is using him.

Lloyd got a bunch of VIP tickets to a new club, courtesy of a famous dj he had in his cab. Claire demonstrates a knowledge of rave "music." Yes, I am old.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Guess WhO I JUST SAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just saw, and spoke to Colin and Justin of "How Not to Decorate. That are SUPER handsome in person and very gracious.

They were on the corner of Richmond and Spadina and looked like stars.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Update - November 14, 2007 - Who by Fire

Fire in the Café

The fire department has arrived at Roy and Hayley's café to clear the damage and assess the cause. Hayley is convinced that Becky set the fire but Roy is wavering. He does agree that that everyone is upset by yesterday's events.

Lloyd arrives to remind them of how Kelly got sent down on account of Becky and it seems just about everyone is convinced of her guilt. Roy and Hayley agree that it was foolish to trust her in the first place.

Later in the Rovers, Vera is telling Roy and Hayley how she never trusted her, what with her fingers in the till and all. Just then, Becky comes in, back in her denim jacket as the new coat is now ruined, with a present and tries to explain. Vera calls her a cheeky cow, Hayley says every word she has said is a lie, and Carla, having just learned of her criminal past, fires her.

Becky slinks back out, knowing that everyone hates her.

When Hayley gets back to the café, the fire fighter tells her it wasn't arson but a faulty deep fryer. You'll recall a few months ago, Roy proudly telling Hayley how he installed it himself, saving himself a bundle.

Hayley realises that Becky was telling the truth. She finds her at the bus stop and apologises. Becky says she thought she and Roy were different, that they believed in her but it turns out they wanted her to fail, just like all the others.

She hands Hayley the present she intended and, despite Hayley's protests, gets on the bus and leaves. Hayley opens the present to find a pair of curtains, with "R" and "H" fancifully embroidered that Becky had made specially for them.

Star Witness

In Dev's shop, Amber is asking David if he saw any blood when he witnessed Tracy murdering Charlie. Acting nonchalant, but clearly enjoying the attention, David attempts to give a few details (much to Dev's displeasure) as Tracy comes in. It breaks up and he leaves.

Later, Tracy finds David by his car and gives him some CD's, including Razorlight.

"I thought the Killers would be more your speed," says David.

They weren't Charlie's, but Tracy's and this is her continuing to attempt to be "nice" to him. David is scheduled to meet with Tracy's solicitor, Cynthia Dale, tomorrow so Tracy wants him to make sure everything goes well.

When is David going to make it clear that by "be nice to me," he means "lay underneath me for 63 seconds"?

Tots Should Not Be Trendy

Michelle is making a chicken dinner for Sonny, Paul and Carla. Carla, of course, turns her nose up at it while Paul and Sonny are hogging Ryan's X-Box (or whatever it is). Carla gets a call from Trendy Tots who ask her to double her order but keep the same delivery date.

(Carla, by the way, has a pink Motorola PEBL, the same as Tracy Barlow. Just thought I'd note that as it's been mentioned that characters tend to recycle clothes from one another, now they recycle props.)

Carla is excited and tells Paul, who is too engrossed in his game to notice. She accuses him of not taking her trendy dungarees seriously and storms out to the Rovers. He follows and tells her that he's very proud of the work she has done with these trendy dungarees and they seem to reconcile.

Now she has twice the order to complete and, after having fired Becky, half her workforce.

The Hole in Fizz' Life

Fizz is missing Chesney as he gave her life purpose. She complains to Maria that all she does is work, eat, watch TV, sleep, repeat. Maria says, "You forgot pub."

Over the Battersby's, Cilla is preparing a welcome home kind of a meal for Chesney. He asks if they can all sit around the table like a proper family.

Cilla says, of course. He asks if they should turn the TV off (as they probably had to do at Fizz's).

"Well, let's not go too far now," Cilla.

Later in the street, Cilla taunts Fizz about how he prefers his mum to her and her broccoli. They're even going bowling later. Cilla tells Fizz if she wants to play mummy, she can have her own children, as Kirk overhears.

Later at Fizz's flat, she and Kirk are cuddling as she complains that her life has no meaning. She suggests she and Kirk retire to the boudoir for deep snuggling but Kirk says he's not ready for that yet.

"It's not like we haven't done it before," says a confused Fizz.

"I mean I don't want to have a baby yet," he explains, noting that he thought that's what she wants now.

"Oh, by 'eck Kirk! Neither do I! I just have a hole in my life right now."

Kirk asks if they should do it before Maria gets home but Fizz isn't in the mood right now.

In Other News

Dev offers a job to Molly, noting her excellent customer service skills. Either that, or he's looking to impregnate a whole new generation of shop girls.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Update - November 13th, 2007 - The Go-Between

Gretna Green Getaway

It's early morning and Norris is sweeping the sidewalk in front of the Kabin. Becky, after being unceremoniously snubbed by Hayley, walks inside and asks if he plans to come if she should just help herself.

"You most certainly cannot!" declares Norris as he scurries inside.

Becky asks for wrapping paper. Norris asks if it's for a baby, a birthday, or First Day Out of Jail.

Sally comes in and suddenly Norris starts flirting with her. He asks if she's had her hair done (she hasn't), and remarks that "some men" never notice such things and "some men" are only interested in that what has a crankshaft.

Sally just wants a bag of bon-bons and Norris tells that that particular brand are his favourite as well. Sally, a bit taken aback by all this, says she'll see him later.

"Oh, I look forward to it," Norris says. Oh, Norris, if only you owned a luxury car dealership instead of being part-owner of the local confectionery shop, then you may have had a chance.

Later, Sally comes back saying she forgot stamps. Norris notes that some letters don't need stamps. Then he starts referring to the The Go-Between, a novel from the 1950's about secret notes and illicit lovers.

The novel also begins with the line:

"The past is a foreign country. They do things differently there."

That line was once spoken by Fred Elliot to Audrey Roberts. Someone on the show must love that book.

"I find passionate women are drawn to deep thoughtful men when they tire of shallow sons of toil," he continues. He then assures her that he is the very soul of discretion.

Sally then goes over to Kevin to tell him about Norris' odd behaviour. Kevin goes over and asks Norris if he always talks that way to other men's wives.

Norris, shows his soul of discretion, and presents the secret Valentine card from "Hot Lips." Norris says it seems Sally prefers a more mature man.

It doesn't take long before Kevin and Sally figure out that the card was a prank from Sophie, whom they make apologise to Norris before he starts wanting to take Sally off to Gretna Green to get married. Sally asks if they can all be friends again and Norris agrees, despite looking just a little humiliated.

Anyone else picturing Loretta Swit during this whole "Hot Lips" business?
Burning Down the House

Becky needed that wrapping for a present for Roy and Hayley. She tries to give it to Hayley but she says to stuff her present. Hayley later mention this to Roy who says from now on, the only mugs in their café will be used to serve beverages.

"Oh, Roy!" Hayley exclaims. "You're such a wit. Sometimes I think you're wasted here."

Later, Lloyd (remember him?) sees the café is on fire and yells to Steve to dial 999. Steve delegates that task to Eileen. Steve runs into the café to fetch Roy and Hayley to tell them. They arrive to find Lloyd pulling Becky out, her nice new white coat covered in soot (symbolism!).

Becky claims she say the fire and went in to find Roy and Hayley. Nobody believes her.

"This is our home!" Roy is furious. "You wretched, wretched, woman!"

Coughing on smoke, Becky slinks away in tears.

13 Year Old Decides Nightly Diet of Fish n' Chips Better than Jamie Oliver's Poncy School Lunches

Ches has been sneaking over the Les and Cilla's to help with the painting and eat junk food. He asks Kirk not to tell Fizz but Kirk warns that he's a terrible liar.

Later, Les asks the boys if they want chicken or burgers for their tea. They can't decide so they ask Michelle to make the decision for them. She says 'chicken.'

Later in the Rovers, Michelle asks Kirk, while Fizz is next to him, if he and Ches and Less enjoyed their tea. Fizz realises what's been going on, what with her also finding out that Ches has been fibbing about going to the Websters for his tea.

She finally decides to let him go over to his parents'. It's a little bit tearful.

In Other News

Eileen and Claire decided they're going to job share the dispatching and the babies. That means Steve doesn't have to hire Fat Brenda (a role that needs to be cast, IMHO) or Cilla.

Michelle warns Steve that Tracy may be using him to look good in front of the court.

Vernon left Liz to go bet on dogs for Valentine's Day.

Original airdate: February 15, 2007

Monday, November 12, 2007

Update for Episode #6492 November 12, 2007

The Websters

The postman drops the mail through the letter slot at the Websters and Rosie (looking quite fetching in her new do) is quick to look through the mail to see if anything has arrived for her from Der Vaterland. Sadly, there is no card from Craig. Sophie has a card to give her to special sweetheart - who shall remain nameless - but wants someone to write the card for her so they won't be able to guess who it is - based on the handwriting. Sal agrees to help Sophie out, after pointing out the obvious fact that the card is for her 'boyfriend' Chesney. Sal writes something mildly saucy in the card and then Sophie delivers it by hand.

Michelle and Sonny

The two love birds are having some playful banter about coffee in the kitchen after a night of doing the horizontal limbo. Carla, her usual sunny self, stops to drop off Ryan after his sleep over. Michelle hopes her son if he enjoyed a night with his uncles and tells Ryan she would only behave the way she is with Sonny beacuse she really cares about him. Ryan seems to be alright with the relationship .

Later in the pub Michelle and Sonny, obviously enjoying being with each other, have a bit of a snog at the bar. Steve is sitting with Tracey across the room and when he sees what Michelle is up to leans across the table and gives Tracey a kiss as well. Steve then gets the bright idea of pretending to 'leave' with Tracey, a fool proof way of getting his skull caved in - I mean a way to make Michelle jealous.

Deirdre and Liz are sat in a booth watching this little demonstration and are suitably horrified by this recent turn of events.

Steve and Tracey get outside. Our accused killer seems quite keen to play hide the salami with Steve, but he suddenly remembers that he has to check something in the office. He gives Tracey a chaste peck on the check and slinks off. Tracey starts scheming how she can best do Steve in.

Norris and Rita

The news agents are carrying on with their usual banter in The Kabin. Rita is giving Norris some stick about how many Valetine's Day cards he received so far. He pops home for a minute and discovers - much to the surprise of everyone - that he has received a hand delivered card, that contains a phrase referring to Norris as 'hot lips'.

Yes, it seems unlikely to me as well.

Norris, paranoid busybody that he is, is besdie himself trying to figure out who it was who sent him the card. Was it Rita? She seems a little overzealous in her denials. Suspicious. When Deirdre comes in to get her paper she engages in a bit of playful banter which makes Norris suspect that she is the mystery woman behind the card - after all she has been with Ken for so long it must be a bit jaded between them, and she is a rampant highly sexed woman. Rita puts paid to this particular delusion.

Sal then comes in to pay for her paper bill and gives Norris a cheque for the money they owe. When Norris looks at the cheque he realizes that the handwriting is a match for the writing on his card! It would appear that Sal is the mystery author.

Or maybe the card ended up in the wrong mail slot. Stay tuned.

Chesney and the so-called adults in his life

Ches stops round his old digs so he can take Schmeichel for a walk. Cilla and Les tempt him with all sorts of unhealthy menu choices to get Ches to stop there for his dinner. He tells them that Fiz is trying to get him to eat healthy food - you know vegetables and the like. Cilla points that chips are actually a vegetable, just a particularily crispy and delicious one. Ches is unable to resist the siren song of the deep fryer - and really, who can blame him?

Later back at the flat with Fiz Ches makes up a few clever lies involvoing the Websters to explain the paint on his hand and his lack of hunger.

Cilla and Fiz have an odd encounter later in The Rovers.

Jason and Eileen

Jason continues to struggle to balance all the different things going in his life. He somehow manages to forget that it is Valentine's Day, which leaves Sarah unimpressed to say the least.

After getting the anonymous call about Holly, the social worker stops round the Grimshaw flat looking for Jason, Eileen and Holly. She gets directed to the shop where Jason is working and eventually they round up Eileen and Holly for a meeting at their flat. The social worker explains about the call their agency received regarding the care - or lack thereof - that Holly has been receiving of late. Eileen is quite upset by this turn of events and admits to being terrified at the prospect of losing Holly. After some discussion the case worker agrees that Eileen and Jason are doing a good job under difficult circumstances.

After the social worker has left Eileen starts to go on a bit of a rampage trying to determine who it was that made the phone call to social services. She accuses Gail in the street. Then she blames Steve when she sees him. Later she wonders if it might have Norris or Blanche, they are always sticking their noses in where they don't belong. Jason tries to get his mom to give it up, but she continues to bang on about it until Jason finally admits that it was him who made the call.

The two of them have a bit of a row about the baby. Jason points out that Eileen and Sarah have been using guilt to manipulate him the whole time, and that by keeping the baby Eileen gets the life that she had hoped for, and Jason is losing the life that he had been enjoying, and did not want to give up. In the end Jason tells his mom that she can keep the baby, but he isn't having anyting to do with her.

Original date this epiosde aired - February 14, 2007