Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Update- Wednesday, October 24, 2007- I Saw You!

Okay, so David lacks Jimmy Stewart's charm. And neither Maria nor Tracy are Grace Kelly, but still...

The scene opens with Gail once again banging on David's car window as David listens to music. She tells him that he is an hour late for work, and Audrey is about to fire him. So, he does go into work. Audrey lectures him, and Maria is cool to him. He asks Maria to speak with him. They go to the back room, where he apologizes for last night. Maria tells him that they should simply pretend nothing happened, which David takes offence to. He accuses her of leading him on. Maria takes offence to that, and tells him in no uncertain terms that what he tried to do the night before will never happen.

Later, Blanche comes in to get her hair cut, but doesn't want it cut by Maria. Maria fights back, and slams Tracy. David wades into the fray, and says that Charlie got was coming to him. He then adds that he hopes Charlie will rot in hell.

Audrey is unimpressed with David's outburst, and tells him in the backroom (where apparently all private conversations are held) that he should show a sense of decorum at the salon. It is at this point that David decides to reveal that Charlie tried to drown him. Audrey doesn't believe him at first, but David challenges her to ask Maria about it. Maria does not deny it, and looks upset and guilty. Blanche's eyes, at this point, are as big as her glasses, and for once in her life she is struck dumb. Audrey sends David home to tell Gail.

The next time we see David, he is at home, watching television, while Gail questions him about the drowning. Well, actually, she kind of shouts at him. Which I have always found works very well in getting someone who is recalcitrant to talk about a traumatic experience. Deirdre comes by in order to question David herself about it, and to get him to talk to the police. Gail is more concerned about what David has been through. Deirdre, showing compassion and care, doesn't care what he has been through, as she wants to help her daughter. Gail tells her quite clearly that what is important here is David, not Tracy.

Then, perhaps having realized that confession is good for the soul, David says that he "saw it". When pressed, he blurts out that he saw Tracy kill Charlie. He leaves. Deirdre at this point goes into higher gear, wanting police involvement, and the truth "slapped out of" David. Gail, acting as though she has some control over David, promises that she will find out what is going on, and take him to the police if necessary.

David has retreated to his car. Maria comes around and, implying that he might be lying, warns him not to do anything he will regret because of her. David tells her that the world does not revolve around her, and that now that Charlie is dead, there is no one to stop him. Maria is slightly confused, and asks, "Stop you from doing what?", to which David says, "stop me from doing anything I want". Because David has shown so much restraint in his actions lately.

Flirting and Fighting

Paul and Carla come to the Street, arguing about the night before. Carla is upset that Paul didn't take her out for their anniversary, and Paul justifies himself. Carla insists that Paul will be taking her out that night, and Paul tries to weasel out of it. Carla keeps insisting, and wins.

Later, we see that Kelly and Joanne are working on the week end for Carla. Kelly asks Joanne why she is thinking about ending the relationship with Adam, and Joanne says she is getting bored. Liam shows up, and struts around. Kelly flirts. Then Carla comes by and offers to take the girls out. Joanne tells her she is supposed to go out on a date with Adam, but Kelly is willing to go out. Liam is surprised, as he thought Paul was taking Carla out, but also reveals that he was supposed to have a beer with Paul. So Carla suggests that they all go out together. Joanne quickly decides that the date with Adam wasn't a sure thing anyway, and agrees to go.

The next scene opens with the four, and Paul, out for a drink. Liam is sticking his (clothed) arse out prominently for Kelly and Joanne to see. He is not simply posturing as a baboon would, however, but is telling a story about a girl who he was going out with that had "Liam" tattooed on her butt, for him, he says. Carla clarifies that, in fact, the girl had a thing for Liam Gallagher, and that was why she had that lovely tattoo.

Carla's plot is also revealed. The reason she asked the girls to go out is to give Paul a taste of his own medicine. Promise a night out, and then change things around completely. Paul is not amused.

The night does not go well, however, as Liam decides to cut out early. He offers Kelly and Joanne a ride back to the street, and they agree. Kelly thinks that this will be her chance to make the move on Liam, but Joanne points out that they will be dropping her off first. In fact, neither go very far. Both are dropped off at the Rover's. Kelly is in a huff. Joanne, who gets out after Kelly, asks Liam what he wants to do, and, charmingly, Liam says that he will go out with the lads to check out the "fillies". Joanne is disappointed.

Carla's plot is also foiled, as she does get a night out with Paul. And Paul tries to make things up by hiring the strolling violinists to serenade the table. As Carla points out, that is the height of cheesy.

Sadness on the Street

Sean comes back from Spain (hurrah!). Violet collapses in his arms, crying. She is not dealing with the ectopic pregnancy so well, it seems.

Meanwhile, Less tries to work his way back into Ches' life by trying to play "footie" with him. Ches goes out, but Less ends up playing with Kirk instead. Less then tries to talk Ches into coming back home, justifying his actions, justifying Cilla's actions, and claiming that Cilla has cried over Ches. Chesney's answer: "I am tired of being the adult".

And, Jason

Jason is a bit overwhelmed with the work he has, and is having trouble figuring out how he will pay for supplies. His problems seem to be answered, when a client Jason clearly does not know or remember, comes by, apologizes profusely for being so late with a payment, and hands him a wad of cash. Jason takes it, though even he seems to realize that there is a right course to take with this, and a wrong path.


papasmurf said...

Whitehorse fan gets a gold star for using the word 'recalcitrant'.

David is a crazy person. No doubt bad things will happen soon.

pip said...

papasmurf gets a gold star for being master of the understatement and the obvious!

Gail learned nothing from those parenting classes she went to did she? I'm beginning to believe she really deserves David.

Someone needs to contact the Public Administrator's office about Charlie's estate or Jason is going to find himself in deep doo doo very very soon.

Debbie said...

Will Jason find himself in doodoo. It was a business and he is the only employee. He is just keeping things going.

Jacqueline said...

Was it mean, or was the whole, 'Tell Mr. Stubbs I'm you think he'll be mad.' have a stink of 'Sopranos' to it?

pip said...

Charlie's business was a sole proprietorship; with his death there is no business to carry on. In any event, Jason has no authority to carry it on on behalf of Charlie's estate. I seriously doubt that he is continuing to act in the role of an employee anyway. I mean, is it likely he is still just paying himself an hourly wage and kicking the profits over to Charlie's estate - paying the mortgage on the flat for example. No, he's carrying on the business on his own behalf (while at the same time holding the business out as Charlie's, and not letting people know Charlie is dead and his apprentice is working unsupervised). In fact, Jason might even have the bright idea now of going through Charlie's books, figuring out which accounts are still outstanding, tracking those people down, and pocketing the money for himself. He's heading for doo doo.

Debbie said...

Do we know that it is a sole proprietorship? Is there any other way he could have run his business? Als, is there no leeway here?

I think it is entirely likely that he is paying himself his hourly wage. Also, we have heard him tell clients that Charlie is dead. It is likely they he told other clients that before he started the other jobs. We already know that he has passed on jobs that he can not handle, but there are jobs that he is qualified to take on.

He can't do this indefinitely, for sure, but I don't think there is any intention to steal from Charlie's estate or break the law here.

Jacqueline said...

Jason has definately been clear with the clients that Charlie is dead - in fact I was suprised that he didn't mention it to the guy who gave the money last night.

I suspect that since Jason has bothered to go through Charlies address book and inform people of his passing, and that he looked into getting Charlie's body out of the morgue, and that he bother to find out that Charlie's estate would pay for the funeral....that somewhere along the line he's trying to find out how to clear up Charlie's estate including the business.

I think Jason has been pretty straight forward with the clients about his abilities and that right now he's finishing work for the clients that have been left in a lurch. Didn't he already pass clients on to contractors that were more qualified.

I assume he's not trying to steal Charlie's business from under the estate, but rather keep himself employed for the time being and finish the jobs he can. Certainly there's probably a view for him to start his own business from the ashes for Stubbie's & Co., but I really think he's doing the best he can under shit circumstances.

Debbie said...

I agree. Also, I think as Sarah pointed out, he has a child to support. He just needs to take care of himself and his family. I think he is being very mature and responsible.

pip said...

debbie and Jacqueline you may be right, I just got a very bad feeling about the look on Jason's face when he took the money from that chap last night, it was as if he was realizing a potential for cash he hadn't thought of before. Also, when Sarah answers the phone for the business doesn't she indicate that it is still 'Stubbs Contracting' or whatever? It seems to me as well that Jason is taking on new jobs, and not just finishing off ones that Charlie had already promised to do. Clearly his intent is to earn income for himself.

Whitehorse Fan said...

I'm with Pip on this one. Jason is running the business without authority (even if it is an incorporation), and I too question how much of the money is going back into the Charlie's estate. I think Jason means well, but he is not the cleverest lad, and simply by continuing to run the business, is showing that he is not clear on what he is supposed to be doing.

On another note, Ches was really touching yesterday. I was pleased that Roy didn't patronise him, and it was absolutely true that he has had to act like the adult in the Battersby-Brown household. I hope that it works out with Fiz.

Debbie said...

I think that Jason's reaction to the pile of cash had more to do with him truly realizing how the business works and the fact that he had no money for supplies but by a stroke of luck, someone paid for a job.

Sarah answers the phone "Stubbs Contracting" because it is still Charlie's business. Until someone goes through the proper channels to buy it, that is what the business is called. Moreover, as it is a growing concern, I think that Jason would be super irresponsible just to wash his hands of it. Especially since Jason considered Charlie his best mate.

There is also no evidence that Jason is not turning the money over as he sould be.

On a completely different note: I just noticed that there is a section below with a tick box that says "Email follow up comments to ..." and lists my email. I am not sure i like that so much. Can I have that removed? Does anyone know?


How come I wasn't asked about this?

pip said...

The problem is that Jason has no authority to do what he is doing. There is no longer any 'Stubbs Contracting' because Charlie is dead. Jason has no right to use Charlie's tools, or truck, or supplies, or to hold himself out as an employee of Stubbs Contracting. I can't remember if it's been determined that Charlie didn't have a will. If he didn't then an Administrator of his estate needs to be appointed by the court. Jason could be looking into this. He can't just take over Charlie's business lock, stock and barrel, no matter how innocently he is acting. I'm not saying he is acting immorally, I'm just saying he could get himself into big trouble legally doing what he is doing.

That's my free legal advice to him as a lawyer.

Anonymous said...

You know, I had been wondering how Jason was getting money to pay for materials to go out to these jobs, since I'm guessing he's not a signer on Charlie's business accounts. He was muttering something to Sarah earlier about how was he going to pay for the materials. I think this influx of cash may be the first $$$ he has seen since Charlie died. If that's the case, how's he getting paid? (I find it hard to believe that Charlie's 2-man operation had an ADP type firm doing their paychecks.)

I don't think Jason's intentions are bad - I think he is ignorant of the proper procedures and (unfortunately) may end up getting himself in trouble. It's not like Charlie has family who have swooped in to protect the estate, so... there's really no one obvious to ask.

Michigander Fan


Anonymous said...

I really feel for Chesney, and I hope it works out with him and Fizz living together.

When she was encouraging him to kick the ball around with Les, I thought perhaps she and Kirkeh wants some "alone time"... but apparently not!

It isn't fair that Chez should have to be the adult in the situation, and if Less is any kind of father, that remark will cut him to the core. We'll see. I'm not holding my breath.


Anonymous said...

Also, does anyone have an opinion about whether David is lying or telling the truth about witnessing the actual murder???

The odd thing is, it really could go either way - David has lied often enough, convincingly enough, that this could be The Boy Who Cried Wolf, and he really did see something. I could certainly see him skulking around in the back yard or something similar...

Or, he could be deciding to side with Tracy to punish Maria (with the possible added benefit of blackmailing Tracy in some way).

And of course, when the greeting card thing comes up, his testimony is not going to count for much. Not exactly a "reliable witness."

Anyone want to take a guess?


Whitehorse Fan said...

I really do hope this doesn't turn around and bite Jason in the ass. He really is taking some responsibility and acting like a grown up, and if it goes wrong, he may just throw up his hands and decide to be an immature lout again.

Anonymous said...

Last comment, and then I promise I'll shut up (for a while)...

When Deirdre came over to Gail's and they were having the screaming match, I was really torn. Both overindulgent mothers of monstrous offspring - who do you root for in that situation?

I'm horrible, aren't I?!


Jacqueline said...

Both overindulgent mothers of monstrous offspring - who do you root for in that situation?

You root for the CBC to interrupt Corrie with a 'FIFA Throne Speech on the Prarie' playoff.

papasmurf said...

The Gallagher brothers of Oasis fame are Manchester City supporters if memory serves me correctly...

Debbie said...

Oh ...

I figured out the email thing. I am a moron.

Anonymous said...

Every time I see Jason muddling about, trying to keep the business going, I shout at him "Call Bill Webster, call Bill Webster, Bill Webster can help you", yet Jason continues to ignore my advise.

Jacqueline said...

Brill idea Anon!

Anonymous said...

I predict Bill will buy the business. Why not? He's got oodles of cash becase he hasn't paid any rent since he came back.

David is lying. End of. He wasn't stalking Tracy, he was stalking Maria. If Maria had killed Charlie, I'd believe David was lurking behind the curtains watching. Because it was Tracy, and because he was scared witless of Charlie, he wouldn't have gone near the place.

Sean was in Spain? Missed that!


Jacqueline said...

I was wondering too when he went to Spain.

pip said...

Oh good, so it wasn't just me missing Sean's going to Spain. The CBC must have cut that bit, thoughtfully believing we'd much rather watch a Little Mosque on the Prairie advert for the umpteenth time.

I think PsychoDavid is lying as well, but I'm not positive. After all, his house is next door to Tracy's. He has gone so far as to pop into their backyard to retrieve a soccer ball and creep out Tracy by doing so. He's not above spying and snooping around. If he was aware of the rumours that Charlie was abusing Tracy then he might well have been keeping his eyes open in hopes of seeing something he could nail Charlie with. Up until now he wouldn't want to say what he saw because Charlie's dead, and what does he care if Tracy goes free?

But does Coronation Street work this way. Are there major plots where the viewers are kept completely in the dark about the actions of some of the characters?

Whitehorse Fan said...

Re: Sean. I though I had missed that too (one of the bits that I just write off as "unintelligible"). Glad it wasn't just me.

You know, I don't know if David is lying. He is a lurker/spier, but it is also true that he has no real interest in spying on Tracy. All I know is that I would not want him as my witness.

kunzie said...

Great thread!! Enjoyed reading the various views on Jason's predicament.

I thought that David had taken to spying on Charlie, trying to conceive some payback for his "bath". So he could have been watching...

I also thought that maybe the "payment" being made to "Mr. Stubbs" sounded a little bit wiseguy....

The deceased owner of Lady Freckles/Eccles was Blanche's friend Lina.

Anonymous said...

Oh, good one Kunzie! Lina always reminded me of the leathered old woman in 'Something About Mary.'

I loved that she would make bold sexual remarks to Ken, in front of Blanche and Deirdre, that woudl make Ken blush!


Anonymous said...

Does Sean know about Charlie's death? He kept asking, "So any new gossip? Nothing else? Nothing?" And I wasn't sure if that was supposed to be funny, in the event that no one had told him about Charlie yet... and they were overlooking this MAJOR piece of news.

Jacqueline said...

I was wondering about that too, but then I thought maybe this time Weatherfield works like reality and Sean get's text messages from Fizz, Violet, Kelly, and Jo that all say,

Holy schet, charlie iz ded. Tracy killed him.

Anonymous said...

David has to be lying since Charlie never went after Tracy with a knife. Remember she went to the drawer for the knife and them put it in Charlies hand. Thats why David was looking thru the back window last night when his mom caught him. He is just trying to make up a story that goes with what he heard Tracy had said. Then he feels like he has sullied Charlies memory foever in Maria's mind. Of course thats just what I think he thinks. He is so crazy, but I did feel sorry for him with Maria's reaction. She plays such a victim and really is such a bitch. I also think Jason is too much of a dolt to try to scam money from Charlies business. You guys are giving him too much credit. I am impressed how mature he has been, and Sarah too. They need to get away from their mothers! Of course this is from a mother whose 7 year old daushter told me last night that Tracy is her favorite character! Yikess.
ps. I didn't let her watch Tracy kill Charlie by the way!
Terry from Detroit

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many metro Detroit Corrie fans read this board? Do you guys have anyway to tell? I am the only person I know, besides my mom, who watches the show. Would be interesting to know.
Terry in Detroit