Friday, October 26, 2007

Update - Thursday, October 25, 2007 - Creep of the Week

I'm watching you.

At the Platt household, Sarah says to Gail that David is lying. Gail says she will talk to him and make sure he knows it will be in front of a judge. Sarah says he could get done for perjury. Audrey asks Gail if she wants her to talk to David but she says no. David listens to them from the kitchen table.

Outside on the street, Ken asks Gail if there are any new developments. She says David is saying the same thing but will let him know as soon as she has talked to him. He thanks her and goes, Gail looks around to talk to David and he disappears.

David is outside Number Six in the back garden and the place looks like a tornado hit it. Gail comes out the yard asking what he is doing. He says he is just looking at the flat as “Charlie won't mind”. They sit down (finally) on the sofa and David explains the scenario. David says he was kicking his ball around and it went over the fence and that's when he saw what happened with Charlie and Tracy. Gail says he will have to answer lots of questions and a judge is going to try and catch him out. She says she wishes he was lying.

Gail and David enter the police station. Gail asks David if he is ready to stand up to a judge and jury (okay, we get it) He says yes and that she said all this. Gail says she does not seem to be getting through to him. (No surprise) Gail gives him a look and goes up to the desk and gives her name.
The two detectives overlooking the case ask David about the information about Charlie. He says, “Yeah and that he saw the whole thing.” They say what, and David says he saw “Tracy kill Charlie”.

Log on to now.

Roy and Hayley have taken down some boxes from their flat for Becky to sell to raise money to rent a flat. Roy says he wants to keep the comics and ray gun, much to Hayley’s annoyance. Becky comes into the cafĂ©, and thanks them for the items. She sees the comics, and goes through them very casually. Roy while having a heart attack, tells her they are very fragile. Hayley also has some items from Underworld for Becky to sell and she asks if she can keep a couple. Hayley asks Roy if he is still keeping the box he put aside. He says he is going to give them to someone who would have an interest in them as they valuable and says they will spend the money on something for them.

Gets some action.

Sean asks if there is any gossip going around at the factory and Kelly says Liam fancies her. Liam walks over and tells the group they have a new huge order. The girls (and Sean) don't think Liam likes her as Kelly says he won’t show it in front of all them. (Can we say delusional?) Kelly goes to see Liam and says thanks for last night at dinner, but says it was crowded with Joanne. Liam says she is “quiet and discreet” and that some people can’t take a hint. (ahem, meaning her). The phone rings and he says he was enjoying their conversation… When she comes out, Fizz says he has told her to get lost.

The rest of the crew have left the factory and Liam comes out of his office. He tells Joanne that he was just thinking about her, and there she is. He says he told Kelly she was quiet and discreet. She says she can be and he kisses her, softly. He asks if he is keeping her from her mates and she says no and kisses him, again. I am quite sure this is against all employer/employee relations, but I can’t help wish I was Joanne…

Pass the brown sauce.

Outside the flat, Fiz like the good surrogate mother she is - gets Chesney ready for school. Les asks him to come around to the house so they can “Sort things out.” Chesney says okay. At the Battersbys’, Les says to Cilla they have to tempt Chesney back and suggests they give him sausage and chips. (Sounds good to me) Cilla says, “He will be wanting that every day then”. Les says its just till they get him back. He says he will get the sausages and all he is asking is she speaks nice to him while he is eating them.

Cilla says she won't go begging. Les says just say sorry for saying she was dying. Chesney who has been listening to the entire conversation after opening the door, tells Fiz he does not want to go in. Fiz goes into the house and tells Les and Cilla, that they have messed it up again as Chesney has heard them argue.

Tracy hears she is free as a bird.

At the prison interview room, the lawyer tells Tracy she has got her bail on a couple of conditions. Tracy is elated at the news. The lawyer tells Tracy she had to convince the judge she won't run away or intimidate any witnesses. (LOL). The lawyer says they are all on her side and Tracy grins and says she will follow the judge’s conditions.

Back at the Barlow’s, Deirdre is on the phone and is ecstatic as she tells Ken, Tracy will be out in half an hour. There is a knock at the door and it is Gail. She says David is sticking with his story but she has mixed feelings. As this happens David watches like the psycho he is, from the window across the street.

Outside the Barlow house, Tracy pulls up in a taxi with her lawyer. She shows her the house, where it all happened. Tracy says she will obey the judge's orders and gets out of the taxi. Inside, Tracy says the prison was like a “madhouse”. She says she just wants to have a shower and get out of her clothes. Ken tells her he has something to tell her, but Tracy says she is going for a shower and when she comes back she wants to hear about Amy. Ken tells her there is a witness who saw everything that happened. Tracy looks stunned but tries to smile and asks “Who?” Ken says David…


Trudy C said...

Now you just know that the hunky detective (o.k. I'm not good with names) is not going to believe David's story, especially when David is sporting a Flock of Seagulls hairdo.

Debbie said...

I just want to say that if I guy wants to kiss you and before he does he asks if you will be "discreet" and essentially keep it a secret, you shouldn't kiss that guy, because that guy is a dog and he only wants a bone.

I like to call that copper "Detective Yes Please"

Rob Swizzle said...
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Rob Swizzle said...

What was with the police interview room? It looked like a press junket hotel suite from E! tonight.

Anonymous said...

Loved the update, particularly I wish I was Joanne (me too!) Regarding David's hair, my husband (who won't watch the show) walked in the room when Gail and David were at the police station. His comment was what is with that kid's hair - it has got to be the worst case of "bed head" I've ever seen. Also for someone who is out on bail for murder, Tracy seems pretty chipper and can't even be bothered to pick her child up from nursery!

Jacqueline said...

Debbie...that's what I'm saying.

Especially if that guy is your employer and he kind of grabs your hand before and pulls you to him before asking if you can be discrete.

I'm saying he is walking a pretty thin line - actually - no he's not walking a thin line, he crossed it.

If someone grabbed my hand, pulled me close and asked if I could be discrete, I'd be saying, 'Hell no.' and text messaging whatever govt agency in in charge of sexual harrassment.

Debbie said...

Testify, Glacia

However, Joanne is young, she's gotta learn somehow.

pip said...

Debbie and Jacqueline, I agree with you absolutely re the Joanne/Liam thing. Who knew he was such a dog?

So is David going to be like the youngest character on Coronation Street to go to jail (for perjury/obstruction of justice/being a sullen little jerk)?

David and Adam must have the same hairstylist on the set (who gets around to them when she's finished with Blanche - I agree with someone who said the other day that Blanche and David have the same 'do'. You could do a direct comparison when they were both in Audrey's).

Since when does a lawyer make an application to court without her client being aware or even present? In the real world Tracy would have been in court when the bail application was heard.

papasmurf said...

Was it just me or was the computer monitor at the police station front desk very old and massive?

Tsk tsk prop department.

Jacqueline said...

No, it wasn't just you....I was wondering if it came loaded with 'King's Quest 1'.

Mayfairgirl said...

Saying that, what about the phone in the cafe?

Anonymous said...

OK, who else can see Becky getting all the cash to keep herself from teh sale of the comics, despite Roy (yay Roy!) wanting to actually keep the money himself.

Haley bothered me in that story line. Almost Emily sanctimonious. Blech!

I can be discreet, Liam! I can! I can! I will only tell my friends on Corrie Canuck, and they won't tell anyone... Promise!


pip said...

missusmac, we promise not to tell anyone only if you promise to share. K?

Anonymous said...

Lucky Joanne! Even if it is only for one night.

AMAI said...

missumac, Hailey bothered me as well. I was totally on Roy's side. Why should a promise to give "some" have to mean handing over every sixpence generated from selling a few things laying around?

Anonymous said...

Pip, I'm willing to be Liam's girl on the side for the sake of the group.

Sacrifices must be made, and all that...

Naw, he's just that cute! And frankly, I wouldn't be all that discreet about it either!

Amai, exactly what I was thinking too.