Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Update - October 31, 2007. Monster Chiller Coronation Horror Street

Okay, kids. I've got a scary movie for you tonight. It's called "The Major Mystery of the Missing Morris Minor." Oooh, scary stuff, kids.

Becky awakens alone in the woody somewhere out on the windy moors. She gets out and screams for the onomastically named Slug.

Meanwhile at the café Roy is beside himself as Hayley tries to calm him down. He's worried that some kids may have stolen the car in an effort to take a joy ride, then destroy, as is often the case.

Back on the moors, Slug reappears with two teas. Becky is stricken with remorse. Last night, she was drunk and having a laugh. In the morning, she's a car thief and not at work. She knows Roy and Hayley will suspect her.

Slug says he didn't hear her moaning last night. Well, maybe a little, he admits. How can anyone resist this rakish charm?

The two continue to argue until Slug takes off in the car, taking Becky's nice new coat with him. Becky is now freezing, alone, and a long way from Coronation Street.

When she finally gets back to Roy's Rolls, Roy and Hayley ask her if she saw anyone suspicious. She tries to play offended, saying that she isn't to blame for everything that goes bent around here. Roy and Hayley back off a little.

The police call and tell Roy that the car has been found with only the wiring tampered with and no other apparent damage.

When he returns, he is visible angry. He pulls Becky's nice new white coat out of his bag and asks if she can explain it. She tries to blame it on Slug but they won't hear it. She is sacked on the spot.

Later at the Rover's, Hayley is seething at the betrayal. Becky comes and tries to make amends but Hayley angrily tells her that she's run out of chances, that she's played them for mugs, and that they never want to see her again. Roy tells her that she's just lost a very good friend.

Wasn't that a scary movie, kids? I had goosebumps, just thinking about it. Roy probably didn't even have car insurance. That's scary. Ok, maybe it wasn't so scary. But I promise this next film will definitely scare you. It called, "The Tale of the Murderous Mummy."

At the Council of the Elder Barlows, the usual topic of the Trouble with Tracy is being addressed. They have rounded on Tracy for her behaviour last night.

"Scandalous!" declares Blanche.

Ken thinks she should lay low before the trial. Deirdre tells her that her behaviour has an affect on the people around her.

As if by cue, Amy walks in.

"Bethany," Tracy says. "What are you doing here? Go home to your mum, Sarah now."

Ok she didn't say that.

Tracy grabs Amy and says she's taking her out and tells her parents not to wait for her.

She runs into Kelly and Joanne. Kelly makes a few remarks about the stamina it takes to go out drinking the night before then take her kids out the next day. Tracy takes offense to this and Kelly gets all up in her grill (she even shakes head her slightly from side to side so you know she means business). The confrontation fizzles out as Joanne remarks that Tracy could start a row in an empty house.

When she returns, she is upset to see that the Council of the Elder Barlows have started lunch without her. Ken notes that if they tried to keep her schedule, they'd never eat. Way to show backbone Ken. You'll remember how you stood up to your murderous daughter when you're 93 years old and still paying back that mortgage.

Tracy claims she met a nice man last night who knows nothing of her past and she plans to call him after she takes a nap.

Oh, that Tracy Barlow! She's frightening the way she sneers at you! How she goes out drinking every night when she's on trial for murder! Our next scary movie is called "Other Scary Stuff That Happened On The Street!" Awooooo!!!

Joanne dumped Adam by text. She still thinks Liam is her boyfriend. Liam is offering "overtime," which is his code for Chica-bam.

Sonny came back from Dublin with gifts for Michelle and made dinner for the Connors. Michelle's prick brothers decided he passes the test in their books. Sonny? Still nice.

Jason, despite working like a dog on the new fast food shop in Diggory's old place, found time to buy Sarah a nice bracelet for her birthday and make sure they can go out to dinner at the local restaurant.

Steve and Jamie traded notes on who's the biggest loser. Jamie has to pay rent on his house and has no job. And dated his mother. Steve repels Michelle and lives with his mother. I'd say it's a draw but it does highlight why Joanne is hanging out with Liam. He's the best of a very bad lot round there.


Jacqueline said...


Thank you for the 'Paul is a prick' and 'Liam is a prick' tags!

Anonymous said...

John superb update on an excellent show last night. I kind of felt sorry for Becky in the pub last night, however I can understand how betrayed Hayley felt. I agree with the prick comments regarding Liam and Paul (even though I think Liam is hot). I loved the way Kelly slagged Tracey off!

pip said...

Woooo! Very scary update John! I am constantly amazed by the originality and talent of all the summary posters!

I felt a bit sorry for Becky, too, but not a lot. What she really needed to do was 'fess up to Roy and Haley as soon as she got to the cafe, rather than lie and hope she wouldn't get caught. Somehow I have the feeling we haven't seen the end of Becky though. Perhaps she has at least learned from this experience never to associate with a person named after a small and slimy creature.

Tracy's behavior really is a bit strange, considering how much planning she was prepared to put into Charlie's murder, and that she's not at all confident she'll be acquitted. If she's being watched by the police she'd better drop that annoying habit of hers of making faces at everyone she dislikes when they're not looking.

Debbie said...

I really like the way Haily stood up for herself in this episode. I think it is important for Becky to know that she means business. Although, I have a lot of sympathy for Becky, as I think many of us do.

You know what I loved in the update "The Council of Barlow Elders"

OK, informal poll: Who thinks it is OK to dump your boyfriend with a text message?

Debbie said...

P to the S, I don't think Liam is the best of a bad lot. While my loins belong to Jason "Yes Please" Grimshaw, my heart will forever belong to Mr. Tyrone Dobbs. I love that guy. He's the kind of guy that women wish they had. You can feed him and cuddle him up. You can take him home to your mum, and he'd be nice to your friends. He can fix your car and do other odd jobs.

Oh, I wish I had a Tyrone. But no, I keep going out with Liams.

Anonymous said...

No it is not Ok to dump your boyfriend by text.

Anonymous said...

The tale of Becky's coat is so clasic Corrie. Becky has nothing in the way of nice things, let alone her own place so Roy and Hayley help her buy a nice new coat after hers was stolen. Her ex-bf gets her drunk and talks her into stealing a car which is then found by the police with her coat inside.

Now, when she wears the coat, she'll always think of how she betrayed her friends.

It's not ok to dump by text. But this is one of those modern issues where Corrie is always a few years behind. By 2017, Joanne will be dumping by Facebook.

Anonymous said...

I dumped my boyfriend by text last year. He was the king of pricks and deserved no other way.

Jacqueline said...

Remember this is the same place where it's okay to text the bride you left waiting at the alter while you escaped the window in the Gent's.

I kind of wish I had broken up with a few guys via text.

So is it okay to break up via text? Depends on the situation as far as I'm concern.

If you're breaking up with a basically nice person just because things aren't working out, no. If you are breaking up because he slept with your best friend, sister and mom...definately.

Given Adam's more than laissez-faire attitude on the street, I'd probably text just cause I don't think he'd give a shit either way.

pip said...

In general I think it's not okay to dump your boyfriend by text. However, when your boyfriend isn't happy to see you, suggests getting together but makes no fixed plans, then gives you a peck on the cheek goody-bye, he doesn't deserve much better. Does anyone think Joanne is an absolute lunatic for having a secretive no-strings-attached relationship with the younger Mr. Prick. What's in it for her (other than the obvious physical gratification).

Debbie, I agree that Tyrone is the number one catch for the young ladies on the street. He is such a sweetheart: thoughtful, hardworking, attentive. Molly is lucky to have him. Remind me why Fizz chose Kirk over Tyrone?

Rob Swizzle said...

Damn, I love the word "prick".

pip said...

I prefer 'dick' over 'prick' because 'dick' is slightly humourous, as in 'that's Scott, he's a dick'.

Jacqueline said...

Tyrone is too nice.

There I said it.

Mind you if I were on the street I'd probably end up dating Dev.

Just cause there's something about a man who's hung up on his ex-wife that's soooooooooo yumsk!

Other than that, this week showed that he cleans up well (that suit did look fab on him), he's got his own business, he's smart and just enough of a jerk to make life interesting.

Debbie said...

Dev always makes me laugh and the presence of Amber is actually making him more interesting/attractive. It is making him more vulnerable to ridicule in a good way. it is like Amber is the only woman who can dissarm him. I love it.

Anonymous said...

Wow, we have an actual Tyrone Dobbs fan club going here! (I think 3 constitutes a fan club.) I was sooo mad at Maria when she was treating him badly - waxing him and stuff.

He's definitely the best catch on the Street - sweet, kind, fun-loving, honest, handy... and the kind of guy who wouldn't look down his nose at you for being zaftig.

He's perfect!

I saw him in an episode of a British mystery series - he was maybe 13 - he looked exactly the same as he does now.

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's OK to break up via text. I wouldn't want to be dumped that way, no matter how badly the relationship was going.

Of course, it's better than a guy just dropping off the face of the earth altogether, which has happened to me once or twice.


Whitehorse Fan said...

Are there no other alternatives besides Tyrone (not enough personality), Dev (bastard) and Liam (prick)?

No, guess not. None appeal to me, I have to say.

I agree texting Adam was okay. I think he probably preferred it that way than an awkward, face to face confrontation.

And re: Joanne. Poor, young, Joanne. I cringed when she said she didn't know if she wanted to do anything until she knew where she stood, as Liam had made it fairly obvious the night before. I think she is going to make herself believe that this thing with Liam is meaningful.

Whitehorse Fan said...
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Jacqueline said...

Oh no wait! I forgot Peter Barlow!

Peter Barlow woudl be more date worthy than Dev...I mean all Peter ever did was marry two women at once.

Although, his family does drop his stock a bit.

God, maybe the only two date worthy men were Ciaran (no i'm not going to look up how to spell it.) and of course Percy Sugden.

pip said...

Well, I don't think Steve is completely a lost cause. He just needs a strong woman to take him in hand. He'll always be a bit of child, but a fun one.

As for the married men, I think Sally got the best one with Kevin.

Anonymous said...

Pip, Wow. Were we separated at birth? You just selected my favorite 3 men of the Street in a row.

Glacia - No. Not Peter. When you marry a man, you marry his family (I know: you and I both have had that etched into our souls)...

He's cute and fun, but good God, NO!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Now, if we're talking totty, that's a different story:

Ciaran (I just caught the tail end of him)


Anonymous said...

Actually, one of the nicest guys on the Street is Sean, but of course, he plays for the other team...

But just in terms of swell fellas, he definitely ranks!

No one chose Les Battersby ?!?!



Whitehorse Fan said...

Yes, Steve is sweet (love those men who don't grow up!), but if we are talking about marrying the family, who wants Liz as a mother-in-law? Michelle was right when she wanted to stay away from Steve because of Liz.

pip said...

What did Liz think of Moley (her real name escapes me at the moment)? Did she like her or does she just hate all of Steve's squeezes?

Being the perfect person I am I'm sure I could make Liz love me as long as she was open to her little boy having a woman in his life. :P

pip said...

Oops, forgot to add, MF we both have great taste in men!

Though I must say I do like Dev, but he's a bit wild and a bit too chuavinistic. Also, I'm sure I'm not his type.

Debbie said...

Moley's real name was Ronnie and Liz loved her.

kunzie said...

I know he's out of sight, but Danny Baldwin was always my fave guy...gorgeous, funny, evil, caring and unpredictable! Liam was hot...but now he's right off the weasel-meter for trying to bone the staff. I love how twitchy and transparent Steve is. I totally adore Sean.....who doesn't?

kunzie said...

oh, and I forgot to add: I feel completely sorry for Becky; granted, she used to make my skin crawl, but she really wants to change and we've seen a different side of her. I'm rooting for her!
and kudos to Fiz. She has such a good heart.

Anonymous said...

Oh well. Danny Baldwin, certainly.

BFF material:

I could totally hang out with Eileen (she's older than me, but not so much that it would be weird).

I think Fiz would be a terrific best bud (although she's younger than me, but not so much that it would be weird.)

And Rita is super cool, but she is enough older than me that I don't think we could be friends. But I hope to be Rita someday...

And Amber, man!


Whitehorse Fan said...

Yes, Danny goes without saying.

MF: I agree with you re: BFF. I also think Michelle might be good friend material. She was great with Violet.