Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Update - October 3, 2007 - Fight! Fight! Fight!

Black and Blue Peter

We begin right where we left off last night. Peter is at Tracy's, where he is just finishing taking a shower. Charlie comes home and Tracy lets Charlie think she's brought a stranger home. Charlie charges upstairs, not hearing Tracy's pleas that it's her brother.

Charlie finds Peter in the bedroom and starts pounding on him like he was a washed-up reality TV "star". Frightened, Tracy calls the police.

Meanwhile in the Rovers, the pub quiz is about to start with Vernon, overdoing it as always, announcing that the first question is about the East Lancashire Railway ("Ooh! Ooh!). Ken is confident that he knows the answer to the question.

Before he can answer, Joanne runs in and tells Ken and Deirdre that she hears screaming. They rush out to find the fight has spilled out into the street. Ken tells Tracy to go home but she goes into her and Charlie's place. As everyone comes out of the pub to see the show, Peter is helped to his feet. Deirdre yells for someone to call an ambulance but Peter claims he doesn't want to go to a hospital.

Liz tries to usher everyone back into the pub where there is much gossiping about what exactly happened.

Later, in their house, Tracy tells Charlie that Peter is her brother and he was just trying to wind him up. Charlie congratulates her, telling her she succeeded. Tracy counters that it was all a joke but Charlie fails to see the funny side. Tracy adds that Charlie has brought lots of women home but Charlie counters that he has brought home one too many Tracies.

Outside, as they wait for the ambulance, Blanche wraps her cardigan around Peter, telling him it's a lucky thing he wasn't stabbed in the shower, like in that film "Psychic."

Ken wants to know why Charlie attacked him in the first place but Peter says he forgot to ask. Tracy is watching from the window and says she'll go over and apologise later.

Later, Charlie enters the pub to stunned silence (I swear, you can hear a needle scratching across a record). Liz says she doesn't want any trouble but all Charlie wants is a drink.

Jason tells Sarah-Love and Eileen that he feels awful that he told Charlie about seeing Tracy with another bloke, not realising it was her brother.

At Tracy's, the police come by (yes, the same constables who always show up) to take a statement. Tracy plays the abused spouse, calling herself stupid for not telling Charlie that Peter was her brother.

Later, at the hospital Deirdre confesses she's frightened of Charlie but Ken is more concerned for Peter.

At the Rover's, Jason says to Charlie that he's sorry for leading him on about Tracy, not realising that it was Peter she was with. Charlie says he's not in the mood to talk right. Sarah-Love gives Jason the gears for talking to Charlie.

At th'hospickle, Peter comes out, stitched up and still wearing Blanche's cardigan. The police arrive to take Peter's statement.

Later, at the Rover's Tracy comes in to talk to Charlie and the crowd goes quiet once again. He asks if she's spoken to the police and she swears that she doesn't want them involved.

Then the police arriving and arrest Charlie for unlawful wounding. He smirks as he is taken away and Tracy smirks a little to herself, while pretending to look distraught.

The Great Pub Quiz

Meanwhile, through all the excitement, there is still a pub quiz to be played. After the crowd comes back into the pub, Norris glances down and notices Roy's answer regarding the East Lancashire Railway. Becky notices that Roy's sheet has been moved.

As Norris gives the news about Peter to Rita and Emily, he writes down Roy's answer on the sheet, and then claims that Ken told him before he left.

The next question, Vern announces, is: "Who won the fight out there?" No seriously, it's about shoes, which Steve protests to Michelle, claiming that there are no well know designers of men's shoes. Like Kenneth Cole, Steve Madden, Bruno Magli, etc. Such knowledge is "girly knowledge," not real knowledge, according to Steve. I think Steve goes out of his way not to get laid.

Becky tells Roy and Hayley about her suspicions about Norris. Roy shoots a look toward him and decides that he has an air of culpability about him.

Later, the quiz is almost over and Stop Press (Norris, Rita, and Emily) is leading Barmy Barmcakes (Roy, Hayley, and Becky) by one point and all the other teams are in the dust. (Oh, well, at least none of the teams were named Dr. Wankenstein) Much to Fiz and Joanne's embarrassment, they are even beaten by Sarah-Love and Jason. Other questions are on the subject of Hip, and, indeed, Hop. This makes Becky happy.

By one point, Stop Press has won the 50 quid prize. When Norris stops by, Roy sites chapter and verse the history of ELR. Rita asks Norris if he cheated. He denies it of course. Rita then snatches the money from his hands and says if that is the case, then he wouldn't mind buying the other team a drink.

In Other News

Fiz and Joanne make up with Kelly over her extra hours. Liam lets Carla design her kids clothers but only after hours. Liam then smugs to Paul that at least someone can control that wife of his.

Eileen comes home to find a tearful Violet babysitting Holly. Eileen admits that Jason can be thoughtless sometimes. Ok, all the time.

For the record, last night, my pub quiz team lost by one point, not because someone stole one of our answers but because for some reason I thought Conrad Black was born in Lennoxville and not Montreal.

Edited to add: A troop of baboons.


Anonymous said...

Boy, Charlie tore him up, didn't he?

Not to sound snarky, but I'm getting a little tired of "the Tracy smirk" after every double play she makes. WE GET IT. She's manipulating the situation. You can stop winking at the camera now.

Somehow Norris cheating during the pub quiz doesn't surprise me, and I'll lay dollars to donuts that he justifies it because Ken selfishly decided his son's health was more important than winning. Quelle wanker!

In other news, Steve is going to die alone, like Mr. Heckles.

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

BTW, John, great update, and loved the Psycho Youtube. One of the most famous and imitated scenes in the history of cinema...which clearly shows the brilliance that was Hitch.

Although my fave imitation has to be from High Anxiety (Mel Brooks is a god!)!

"HERE! Take the paper! Take the paper! Take the stinking newspaper!!!" (I may know that entire movie by heart... sad but true.)


Anonymous said...

Ahhh Lennoxville... one set of stop lights and 10 bars... good times to be had!

Go Gaiters!

Mrs. D

Anonymous said...

John thanks for the excellent update. I saw most of the show but my sister dropped by (who is a huge fan as well but has satellite so can watch it at different times)to show me her new puppy who is adorable. So thanks to you I read what I missed. I so hate Charlie!!

Jacqueline said...

Black and Blue Peter! Why ARE you so funny, John? I spit my oj out at that.

1. I'm not sure why Charlie isn't dumping Tracey. He seems to only like women he can manipulate and surely at this point he can see who's doing the manipulating.

2. 'unlawful wounding' - thank you. I played that back 4 times. 'Unlawful ruining?' 'Unlawful looting' 'Unlawful mooning'?

3. OMG - Peter is so freaking hot. He's HOT I tell you. And he's my age so HURRAH!

pip said...

Mr. Heckles! I love Mr. Heckles with his housecoat and broom! I still think Michelle is attracted to Steve, though. Vernon with his slicked back hair and weird bow tie looked even more bizarro than usual.

I think Charlie isn't dumping Tracy because she's made a fool of him. Simply dumping her won't be enough. He has to get back at her first.

I agree MF about the 'Tracy smirk'. I keep waiting for somone to turn around unexpectedly and catch her at it.

May Rita or Emily will ask Ken if he gave Norris the answer to the question before he rushed outside. Then Norris will be found out. Sure, he'll try to justify it, but no one will buy it.

Debbie said...

My favourite line of the update was "I think Steve goes out of his way not to get laid." It's true!

I think that ws one of the most violent scenes on the street. Hmmm

tracey's smirk is very tiring. So is Charlies. And get used to seeing Deidry make that "oh Tracey" face.

Anonymous said...

Well, at the beginning of this whole "Tracy the abused" thing, the smirk was a non-verbal wink, letting us know what Tracy was up to. I think it's safe to say at this point that if you don't know she's playing both ends, you aren't the sharpest tool in the shed... so can I borrow $1000? It's for a good cause!


Anonymous said...


Excellent question - my theory is that he (up to this point) has thought he was in control or could reassert control. With last night's little situation, however, I think he may just decide that it's not worth it (or more precisely she's not worth it) to him.

I think we have seen his patience wearing thin the last week or so (the guy at New Year's that Tracy was going to go home with and so forth)...


Anonymous said...


Can't you just see Steve turning into Mr. Heckles? I can completely see it... one of my all time fave TV weirdos!


pip said...

So MF, sometime in the future will we hear Steve echoing Chandler and saying: 'Our trains are on the same track, okay? Yeah, sure, I'm coming up 30 years behind him, but the stops are all the same! Bitter Town. Aloneville. Hermit Junction!'

Of course in England, hermits are a type of candy, so that last stop might not be so bad.

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes I do. Actually, if you think about it, Steve and Chandler have a lot in common: kinda funny looking, wicked sarcasm, transvestite parents...



pip said...

Steve has transvestite parents!!!

I thought Mr. Heckles was great but my favorite guest character was Eddie, Chandler's psycho roommate.

Anonymous said...


No, I'm counting Liz as a trannie. She sometimes seems like one, doesn't she? And if she keeps smoking, her voice will be deeper than Deirdre's soon...

I haven't yet seen the dad - he's in the pokey right now.

I loved Eddie too! Goldfish crackers still make me laugh!