Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Update - October 17, 2007 - Olivia Novak? I have a Tracy Barlow on the line.

Did you have to go to jail / Put your house up on for sale, did you get a good lawyer?

At the Barlow's, Deirdre has taken to smoking inside and she and Ken have taken to quietly sniping at each other over their respective failure to save Tracy before things went too far.

Claire comes round to give Ken and Deirdre a friendship bracelet to give to Tracy. She's also starting a petition to have everyone sign, affirming that Tracy was in an abusive relationship and that she acted in self-defence. Deirdre and Blanche don't seem optimistic but Ken says that you can't discount "people power." Deirdre tells Claire that she's been a good friend to Tracy.

"Not really," says Claire. "I stood by and did nothing." Nothing except keep a meticulously detailed notebook entitled "The Crimes Against Tracy Barlow As Perpetrated by the Coward Charlie Stubbs. November, 2006 through January, 2007."

"Join the club," says Deirdre.

Later, Ken and Deirdre arrive at [Edward G. Robinson]the Big House, the Slammer, the Joint, the Can. I'm talking about prison, see? Prison for dames![/Edward G. Robinson]

They tell Tracy that Amy is being well looked after. They also give her Claire's friendship bracelet and she fakes joy at receiving the thoughtful gift. It's hard to describe here but her expression cracked me up. Kate Ford is really funny when Tracy's required to feign enthusiasm. I wish they could have done more with that aspect of her.

She tells them about her "thick-as-pudding" cell-mate, Donna, who got done in for credit card fraud. Tracy proudly tells her parents that Donna became terrified of her when she told her what she'd been arrested for. Ken is slightly aghast but Tracy says it's all about survival. She also sticks to her story that it was all self-defence and neither of her parents are to blame.

Then she tells them that she's chucked her lawyer, Rumpled of the Bailey and has taken on Jane Simon, a hotshot lawyer who specialises in domestic abuse cases. All on legal aid, of course. Ken and Deirdre admit that it's important that she have confidence in her legal team.

When it's time to depart, Tracy makes of show of missing her parents then, when they've gone, asks Donna if she wants to swap some gum for a "manky friendship bracelet." Donna does not so Claire's gift goes in the bin.

Later in the pub, Claire overhears Kelly, Joanne, and Hayley talking about Tracy the Murderer. Claire insists to them that it was self-defence. Kelly counters that Tracy had legs and could have walked out at any time. Claire says obviously Kelly's never been in an abusive relationship (assume much?) and "God help us if you're ever on jury duty."

At the Barlow's, Blanche is worried that Tracy is not keeping warm what with her underwear at half-mast, her shirt crawling up to her neck, and that one kidney Samir Rachid gave her when he died and she overdosed on Ecstasy and was played by Dawn Acton.

The Barlows seem to think that things are going to turn out all right and, as Deirdre puts it, "She'll be back in no time. Treating us all like dirt. Using this place like a hotel. I can't wait."

So Tracy wants a young, sophisticated, hot shot female lawyer? I think I know just the person:
Cynthia Dale, to the rescue!

Flatmates and Bedsits

Fizz has convinced Maria to let Chesney comes stay with them a while. Unfortunately, Chesney wants to bring Schmeichel along. He tells Schmeichel that someday they'll have a big house with a garden but for now, they're going to live in the flat above the salon. He leaves a bucket for an unconscious Les and says goodbye to Ch√Ęteau Battersby-Brown.

Fizz isn't so sure this is a good idea as the flat is "titchy" (small) and Audrey probably wouldn't allow it, which is confirmed when they ask. In any case, later on at the flat, Fizz and Chesney hatch a plan to show Maria how clean and unobtrusive he can be . Chesney suggests telling Maria that she has a nice bum. Fizz says not to be cheeky but I dunno, it couldn't hurt.

Suddenly Les appears and asks Chesney to come home, promising an evening of last night's Chinese Take-Away and the Matrix on DVD.

Fizz steps in and tells Less if he wants Chesney back, he's going to have to earn it.

Speaking of flatmates, Bill is looking for a new place and tells Audrey the local bedsits are depressing. Audrey agrees to let him stay with her.

Later, she gets an earful from Gail about being second best. Gail asks about her self-respect. Audrey says you can't cuddle up to Self Respect at night.

"This has got disaster written all over it," Gail says, in a startling departure from "It'll all end in tears."

In Other News

Jason is sticking Sarah with baby Holly while he goes off to work all those jobs she got for him, in his words, basically.

Carla is still poaching stitchers on company time for her dungaree business.

Hayley does the "Time's up" music sting from Countdown when her break is over.


Anonymous said...

If you liked this version of 'Valerie' by the Zuton's, I think it is, then you'll LOVE Amy Winehouse' version way more!! She does it in a different time and gives it a real R&B sound!! Catch it at youtube.

Anonymous said...

Well, aren't you just Quick Draw McGraw, John? Fastest poster in the West...

That was a crap thing for Les to do, telling Chesney that Schmeichel is crying for him. Even if it's true!

So... Steve telling Eileen "Get Child Care" had quite an effect, didn't it? I know they have phones... perhaps they don't have Yellow Pages in England! I can see my bosses' faces if I were to show up at work with my boyfriend's baby tomorrow... Yeah.

Also, is Claire developmentally challenged? I mean, I'm not trying to sound mean or anything, I'm serious. I've wondered on and off since I started watching the show. Sometimes she comes across as a fairly normal (albeit geeky) adult, but other times...

And that friendship bracelet was another example. It looks like something I would have loved, when I was 8.

My sister gave me a friendship bracelet once. She was 10. I was 17. I wore it because she's my sister and I love her, but it got accidentally destroyed in the great laundry disaster of... I dunno, probably 2 or 3 years hence.

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

Also, whenever I see "Schmeichel" I always think:

Schlemiel, schlemozel, hasenpfeffer incorporated!

Have another G&T, Michigander!


Anonymous said...

Oh, and Tracy's "Rumpled of the Bailey" comment was laugh out loud stuff. Of course, if I were ever in the dock, I would want Rumpole to defend me...

Loved the Edward G. Robinson, John!

Sometimes I'm a little slow in the uptake (who's developmentally challenged?)... it took me YEARS before I figured out that Chief Wiggum was an Edward G. Robinson spoof... I knew I knew the voice. I just didn't get it.



Anonymous said...

(Somewhere, Glacia is looking for the receipt for the dozen friendship bracelets she bought for those of us who will be attending the BIS in March... muttering curses at Michigander!)

Sorry, Sweetie!


Jacqueline said...

Well, I was planning on friendship vodkas...but now you've forced me to switch to braclets.

Jacqueline said...

Oh, and MF...just to let you know, I've started a shunning on you for that comment.


Anonymous said...

A friendship vodka I'll take! Just not a cutsey-wutsey Pink and White Pepto Bismol monstrosity!


Jacqueline said...


Too late! And now I know the colour to make it too. thankyouverymuch.


Debbie said...

MF I am glad you said that about Claire. I have wondered the same and then sometimes she surprises me and behaves like an intellegent person.

That friendship bracelet was ridiculous. I think the writers were having us on. I have seen that episode twice now and both times I thought the friendship bracelet was ridiculous. I mean, has Claire met Tracey? Even when Tracy was pretending to be nice you wouldn't give her a friendship bracelet. A bottle of red wine, a package of crisps, yes, but a friendship bracelet?

And, for christ sake, she is in prison. Give her something she can trade to get out of performing sexual favours for the larger women. HELLOOOOOO. Has she even seen Bad Girls?

pip said...

Claire doesn't seem to have any close female friends. All the girls at Underworld hang out together. Fizz and Maria are best buds. The older women all have pals (Eileen, Frankie, etc.) But Claire has no one.
How old is Claire, anyway? She strikes me as very young. Did she go straight from living with her strange mother, to working as a nanny for Ashley? She shared a flat with one of the other girls on the street, didn't she, but I don't think she ever fit in.

This is my rambling way of saying that while the friendship bracelet may be a bit of a stretch for Claire, it's not completely out of character. She's finally found someone she can consider a friend, who she sees as needing her friendship desperately and she wants to send the message that the friendship is there.

Jacqueline said...

Claire would be 27 in the show.

She did have fizz, candice and maria as her bridesmaids, but you never really see her hang out with them.

Honestly, I don't really see anyone on the street suited for Claire - save Haley who has her own pace and basically loves everyone.

I know, I'm mean, but I don't think I'd want to be B.F.F. with Clurr myself.

Debbie said...

She really is amazingly boring. Remember the baby shower when she went on and on about crochet? I really felt badly for Tracy then.

Anonymous said...

I've not seen Bad Girls but I noticed on IMDB Debra Stephenson (who played Frankie on Corrie) was in the cast making it worthy of being put on my list of shows to watch for on TVO, PBS, UKn*va....


S. Poole

Anonymous said...

I noticed the same thing about Claire she doesn't seem to have any friends, but she is as dull as dishwater. And what was she thinking with the friendship bracelet? It's not the first thing I would think of to give someone in jail.

My husband and I loved Bad Girls (Debra was fantastic as "Shel Dockley".) It used to be shown on Showcase I wish they would bring it back!

Anonymous said...

Schmeichel is looking old and gray in the muzzle, isn't he?

Anonymous said...

I loved the Street Legal reference!

Don't Kate Ford and Cynthia Dale have a similar look?

Anonymous said...

I also want Bad Girls to come back. I read about another actor from that show coming onto corrie..but i think it would be a spoiler? so......i'll keep it to meself ;)

Anonymous said...

Ok, Debbie & Jacqueline,

I feel a lot better that other people think Claire might be a little "special".

She wouldn't be my first choice for BFF on the show AT ALL.

She's not even in the top ten.


Anonymous said...

You know, re: the child care thing, by my reckoning, there are a few children on the Street who need some form of child care:

Baby Holly
Unibrow Amy
Freddie Peacock
Joshua Peacock

If I were an enterprising person on that Street, I'd open an unofficial day care center...


Debbie said...

Good idea, but I wouldn't want that Bethany anywhere near me or the other children. I don't want to be there when her head starts rotating 360 and she starts telling Sarah what her mother does in hell.

Jacqueline said...

I just saw the episode this morning and finally get the Times Up reference. I thought Haley was freaking out at the mention of boob jobs.

Bill. Okay, it ain't no body's business what Audrey does...but, there's something about a man who hasn't secured an abode for himself and then cleverly suggests that he moves into your place that is just a bit....yuck.