Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Update - October 10, 2007 - He Had It Comin'

Tracy's Last Tape

Tracy is in her cell, wearing a white jump suit as her clothing has been taken away for forensics. She is told that her solicitor is here but all she wants to know is if Charlie is ok. She is taken into an interview room with her solicitor where they are met by DS Campbell and DS Other One, tapes are inserted into a cassette recorder, and the interview begins.

Over at th'hospickle, Jason is keeping watch over Charlie as he had no friends or family to speak of.

At the Barlow's, Peter wants to see Tracy and Ken and Deirdre argue over whether they should have intervened. Also, Tracy will need clothes to wear home.

In the street, Steve wonders to Liz what Amy might have seen and is hard on himself for looking the other way.

At the cop shop, Tracy starts rolling out the story she has been creating since Guy Fawkes Night:
  • She wanted to leave but Charlie claimed he owned her and tried to prevent her from leaving, going at her with a knife.
  • It was her fault he locked her because she made him that way.
  • Claire knew what was going on and tried to help.
  • Tracy felt she needed to protect Amy even though she admits he never threatened her.
  • She shows the scar where Charlie burned her with an iron.
Deleted scene:
Back on the Street Peter receives sympathy from Ashley and indicates that Claire is feeling guilty for not having said anything sooner. Peter says that his dad and Dreary feel the same. Sarah stirs by referring to Jason being a loyal friend staying by the bed of his boss. Sarah also says how good Charlie was paying for the honeymoon suite (who actually used it?), Rita opines that clever people like Charlie only let people see what they want to show. Sarah nods.
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At the police station, Tracy is released on bail and told she must stay away from number 6, never speak to any prosecution witnesses, and must never, ever see Charlie. It also seems DS Campbell isn't buying Tracy's story.

At the hospital, Sarah comes to take Jason home. Jason says he's never seen Charlie hit a woman.

When Tracy arrives home, Blanche says she thought they'd locked her up and threw away the key. Tracy wants to see Charlie because she loves him.

Meanwhile, Ken has gone to the kitchen to get some sandwiches and make tea. He begins beating himself up over his inaction, saying that he gave Charlie carte blanche to do what he wants.

"Did somebody call me?" Blanche calls from the dining room. "If so, I'll have a cheese and onion."

Claire pops by to tell Deirdre that she is looking forward to telling the police what an awful man Charlie is, much to Tracy's delight. Later, Tracy convinces Deirdre against her better judgement that she needs to see Charlie in the hospital.

When they arrive, Sarah meets them, telling them that Charlie appears to be on death's door.

"Just where you wanted him," Jason adds, and congrats to him of all people for seeing through Tracy's lie. Yes, people, Thick Jason is smarter than everyone else on the street.

Tracy is left alone with Charlie (no cop on the door or anything, too) where she sees his true fragile state. Will she feel remorse for her actions? Will she see that she's gone too far?

"You're not the big man anymore are you Charlie?" she says. "You are nothing, nothing. So how does it feel to know I have won? Do everybody a favour: Hurry up and die."

Guess not.

In Other News

Roy and Hayley decide that some music in the café would best lighten people's moods after the previous evening's grim events. Hayley and Becky think some pop tunes would do the trick but Roy knows that the true tonic for troubled times is some classical.

Later, Becky's new fella Rob is found by Kelly and Fizz. Kelly proceeds to tell him of Becky's jailhouse rock days. Not wanting to deal, Rob drops her. Becky pretends to be unaffected but clearly is.

Poor Hayley. No more sexy text messages for her to read. I mean, poor Becky. Poor Becky.


Jackie said...

What's the chances there is a tape recorder in the hospital room? And why did the police not examin Tracey's "defensive wounds"?

When Steve FIANLLY clued in to what he let his daughter live through I shouted at the TV, "IT"S ABOUT TIME!!!" But I could have hit Liz when she told him "not to go around there" and "let them handle it" HELLO, it's his DAUGHTER!! He should be the first one over there making sure she is ok. Oh no wait, he's probably too busy setting a trap up to lure in the barmaid.... lol

pip said...

I can't believe Dierdre actually took Tracy to the hospital to visit Charlie. WTF? She knows that Tracy is not allowed to have any contact with him as a condition of her bail, which gives Dierdre the perfect and iron clad reason not to take her - and yet she does. Where the heck was Ken during all this???

I couldn't help thinking, when Jason was snoozing in Charlie's room, that some mad doctor was going to come wheeling through the doors with the machine that goes 'ping!' But unfortunately, not.

What, exactly, are those apron things that Jason and Sarah are wearing, supposed to accomplish? They don't cover the face or hands or hair where all the germs live.

Yeah, Steve is incredibly slow on the uptake. What loving father stays away from his daughter when she's just been through a traumatic and apparently life threatening experience? Sheesh.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Becky look pretty in the pub? Washed, made up, wearing non-skank clothes...

What I love about this show is that I went from hating Becky to feeling sorry for her. That has happened for me with almost every character on the street - including chinless Gail. Just excellent storytelling...

As for Deirdre, obviously she's been taking some of Blanche's medication! "I'll leave you alone," she says to Tracy. WTF?


Jacqueline said...

Great update - and it contains one of my favorite movie lines.

"He ran into my knife 10 times."

AMAI said...

Deirdre & Ken weren't actually present when Tracy was told the 3 conditions of her bail, and do you think Tracy would have told them? She probably only told them about not talking to witnesses.

I'm already picturing the parade of witnesses whose evidence will counter that of Jason. Liam to tell of finding Charlie beating on David in the van, maybe even David himself to tell of being almost drowned by Charlie in the bathtub, and Shelley to tell of her mental & physical abuse (remember when Charlie yanked the earring out of her ear?)

All that evidence will also serve to counter Tracy's bizarre & surely unbelievable story and the crime scene itself, which has to clearly look very staged to the police. I mean, the buttons from Charlie's shirt, the knife wound in his stomach, and I am hoping there are blood trails from Tracy running upstairs to tell Amy to stay in her room. The evidence has to be extremely confusing to someone relying on anything but what we've seen.

Been reading all the updates!! Thank you all.

Debbie said...

I also wondered why there was no police at the door. If the guy is the victim of an attempted murder and the murder suspect is out on bail, it would make sense to have a guard.

pip said...

I wonder if what happened to David will ever come to light. I think he'd be too embarrassed to reveal it, and Maria is no pal of Tracy's. She wouldn't voluntarily bring that information forward (though it might come out if the police interview her).

I can't believe Dierdre is too thick to know that Tracy would be prohibited from having contact with Charlie (or that Sarah and Jason combined can't figure out that Tracy shouldn't be at the hospital. My gawd, Jason even accused her of wanting Charlie dead.) Sometimes the writing is great, other times not.

Whitehorse Fan said...

"Thick Jason is smarter than everyone else on the street."

It's actually Jason and Maria who are the smartest people on the street.

I wonder how Ken would think about that?

And did anyone else think that Blanche revealed some previously unseen humanity last night? She was actually interacting nicely with Amy!

Anonymous said...

Great update! I LOVED the clip from Chicago(saw the play years ago. I wanted to slap Diedre why in hell would she go with Tracy to the hospital. I agree with the other posters wouldn't there be a guard outside his door? I assume he is in an intensive care unit so there would be nursing staff on hand. I love the show but sometimes it is not very realistic. If I were Steve I would take Amy away from the Barlows all together.

Anonymous said...

LOTS of debate in our household over whether a police officer should have been posted outside Charlie's room. The police should be very anxious to talk to Charlie and you'd think they would have an officer there to be the first to talk to him if he were to wake up. However, as a matter of "police protection", is it realistic to think that every victim of "attempted murder", ie stabbing , gunshot victims, etc have an officer at the door? On a different note, I thought that Charlie's injuries would be substantial enough to warrant ICU type care, which means frequent medical folk at your bedside and constant observation. Remember when Vera was in critical condition? She was behind an observation window. Charlie appears to be in the same bed we saw poor Violet in last week.
I also thought Becky looked quite beautiful in the pub, she has lovely eyes. I'm loving her friendship with Roy and Hales. Becky can be white trash, but we know she is a fiercly loyal friend. The last couple of weeks of Coronation st has been absolutley golden, and the updates have been superb!!

Anonymous said...

Hey! I found a UK site that has present day video of Corrie!!!SPOILERS!!!!

Anonymous said...

Deidre may not have known Tracey was banned from seeing Charlie, but Peter knew Clair couldn't talk to Tracey as a potential witness.

Deirdre is so distraught right now, I don't think she knows whcih end is up.