Saturday, October 13, 2007

Update- Friday, October 12, 2007- R.I.P.

First, the most stunning news of all: Adam lives!

Now, onto the mundane part of the show.

The show opens with the doctors trying to revive Charlie. Jason and Maria stand at the back of the room looking like, well, looking like their best friend has just died.

Meanwhile, Tracey and Steve are sitting in the backyard of Deirdre and Ken's home. Ken brings them both out a cuppa, which, as soon as he leaves, they chuck over the fence. Tracey and Steve reminisce a bit about their relationship, Tracey says she shouldn't have given Steve up, and Steve reminds her that things weren't that rosy. Then Tracey starts to worry that Charlie will wake up and that either he will kill her, or she will be charged with attempted murder. Steve tries to reassure her that the police will believe that she acted in self defence.

The scene changes back to the hospital, where the doctor declares that there is nothing more they can do. Charlie is pronounced dead at 18:25.

At around the same time, Amber is grilling her dad about his and Tracey's relationships. Dev says that he chucked Tracey, and when he did, she cut his clothes. The good ones. The two police officers enter the store. When Amber tries to get information the woman says that they are off duty. Not for long, however, as D.S. Campbell receives a phone call. He becomes very serious and tells his partner there has been a change of plans. Once out on the street, he tells his partner that Charlie Stubbs just died.

Back at Deirdre's, Tracey gets increasingly wound up about the possibility that Charlie will get better, kill her, or tell the truth, in which case she is going to go to jail. She decides she will flee to Spain with Amy (where I am sure she would not be found). She begs Steve to help her do it. Steve is saved from having to reply, as Ken and Deirdre step outside, and tell them that Charlie died. Tracey drops out of character for a moment, and a big grin spreads across her face. She quickly recuperates and lets out a wail. She begs to be left alone for a moment, so Steve, Deirdre and Ken go back inside to make drinks. One hopes they are making something stronger than tea. Left alone, Tracey drops the charade, and looks up at the sky, grinning with relief and joy.

When Tracey goes back inside, Adam makes his brief but stunning appearance. He takes Amy away to play. In the kitchen, Peter is somewhat incredulous that Steve didn't know that Charlie was abusive to Tracey. Steve seems to be genuine when he says he didn't know at all, and says, "no one knew". Except Claire, Gayle, and Deirdre, of course. Tracey, who is sitting at the table, cries and says how much Amy will miss Charlie. Blanche provides comfort.

CSI Weatherfield, having just learned that Charlie died, think it the appropriate moment to reenact the death struggle. They confirm Charlie was left handed, so we learn that Tracey put the knife in the correct hand. They then pose some good questions: if Tracey was at the door, wouldn't she run? Why doesn't Charlie have defensive wounds? Where was the stauette? There is a small break in the reenactment when D.S. Surry answers her cell phone, and tells her significant other that she will not be coming home as planned. It looks like another long night.

Back at the Barlows', Steve finally decides to step up to the plate, and suggests taking Amy for a few days, saying that the Barlows' residence might not be the most appropriate place for a child at the present. Deirdre says that it is appropriate, as she is with family. Family who are constantly talking about her mother who bashed her boyfriend's skull in, of course, but family nonetheless. Surprisingly, at this point, Tracey says that she agrees that Amy should go with Steve, just for a few days. As they are discussing this Adam makes a reappearance! and the police officers come by. They want Tracey to come in for more questioning. When the family sticks up for her, D.S. Campbell gives them a lecture. Tracey asks to say good bye to Amy, which D.S. Campbell allows. The cynical side of me thinks that she is doing this to tug at the heartstrings of the cops. She then goes with them, and Deirdre, Ken and Peter follow.

At the police station, D.S. Campbell gives Tracey a grilling about Maria and Charlie's affair. Tracey denies that it affected her, but he reminds her that she tried to beat Maria up and was quite hysterical when it happened. He then tries to get a rise out of her, but Tracey is not biting. She once again claims to have loved Charlie, pretends to break down, and puts her head on the table. The cops decide to stop the interview, and Tracey bolts back up. "That's it?" she asks. "For now," says the D.S. She gets taken to a cell, where, apparently she will be provided with a cuppa'.

Deirdre, Ken and Peter wait for Tracey. Deirdre moans and goes on for a bit, Ken is all rational in response, and Deirdre gets annoyed that Ken doesn't show some emotion.

Tracey gets taken from her cell. Much to her surprise, she is not being released. Instead, she is charged with murder.

The Happiest Boy in the World

At the Caf, Becky is trying to close up, and Chesney is nursing is drink (thankfully not tea). While Becky is throwing him out, Roy comes in and intervenes. Becky complains that Chesney has been there for hours, drinking a can of pop, and she just wants to go home. Roy takes Chesney in hand.

Having found out that Ches lost his key, he tracks Fizz down at the Rover's, and tells her about it. Ches didn't find Fizz, for fear that she would be angry. She is, at Less, though, and not at Chesney. She is fed up with the way Ches is being neglected by Less. She troops over to the house, and walks in with Ches. Less is lying on the couch, asleep, with a can of beer propped up on his belly. She wakes him up and gives him a lecture about how he is neglecting Chesney. Less tries to play the victim card, but Fizz reminds him that he slept with her mother's best mate while her mother was getting tests done for cancer. It further emerges that there is no food in the house. Less makes things go from bad to worse by suggesting that he can't do everything in the house. Fizz takes the laundry and leaves.

As Less and Chesney sit down to their apparently imaginary tea, Less tries to convice Chesney that they are doing fine. Ches says they are not, and even goes so far as to say that he wishes he was with his mum. Less doesn't seem to realize how stinging it is that Chesney would prefer to be with the mother, who lied about the fact that she was dying, rather than with him. He simply reassures Chesney that Cilla will be back soon, but neither seem particularly convinced.

When Fizz walks into her apartment, Maria is crying on the couch. Fizz goes to her and comforts her.

And, in the Who Really Cares Category:

Bill arrives at the Websters'.

Paul and Carla crash Michelle's date. Paul reveals that he is once again a deceitful bastard by claiming that he didn't know Sonny was over, and blaming it all on Carla.


pip said...

Excellent update, WHF!

I can't say I actually jumped up and down cheering when Charlie died, but that was only because I had a small dog on my lap whom I didn't want to disturb.

Loved Amber spilling the beans to the cops about Dev's relationship with Tracy. He really does have a thing for dysfunctional women.

I have my doubts about the cops. Tracy has a rational reason for not fleeing the house when Charlie went after her with the knife - Amy was upstairs. Charlie could have taken her hostage or worse. And why haven't they figured out how lame the wound to her hand is?

Tracy's lawyer is giving lawyers a bad name. He has a non-speaking role as far as I can tell. Did he say anything in that episode?

Anonymous said...

What has always annoyed me about this story line is that Deirdre, whose best friend is Liz and with whom she shares a grandchild, didn't even bother to tell Liz about Charlie's 'abuse'.

Even if there was a line from Deirdre that she was worried Steve might take Amy if she told...well, that would make sense out of THE GAPING BIG HOLE IN THAT PLOT!

Don't get me wrong, this has been gripping stuff and great fun to watch, but that is one plot hole that bothered me all the way through.

My sister's line when I told her that Charlie was dead: "Good, that will free up more air time for Psycho David..."

Loved the Adam is alive jokes!


AMAI said...

Hey, we care about Bill Webster returning! Wasn't it fun how Charlie died and the very next scene after ads was Bill (the builder) returning? No cubby going unbuilt on THIS show!

I think the detectives are beginning to have a very clear picture of the "other" Tracy. Not the "loving mom of one" nor the grieving girlfriend, but the psycho bitch capable of murder. Her anger at being charged with murder was quite a scene. Am I the only who was grinning and cheering?

Also, wasn't Tracy's answer to the question of Maria a strange one? Had she not murdered Charlie because of it, therefore thinking she needed to cover it up, she would have been forthright about being livid. She was so flat in that scene (which, good acting) but someone who is nonchalant about the much loved bf who's been fooling around with local girls would definitely set off alarm bells with any detective. Our DS Campbell seems pretty sharp.

I'm really looking forward to the coming weeks and hopeful we will have plenty of forensic investigation!

Thanks for the updates. I love Adam's reappearances, so I was taking your glee at face value. LOL.

Jackie said...

speaking of Adam suddenly showing up... I've been wondering lately what happened to JoAnnes twin, you know the "plump" one??? Did she just disapear, or did I just miss the sending off show?

And good old Claire with her dates, how long untill that back fires and the cops realize the date the "abuse" started is within days of Tracey finding out about Maria??

Anonymous said...

Jo's sister went off to work for a Disney type theme park, if I remember correctly?

So will Bill be Jason's new best friend now that he will be taking over Charlie's shop. (I am only assuming that will happen, have not looked ahead.)

Wow, cannot wait for those Bill/Audrey and Jason/Sarah double dates!

Anonymous said...

Actually, Jo's sister go a job working for a low-fare airline that curiously outfitted her with a tacky uniform and assigned her to a route, all a mere two days after her interview.

Sonya, another ex-stitcher, got a job a Butlins style resort, which is a holiday place for people who can't afford package holidays. Butlins employees wear bright red jackets. Sonya's was green but equally tacky.

Anonymous said...

Hi All,

Couple of things that I noticed, watching the omnibus:

1. I seriously don't remember the scene with Audrey, Emily and Sarah at the salon on the night of the incident (was it cut from the 30 minute show?) but Emily clearly said "I've known Tracy her whole life, so I don't know what to believe, but Charlie never hit Shelley... when they broke up, Shelley was a mess, but she even said to me that with everything he did to her, he never hit her." So Emily was confused in the same way Jason and Maria are...

2. It just occurred to me as I watched the omnibus, but... OK. I'm Tracy and I'm scared of Charlie, and I pick tonight to leave him. He's gone all day at court. Why in the world wouldn't I use that time to pack up Amy and her bits and bobs and deposit her at Deirdre's? I mean, first of all, it would have gotten Amy out of the house for the insanity, but the whole "I was leaving and he came at me with a knife" thing is such garbage if the kid and her crap aren't packed... you know?

Nice to see Adam is alive. I thought he might have overdosed on E and be in the hospital waiting for a kidney...

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

Also, John's right - the zaftig sister went to work as a stewardess for Austin Powers Airlines.

Also, in the fine tradition of Les Battersby becoming "Less", I think we should call Bill Webster "Buil" (short for builder)... of course, so far, it's not his defining characteristic!

Did Tracy really cut Dev's clothes up? Enquiring minds want to know...


Anonymous said...

The funny part from watching the repeats today....just before Charlie is pronouned dead the medical person--nurse,doctor, whatever---says "hey lets just call it a day." What a caring medical staff!!
terry from detroit...

Tvor said...

I didn't even realize Bill was gone! I thought he was still at Audrey's after Maureen left him. I guess he's back for good now that there will be a builder's yard going spare.

I loved Amber! "He always gets touchy when one of his ex girlfriends turns out to be a murderer" (not as if it's the first time, either! Ok, Maya didn't actually succeed in killing anyone but it wasn't for lack of trying).

I think what is going to trip up Tracy is that although she cut herself, there will be no blood on the statue. Also, the angle that he was hit, won't they be able to tell that he was lower than her not standing up?

Steve didn't have a clue and he never bothered to try. Why nobody alerted him, though, i don't know, when his daughter was in a potentially dangerous situation.

pip said...

Good point, Terry. I think they also said he was 'flatline'. Sheesh.

AMAI said...

Michigander Fan, I think that your second point is excellent. The first one is good too, but in fact if Shelley were called as a witness she could cite the earrings event which would count as physical violence.

But the fact that nothing of Amy's was packed, or even laid out ready to be packed - that goes a long way to supporting the prosecution's contention that Tracy planned to kill Charlie, and therefore didn't see the need to pack Amy's stuff, since she wasn't planning on leaving the house.

Anonymous said...

Deidre's comment to Steve about Amy being "with her family" bugged me. Steve and Liz aren't family?


Debbie said...

It really is too bad that Aam is not in the show very much. he is a hilarious companion for Blanche. I think the writers missed an oppertunity for some grandma (sort of)/grand son (sort of) fun. I really like it when they are in a scene together. She is always saying something ridiculous and he is always looking at her with the best "ok Blanche" or "what should we do now" expression.

Jacqueline said...

I think they truly wasted Adam's character.

He could have been a great nemises for Danny for a long time - kind of the new Mike/Ken rivarly.

But instead they gave him a stupid haircut and started making him scarce.

Jacqueline said...

Dev says that he chucked Tracey, and when he did, she cut his clothes. The good ones.

Oh, that explains his current wardrobe.

BTW - anyone else creeped out by Less's five o'clock shadow?