Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Update for Tues, Oct 2 2007 in the year of our lord, Jebus.

st pete

St. Peter of Bigamy
Peter Barlow is BACK on the street and Glacia says ‘Hurrah!’. I love to see an old character return and especially a scamp like Peter.

He arrives at Ken and Deidre’s door and talks of bunking in Adam’s room, but Ken and Deidre, mistaking Peter for Batman, quickly suggest that he stay at Tracey’s place where there’s fancy kitchen appliances, more room, chic wallpaper and some potential domestic violence to be quelled.

Although Peter thinks that Tracey is more than capable of taking care of herself, he agrees to go over and keep an eye on her. When he knocks on the door Tracey bursts into a great big smile. (I sometimes think that Peter is the only person on earth that Tracey honestly likes and has respect for.)

They go over to the Rovers and when Peter suggests going to the Weatherfield Arms, Tracey assures him that the Rovers is now Shelly free and he’ll be married to less of the barmaids since he last was there.

Tracey wants them to go clubbing so he puts his arm around her and they head back to the house. Jason sees this, and not knowing who Peter is, tells Charlie that he saw her with a dark haired man. (Earlier in the show Tracey was doing ‘Ooo, how many men should I have an affair with to get even for Maria.’ song and dance with Charlie.

When Charlie gets home, Peter is in the shower and Tracey starts playing that she wasn’t expecting him home so early and that there is someone in the house. When Peter calls down to Tracey to ask about his ironed shirt, Charlie bounds up the stairs while Tracey says (maybe a little softly), ‘No wait Charlie, that’s Peter, my brother.’.

The Connors Continue to Toss Around Their Black Irish Good Looks
Carla has Kelly working her ass off making demo clothes for her line of fashions. She tells Liam that Paul gave the okay, but Liam points out that this was before anyone knew that Janice has buggered off.

The girls are pissed that Kelly is getting the extra work and that they weren’t even offered that. Kelly is mad that they can’t be happy for a bit of good luck to come her way and that besides, if she isn’t there to help with the knickers, they’ll get overtime themselves. They don’t seem to be pleased so she tells Carla that she’ll have to do the dungarees after her regular knicker work.

BTW – as much as I want Carla off my screen, I am kind of siding with her a bit. It seems that the Connors are the kind of family that sticks together and that the inlaws are always considered ‘the others’. If Paul told her that she could have the money to start her business and then back downed to go into business with the brother – I think both brothers could be a little nicer too her.

Quiz Night
Vern is trying to organize questions for the Rover’s Quiz Night but seems unable to come up with any trivia questions that don’t involve Phil Collins Tribute bands.

Steve and Michelle come up with some ideas and Vern suggests that they both come up with a set of general knowledge questions and test each other. When they finish the questions, Vern takes them away and tells them that those are the quiz night questions…effectively getting them to do his job.

Norris is trying to round up a team and approaches Roy to join him. When it’s clear that Roy won’t be on a team without Haley. Norris thinks this is ridiculous and says that if the 1923 Olympic English Egg/Spoon team brought their spouses with them, what kind of team would they have?

‘A happy team.’ Replies Roy. (Glacia loves Roy.)

Roy not only refuses to join Norris’s team, but he forms his own team with Haley and Becky. I didn’t’ get the Norris’s entire reaction, but at the end he says, ‘QED.’* Which Becky repeats back phonetically.

Norris manages to secure Ken and asks about Adam (for some of the yoot-based questions), but Ken says that Adam is a law unto himself these days. (Check the washing machine, Ken.) So Norris has to settle for Rita and Emily to complete his dream team.

*"quod erat demonstrandum" - "I rest my case"

In Other News
Some guy in the café complains to Becky that his food is cold. She tells him that he should have eaten it faster then. This makes him fall in love with her and later he tracks her down to give her a big fat tip.

Is it just me or does this guy seem REALLY familiar?

Violet is home not feeling well and Jason takes advantage of the available free babysitting and asks her to take care of Holly for him.

Nice Jason, very nice. There’s your ex who is home after losing her baby and facing the possibility of not being able to have anymore babies…and you hand her the fruit of your one night stand.


Anonymous said...

I know there are days between the UK airings while we see them M to F - but was anyone else surprised to see Violet out of the hospital and moving around already? It seemed a bit early to me.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous regarding Violet being up and around so soon. And what an insenitive ass Jason was, asking Violet to babysit while he and Sarah (dumb and dumber) were going to participate in pub quiz. Welcome back to sexy Peter!

Anonymous said...

I also agree regarding Violet - I don't know this - but should she even be lifting a baby at this point? She sure didn't LOOK like she should be...

Glacia, I agree re: Carla. I don't like her either, but if Paul agreed to give her money to start her business (of dressing toddlers up like cute lil hiphop artists, apparently, which I guess is marginally better than dressing them up like prosti-tots) then he should stand by that offer.

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

And, I'm sorry, I'm as competitive as the next person (Trivial Pursuit is not just a game in my family) but what is the point of Norris creating a superteam of trivia masters for the pub quiz?

That takes all the fun out of it, when all the brains are on one team. Much better to put one superbrain on each team and see what happens.

Norris has no sense of SPORT, because if he did, he would see that there is no honor in him and Ken slaughtering a couple of idiots like Jayshun and Sharah.



Debbie said...

Prosti-tots! HAHAHA!

I love pub trivia. In fact, I am in a pub trivia league. Last season we won the whole season, but this time, due to a breakup, we are in 10th (my best friend got custody of trivia and her ex, while a dick, is amazing at name that tune).

We played last night, so I missed Corrie. That's why I miss corrie every Tuesday.

That's right, I love Coronation Street and Pub Trivia.

Whitehorse Fan said...

I agree that Paul should be doing something to make it up to Carla, but Liam owes her nothing. Liam's interest is the business, and Carla's intervention created problems. Liam's reaction, I thought, was understandable.

And I am not sure that the picking on Carla is about treating in-laws like they are outsiders. That is a possibility, but it could simply be that Carla is a cow.

Jacqueline said...

Well, that's the trick. It all comes down to which came first. Was she a cow first or were they jerks first?

I guess it just reminds me of my ex and his family, when mom decided to pay for everyone to go on a vacation to Ireland...except for me, the in-law.


bitter, bitter Glacia.

Whitehorse Fan said...

Oh I personally know about all of those shenanigans too. And there are certainly elements of the insider-outsider thing with the Connors, what with the siblings' lives being so intertwined.

But, I think it might be more that Carla is simply a cow, because she is like that with everyone, not just the Connors.

Also, I am quite fond of LIam and Michelle, so I prefer to blame Carla (and Paul when necessary) for everything in that family.

Anonymous said...


Ouch. Don't blame you for being testy about it. Had a similar experience with a guy I almost married's fam. Lucky escape for me, I think.

I really really don't like Carla, but I still think that if Paul promised her the $$ he should stand by his word. Of course, he was also conveniently absent while Carla was ordering Kelly around, leaving Liam to deal with her. Maybe he's scared of her? There's a lot of avoidance, I think.

Debbie, wow - that's so cool! I'd love for there to be a pub around where I live that was like that.

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

General ??? not related to yesterday's episode...

Sorry, this probably sounds like a dumb question, but...

So, based on what I have seen on CBC Windsor, Election Day is October 10.

Is that nationwide or just in Ontario?

And, if so, will this affect Corrie viewage?

(Did that sound hopelessly shallow?)

Jacqueline said...

Just Ontario.

I don't think it'll affect the viewage, but I'll double check.

parkdalian said...

Did anyone else find it strange that Jason didn't know who Peter was? Surely their time on the show overlapped before, no?

Anonymous said...

I would think Jason would know Peter, if even vaguely. Jason's been there since a school boy -- his last year or two of school anyway.

I don't think Tracey's had everything to do with being happy to see Peter. Although she does like him, she's going to use him too.

Anonymous said...

Oops, that should read "tracey's smile had everything" to do with being happy...

Jacqueline said...

Yeah I was thinking the same thing - Peter hasn't been gone that long. Maybe he only saw the back of him.