Monday, October 29, 2007

Update for Episode #6482 October 29, 2007

Michelle and Steve and Sonny and Sean

Steve is sat at the bar making googly eyes at Michelle. Pleasant small talk is exchanged betwen the two. Daddy Warbucks - aka Sonny - shows up to tell Michelle that he dreadfully sorry but he will have break the plans they have made, as he has to nip off to Dublin for some sort of important business meeting. A joke is made about Sonny taking his chopper for the trip to the emerald isle, but he admits that he will be flying on one of those ubiquitious 10 pound flights prevalent in the UK these days. Sonny gives the beateous beer puller a snog farewell.

Sean pops in to say hello and meet Sonny, but again has missed meeting Michelle's main man. Steve tells Sean that Sonny at present is circling Dublin in his chopper.

Sean comments that Dublin is a long way to go on a motorbike.

Fiz and Cilla

Fiz and Kirk pop in to the pub for a drink, although Fiz is loudly protesting the idea since she is skint due to Chesney eating her out of house and home. Kirk, stand up guy that he is, stands her a shandy.

Cilla comes in and and has some heated words with her daughter about their respective philosophies about mothering. In the end they agree to disagree about what methodology is best.

Roy and Hayley and Becky and Slug

The denizens of the cafe are discussing the tidy sum Roy received for selling his comic collection and ray gun - and what to do with the windfall. Becky says she would go on holiday if she came into some money. Hayley giggles and tells her that they have an idea of what they will do with the cash - and is does have something to do with being a 'traveller'.

It turns out that there is a car for sale that has piqued the interest of the Croppers - a 1971 Morris Minor Traveller*. Roy and Hayley stop by the garage to ask Kev what he thinks of the idea. Kev tells them it is difficult to form an opinion from a piece of paper, but would be happy to take a look at the car in person when the owner brings it round for a look.

Right about then Slug saunters up the street to visit Becky in the cafe. He tries to buy a coffee and a doughnut but even though he has cash in hand Becky screeches at him to get out.

Later Becky is outside taking a fag break and flirts with Jason who is doing some work across the road. Slug sees this litle interchange and wonders why Becky is being so rude to him, and then goes on about how boring Becky has become since she started working at the cafe, and how it is important to be nice to people on the way up, because you might a friend on the way down. Slug asks Becky out for a drink. One drink. Anytime that is good for her.

Make it arsenic she says - and I'll buy.

The owner of the Morris shows up with the car. Hayley and Roy are in a tizzy about how wonderful the car is. Becky thinks an Audi TT would offer more adventure - but you would have a tough time finding one for 1500 pounds. Roy tells the owner of the car he can have some refreshments in the cafe - on the house. Kev tells them that it might not be the best choice for driving on the M6 every day, but it would be great for the Sundat afternoon pootle.

Roy and Hayley decide to offer the asking price for the car.

*Designed by Sir Alec Issigonis, perhaps best known for creating the Austin Mini.

Tracey and David

Deirdre hugs David in the street (more psychological damage inflicted) and tells him that he is worth his weight in gold for his testimony.

Steve stops by the Barlows to drop off Amy's stuffed monkey. Tracey is grateful for him having taken care of Amy while she was inside. Steve says it was no problem at all and would be happy to take care of Amy again in case...

Awkward moment. Tracey insists she will not be going to prison. Steve wonders if they should talk about what will happen if she does. Tracey gets bitchy. Steve decides to go, since everything he says is coming out wrong.

Later Steve stops by to apologize and do some sucking up to Tracey. She wonders where Amy's stuffed bunny is. Steve is sure it isn't round his place. Tracey realizes that the bunny is still across the street - in the house of Charlie.

Tracey announces to her parents that she is going to go over to the scene of the crime to retrieve some of her belongings. Deirdre is suitably horrified. Ken, glancing up from his Guardian, reminds her of her bail conditions. In a moment of legal logic, Tracey rebuts with 'I don't care - it's my stuff and I want it back.'

Deirdre and Tracey make their way across the street and go into the unguarded and police tape free crime scene. David watches them from his car. Inside Deirdre and Tracey have another of their odd mother/daughter interactions. Tracey wonders what will happen to all the items in the house, noting that Blanche would like the 32" TV. Tracey goes on about how it was her dream home, and how she had devoted her whole life to him. (is it just me or were Tracey and Charlie living together for only a fairly short time?) Deirdre goes home after a while, leaving Tracey alone in the house for a bit.

David pops in, giving Tracey quite a fright. He makes an insightful comment about Tracey returning to the scene of the crime. She bleats something about her innocence and self defence and all that. David wonders if she had manipulated him earlier when they had a discussion about what he saw through the kitchen window. He asks Tracey to recount what happened the day Charlie died - he wants to hear all the gory details from her directly. David even pretends to be Charlie so they can re-enact the crime. Tracey continues to protest her innocence.

David tells Tracey that the more he thinks about it, the more he believes that Tracey killed Charlie deliberately.

'Listen Miss Marple, you are way off beam' snaps back Tracey. David tells her that he just wants to help, that he just wants the truth to come out about what happened.

In the end though he betrays his true intentions and asks Tracey 'what's in it for me?'


Anonymous said...

Leave it to Roy to eschew a myriad of far newer cars, say, a used Fiat Uno, and go for oldest, most British-looking thing on the market still in his price range. It's a neat looking vehicle and all, but it's so very Roy who pretty much lives in another era.

Interesting, however, that the purchase of the car, the re-arrival of Slug into Becky's life, ignites doubts about her new life.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand how come Tracey can just saunter into the house where she killed Charlie. Isn't it a crime scene? (I know I have been watching too much Law & Order). In Tracey's warped mind she believes that the house and everthing in it is hers.

Anonymous said...

I think the biggest mistake is Deirdre telling David how important he is. You know he was going to try and use it toward his advantage: I am guessing under the sheets with Tracey? Just speculation...

pip said...

Rats, well I missed most of last night because I taped it and didn't check the tape, so it ran out on me.

I'm guessing Charlie's flat has been released as a crime scene, so Tracy can over if she likes. He's been dead for a few weeks now, hasn't he? (You know what would be really great, and I don't know if this is asking too much, don't think I'm not grateful for these updates, they're wonderful and I don't know what I'd do without them, but would it be possible to post, along with the date of broadcast in Canada, the original date of braodcast in Britain? 'Cause I'm never sure what the date is.)

I agree, anonymous, that David might be looking for a little romp with Tracy as payment, though I hope not. Ew, ew. That's a sick storyline.

Debbie said...

Posting the UK date along with the update is doable. I'll do it, but I won't make any committments for my fellow contributors.

Regarding Tracy and David. Knowing what a little weirdo David is and what the real circumstances are around that murder, I think Tracy's best move would be to go to the police or probably her lawyer and say that David is lying, and pressuring her for sex in exchange for testimony.

I think it would be in her best interest because the vast majority of 16 year-olds can not outsmart lawyers, judges and a jury. It will harm her defense.

However, if she were to come forward and say he was lying, then it can only be a favourable light on her. If they ask her how she knows that she can tell them he has a history of lies and deceit, he had an acrimonious relationship with Charlie and David wants to exchange sex for his support (it is petty clear that is where this is going). The tricky thing is that she would have to admit to talking to a witness.

Anonymous said...

Excellent update, Papasmurf!

Pip, I noticed that you were the director of last night's episode. Good job!

Various comments:

1. I think David does want to do the horizontal bop with Tracy, and I'm grossed out, but it's still much less gross than Jamie and Frankie.

2. I too was amused at how "less than a year together" turned into "I devoted my whole life to him" in 6 seconds flat. Greedy cow.

3. The car is cute. I hope it isn't too rare, because I didn't like the way Slug was eyeing it, and I have a feeling it may not be long for this world...he strikes me as the sort of fella who may not respect other people's belongings too much.

Michigander Fan

pip said...

MF, it was the wonderful papasmurf who did the summary, not me! But that's okay, I'm told we bear a striking resemblance to each other (hobbits and smurfs are closely related genetically!)

Tracy has put herself in an impossible situation with David. Once she found out he was lying she decided to manipulate his evidence to match hers, so that he could be as useful as possible to her. She can't now try to distance herself from his evidence by accusing him of lying because then (as Debbie pointed out) she would have to acknowledge that she had spoken to him (a definite breach of her bail conditions and she would wind up back in jail until the trial was over).

She should have just left him alone. Even if he is shown to be a liar at trial that doesn't prove that Tracy is lying unless it can be shown that she tampered with David's evidence. But if she left him alone and his credibility was called into question a jury might still decide he had seen something to indicate Tracy was acting in self-defence but had filled in some blanks, as witnesses sometimes do (human memory being a frail and malleable thing).

Anonymous said...

Pip, I know you didn't write this up - the director of last night's episode was named "Pip Short". No kidding!

Yeah, Tracy's in deep doodoo now, isn't she?!

I know at first she had to have been freaking out, since if David really "saw everything", he knows full well that that thar weren't no self-defense!!!

I still wonder if David really did see everything, and if he's doing a double-play. Which would be pretty sophisticated for a 16 YO, but David's not your average juvenile delinquent...

I think I'll send Tracy a note that says, "If you lie down with dogs, you will get up with fleas."

It's hard to know who to root for in these situations...


Anonymous said...

Also, I'm sorry, but how much of the beaucoup bucks that Ken and Deirdre are laying out for Tracy's hotshot defense is going to pay her bail? Am I wrong that if you get arrested and I bail you out, and you violate the terms of the bail, don't I lose my $$? And bailing someone out on a murder charge is not the same as bailing someone out for public urination...

I can see it now. Ken and Deirdre are going to be penniless and Tracy is going to be in jail.

If I were Ken and Deirdre I'd be putting my foot down - it's THEIR money she's playing roulette with, after all...

On the other hand, WalMart always needs Greeters.

I would PAY MONEY to watch Blanche as a WalMart Greeter.


Whitehorse Fan said...

What Ken and Deirdre should be doing is saying to Tracy that if she wants to put her bail at risk, then they will no longer act as sureties for her. But that would require a backbone. Which Ken does not have at all, and Deirdre's disappears whenever Tracy is around.

Anonymous said...

I would work full time at Wal-Mart for free to watch Blanche be a greeter...

Missusmac, who also missed this episode due to a faulty VCR. (Ok, I put in the wrong time. Faulty, Faulty me.)