Monday, October 01, 2007

Update for Epiosdes 6263 & 6463 October 1, 2007

Jason and Sarah Redux

Jason tells his mom that Violet is one lucky cow, because she lost her baby, and won't have to put up with all the tribulations he is going through with Holly. Eileen tells her son the pillock that if weren't holding the baby she would give him the biggest black eye of his life. Jason asks Eileen to take the day off work so he can go to work instead but she won't do it. Besides, he has to get the place ready for the visit from the worker from Social Services later in the day.

Jason and Holly stop by to see Charlie to try to explain the situation. Charlie is unimpressed and tells young Grimshaw to get things sorted and find a babysitter. (which as we all know, are nowhere to be found on Coronation Street)

The case worker comes by for her visit and tells Jason and Eileen that they have not made any progress in tracking down Emma, the mother of the baby. The best option right now is for Eileen, as grandmother, to apply for standing as Special Guardian for Holly, which would allow her certain rights and privileges in caring for the baby.

Jason stops by the Platt flat for some maternal advice from Sarah, it seems the baby keeps on puking. Sarah advises not holding the baby upside down, and then shows the best way to hold a baby. Holly quiets down and Sarah seems quite happy to be holdng the baby. She comments on how the baby puked on the nice shirt she had given Jason. Gail seems unimpressed.

David ignores his mother on a number of occasions.

Sarah is all dressed up for a Sunday - it turns out she has invited Jason over to pick up some baby clothes. Gail does a runner before he arrives. The young star crossed lovers have a nice time on the sofa and eventually decide that they should give a relationship one more try, for the children of course.

Gail and Eileen are at The Rovers commiserating over a drink. Gail can't believe Sarah was primping and preening like the Pope was coming for a visit. Jason and Sarah show up at the pub with Bethany and Holly to tell their respective mothers that they are back together again, for the children of course. Gail tells Sarah not to use the kids as a smoke screen for their pathetic excuse for a love life and then does a runner.

Sarah returns home to find Gail sitting in David's car listening to music with the doors locked. David calls it modern art - 'Mad Woman in Car.' Sarah gets into the car and has a bit of a chin wag with her mom. Turns out they are both lonely. The two of them sit and listen to the music. Audrey should have joined them.

Janice and Roger

The girls are giving Janice some stick in the factory about her new beau. The Connor brothers are out of the factory so Jan sneaks off to the pub to meet Roger. He has something to tell her, something he should have told her before. Roger then goes on about some song he heard in a movie once upon a time and how he could never figure out what the song was but then he heard it in a different movie so he bought the soundtrack and can listen to it anytime he wants. The long and short of it is the first time he met Janice he got goosebumps and he is off to the south of France for three months for a job and he wants her to come along with him. Roger gives Janice a snog and a pinch and is off.

For once Janice is speechless. Eventually she tells the girls she is moving to France. They aren't sure it's a good idea, she barely knows him after all but Janice seems sure it is the right choice.

Roger shows up a while later and tells Janice he is ready to go, he assumed she will say no to France and he can't bear to be in Manchester any longer with her there. She surprises him by saying she planned on going along with him and they leave to get her gear sorted. She tells the girls hasta manana and is off with Roger in his green lorry.

The Barlows

Blanche comes into the dining room to find Deirdre in tears. She asks what is the matter. Ken and Deirdre assure her that nothing is wrong. Blanche then shares a story about one of her friends from her 1:00 O'clock Club. It turns Elspeth Euells and her husband Norman did an 'intervention' on their grandson who was addicted to heroin. Ken asks if this is the same Elspeth who was in a wheelchair. Not after her visit to Lourdes* replies Blanche. Deirdre wants to know if the intervention worked or not. No, replies Blanche, he jumped out the window and broke both his legs, so the wheelchair came in handy after all. Any biscuits?

Later the table is nicely set and Ken, looking quite dapper, is carving up some meat. Blanche complains that the meat is still bleeding. Ken tells her that the end bits are for her, they are as tough as old boots. Ken tells his mother-in-law that he got an e-mail from Peter, who is coming for a visit. Blanche notes that you get spam from visiting undiscerning websites. Deirdre then comes in to tell them that Tracey is not coming for dinner, her head hurts and she is having a bit of a rest. Deirdre assumes the worst, while Ken thinks the best course of action is to do nothing. Blanche tells Ken he would have been of no use in the May Blitz when the Doodlebugs** were raining down.

*Lourdes, France is the destination of many Catholic pilgrims, where the spring waters are believed to have healing properties.

**Doodlebug was the nickname given to the German V1 missile, a rocket propelled bomb used against Britain during the last year of World War II.

Michelle and Steve

Michelle has been invited to one Sonny's two houses (the weekend house) for a dinner date. She tells Sean that she has a problem though. 'That time of the month?' asks Sean. Not quite. It turns out she hasn't told Sonny about her teeneage son Ryan.

Steve sees Ryan in the street and ends up buying him a chip butty, and then asks all sorts of questions about his mother. Steve learns about Sonny's two houses and wonders if he might have a split personality.

When Michelle shows up for her shift at the pub she gets stuck in with Steve, calling him a stalker, a bit of a loner who is all work and no play, and she wouldn't be surprised if was pinching her knickers off the line next. Steve slinks off for a smoke.

Turns out Ryan is a Man City supporter.

Michelle feels guilty about leaving Ryan on his own when is going on her date. Ryan assures her that he will be alright, he will watch a DVD with one of his uncles. However, when it turns out both of Michelle's brothers are unavailable Sean suggest that Ryan stop in the back room of the pub. Liz tells Sean he could sell ice to an Eskimo. Sean informs Liz that the correct term is Inuit, not Eskimo.

Steve bumps into Michelle on the street (looking fabulous) as she is on her way for her date. There is some discussion about potato products.

Later in the back room of the pub Steve and Ryan come up with a hare brained scheme to go to Sonny's summer house so Ryan can get the keys to the flat so he can get his Playstation, which apparently consititues an emergency. (as landlord wouldn't Steve have keys to the flat?) Steve is hoping the surprise of a teenage son will put Sonny off Michelle.

Steve and Ryan drive out to the massive house where Sonny and Michelle are having their date, Ryan goes up to the door and asks for his mother. A short while later Michelle comes out with a plate of food for Steve, who is waiting in the car. She proceeds to dump the food in his lap, calls him a complete and utter moppet, and tells him to just leave her alone.

Charlie and Tracey

The two evil ones continue to play their silly games with one another. Charlie comes home to find Tracey washing the dishes in her slinky maid outfit. She tells him he gets to dry the dishes - naked. (Papa Smurf has been told the same thing many times)

Tracey runs into Claire in the street dressed like a dowdy/frumpy housewife. Claire is confused by the new look. Tracey tells her neighbour that Charlie doesn't want other men looking at her, and she has to be a better role model for her daughter, hence the new image. Claire looks suspicious. Tracey walks around the corner and peels off the camofluage, revealing her usual tarted up self and struts off down the street.

Amy and Bethany

Both daughters are seen and moving.

The Connors

Carla and Paul and Liam argue about money or clothes or something.


Anonymous said...

Did I miss something? What's wrong with Tracey's head?

Anonymous said...

Excellent update! I've said this before, has no one on Coronation Street ever thought of paying someone to mind their child? Jason must be loosing a lot of money constantly missing work looking after a child that he doesn't even think is his! I'm a huge fan of the show but I find the baby Holly (she is adorable though) story unrealistic.

Anonymous said...

Tracy met Deirdre on the street and complained of a headache or something. Deirdre took it to mean Charlie's been hitting her, which Tracy denied.

I saw reference to it in the UK updates but it looks like another bit that CBC cut out.

So Carla's mum used to sell cocaine out of the baby pram? Did they have cocaine in the 1920's?

Trudy C said...

I guess Janice doesn't mind taking off to France for 3 months with a guy she met 2 minutes ago - does no one worry about how they will earn money while they are away. What about her flat?

I didn't know there were 2 episodes last night - good thing I can watch on Sunday.

pip said...

So I was left with the impression after the exchange between Sarah and Gail in the car that Gail is jealous of Sarah's relationship with Jason, and that's part of the reason she disapproves. Or am I misreading that exchange?

Still no sign of Adam at the Barlow household. Nor any sign of Steve's partner, whose name I can no longer remember. And are they calling the taxi service Streetcars again? Didn't they change its name after Steve lost his licence?

Any scene with Sean is almost bound to be a good scene. Inuit!

Anonymous said...


The actor who played Lloyd is still suspended over his drug use during this time period. He'll be back.

Not to spoil anything but Adam is pretty much gone at this point and while it's kind of a loose thread, it will be tied up shortly.

Mayfairgirl said...

Brilliant update.

I don't know why, but I am starting to feel badly for Steve. I didn't think Steve was being a stalker taking Michelle's son out for fish and chips, but going to the house is pushing it.

Someone tell me WHY Ryan needs a babysitter? I don't get it. Most kids his age are able to entertain themselves without supervision. (minus defacing property)

I LOVE how they show he is a MAN CITY fan!! Go blue!


Debbie said...

I'm 100% behind Janice on this one. I would totally go to France. i mean, what is she leaving behind? She had left before and come back to everyone on the street. She works in a factory, so it is not like she HAS to get to the job. It is only three months.

I LOVED Sally's experssion when Janice told them she was moving. Priceless.

Anonymous said...

Two (sort of) Canadian references in one episode! The migration of the Monarch butterflies from Canada to Mexico (which I guess would be more interesting to Canadians who actually witness the migration than the English) and the Inuit.

Whitehorse Fan said...

In defence of the Holly story, it is actually really hard to get care during the day for kids, at least in most parts of Canada. There are long wait lists, and there are very few day cares or day homes that take children under 6 months of age.

That being said, I am sure that they could find someone on the street to do it temporarily (Blanche maybe?) and they don't seem to be taking any steps to get that sorted.

I think that Steve is getting a bit stalkish. I thought Michelle was being kind to him, frankly.

Anonymous said...

I'm down with Janice going off to France for 3 months. It'll be good for her, even if things with Roger go down the drain (pun!).

And she can always come back to her flat, seeing as vacant flats stay empty for months on here around those parts. All she has to do is make sure the fridge is emptied, really.

Rob Swizzle said...

>So Carla's mum used to sell cocaine out of the baby pram? Did they have cocaine in the 1920's?

They did in 1934, according to this Cole Porter song:

Some they may go for cocaine
I'm sure that if, I took even one sniff
it would bore me terrifically too
but I get a kick out of you

Anonymous said...

Well, I love Janice going to France with Roger. I just hope he's not a "psycho killer, qu'est que c'est? Fa fa fa fa..."

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

Re: Steve & Michelle...

Well, here's the thing - he's kind of acting like a 15 YO.

OTOH, she didn't like him, then suddenly wanted him to ask her out oh so badly, and now she's royally peeved at him.

So I think they're both acting like twerps.


Anonymous said...

I agree about Jason needing to hire a sitter. However, I'd rather leave my baby with Dracula than Blanche! (I love Blanche, but I wouldn't leave a tender child with her.)

However, perhaps Claire could look after Holly. After all, Baby Freddie is going to need all the help he can get in the love department - an early bond with Holly may be helpful in 15 or 20 years!


Anonymous said...

I still don't know why the Webster girls aren't working as sitters for pocket money. It would be a great opportunity to get these characters into sets you wouldn't normally see them.

Besides, I'd just love to see Sophie insulting Charlie. She'd be the only one on the street who could do it.

Anonymous said...

John: I completely agree with you regarding the Webster girls babysitting. The only kid that seems to work is Chesney and of course Amber. My son has worked since he was 11 starting with a paper route. Why would Ryan need a babysitter he looks about 15!

Whitehorse Fan said...

Maybe Sally thinks that having Sophie and Rosie work suggests that they need the money. As Sally has pretensions to being middle class, she wouldn't like that implication.

pip said...

Steve is acting like an idiot, and I think Michelle is being excessively patient with him. I think that on some level she still likes Steve and is enjoying his attention, no matter how adolescent. That or she wants to keep her job.

Interesting how Liz is being nice to Michelle now that Michelle has Sonny (or is it Sunny?) as a boyfriend. Liz really needs to butt out of Steve's love life.

Jacqueline said...

Steve isn't Michelle's landlord - or is he? I don't know if he ever owned that place and had to give it up when they bought the Rovers.

I actually feel bad for Carla. I think Liam and Paul are being pricks to her quite frankly.

If I had been Janice, I would have jumped on Rogers back the first time he mentioned France and be piggied back aaaaaaaaaaall the way to Nice. You wouldn't have to even ask me to consider it.

And Sunny's house...Steve ain't got a chance.

Anonymous said...


Remember, that's just ONE of Sonny's houses. There's apparently another one too...

For me though, the money, fancy sports car and giant houses wouldn't be the selling point.

The selling points would be:

No interfering mother
Shows up for dates
No interfering mother
Doesn't act like he's still in HS
No interfering mother
Compliments me

The money would just be icing on the cake.


Jacqueline said...

Agreed, and I think that's what I mean.

Sunny/Sonny has all these plusses and while I expected him to have a nice house, I didn't expect a freakin MANSION.

The minute I saw it all I could think was, 'Steve. You. are. fucked.'

Anonymous said...

Yeah. Pretty swell toff, isn't he?

Plus he's not hard on the eye.

Course, he hasn't passed the Corrie "shirt off totty" test yet...



Anonymous said...

I think Rita owns the flat that Steve rented with Karen. Isn't it over the paper shop?