Monday, October 15, 2007

Update for Epiosde 6472 October 15, 2007


Kirk comes home to find young Chesney giving the place a good cleaning while Less reposes on the sofa after a hard night of graft. Ches invites Kirkeh to come round later for some proper food. When Fiz hears about this state of affairs she decides that she should take Chesney under her care, at least until their useless excuse of a mother returns from swimming with the dolphins.

Later in the pub Fiz asks Maria if they can take in a lodger. 'Tall, dark, and handsome?' Maria asks, wistfully thinking of recently departed Charlie. 'Short, pale, and handsome' replies Fiz.


Bill makes a less then triumphant return to the cobbles. Kev and the girls seem glad to see him but Sal is less than overjoyed. Doing her best impersonation of a Gestapo officer at Prinz-Albrecht Strasse she grills Bill about the state of his marriage and if they can expect Maureen to be ringing every night or making any more surprise visits. Kev eventually realizes he has a set of testicles and tells Sal enough is enough, and takes Bill out to the pub for a drink.

Sal chats with David about his babe magnet of a car. He seems less than amused by the conversation.

Bill and Audrey have a bit of an awkward meeting outside the salon. Some small talk is made. Later in the pub the two old lovebirds run into each other and share a drink.


Jason is worried that the truth about Charlie and Tracey is not going to be told. Eileen tells him not to get involved, but he ignores her advice and tells the copper outside he wants to talk to someone about the real history of the relationship.

Young Grimshaw stops in at the builder's yard to sort a few things. Sarah comes by to see how he is doing. (looking quite smashing in that beret I might add) The phone rings and Jason tells one their clients that Charlie has died and that they might want to find someone else to do the work for them. After he hangs up Sarah tells him that he needs to step up and not turn away any jobs, he is a parent now and has to be responsible. The two of them proceed to go through all the jobs that Charlie had on the go and decide what he can do and what is beyond his present ability. Sarah, showing remarkable maturity, gets everything sorted in the office, and even books herself in for Friday night.

The two detectives eventually make an appearance to hear what Jason has to say about what happened between Charlie and Tracey. Jason is adamant that Charlie never raised a hand against Tracey, although he has no proof of that. However Jason does raise the point that there is no evidence that Charlie ever did any of the things that he is being accused of by the neighbours. The detectives want to hear more.


Maria leaves some flowers for Charlie outside his house.


Steve stops round to see if Eileen is planning on coming to work like she is supposed to. Eileen is looking after Holly so she works out a deal with Steve for that day and promises to get things sorted for child care soon.


The Barlow clan is in the dining room after a sleepless night. They will find out that morning in court if Tracey is to get out on bail or not. Even Blanche sheds a tear. Peter tries to cheer the family up by telling them that Tracey is a 'tough old boot' and can take care of herself. Blanche thinks that prayer might be the appropriate course of action in the circumstances, but she gets a less than enthusiastic response from the congregation. In spite of their disbelief Blanche decides to get a steak from Elliott's for Tracey when she gets out on bail.

The family shows up at court where Blanche is on a first name basis with the court officials. 'Neil' tells her that everything should be on time that morning. When asked how she knows everyone at the courthouse Blanche explains that she attends regularily to insure that justice system is working properly - and it's cheaper than the pictures.

Tracey is brought for the reading of the charges. Her idiot lawyer finally speaks on her behalf, requestng that she be released on bail. Blanche calls him 'Dopey Drawers' and thinks they should have got Harper Sterling for a lawyer instead. Not only does he have an enviable record with his clients, he looks like a young Tony Curtis. However when the Crown attorney presents his case and asks that no bail be granted, the judge agrees and Tracey is remanded into custody, in spite of her vehement protestations.

Back at Number 1 Deirdre is in a right state. She just wants Ken to get mad for one instead of always being the voice of reason. Peter tells her that she should be nice to Ken, he is doing the best he can under the circumstances.

Tracey calls from prison tells her mother that all she really needs is for her family to be strong for her. While she is on the phone she is pestered by the other inmates to get off the phone and Tracey keeps telling them to get lost.

It seems that there lax standards for what prisoners wear in Her Majesty's prisons for women these days.


pip said...

I've been trying to think of all the wacky things Tracy has done over the years. I only started watching Coronation Street when Tracy was pregnant (I spent the first few weeks deciphering the accents, trying to figure out the relationships between the characters, and picking up the slang - honestly, whenever Tracy told Dierdre or Blanche that she was going to send her unborn baby 'to the Croppers' I thought she was using some weird English slang for placing her in an orphanage. I didn't know who Roy and Haley Cropper were, or what that storyline was.)

If the detectives ever find out that Tracy organized that elaborate scheme to make Roy believe he was Amy's biological father, to the point of drugging him, 'bedding him' and having him sneak out of the house in front of the rest of the family, then perhaps they'll begin to believe Jason's allegations that Tracy has orchestrated the 'abused wife' scenario.

Sarah was pretty impressive in tonight's episode. It would be nice to see her and Jason grow up a bit. Jase is going through a pretty challenging time - first he finds out he's a dad, and now he suddenly has to fend for himself in the world of builders.

Anonymous said...

I laughed out loud at Blanche's comment about how watching trials at the courthouse is cheaper than going to see a movie.

Anonymous said...

Deirdre is beginning to really bug me now. I mean, My GOD, the woman has lived with Blanche for years now, she should have a skin of steel!

Sarah did look smashing, and was quite mature. Very interesting turn of events.

And I understood what Sophie said! Yessss! Finally!!! She came back and got her lunch money during Sal's interrogation of Bill.

Haha Pip! I'm going to send my baby to the Croppers... Love it!


Rob Swizzle said...

If Deirdre is such an expert in the law, why did she aid Tracy in breaking her release conditions by visiting the hospital? She could have got her sent back to prison right there.

Ken is smart enough that his measured ways should include a knowledge that the law doesn't always work. Time to shake Adam down for the money for a good lawyer.

GoBetty said...

Stoney Curtis!

Anonymous said...

I loved when our Chesney told Kirkeh to be home for dinner by he had homework to do. Chesney shouldn't have to be as mature as he is. Don't know why Fizz didn't let Ches go to Haleys and Roys tho, he'd be well taken care of as she well knows.

pip said...

I think Fizz views it as her responsibility to look after Chesney, so she doesn't want Roy and Haley to have him. Which makes you wonder why she's sitting in the pub while he's at home hoovering and cooking dinner.

Anonymous said...

I think Sarah's being great, so mature and supportive. She's giving Jason the encouragement and strength he's not getting from anyone else.


Whitehorse Fan said...


I kind of had that feeling about Fizz too, but then again, she was probably hoping that giving a lecture to Les would change things. She is young, and probably didn't have to want to take on Ches, even though he is lovely and low maintenance.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the other posters - Deirdre is really starting to bug me as well. How thick is she, escorting "out on bail" Tracy to visit the guy she tried to kill? I wish Ken and Peter would talk some sense into her (Tracy is a frightened little girl) please... to quote Peter she is tough as old boots.

Whitehorse Fan said...

I actually found the woman detective's interest in Jason's story a bit ridiculous. What abuser has not said that the victim started it? And it is also not uncommon for the abuser to make the victim seem loony. Of course, Tracy isn't actually helping. She is making herself look obsessed with Charlie.

And re: Deirdre. Yes, she is impossible. If you go to the Yahoo directory of Canadian Coronation Street related links, one of the options is the "Hang Deirdre Rachid Campaign". The link is:
There are some words of wisdom there.

AMAI said...

Finding out about the scheme with Roy will be easy. Convincing Roy to give evidence could be the difficult part, public-spirited tho he usually is. He may not be so agreeable to looking a fool in public.

pip said...

I agree, anonymous, Dierdre is walking around with blinkers on. I also get the feeling that Ken might not be as convinced of Tracy's innocence as the others are. He didn't seem particularly impressed with the suggestion that they hire a good defence lawyer who earns his living getting guilty people acquitted.

pip said...

amai, I can't see that Roy would ever lie under oath, or refuse to obey a subpoena. Also, if he believed that Tracy had set up and murdered Charlie, I don't think he'd have any qualms about seeing her tried on the evidence and convicted.

Whitehorse Fan said...

In Canada, character evidence of the accused is not allowed in court, unless the accused brings it up him/herself. So evidence about Tracey's shenanigans might not be admissible, depending on the rules of evidence there.

And Pip, that is an interesting theory about Ken. He has seemed a bit lukewarm in his response.

Anonymous said...

I think Ken is the leveled headed one in that family. Peter also....

Ken is seen what a crazy ass cow Tracy has been and is probably not inclined to believe her now. Tracy has cried wolf for soooo long to her parents...Ken probably doesn't believe her anymore!

What about a funeral for Charlie??? Won't he get a proper Corrie send off?? Shame if he doesn't!!!


Debbie said...

I think that Deirdre's reaction is understandable. Annoying and tiresome, but understandable. Her daughter has either been living a nightmare or she is a cold blooded killer. That would send me for a loop.

Also, Ken really is inactive. It is like the strongest emotion is he showing ranks right up there with a sober second thought.

pip said...

WHF, you're right about the character evidence rule, but I wonder if Tracy's previous behavior might slip in as similar fact evidence (I'm a lawyer, but I don't practice criminal law). Heck, what are we talking about!!! This is Coronation Street, if they want it in evidence, they will have it in evidence!!!

Whitehorse Fan said...


It would be pretty hard to get in as similar fact evidence I think, but yes, ultimately, they will put any damn evidence they want in.

pip said...

You're right WHF. My original point was that if the detectives learn of the Cropper scheme it will make them take greater notice of other evidence indicating that Tracy wasn't an abused spouse. I hadn't really thought too much about whether they could use Cropper scheme as evidence, only that it might make them sniff around more.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone realize that the judge in the court room with Tracy's trial is real life wife of "Ken Barlow", William Roache. A stern woman inside the role and out!!