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Update- Thursday, October 18, 2007 and Friday, October 19, 2007

Brought to you from the Corrie Net update, so there may be some errors as I reinterpret their information

Happy Birthday to You!

The scene opens with the Barlows (except poor Tracy and Amy) singing happy birthday to Blanche. She doesn't want to celebrate, as, sigh, there is nothing to celebrate today.

Later, Ken and Deirdre go to the solicitor's office (who is actually a barrister, but who am I to quibble?). She confirms that she can't take the case on through legal aid until the hearing comes up and the judge makes her decision. She tells them that she would be able to get Tracy out in a few days. This makes Deirdre happy, but Ken is still worried. The lawyer tells them that the trial would run about 100, 000 pounds.

On the drive home, Deirdre mentions that Ken is being quiet. Ken says that he won't be pushed into risking every penny. He also says he wants what's best for Tracy and to have her home. When Deirdre pushes, he finishes off by saying that he hopes no one else in the family is going to need a top solicitor.

Back at home, Deirdre raves about the new lawyer, and talks about the press cuttings on the wall of the cases she has won (oh how tacky). Deirdre seems to be a bit delusional, because she seems convinced that the judge will grant legal aid.

Ken, in the mean time, has been to the loan company. Okay, granted, I haven't even seen the show, but here I will go and complain. Why is it that Ken is doing the running around and sorting the finances if it is Deirdre that is flapping her gums about getting Tracy the best lawyer possible? Anyway, he says that they are sending the forms, but that their nest egg will be blown in one fell swoop. They argue, Ken still worried about the judge not granting legal aid, and Deirdre insisting that if that is to happen, then they should accept Adam and Blanche's money (so they can all be destitute, apparently). Deirdre then says that Ken thinks it is Tracy's fault (hmm.. perhaps for once Deirdre speaks the truth).

Not Wanted Dead or Alive

At the Grimshaws' Jason clues in that it might not be legal for him to keep taking work when the owner of the business is dead. He decides to find out.

Although he is ready to find out about the business, he seems to not be prepared to find adequate child care for Holly, as he first attempts to take her to work, and then attempts to unload her on Tyrone.

When Sarah comes by, he does unload Holly onto her. He then tells her that the police will release Charlie's body to the person who claims it. No one has wanted to, including Charlie's brother, who simply can't be found. When Sarah asks what will happen if no one claims it, Jason tells her he will be buried by the local authority on the cheap. Sarah suggests that Tracy is likely the next of kin, so Jason, showing more bravery than wisdom, says he will go over to the Barlows' to discuss it. He wonders how he got stuck with a baby and a funeral.

When Jason and Sarah go to Eileen's, he tells her that he is taking care of the funeral. She objects. Sarah reminds her that Charlie was Jason's friend. Eileen tells them she will babysit so that they can go to the Rover's.

At the Rover's, Sarah overhears when Claire tells Gail that Tracy is getting a new solicitor. Sarah, seeming to think that a conversation she is not part of is her business, tells Claire that at least Tracy is alive. When Gail reminds Sarah that Claire is Tracy's friend, Sarah feels it prudent to then say that Jason is sorting out the funeral arrangements.

Jason then actually does begin to sort out the funeral arrangements. Luckily, Charlie's estate will pay for the funeral. Then he goes to ask the Barlows about claiming the body. He rings the doorbell as Ken and Deirdre argue. Adam answers the door, Jason explains his errand, and, is anyone surprised? the Barlows decide they will not claim Charlie's body.

"We are young, heartache to heartache we stand... No promises, no demands"

At Fiz' apartment, Fiz tells Maria that Cilla is expected back that day. While Chesney is listens from the other room, she also tells Maria that she is not Ches' mother, and he cannot continue to stay there.

Meanwhile, at the Battersby-Browns', Less and Kirk are cleaning up. Less reasons that although he slept with his partner's best friend, she has frollicked in Florida while he has suffered. Things are even, then, between them.

Cilla arrives, and Fizz sees her get out of the cab. The holiday has not softened Cilla into a human being. When Fizz tells her that Less is falling apart, Cilla thinks this is excellent, and he deserves the pain. Cilla goes into the house, and takes money from the money tin.

She then goes to the Kabin, looking for a present for Chesney. She does not receive a warm welcome. She apologizes for lying, but justifies it. Norris insists on getting his money back, but in doing so, must reveal that he only contributed a pound to her fund. She pays both Rita and Norris back.

Later, at the corner shop, she confronts Eileen, Dev and Tyrone about the fact that they are not being very welcoming. They point out that she conned them. She does not endear herself to them when she blames it on Less and tells them she has scars.

After she has returned home, Less arrives. He whines about working off her debt and that he was "gutted" when he thought she was sick. Cilla, in turn, is happy that Less is miserable, and says they will continue together, miserably ever after.

They go to the Rover's where they meet Fizz and tell her they are back together. Kirk then arrives and tells them that Schmeichel is gone. They go to find the dog.

They return to the Battersby-Browns', dogless. It is there that Cilla learns that Ches has been staying with Fizz. She berates Less for not being up to the task.

Fizz decides to go to her apartment to see if the dog is there. Instead, she finds something else, which turns out to be a note from Ches saying he has run away. Meanwhile, Less finds out that Ches has not been to school. Fizz goes to the Battersby-Browns', and explains the situation .

Cilla phones the police, and waits at home, in case Ches returns, and the rest go to look for him. Ches and Schmeichel, meanwhile, walk alone in the rain. Then, when he tries to get on the bus to Liverpool, he finds out that, though England is a dog-loving country, Great Danes aren't allowed on intercity buses.

The police visit Cilla, and reassure that they should be able to find a small boy with a Great Dane with some ease.

Next, we see Fiz on her motor scooter. Less phones her and tells her that another cabbie saw Ches, so she heads to where he has been spotted. She finds them, and calls out to Chesney. He keeps walking, more quickly. She revs her bike to chase after him, but falls. Ches returns to ensure she is ok. They talk, and Ches admits that it is not easy to run away. He tells her he left because he overheard Fiz and Maria talking about his leaving. Fiz tells him that there simply isn't enough room for him to live there permanently. Less arrives and Ches ignoring him, just gets into the car.

They return to the Battersby-Browns where Cilla handles the situation with her usual finesse. She tells Ches that he was selfish, and Fizz tells her she is in no position to criticize. Ches tells her flatly that he is not staying, he just came because he was hungry. Cilla tries to give him the gift from the Kabin, saying that she brought it back from Florida. Chesney informs her he knows it is not from Florida. Fiz decides to take Ches home. Less pleads with Ches. Ches tells him he is not his dad. Then he tells Cilla that he doesn't consider her to be his mum anymore, either, and leaves with Fizz.

In Other, Mostly Unrelated News

Blanche gets a couple of birthday cards.

David is upset that Maria is sad about Charlie.

Norris is looking up old classmates on-line (the question is, does anyone want to be looked up by Norris)?

Liam is mad that Fizz didn't show up for her shift. Kelly and Joanne do extra work for Carla.

Steve impresses Michelle with his ability to impersonate a good father.


Anonymous said...

Now we know how Charlie gets his funeral...The funeral home takes it bit out of the estate. Is this what really happens in the UK? No way this would happen here. Funeral homes take checks or credit cards upfront and right away. (10,000$ min)


Debbie said...

You know what I loved in this episode, the Kelly, Joanne, Liam situation. Kelly is so vain and ridiculous. I love her so much. Meanwhile Liam's tongue is hanging out of his mouth for Joanne.

I do have to say that it would probbaly be a bit more classy for Liam hit on Joanne ouside of the workplace.

Anonymous said...

ohhh wouldn't it be great if Charlies long lost brother was an identical twin?? hmmmmm....

pip said...

LOL anonymous. I'm thinking they'd better save a little bit of Charlie before they bury him, just so his estate can deal will his possible paternity of Shelly's baby by doing a dna test.

Whitehorse Fan said...

Maybe Charlie will have turned out to be a closet millionaire, and there will be a slug fest between Shelly, Tracy and someone for Holly (as some of us continue to be sure that it is Charlie, and not Jason, who is the father).

Anonymous said...

I thought Joanne was dating Adam?

Debbie said...

Joanne is dating Adam.

That doesn't mean other guys don't think she's hot. Or, as Liam suggested, has a slaming body.

Anonymous said...

Well, she WAS dating Adam... although since he started hanging out in the dishwasher with Amy and Bethany, it's anybody's guess - It would be pretty crowded in there with all 4 of them.

Also, he was kind of... distant towards her on Blanche's birthday.

I got a weird, dump-y vibe from it.


Anonymous said...

Anybody else think Sonny is too good to be true?

Good-looking, rich, nice personality, AND he doesn't mind sitting around Michelle's flat watching a movie with her and her teenager?

Come on - he'd be fairly unbelievable in real life, but in a soap? He's gotta have a dead mother sitting in his attic, or be on the lam, or already be married...

Or a secret agent? He could be a secret agent...

I'm definitely suspicious.


pip said...

You're right MF, Sonny (or is that 'Sunny' as he is a ray of sunshine to everyone he touches) is too good to be true. What's a rich, attractive, thoughtful, attentive guy doing dating a barmaid from Weatherfield? And why didn't he have a date already on New Years' Eve when he picked her up. There's something fishy about this, or if there isn't, then there should be.

BTW I thought Steve was absolutely adorable the way he told the 'Three Billy Goats Gruff' story to Amy, with the added pub theme to make it relevant to society today.

Anonymous said...

I thought the billy goats gruff was hysterical, especially as he peppered it with local slang, like "innit?"... I laughed out loud.

Of course, I also laughed out loud when Blanche got her B-day card from Rita, and, just when you thought she might be genuinely touched by Rita's thoughtfulness, she said "Next year maybe you'll spring for a stamp."

It was nice to see Blanche still has vinegar coursing through her veins, even in a difficult situation like the Barlows are in.


Anonymous said...

I swear I used to date Sonny... and I'm telling you - THE OTHER SHOE WILL DROP.

As my dear old dad likes to say, "If something seems too good to be true, it probably is."