Friday, October 12, 2007

Thursday October 11th – The Stubbs Out Update

I considered calling this update “Charlie Watch 2007” but then the Stubbs out thing came to me and couldn’t resist.

The show opens with Charlie still unconscious in his hospital bed with Jason by his side. There has been no change in his condition. With the exception of The Battersby’s, The Connors and The Websters the whole street is concerned with the crime of the century.

In Battersby-Brown news, Chezny is a mess. His shirts are dirty, he isn’t eating properly and Les is doing a really bad job as his dad. Fiz insists that Chezny goes over to her place so she can sort his laundry. Later she runs into Les who is eating a chippy lunch. She confronts him about her brother’s state and Les admits that he misses Cilla and that he has been working every hour god sends. Fiz tells les to shape up.

The Connor family is getting set to welcome Sonny into the fold. Well, Carla is keen to meet Michelle’s minted new man and after pumping Steve for information she discovers that he will be at Michelle’s for dinner tonight. Carla decides to head over with Paul as well. SUPRISE!

The Webster’s are living an ideal existence right now. The girls are happy and filling the house with fun. Rosie tells Sally that Sophie has a crush on her dance teacher and is watching her figure as a result. No full English for her. Sophie protests, well, I think she does, who knows what that kid is saying. Later, Sophie eats a full dinner and Bill calls to say that he is on his way. The girls get excited for presents and Sally gets ready for trouble.

Outside number 6 there is still a full-scale investigation going on as Sally Webster and Amber-the-Great observe. Dev comes outside to chastise his teenager for, well, being a teenager. Amber responds with “”he always gets touchy when he finds out his ex is a cold blooded* killer.”

Basically, the Barlows are now on deathwatch. Rather, they are crossing their fingers and hoping for Charlie to die. Deirdre wants him to die to erase any chance of Tracy going back to him. Peter wants him dead because he thinks that Charlie will turn things around on Tracy. Tracy wants him dead because that was her goal in the first place. As Peter, Ken and Deirdre talk this over, Tracy listens in the other room. Ken is the only person who thinks that perhaps being responsible for a man’s death is NOT the best outcome here. Oh, he is so even-minded.

That evening Steve comes by to see Tracy. He asks about Amy, but doesn’t go see her himself. Tracy gives him a story about thinking she could handle Charlie and give and good as she got, but he is stronger and bigger and her lies are shocking. Then Tracy starts to be very honest again while talking to someone who doesn’t know what they are hearing. I call these moments “Tracy’s Moments of Murderous Clarity.”

Meanwhile England’s next top police detective D.S. Campbell and his partner D.S. Surry have chosen that day to talk to the neighbours. First stop, Claire Peacock. She is very keen to help and pulls out her notebook where she has recorded all the happenings next door. Claire also tells the police about Maria Sutherland’s affair with Charlie intending to paint Charlie as a jerk (which he was). Could she have just inadvertently given the police Tracy’s motive? The police also go to see Gail who reports the same thing that Claire does. Interestingly, they both tell the police that Tracy is a stroppy cow but that she “changed” since she moved into number 6.

The police also go into the corner shop and the Kabin. In the corner shot they meet Amber who is on it like a bonnet. She’s keen to get her nose in, but Dev tells her to leave, after he calls her “The Street’s biggest gossip.**” Finally they go to see Norris and ask about Maria Sutherland. Norris gives them an odd description. The man is insane.

Back at the hospital Charlie is in bed being watched by Maria and Jason. Jason starts to talk to Charlie when he takes a turn for the worst. Just before the credits roll, Charlie flatlines.

*I added “cold blooded” for emphasis.
**Unfair, I say. Both Norris and Blanche are much bigger gossips than Amber who is more of a commentator than a gossip.


GoBetty said...


Jacqueline said...

Sophie protests, well, I think she does, who knows what that kid is saying.

Okay - so it wasn't just me. I actually started tuning her out because I couldn't figure out what she was saying.


Anonymous said...

I also love Amber!

Anonymous said...

Amber rocks! And she is NOT the biggest gossip on the street - you are absolutely right about that!

I, too, wondered about Norris's description of Maria. He's a complete whack job!

I really liked Gail's interview with the cops. She actually came across as fairly sane and rational. And she brought up the Keef situation, which does tend to lend credence to the "Bully" tag. I mean, lots of people on the street have come out worse for tangling with Charlie...

I wonder if Sophie might be courting a dance-related eating disorder... something about that breakfast scene mildly alarmed me.

Michigander Fan

Whitehorse Fan said...

MF- I thought the same thing about Sophie. I suspect there is a new storyline afoot.

Anonymous said...

OK, not that having Tracey for a mother and Liz for a grandmother was every going to give Amy a normal life, but on a scale of 1-10, how effed up will Amy be when she grows up?

Me, I pick 27 on a scale of 1-10. Amy's children will be kept in the stove... and only allowed out to play when Bethany's children are allowed out of the fridge...


pip said...

I dunno, missusmac, Amy seems perpetually zoned out. I think this is all water off a duck's back for her. Either that or she's already so traumatized she's practically comatose.

Maybe Sarah and Tracy need to check their daughter's toys for lead content. They both seem to be suffering some mental impairment.

Anonymous said...

pip: I completely agree with you regarding the little girls who play Amy and Bethany. They both seem zoned out. Bethany has been on the show long enough to have some lines. I find her very babyish. I think the little boy who plays Josh is fantastic.

Rob Swizzle said...

Anyone think Claire's mental illness is going to come up in any future trial? She's whacked out on the "happy mommy" pills and she's done some pretty irrational stuff in the past. A good defense lawyer could make her cry.

Anonymous said...


For God's sake, we DON'T want Claire to cry again. EVER. EVER.