Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The It’s Your Special Day Update: October 22nd 2007

The show opens with the Batterby-Browns the day after Chezney does a runner with his Great flaming Dane. Why he didn’t just ride the dog to Liverpool, I will never understand. Yes, Chezney is still living over the salon with Fizz and Maria.* things are getting a little tight over there. As Fizz makes her brother his butty for his dinner, Chezney walks into the bathroom and sees Maria in the shower. I guess the shock makes him stare. Maria is not amused.

Chezney gets a bit of a talking to and he says that he should not have stayed there. Fizz tells him that they love having him there. Maria agress … sort of.

Later Fizz sees Chezney making himself a peanut butter and jam sarni for his tea. Fizz tells him that he needs proper food and because there is nothing in, she will head to the grocery. Chezney is touched and honestly grateful that Fizz cares so much for him.

In the chippy, Cilla is talking to Kirk and running down Fizz. She tells him that Fizz wont be able to cope and that you have to be available for your kids 100% of the time. Funny. Then Yanna walks in. Cilla stops talking to Kirk and slaps Yanna across the face. Yanna says that she deserved that. I guess that is sorted. Later, they go to the pub.

*I have often wondered about that flat. Salons, while wonderful places, are often thick with fumes. Audrey’s salon must be pretty strong what with all the blue rinses, fake blonds and manicured nails walking around in Weatherfield. I wonder if Fizz and Maria get headaches.

In the kabin Norris and Rita are discussing what must be the UK’s version of Classmates.com. Norris is so keen it is hilarious. Rita and I share the same attitude about that. If we didn’t keep in touch, it is probably because we never liked you to begin with, so we wouldn’t want a life update. Norris however, talks Rita around and she gives him permission to find her friends from her former club days, Charlie Rosco’s Exotic Dancers. I love Rita’s showgirl past.

While they are talking Maria walks into the cabin. Norris can’t help himself and makes a crack about Charlie. Maria – clearly suffering for some sort of amnesia where you forget that your ex-bf was actually two timing his missus, lying to you, had a filthy temper and tried to drown your friend – tells Norris that most people didn’t know Charlie like she did. Norris pointed out that in actual fact, many women did. With that comment, Norris got 10 Debbie points.

As they have this tête-à-tête David (the victim of the aforementioned attempted drowning) walks into the cabin and then walks out again rightfully annoyed.* Maria catches up with him in the street and they talk it over. David really should have stuck to his guns here. I think it would have been a great time for someone to pull out the laundry list of what Charlie was like and what she was on the receiving end of. Instead they make up and agree to go to the funeral together. Silly.

Later in the pub Norris comes running in with the information he found about Rita’s lap dancing group. One name sticks out Doreen Fennick. Rita decides to get in touch.

*I know what you are thinking, how could I be on David’s side here? But, I am. David is right. As hot as he was, Charlie was a nasty piece of work and I find it shocking that Maria has totally forgotten about what he was like. It is also sloppy writing, I think. Maria should be much more conflicted than she is. Also, she should be more inclined to at least consider Tracy’s story. He never hit Maria, but there were times when he was menacing toward her and he was very violent with David. He was obviously a bully and Maria knew that. If only she knew that he was watching her with the help of closed circuit TV.

Claire Peacock remains delusion but you have to admire her pluck. She is circulating a birthday card as well as a petition. Sarah makes a point of not signing the card or petition and tells Claire as much. Norris tells her that he doesn’t want to be involved giving some stupid excuse about being an impartial newsagent. Oh Norris.

Over at Number
1, Ken is wondering aloud if he and Deirdre should tell Tracy about Charlie’s funeral. Deirdre is sitting at the table wallowing and making me want to kill her. I should be more understanding, as it is Tracy’s 30th birthday. I guess Deirdre is allowed to be extra special sad today. The bright ray of sunshine, Claire pops in with Tracy’s card and petition. Ken says that Tracy will be pleased. Ken has obviously never met Tracy.

Over at Strangeways, Tracy gets a new cellmate, Andrea Palmer, for her birthday. Andrea is obviously a lovely woman and when she is rude to the guard Tracy seems to take an immediate liking to her. Later, Ken and Deirdre show up with card and petition in tow. Tracey notes that not may people signed either. Mainly because she spent so much of her life being a nasty biatch. They tell her that Jason is arranging the funeral. Tracy thinks that Jason is too dumb to arrange lunch. Then, I guess she catches herself and pretends to cry over the impending funeral.

Jane Simon and Tracy meet for the first time. Jane tells Tracy two things that make her happy. First, Jane can get Tracy out for the funeral. Second, Jane feels that she can get Tracy bail now since the police have already done their interviews. She also warns Tracy that she could be convicted and that would mean a very long prison sentence.

I guess Manchester’s answer to Cynthia Dale is worth her pretty penny. Ken and Deirdre get a call from her telling them that Tracy will be able to attend Charlie’s funeral. Ken says that they will have to as well to support Tracy.

Back in the 11 x 4, this Andrea Palmer may be the only woman nastier than Tracy. She is obviously smarter than most people on the street. Andrea sees right through Tracy and tells her that it isn’t so easy to claim self-defense as an abused woman. She gives Tracy the only real challenge to her abuse claim and Tracy looks scared.


Whitehorse Fan said...

Was anyone else beside themselves with shock when Norris was niceish to Chesney? For a second I thought they had replaced him with an alien, but then I was relieved when he spoke with Claire.

Anonymous said...

Debbie: Excellent update, I completely agree with you regarding Maria. I also loved how Tracey's new cellmate can see right through her bullshit. I know I am probably in the minority here, but I have never found Charlie hot, Liam on the other hand...sigh

pip said...

Great update, Debbie. Loved that line 'Ken has obviously never met Tracy'.

I'm thinking Tracy's new cellmate is either a stoolie or an undercover officer. Keep your trap shut Tracy. Of course, Tracy has never really been able to do that. She always has to blab her plans to someone. Like when she blabbed to Charlie that she was going to kill him.

I agree Maria does seem to have amnesia. How long is it going to be before David tells someone what Charlie did to him. Oooh, maybe he'll do at the funeral when the mourners are invited up to 'say a few words'.

Anonymous, I've never really taken to Charlie either. He's too smarmy and his nose is too small (boy, am I shallow!). This is where Sean Bean has it all over him. Manly sized nose and a tendency to over act a bit (must have gone to the William Shatner School of Emoting)

Rob Swizzle said...

Great bit of acting when Tracy got the news from her lawyer that innocent people go to jail. She was completely disbelieving that a scheme might not work out her way, and a jury might not be fooled.

Jacqueline said...

Okay, yes, I call bullshit on Maria defending Charlie so earnestly.

I totally swallowed when she was upset that he was dead and that she doesn't buy Tracey's defense. I can see her keeping a misguided flame in her heart of him, plus as she said he didn't deserve to die for being a smary bastard. I think there would be more people believing that battered spouse story if it had been Shelly who clocked him, not Tracey 'I SOLD MY BABY FOR GOODNESS SAKES' Barlow.

I can *even* see her telling Norris that people didn't know the true Charlie.

What I don't swallow is when David confronts with the 'Hey, remember when Charlie tried to drown me?' line - she just kind of shrugs her shoulders like it was bad boy monkeyshines got out of control. That should have made her at least re-evaulate her feelings towards him.

It's scenes like this that make me fully understand why David is becoming such a shit.

I am thinking that Charlie's spycam is going to come into play somewhere down the road. Sarah already mentioned that it was positioned at a weird angle.

Finally, just for my own records, to keep track of my coolness level...how many Debbie points do I have? A thousand?

Jacqueline said...

Oh, does anyone else think that the ladies in the prison are a little well kept for jailbirds?

I just find all their hair kind of shiney (not Michelle shiney, but still there's an air of Brekness about them.).

Honestly, when I see most of them, they're pretty fit and I suspect if they dropped their hair down from their 'Essex facelift' hairdos, you'd have a whack of supermodels.

There was one girl at the Rovers last night who looked more like she should be Prisoner in Cellblock 'H' than most of the hardened criminals at Strangeways.

Jacqueline said...

AND, is it just me or has Anne Kirkbride's acting got down a bit in the past few years?

It used to be only shit when she tried to show distress (i.e. when Samir died), but lately it's like every line she delivers is really poorly executed.

Maybe the writing for her character has gone downhill or maybe she just has more crying scenes than usual.

Debbie said...

Thanks for the compliments. I love writing the updates. All the other contributors also write compelling and accurate updates.

Jacqueline, you have 153 Debbie points. I don't just give them away, you know!

I do think that a misguided flame for Charlie is understandable. I mean, how many of my Corriestreet girls can identify with loving a bad bad man? Testify!

Whitehorse Fan said...


I agree with you about everything, but particularly the lovely ladies in the jail.

What prison allows you not only to wear your own clothes, but also allows make up?

And, wasn't that one of the reasons Paris Hilton was allowed out of prison so soon- the water is so bad it ruins your hair?

I don't know why, but that irritates me almost as much as Deirdre. And that is saying a lot.

Anonymous said...

Great update, Debbie!

First, I completely agree with both you and Rita - why why WHY would I want to look up people I couldn't stand the first time around and go back for more?!?!?!

Plus, doesn't always seems like it's the Norrises of the world who look you up (or the really weird train dude that Roy hung out with for half a sec there?)

No thanks!

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

Now, onto the good stuff:

Jail "Birds" (teehee) are entirely too clean, well-turned out and etc.

Also, is it just me, or are they getting a LOT of visits?

I used to work with a gal whose BF was doing time, and I seem to remember once a week visits...

I am also completely on David's side re: Maria and the drowning.

Lastly, does anyone else think it is COMPLETELY wrong for Tracy to go to the funeral? To me it just seems indecent for the killer of the person to show up and disrupt the grieving...


Anonymous said...

Re: Norris not signing the petition/card, I think the whole "newsagent" line is bs, and he really thinks Tracy is getting what she deserves.


Whitehorse Fan said...


Yes, it is completely wrong for Tracy to go to the funeral.

On the other hand, I was wondering how they were going to top Fred's funeral- I mean, how much crazier can you get than your almost spouse wearing her wedding dress and a shunning to boot? But I think they just might be able to top that one.

Anonymous said...

To borrow a phrase from Stephen Colbert...

The following people are On Notice:
1. Deirdre, for being an emotional train wreck.
2. Claire, for being the world's most earnest manic loon.
3. Les, for being scuzzy and self-pitying

Anyone else want to add anything?


papasmurf said...

I am curious how many DebPoints the smurfman has...

The attire and appearance of the inmates at the women's prison has been puzzling me ever since Tracey got banged up/sent down. When Tracey was on the phone the first time a particularily jubbilicious inmate strolled by, if I recall correctly.

Debbie said...

papa, I knew you'd like the prison ladies!

You got your share of Debbie points. You get half for being cool, the other half is for the mystery.

pip said...

Further person ON NOTICE:

4. Cilla, for being terminally self-centered and self-justifying.

Where was the lynch mob when she returned. Where was the tar and feathers, the rail, the burning torches? She is insufferable.

Anonymous said...

I was also shocked that: Tracey would be permitted to go to the funeral of the man she is charged with mudering??? And also surprised at the number of visits she is getting. They seem to go almost every day. Doesn't Diedre go to work any more? Speaking of Diedre she is really getting on my nerves.

Whitehorse Fan said...
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Anonymous said...

Pip, I absolutely think Tracey's new roomie is an undercover cop. She seems to be onto her game.

Wow, Jason's got some growing up to do. New kid, new business, new position as the guy organizing my best friend's funeral...

As for Claire, I remember being a young mother of two -- I NEVER LEFT THE HOUSE there was so much to do. Why, oh why, is she able to roam the streets and annoy people on a regular basis?

In other new, Liam still has not married me...


Anonymous said...


THANK YOU! I said that somewhere else - have Josh and Freddie joined Amy and Bethany in the dishwasher?!

Because Ashley's running the butcher shop by himself (as far as we know) and Bev has moved on to boozier pastures, so who's watching those kids!?!

I also wondered if the new roomie was either an undercover cop, or a stoolie employed for the job. Tracy better keep her lip zipped.


Anonymous said...

I guess perhaps "roomie" isn't the correct word to use to describe the person who shares your cell...

I have VAST experience with criminal matters, can you tell?


pip said...

missusmac, you forget that Claire has a dishwasher - a large one I'm guessing - where she lodges the children at will.

I know that at the jail in Victoria for people awaiting trial or serving less than two years, the prisoners can have visitors every day for an hour, though I think you have to book ahead. Not that I've ever visited anyone there, mind.

Anonymous said...

Uh-oh. Pip is a 300 pound man with a tattoo of a dragon on his neck...

He just used the name Pip to throw us off the track!

And you know what's really sad? Pip makes me think of the English kid from South Park, not any literary character!


Trudy C said...

I totally agree that Tracy's cellmate will proably testify against her. She should really watch herself. I can't wait to see how this unfolds.

Pink Lady said...

To quote my brilliant and amusing husband: "Well, now you can add Chesney to the list of the thousands of men who have seen Maria naked!"

Does anyone else think that Tracey's cell mate may be a mole/plant?

pip said...

pip examines herself in the mirror. True, she has let herself go as of late, but surely MF exaggerates. Why the tattoo is hardly noticeable . . .

There's a character on South Park named Pip? My name comes from Pippin of Lord of the Rings, not Pip from Great Expectations.

LOL pink lady: 'thousands of men who have seen Maria naked'. Poor Chesney.

Debbie said...

I don't know that you can say that about Maria. She was involved with Tyrone for ages. She had that other posh/jerky boyfriend. There has been no once since Charlie. that makes only one more boyfriend than Violet and Fizz. Less boyfriends than Sarah. Does she have a past I don't know about?

Anonymous said...


Yes. He always wears an Irish driving cap, and he's unfailingly polite. Pretty cute, actually. The other boys are pretty mean to him...

I just think that everyone's reaction to the prison thing is pretty funny. Everyone says, "Not that I have that much experience," or "Of course I don't personally know, but..."

I'm as guilty as the next person. It reminds me of Sex Ed class in school. You wanted to get a good grade to keep your GPA up, but you didn't want TOO good of a grade (at least, we girls didn't) because we knew what THAT said about us...

Glad you had a sense of humor about it - I worried I had offended you for a minute there! (The internet can be very impersonal at times, can't it?)


AMAI said...

Lol Debbie. Wasn't the posh/jerky boyfriend Gail Platt's other son, Nick? The one she accompanied to Canada for a while.

The cellmate either is a plant, or will simply go to the authorities with her story of Tracey's weird behavior. It might not amount to much, tho. WE know what it means, but someone who doesn't realize how it fits into the puzzle, might not be able to do the information justice in the re-telling.

pip said...

I thought it was very funny, MF!

I do have to admit to having once been in the foyer of the local prison, when I drove a friend there to visit her cousin who was doing time. She thought she'd be able to pop in for a few minutes and leave, but no, the visit is for an hour and you stay for an hour. They have a very boring foyer at that prison, let me tell you.

I think Tracy is definitely going to be betrayed by her roomie/cellmate. I must say I'm looking forward to the prospect of Steve maybe becoming a full time single dad. If Jason can do it, so can he.

Whitehorse Fan said...

Thanks for giving me the way in to speak about Jason, Pip.

I find the way they are making Jason grow up really fast interesting. Maybe we will be seeing some changes to his character over the next little while. I'm looking forward to that.

Anonymous said...

Maria was with Nick,(surprise! Gail hated her) and Jason too. She also got off with Toyah's boyfriend, behind Toyah's back, and had to have an abortion.

The posh jerky boyfriend was somebody who used her, and dropped her recently.

Anyone else got a scorecard?

Anonymous said...

Wow. Maria gets around! I've only been watching the show for... (???) I remember Tracy's dad showing up and promptly keeling over, but at that point I was still wavering between "This is interesting" and "Why won't they SPEAK ENGLISH?" so I wasn't watching it all the time.

So I have only seen Maria with Tyrone (trying to change him, which I didn't like, because Tyrone is MY guy) and then Mr. Hotshot Real Estate Jerk, and then Charlie.

Thanks for the info!


Anonymous said...


Glad to hear you got the joke. With me, a good rule of thumb is that I'm usually joking. My psychiatrist says I have a compulsive need to make people laugh, because then I have approval and am liked.

Supposedly it's compensation for the hump.




pip said...

The hump!! Nobody told me about the hump! That changes everything! Back you devil!


Anonymous said...

pounds head into wall...

Stupid stupid stupid!

NEVER tell them about the hump!!!