Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Howl-a-ween Update


Okay, yeah....I just wanted a cheap excuse to post cute pictures of dogs in costumes.

Night Flyers!!! OOOOOO Scarey!!!
David is being probably the creepiest of creeps right now, demanding that Tracey 'be nice' to him. He approaches her on the street and asks her if she is avoiding him. She says of course not and he reminds her that she needed to be 'nice' to him.

Tracey flat out tells him that this is as 'nice' as she gets and he tells her to try harder to be 'nice'. So, she breaks into Charlie's old house and grabs a car stereo hoping that this will suffice for 'nice'. She gives it to David who agrees that it's 'nice' and accepts it. I suspect though, it won't be 'nice' enough and if 'nice' is what we're all suspecting it is, I'm going to need therapy or at least some meditation techniques to get through the next few episodes.

Later on, a very odd scene occurs in the Barlow. Tracey tells Diedre she needs money (to buy Amy clothes), Deidre gives her the money and Ken rolls his eyes. The only remarkable part of this scene is the fact that Ken is still able to stand after having surgery to remove his backbone in 1992.

On the street, Tracey is confronted by Claire who gives her some pamphlets on spousal abuse because, 'Knowledge is Power!'. Tracey is forced to step inside the Peacock home for some tea and flyers. As she leaves the house, Emily gives her what seems to be some kind of Watchtower article with an interview of a woman who was abused for years and ended up killing her husband. Tracey puts on her bravest 'Farah Fawcett in 'The Burning Bed'' face.

Armed with a fist full of flyers and cut outs, Tracey marches down the street, empowered and ready to take on the world! It is here that we discover that Weatherfield does in fact recycle its paper products.

So in the end, Tracey in fact, does not go Baby Gap, but rather to the Rovers where she sees Dev and sits with him. They have a few laughs until Tracey asks Dev to take her into town, which he isn't willing to do. Tracey becomes more intoxicated and when Claire comes in for a drink, Sean suggests that she go talk to Miss Demeanor who is now fallen over on the bench.

Claire *tries* to talk some sense into her, but it's no use. Finally, Ken and Deidre walk in and gaze upon the drunken spectacle that is their daughter on-bail.

Let's say it together, shall we?

'Oh, Traaa-ceh!'

Yes, they are disappointed and quite frankly *SHOCKED* that Tracey would behave like this. Deidre finally has to come to grips with the ugly truth. 'Waiiiiiiiiit a minute, that 40 quid I gave you, that wasn't for Amy's clothes at all was it?' That money was used for drinking, wasn't it?

Bingo, give the lady a monkey on a stick.

Faced with parental judgement, Tracey flees the Rovers and hails a taxi. Glacia is convinced at this point that Tracey, realizing now how good she had it, is on her way back to jail.

Alas no, she's off to some club because, as she tells Ken and Deidre, 'I want to live! I want to LIVE!!!!!!'

Frankly, if I were Tracey, I'd be taking up vodka as a religion.

Attack of the Giant Slug
knight dog

Haley and Roy are admiring their new car and Becky comes over to inspect. While they are on the other side of the car, she points out some dent in the car. Haley rushes over, only to find out that Becky was having them on a bit. Roy's face looks as if 8.3 months have officially been removed from his life expectancy.

At the end of the day, Roy invites Becky over for dinner, but she declines saying that she's a bit tired and wants to just go get some rest. In reality, she's going over to the pub to meet up with Slug.

Let's see....Slug somehow seduces her into not only meeting him, but in buying him another drink, he makes fun of her employment situation and then suggest that they get a kebab as he gives her knee a squeeze suggesting that she be 'nice' to him that evening.

Well, not since Brendan Fraiser won my heart in 'Mrs.Winterbourne' have I been left so completely breathless over man as the romantic figure on the screen. Who could resist?

Certainly not Becky, that's for sure. She traipses off with him, reminiscing about all the good times they've had committing a series of felonies. One such memory is how they stole someone's car and wrapped it around tree.

Sooooooooo, Slug suggest that they do it again for old time's sake. Becky agrees and walks towards a random car on the street. Of course, this is not the car that Slug wants and he manages to convince Becky to steal the Cropper's car. The last we see of them is driving away, laughing madly.

Oh Becky, Becky, Becky.....why? Why do follow the advice of someone named 'Slug' for goodness sake? Are you really that thick?

Amityville Factory
Karla is having some troubles with her orders and uses the office for some privacy while she sorts it on. Paul and Liam try to offer their support by saying, 'Well, at least you tried.', then they giggle.

Okay, officially in Glacia's books, they are pricks.

Liam gives Joanne a hard time when she comes in because she's late and tells her to get right to work and forget about lunch. MWAHAHAAHAHAA!

He later tries to win her back after hours by offering himself up for a bit of fun and games with no strings attached. (read: a roll in the hay in exchange for a bag of chips and six pack of Bacardi Breezers.). He also makes some cheeky comment about her being 'into' factory owners.

She ends up kissing him, which I'm kind of disappointed in. He's terribly cute, but he clearly doesn't think of her as date worthy (i.e. taking her to Luigi's for a slice, let alone 'The Clock'.), so why should she be with him? Glacia is certainly no prude, and affairs can be fun, but when it's boss/employee, it's entering dangerous territory. Plus she's too pretty and nice to be just a Breezersletje*.

Oh yeah, Adam made it out of the washing machine long enough to have a rather uncomfortable chat with Jo on the street. The upshot is, he's just been 'whew! just soooooooooo swamped right now and hey, maybe if she's not busy later they can go to to the chippy or sommit.' I forget what her response was, but it ended with Adam kissing her on the cheek. I wonder if they are going to officially break up, or let this die a slow painful death.

BTW - did anyone else notice the 'Jack' graffiti on the lockers? Surely they don't' mean Jack Duckworth.

The Curse of the P.E. Strip
Chesney is on his way to school, but Fiz notices that he hasn't got his P.E. strip with him, so she rushes home to get it for him. Luckily, Ches makes his escape when the bus arrives. We see her come around the corner only to have Chesney waving to her from the back of the bus, reminiscent of that scene in Indianan Jones.

*New Dutch word I learned yesterday.


papasmurf said...

It is difficult to believe that anyone could be as thick as Becky is, considering what Roy and Hayley have done for her.

Adam seemed to be waxing a black car, not his yellow Lotus that he got from Mike.

I saw 'Jack' on the locker as well. Joanne needs some advice.

Anonymous said...

I feel badly for Becky. I think a lot of people have a Slug in their lives: someone who is a person one would normally avoid but have an innate ability to make one exercise poor judgement.

Mine was called Irish Sean because his name was Sean and he's Irish. I stopped hanging out with him because I didn't want to end up like him - 40, malnourished, and constantly angry.

Becky is a more extreme example but she has come a long way from when we first saw her - living homeless and haunting Kelly. She's doing well but obviously she still needs to be far away from people like Slug if it only takes 3 pints and shot to be convinced to steal your friends' car.

As for Joanne, I'm pretty sure the only reason she's with Liam (other than attraction) is that she's bored. But the night before they first kissed, he talked about hitting the town, trolling for "phillies." I think that should tell her what kind of "boyfriend" he'd make.

Anonymous said...

Could Tracey being any more of a bitch!! I haven't seen her spend one minute with her child since she got out on bail. What on earth does she live on? When oh when are Ken and Diedre going to wake up! I loved the scene in the pub where they were lined up beside the bar glaring at Tracey. Tracey was even bitchy to Sean. If I owned the pub she would be barred!!

Jacqueline said...

I was wondering if the second half of that was 'Vera +..'. But surely the lockers from Vera's day at the factory are long gone and besides, I doubt she'd write that.

I sooooooooooooo need to hear the tale of Irish Sean. If only to be thankful he isn't one of the ex-Mr.Glacias.

Anonymous said...

Nah, he never married. Last I heard, he was living in a grotty flat on Sullivan Street in Toronto. He'd be 47 or so now, still thinking he's rock n' roll.

papasmurf said...

I forgot to mention - the dog pictures are hee-lar-eee-ous!

Anonymous said...

If only all Slugs looked like Slug. Then we could easily differentiate them from normal people. However, I have known a couple of Slugs in my life who looked like an extra Osmond or something, but yet were trouble with a capital T.

Tracy is SOOO going to blow this battered woman thing. Forget it. You know, if you can put in all that effort, for MONTHS, to convince the world that you're being beaten, you'd think you could keep it up for a few more weeks, until it goes to trial. Idiot. Of course, the bigger idiots are Deirdre and Ken, for giving in to her yet again.

Liam is mighty yummy, but I have a sneaking suspicion he's not looking for a relationship... Joanne would be wise to stay away from him. But she's young.

Glacia, I, too, thought Liam and Paul were A-1 jerks for the whole giggly thing.

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...


I noticed that too! I remember thinking "Wait. Wasn't his car this hideous yellow monstrosity?"

Thanks for pointing it out!


Anonymous said...


Buck up, Lil Camper! If we can get through The Jamie and Frankie Sickfest, David and Tracy should be easy. (Perhaps that's why the writers did it to us - to toughen us up...)

If it helps, just remember that, since they are both Spawn of Satan, in a weird way, they belong together, regardless of age.

Or pretend that they are simply recharging their Evil Batteries.


Anonymous said...

Re - Adam's car. I figure Adam's either a serial car trader and the Mini is the latest vehicle or he's getting short on cash so he traded the expensive Lotus for the somewhat more affordable Mini.

pip said...

It was good to see Dev showing an ounce of sense in the pub and refuse to take Tracy into town. The mood she was in she probably would have jumped his bones in the car. Why does Dierdre believe Tracy needs money from her to buy Amy's clothes anyway? Ken and Dierdre are providing both of them with free room and board, and presumably Steve is paying child support to Tracy. Someone on the street really needs to take up a collection to buy Ken a new backbone. Maybe he could get an artificial one in Rumania, or wherever it was Blanche went for her new knee (actually, Germany might be better, I bet those ones are really strong).

Hey, my namesake directed last night again (yeah, I get it now).

Debbie said...

Oh my god, those poor animals.

Anonymous said...


Polish hip! Blanche has a Polish hip! (I just think that's funny; I have no idea why!)

I was a little surprised that Tracy would have the brass cajones to ask for MORE money to clothe Amy, but then I thought about it a little bit. She didn't have a job (since playing victim is a full-time job), and how exactly is she going to get one now?

So, since the little wretch insists on continuing to grow, I guess you have no option but to keep buying clothes for her.

It did seem to be adding insult to injury though!


Anonymous said...


It is a well-established fact that dogs LIKE to be humiliated.

It's cats that can't stand being humiliated...(the devil, that proud spirit, cannot endure to be mocked...)

Proud mama of 2 cats,


pip said...

Well, I have two small dogs and I can personally attest to the fact that I have never seen either of them enjoy being humiliated. Of course, that's because they don't have the sense to know they're being humiliated. They just think they're being good sports, and that being dressed up in ridiculous clothing is proof of their owner's undying love and affection for them.

Anonymous said...

Exactly! Whereas, when I was a little girl, I used to dress the family cat up in dolly clothes and bonnets...

That cat walked around the house with this martyred, pained, "get these tools of oppression off me" look on his face.

He was humiliated. No question.


pip said...

Well, it would be no good Ken getting a Polish spine. Poor Poland has a long history of being walked all over by invading countries.

GoBetty said...

Pictures are BRILLIANT. I think the first pic is of Shelties... I have a Sheltie. :-)

Whitehorse Fan said...

Perhaps there is a big dog little dog difference. I have a large dog, who must wear a coat when it gets cold, and the moment I get it out his ears and tail go down and he just looks horrified. His pride is totally damaged when he is forced to wear it (and it isn't that ugly, either).

So what nationality backbone should Ken get? German?

Debbie said...

Jacqueline, what do you mean *if I were Tracy, I'd be taking up vodka as a religion*

I think anyone who has met you/read this blog knows how you feel about Vodka.

Debbie said...

"a roll in the hay in exchange for a bag of chips and six pack of Bacardi Breezers."

Ouch, that hit close to home.

Debbie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Jawohl! Ken absolutely totally brauchen ein deutschen Spine!!! (or is that schpein?)

Yeah, Debbie, I think sometimes Glacia hits a leetle close to home...

Of course, I feel no sympathy for Tracy - she created her own, personal, parental nagging, Claire stalking hell, and now she gets to reap the whirlwind...



Anonymous said...


You know, there may be something to that big dog theory...

My mom had a Britney spaniel who was slightly... ahem... HYPER, and who wanted to go outside all the time (except when he was already outside, when he wanted... wait for it... inside!)

After a couple of winters of having to clean his muddy paws 497 times a day, she got him doggie booties, which fastened with velcro.

It took him all of 10 minutes to get all 4 off and bury them in the backyard (in December)!!!

He wasn't a fan of dressing up either...


Anonymous said...

Soooo... are we reporting Glacia to some kind of animal rights tribunal, or do we let her off with a strongly worded letter (like the UN would do)???


Whitehorse Fan said...

I would suggest going the UN route, but if we do, do we have any takers to play China, and oppose the whole scheme on the basis that Jacqueline should be able to control the inner workings of her post?

Jacqueline said...

Oh and the chips and Bacardi breezer .... come on, I am a Surrey Chick....I draw from real life.

Jacqueline said...

Ken with eine deutsche Wirbelsäule and Blanche with a Polish hip?

Don't we have enough multi-generational 'getting down' without Ken 'invading' Blanche?

BTW - I am a nation onto myself and rarely acknowledge UN edicts.

Long live Glorious People's
'Democratic' Republic of Finladia! May her shore be forever clear.

6:25 PM

Anonymous said...


Re: Ken & Blanche...


Thanks. Suddenly Jamie and Frankie don't seem so gross...


Anonymous said...

Oh. My. GAWD.

I cannot believe I spelled Brittany "Britney"... someone shoot me now.

It's like the d*mn OJ Simpson trial - I totally ignored it, yet even I know the gloves didn't fit.

That crap creeps into your subconscious, no matter what.

I think I'll find out if the Unabomber's cabin in Montana is still vacant...before I am able to tell you the names of Brangelina's children.