Saturday, October 06, 2007

Update - October 5, 2007 - The Games We Play

So, the knife holder will become relevant later on. But first…

Sonny gets a Goal, and Steve Gets a Red Card

Steve, who is spending more time with Ryan than he ever has with Amy, is hanging out with Ryan on the street corner. He asks Ryan whether Sonny has taken to Ryan, and, to Steve’s chagrin, he has. Michelle finds the two talking together and once again warns Steve away from Ryan.

Later, when Michelle is working at the Rover’s, Sonny comes in, and apologizes for disturbing her at work. Then, saying that he noticed Ryan was a Man City supporter, he pulls out three tickets to Saturday’s soccer game for the three of them. Michelle is very excited for Ryan.

When Ryan comes by, she presents the tickets to him. As Steve’s bad luck would have it, he is lurking when Michelle tells Ryan the score. Steve says that their team is going to lose. Michelle tells him, that no, it is Steve that has lost.

Territorial Skirmishes

Carla continues to ask Kelly to do work for her. Fizz and Joanne, who made up with Kelly the night before, are beginning to get jealous again. In the office, Liam complains to Paul that Carla should not be there while they are trying to run a factory. Then, after Carla walks into the office and says nasty things about Kelly, she sits at Liam’s desk, and, as an after thought, asks if she can use it. Liam is not pleased. Paul offers up his desk.

Later on, Liam complains again to Paul about Carla, and says that they have to tell her that she cannot keep hanging around doing her "hobby" at the factory. They have to tell her soon. Before the week is up. He suggests that Paul tell Carla that she is unwelcome at Underworld, but Paul says no, and tells him Liam can tell her himself. When she enters, Liam of course does not tell her, but instead, gives a song and dance about the fact that there isn’t room for three people in the office, seeing as there are two desks. Carla gets annoyed, and leaves.

The day continues, and the next time we see Liam walking into the office, Carla is seated at a third desk. She tells him that at first she thought he was trying to tell her to stop coming around to the factory, but she realized in the end that he was simply concerned about office space. And so, she came up with a brilliant idea, and got another desk! And all is right with the world again.

Love Lost

Violet goes to the pub, as she is sick of sitting at home. Jamie enters the pub and Violet invites him to sit with her. Over a pint and a glass of wine, Violet confesses that she feels somehow to blame for the loss of the baby. She asks if he is relieved that she lost the baby. He assures her he is not, and apologizes once again. They seem to have reached a truce.

Love Found

Becky, no longer looking like she is strung out and now looking like she is washing her hair regularly, asks out the lovely young man who chased her down to give her a tip, on a date at the Rover’s. She doesn’t expect him to go, but he does. Fizz and Joanne, who are sitting at a table near by with Kelly, are starting to forgive Becky, perhaps because they are still annoyed that Kelly is getting extra work from Carla.


At Deirdre’s, Ken is trying to figure out what exactly happened the night before. Peter explains that Charlie thought that he and Tracey had had a fling. Ken keeps wondering aloud about what happened. Why didn’t Tracey tell Charlie? Deirdre doesn’t care. He is simply a brute.

Tracey comes along for a visit, defends Charlie and blames herself. They tread over the same old arguments. In the end, Deirdre lets out her requisite bleat: “Tracey please!”, but Tracey does not back down. She leaves.

Charlie, meanwhile, has been kept overnight at the police station. As he checks out, the police officer reminds him that he is due in court the next day. Charlie doesn’t break a sweat. After leaving the police station, Charlie doesn’t go home, but he does stop at Deirdre’s. Tracey is no longer there, and he tries to speak to Peter mano a mano. He tells Peter he wants to apologize. He is wearing his usual Charlie smirk, and explains himself by saying that Tracey didn’t tell him that Peter was her brother. Strangely, Peter does not forgive, nor does Deirdre, who shows up at the door and gives Charlie a dressing down.

Charlie doesn’t come home. Tracey, who is waiting at home for him, leaves a voice mail message on his cell phone, telling him she is worried, and that she wants to speak with him. Later, she finds out from Deirdre, Ken and Peter that Charlie stopped at Deirdre’s, and is warned again not to stay with him.

Meanwhile, Charlie has a pint with Jason. Though it hurts his brain, Jason thinks the matter through and reasons that Tracey was just having a go at Charlie. Charlie tells Jason that what Tracey is doing is trying to make a fool out of him. And you know your relationship isn’t going well when your partner is doing that. He tells Jason that enough is enough, and Tracey is on her way out.

Finally, Charlie does come home. Tracey tells him how worried she is, but Charlie is not buying it. He tells her that he knows she is trying to make a fool of him. Tracey tells him he is being paranoid, but Charlie knows the game. He tells her she has to leave. Tracey follows him to the kitchen and tries to play the sex card, but Charlie is finished with her.

So she spills her guts. She tells him that yes, she has been playing a game all along. She takes him through each “incident”, and finishes by telling him: “Everyone knows what you’re like, or at least they think they do. Everyone will be on my side when it comes to the last game of all.” Charlie seems to understand. He asks her if she is planning to kill him and claim self defence. Tracey laughs, and it is apparent that that is what she was intending. (And here I was thinking it would lead up to her going to court and throwing him out of the house. How naïve I am.)

Charlie is not afraid. He taunts her. He tells her that she doesn’t have the guts to kill him. To prove his point, he throws open the kitchen drawer, pulls out a carving knife, gives it to her, rips open his shirt, and tells her to kill him.

They stand there for a second. Charlie gasps. Tracey stares down at the knife, then throws it on the floor.

Charlie relaxes, says, "Good try, but you can't, can you?" He keeps taunting her about it as he heads off to bed. Before he climbs the stairs he tells her that she was able to do it all, but, "you can't do the last little bit... the bit that matters."


pip said...

Great update WHF

Yowza, what an ending! I can't wait until Monday. It ain't over yet! Given all the weeks of scheming and the chances she took, I'm not sure why Tracy up and spilled the beans when she did. She didn't seem to have any great plans to kill Charlie when he walked in the door - no knife in hand, no room in disarray, etc. So why put him on alert (unless it is only to clue in the audience to what her ultimate game is).

You know, I'm pretty sure the criminal justice system is England is similar to ours and in Canada, if you're arrested and charged for assault, then a condition of your release is that you have no contact with the victim. Seems they forgot to tell Charlie that.

papasmurf said...

Good thing for the update - our local CBC affiliate, instead of showing The Street @ 7:00, decided to show the episode of 'Survivor' that had been pre-empted by the hockey on Thursday night.

The horror.

A small point of clarification about the football bits - Manchester United (red) and Manchester City (blue) are two separate clubs that a have a long and storied rivalry. Ryan is a Man City supporter.

Whitehorse Fan said...

I will correct that Papy Smurf. I thought it was a little odd that they would have one name but go by another with fans.

corrierules said...

Thank you WHF. What's interesting about the whole Michelle-I-want-to manufacture-and-sell-children's-clothes saga (and it's the only thing that is; I'm finding it somewhat tedious) is that it is a complete recycle of a plot from days gone by. Mike Baldwin, the factory owner, was once married to Susan Barlow (daughter of Ken, sister of Peter, mother of Adam). She too wanted to manufacture and sell kid's clothing (the line was called Hopscotch) but Mike was not supportive. This happend in the late 80s. So now about 20 years later, we have a similar story featuring the wife of the factory owner being thwarted in her bid to run her own business -- making kid's clothes. Deja vu all oevr again.

Margaret said...

Hear hear -- great update, WHF. Asolutely a gripping ending on Friday .... treacherous Tracy and Charlie taunting her. That actor who plays Charlie plays swagger smarm and arrogance very well.

As if an apology to Peter would be all Charlie would have to do .... the walls are closing in on him though and this storyline is building .... can't wait to see what happens next!

kunzie said...

Great update WHF. Last night coming home on the streetcar, the hubby and I (after many pints) were amusing one another by doing Corrie impressions and having one another guess which character it was. As funny as we thought ourselves, it was apparently hysterical to another rider (and Corrie watcher), who thought Mr. Kunzie's "Becky" was bang on, gum and all. Cheers, Happy Thanksgiving to you other Canucks!

Jacqueline said...

were amusing one another by doing Corrie impressions and having one another guess which character it was

I think we have another pub game!!!!

Michigander Fan said...

Excellent update, WHF!

What a terrific end to the week - can't wait, can't wait. CAN'T Wait until Monday night!

I watched the omnibus today, and watching it again, Jason did NOT see Peter's face. Peter was kind of blocked from view by Tracy. All he saw was dark hair, and an arm around her.

Bill Ward (Charlie) is just doing a wonderful job, isn't he? I hate him soooo much...(the character, not the actor).

I don't mind Emily. She reminds me of Miss Ellie. Harmless and sort of a moral center. Not exciting though. I would have loved to have seen her up a tree with her nephew Spider!

You know, the whole Liam, Paul and Carla thing is an EXCELLENT example of what shrinks call triangulation. I hate that! It happens a LOT in my family, and my sister and I go out of our way to try and break that cycle when we catch it happening. It's so juvenile!

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...


OK. I have a dumb soccer question:

(I hope this makes sense...)

So, are Man City and Man United in the same league (like the Chicago Cubs are National League and the Chicago White Sox are American League). Do the 2 teams play each other regularly, or is it just that you root for one over the other?

Perhaps a better example is that back in the day, if you lived in New York, you were either a Dodgers fan or a Yankees fan, and that meant something to other New Yorkers - who you rooted for. Is there a difference, socially, economically, etc.?

Yes, I am that ignorant of soccer.


pip said...

Michigander fan, I noticed that too about Jason and Peter when I watched the omnibus.

I forgot to mention how much I loved Blanche when Dierdre asked her to keep Amy. She's an old tiger and Charlie had better not mess with her.

I beginning to like Michelle more and more. She's being incredibly patient with Steve while he works through just about every juvenile stunt available.

Anonymous said...


I LOVE Blanche! She steals every scene she's in! And her getting the granny cardigan for Pater after the fight was hilarious! He muttered something about it not helping his street cred...


Jacqueline said... question.

What league do the Manchester Roughriders play on?

kunzie said...

Manchester United (Man U) and Manchester City ("City") are both in the English Premier (top) division of english football (soccer). Man U. (statistically) has been the better team for a few years and usually finishes top 4. Because of this positioning, Man U. also plays in the Champions League (the best teams in Europe facing one another.) City is usually in the middle of the table somewhere. City is generally considered to be the "working man's" team and United a little more upper-crust. Beckham spent a good part of his career with Man U. Both teams get television coverage here in Canada, usually on Saturday mornings for those interested.

Anonymous said...

Stand up if you hate Man U!!!

-- heard at footy games the world over (by the haters)


S. Poole

Anonymous said...

Help! I tried taping last night's episode, but it was pre-empted by football. CBC site is saying it was on!

Did anyone else see it?