Tuesday, October 09, 2007

CSI: Weatherfield (Update)


Night of the Living Charlie
In what may be the creepiest, creepiest scenes evah on Corrie, the show opens with Charlie looking well and truly dead - except then his eyes shift and he starts to get up to move towards Tracey. Then like a Michael Jackson 80's video, his weak and practically lifeless body crumbles to the floor.

While Glacia stands up and tries to brush the heebie jeebies off her body, Tracey sneers and says, 'See Charlie, I told you that you'd be down on your knees before me.' She then proceeds to tell him that she hates him and all the reasons why she hates him.

There's another round of head bashing and Tracey tells him that he has a charmed life no more - and then throws up a bit.

From upstairs we hear Amy crying and screaming and Tracey goes up to tell that everything is okay, perfectly okay, but that she is not to come out of her room under any circumstances.

Claire is outside running around like a muppet first trying to get Tracey to come out, then over to the Barlows to get them to come help get her out. She explains that Charlie is playing music very loudly which she fears is to drown out Tracey's screaming. Peter and Deidre are concerned, but Ken thinks that it could be that Charlie just needed to listen to some tunes.

While the Barlows pound on the door, Tracey takes a few extra minutes to set up the crime scene. She grabs a knife from the kitchen (spilling the cutlery drawer all over the place) and places it in Charlie's hand - then she decides to cut her hand first with the knife before putting it back in his hand.

She dumps her luggage all over the place and then takes the mobile, calls the police, and sobs on the phone as she opens the front door in order for her family to hear her say, 'I think I've killed my boyfriend'.

Peter rescues Amy from upstairs while Ken continues the conversation with the police explaining that Charlie is indeed dead. Tracey is rushed over the the Barlow house where she tells the family (and Claire) how she tried to leave him Charlie. She does a very nice touch by explaining how she took Claire's advice and wore the clothes SHE wanted to, not ones dictated by Charlie. She goes on to say that Charlie said that he'd rather see her and Amy dead. She manages to get Amy upstairs before he comes at her with a knife.

She's clinging to Amy and the family suggest that Amy go upstairs before the police arrive, but Tracey starts to panic saying that she won't let Amy go. She starts saying, 'What have I done.' and I think at this point, realizing that she might lose Amy in all of this that she panics in earnest.

At this point, Blanche walks in wrapping her bathrobe around her and says, 'Have I missed something? I fell asleep in the bath.' - SOLID GOLD!!!

There Are Another Set of Cops on the Street
The police arrive, the paramedics arrive and most importantly two dectives arrive to talk to Tracey. They introduce themselves and D.S. Somethingortother and D.S. Campbell (the D.S. standing for Dectetive Sexy).

The family is *shocked* to learn that if someone phones into 999 with a confession of murder and a bloody body is found, that the police actually have to arrest the confessor. Peter thinks that the police should give her a pat on the back.

News of Charlie's demise spreads and the towns folk react accordingly.

Meanwhile, back on the farm, parametics work on Charlie and we see a slight twitch in his hand......

Tracey is taken into custody and as she enters the street, she is greeted with cheers of support, except for Maria who says, 'Tracey's no angel herself.'

As Charlie is wheeled out to the ambulance, everyone is shocked to see that instead of a body bag, Charlie has been equipped with oxygen mask.

The Barlows are thrilled to see this as this means Tracey can't be charged with murder. Deidre rushes to the police car to tell Tracey happy news.

Tracey is less than delighted.

In Other Totally Related News
On the street, Ashley comes to comfort Claire who we find out may have a even MORE annoying cry that Deidre. Glacia prays to St.Ginger - patron saint of "make-it-stop". Norris points out that she has some blood on her shirt and as she screams, he corrects himself and says that it's probably just from Ashley apron.

Liz is concerned about Amy. No kidding? Oh that's right, you're her FREAKIN' grandmother. Well, at least your worried now.

Jason offers to go to the hospickle with Charlie as he has no one else.

Norris Cole Has Seen CSI
Norris offers his help to the police as the eyes and ears of the community and feels he can give them very valuable information on the case.

He also makes sure that Charlie and Tracey are paid up on their newspaper subscriptions.

Glacia Has Not Seen CSI
She will however make a few observations about Tracey's foolproof scheme.

#1 - Tracey cuts the front and back of her hand with two very precise cuts. How is that going to look ANYTHING like defense wounds?

#2 - Tracey puts the knife Charlie's hand and makes his hand firmly grasp it. Wouldn't he have, oh I don't know, dropped it while being bashed over the head?

#3 - How is she going to explain the blood on the couch? Was he sitting as he visciously came at her with a knife?


Anonymous said...

I LOVE Norris: "I have seen CSI you know."

And yes, Clair's sobs are extremely annoying. It was great that Tracey kept saying "he seemed mad, didn't he Clair?" Clair as Tracey's alibi -- how ironic.

And Maria: Tracy's no angel. How right she is...


Trudy C said...

Did you all hear me scream when Charlie fell to his knees? That was priceless! The writers have a way of doing up a murder scene. Like when Richard Hillman tried to kill Emily - she was watching a horror movie - and when he killed Maxime, you heard the screams from the tv.

I don't think Tracy stabbing herself will help her defense - definately not self defense type of wounds.

And I truly believe that Tracy was genuine when she didn't want to let go of Amy - don't think she thought of that aspect of it.

Now my dilema, leaving on a jet plane this evening for Vancouver and coming back on Sunday, so I won't see tonight's episode. I should have looked at the Corrie schedule before I booked the tickets!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I imagine the fact that she hit Charlie twice will come up - she mentioned it to Peter at the Barlow's as she was worried that would not help her self defense story.

Anonymous said...

I think Amy is much safer in the dishwasher than out of it.

I loved that Blanche missed everything! Since she spends her days exercising her Polish hip walking around gossiping, it is priceless that she missed something this huge!

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

OMG, I wanted to reach into the TV and smack Claire. Her cry is obnoxious, but she also made it all about her (in a very un-Claire-like way).

I don't think Tracy's story is going to hold up at all - the knife wounds are way off, and if he's charging at her with a knife, how does she gets close enough to whack him over the head without being stabbed in the process?

Also, if I were an abused woman, and I thought I killed my attacker, only to find out that he is still alive, I would panic, because that would mean he could come after me again, right? So I think the proper reaction would have been, "He's not dead? He's going to kill me - you have to protect me!" Not give a little "Oh goody" grin.


Anonymous said...

Excellent acting all around last night, though!

Norris was fabulous in his most obnoxious way.

Amy is going to need serious therapy...but they won't give her any, and then she can be the psycho teenager in 12 years, when David Platt is too old!


Anonymous said...


I'm sorry for your loss.


Jacqueline said...

I'm already planning to sit shiva.

Jacqueline said...

Amy is TOTALLY going to be a mess. Look how Tracey turned out and that I kind of blame on Ken and Deidre.

#1 - Ken's famous, "I don't want you I want Deidre' line.

#2 - After her kidney operation, Deidre refused to see her because of Samid. Ken didn't go around much either as he and D were on the outs at that point. I still remember her only visitor being Percy Sugden - who strangely enough really cheered her up.

Oh if only Percy were still alive, she would never have become the monster she is today.

pip said...

Was Tracy trying to make it look as though she'd been stabbed clean through her hand by poking both sides in the same place? Boy, that's not going to hold up. Also, I think swinging the 'mother and child' is a two handed affair, so she should have slashes on the backs of her hands and arms, if she's swinging while Charlie's stabbing, not a puncture wound on her palm.

Is Charlie left handed? Tracy put the knife in his left hand.

In the middle of all the drama I almost had to laugh when Peter carried that giant duvet downstairs that allegedly contained Amy. That was bizarre seeing Tracy speaking urgently to bedclothing. Maybe that scene was too intense for the little actress.

So in the middle of all the fuss in the Barlow household, where was Adam??? You'd have thought Ken might try to make a missing persons report to one of the DS's since they were already there.

Jacqueline said...

Yeah I was wondering the same thing, if she was trying to suggest the knife went straight through.

Good call on the left handedness. I don't know if he was a righty or a lefty, but I bet it comes up.

Anonymous said...

Just as a side note - we've seen DS Campbell before. When Steve took the blame for Moley's hit n' run, he was the cop who grilled Steve.

Jacqueline said...

oh that's RIGHT!!!!

I remember the accent now.

Good call John.

Debbie said...

ST. Ginger - the patron saint oif make it stop. HAHA!

I'm so hot for DS Campbell. I have been since the first time I saw him. I want to see more of him, and when I say more, I mean ALL of him.

Anonymous said...

DS Campbell also questioned Danny during The Case of the Spanish Will.

pip said...

I don't quite agree that Claire's hysterics were making it all about her. If she had been saying 'I did all I could, how was I to know he was trying to murder her', in a defensive way, and wanting reassurance that she had behaved well, then that would be making it all about her. But Claire is upset by the horror of what happened to Tracy and especially to Amy, and she feels that somehow she should have done more. That's pretty normal for someone who has been involved in a tragedy. A mother whose child has drowned in the family pool is not making it all about herself if she is desperate about her failure to protect her child.

I know most people loathe Ashley, but I loved the way he hugged Claire so tight. Exactly what she needed.

Trudy C, do you mean the airline ticket agents don't automatically check to make sure your travel plans don't coincide with crucial Corrie episodes!!!! A warning to us all. Constant vigilance!

Jacqueline said...

Trudy, will you catch tonight's episode?

I have it on pvr if you are in toronto.

Anonymous said...

Couple of things regarding last night's show - where were Claire's children while she was running around like a fool? I am concerned for the little girl who plays Amy, Tracey's hysterical screaming while sitting beside couldn't have been good for the child (who I am sorry to say is as bad of an actress as Bethany). I also think the the male detective was hot.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know if Charlie is/was left-handed? Cuz I think Tracey put the knife in the wrong hand.

Trudy C said...

I do live in Toronto area - I've put out e-mails to everyone in Vancouver to tape tonights episode. I will be on a plane for both tonights episode and Sunday's omnibus. How oh how could I have made plans for this week. I think I'll blame Air Canada for not advising me.

Anonymous said...

Trudy C - I work for AC. Maybe I can convince them to add Corrie to the in-flight entertainment. ;-)

Whitehorse Fan said...

I also thought about how awful it is for child actors when I saw Amy sitting next to Tracey having hysterics. She looks to be about 4 or 5, and it can't be easy separating reality from pretend. Maybe that is why she is such a lump, she is just in a constant state of trauma.

Debbie said...

The kids are pros. Plus, their parents have no doubt pushed them into showbiz. They are probably already lost causes.

pip said...

Good point about who was looking after Claire's children. Maybe they were both asleep by then. I get the impression (and could be completely wrong), that it is considered acceptable in England (as it was in Canada about 50 years ago), to pop out of the house for a few minutes while your children are sleeping. That's what the parents of Madeline McCann, the little girl who went missing in Portugal did, apparently without much censure.

Anonymous said...

The Case of the Spanish Will...

Does that make DS Campbell a Hardy Boy?!?!

That cracked me right up!


Anonymous said...

Re: the knife through the palm thing - that was weird - I mean, a slash would be way more realistic.

My theory is that she thought she would have a couple more minutes to get things prepped, and she just wanted there to be some blood...


Anonymous said...


It's interesting how everyone watches the same thing but puts their own lens on it, isn't it?...

Claire kind of reminds me of someone I know. Her reaction (in my view) was almost childlike:

I tried, I should have done more, it's all my fault, etc.

Which (with my acquaintance anyway) is code for:

Pay attention to me. Comfort me. Tell me it's not my fault. I did the best I could. Don't blame me.

Which (can you tell) irritates me beyond words!!!

Perhaps I'm being unfair to Claire. It's not like she normally reminds me of this person. It was the hysterical, childish sobbing that really set me off...


pip said...

I agree MF, considering all the weeks of careful planning that went into this Tracy really wasn't ready for the big day, I suppose because Charlie was suddenly insisting that she leave. I found the seductive lap dance routine to distract Charlie a bit contrived. Why didn't she just toss the CD remote on the floor and when Charlie bent over to pick it up, bash him then?

pip said...

Just read your last post, MF.

I think if I'd been through what Claire has been through I'd be crying hystericaly as well. For weeks she's been worried that Charlie would do something really horrible to Tracy, and now - from her point of view - he almost did and Tracy was put in the awful position of having to kill him to protect herself and Amy. Claire's the mother of small children. She can imagine how terrified Tracy must have felt. I don't think her behavior is out of the ordinary or attention seeking. She's a sensitive plant and she's been traumatized.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pip,

You must be on lunch too!

Claire is completely well-intentioned. I absolutely agree. But sometimes the nanny in her comes out a little too strongly.

She cannot fix everybody's problems, as much as she may want to. It's not like she didn't do anything - she comforted Tracy, warned her against Charlie, even gave her the number of a shelter.

But ultimately people make their own choices, even though they sometimes make the rest of us shudder.

Like I said, I think I was reacting to Claire's hysterical sobbing - she really reminded me of someone, and not in a good way.


Whitehorse Fan said...

I agree with Pip. When someone is involved in a traumatic situation, it's really common to respond by taking on the responsibility and thinking that they could have/ should have done things differently to save the day. Claire has been deeply drawn into this, and so her reaction is not out of line. And, I think she is going to keep blaming herself.

I didn't feel irritated by her at all.

Debbie said...

Pip, I think that kid in Portugal was actually murdered by her mother. So, her parents did pop out, but they poped back in to murder her.

That story was shocking. Who does that kind of thing?

Whitehorse Fan said...

And I think the self defence thing will be difficult for Tracey to sell for all the above reasons and Charlie said to Steve that he was kicking her out. He and Tracey have a history, so he won't be the best witness, but it will still be out there.

I think that if Amy and Chesney decide to pull a Bonnie & Clyde when they get older, we will all know why.

pip said...

Debbie, I haven't followed the McCann case very closely, so I don't know all the ins and outs of it, but I don't get the feeling the parents did it. I know parents are the first suspects (and I always suspect them first, too), but I just don't see a motive unless the killing was accidental and this is a cover up. But then, these people are doctors, aren't they? They wouldn't be the type to accidentally injure a child while inflicting corporal punishment or even in a fit of anger and then stand by to watch her die. Nor would they assault a child without fully comprehending the potentially deadly result. They'd have to be pretty cold-blooded to have killed her and then gone off to dinner leaving the other two babies sleeping in the apartment. Of course, I could be completely wrong.

Debbie said...


I am actually totally wrong. The kids parents are major suspects in the case but are in England right now. They have not been arrested however remain suspects.

pip said...

Debbie, I thought you were expressing a personal opinion that they did it. I think they were arrested in Portugal (when they were finally planning to leave that country for good) and then released. In the news footage I saw of them they looked absolutely spent and drained of emotion. Every parent's worst nightmare.

I experienced an inkling of what they went through about 10 years ago when my daughter, who was then only about 5, went missing in a very large and busy waterpark. I won't even hazard a guess as to how long it was before we found her because time lost all meaning, but all I could see in my mind's eye was her being driven far away from us in a car by some pedophile. It was horrible. I burst into tears when we found her, which scared the dickens out of her (and rightly so, as she had been hiding on us - though she only admitted this years later).

Anonymous said...

It is every parent's worst nightmare, I'm sure. That's what makes it so despicable when the parent fakes it, like that mother in North Carolina a few years ago, who said her car was carjacked with her kids in the back. Horrible.

I haven't been following the McCann case very closely, but I think the Portugese police named the parents as suspects, but I think that's as far as it went.


Anonymous said...

Wow, y'all have this case well and truly sussed out, I wouldn't want to be Tracey's defence lawyer with this bunch of detectives on the other side of the wicket.
We need more of the DS Campbell type in the real world. He seems to have Tracey figured out already and was ready to nail Danny's ass to the wall in The Case of the Spanish Will. (genius!)
Remember he told Danny he would be getting permission to access all financial records and if anything looked the least bit out of order (like a cheque for $50k issued to L. Battersby) he would be very, very sorry. And for once Danny looked less than confident, the cocky Cockney was shaking in his boots and within hours made the offer to give Adam part of the factory.


S. Poole
Roving lurker and sales rep

PS. Trudy C, you need a slingbox for catching Corrie on the road.

PPS. Just so you know, John is not kidding about Air Canada having Corrie on in flight telly, I've been able to catch it a few times on good old AC!