Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Bye Bye Charlie Update

taft funeral

Well, That Answered That
Who would show up to Charlie’s funeral….Jason, Maria, David, Sarah a few drinking mates and oh yeah…his killer. I honestly thought there would be a few more people from the street as these events (i.e. Bridcilla and Less’s fake wedding) tend to bring folks out – if not for curiosity sake. I’m surprised that the Croppers weren’t there.

But let’s take it from the top.

We see Deidre in the Barlows back yard moaning and sobbing about how she won’t wear black that that monster’s funeral. (yeah, whatever, we get it…he’s a MONSTER.). Ken tells her that they will have to be calm and collected for Tracey’s sake.

Meanwhile over at Stornaway, I mean, Strangeways – one of the screws* checks in on Tracey to see if she needs some sedative before going to the funeral. Tracey does her doe-eyed look and says no that she’d rather have a clear head.

Andrea Palmer asks why she’s bothering to go to the bastard’s funeral and Tracey says, ‘My lawyer says it’s good if I show remorse.’. (Oh Tracey, Tracey, Tracey, Tracey….). Andrea, just keeps reeling her in by saying that the jury won’t fall for the unstable abused wife act and Tracey retorts, ‘They haven’t seen mine.’ (Okay, now you're just being foolish.).

Back on the street, Fiz asks Maria if she is sure that she wants to go the funeral and Maria says yes because she did love him once and that she needs this. This I think explains some of Maria’s behaviour – I think she’s really just looking for closure of some sort and that understandable. Later she looks wistfully at Charlie’s work yard as David comes up to give her 'support' and tells her that they are ready to go over to the funeral with Jason and Sarah.

At the funeral home, Jason notices how completely empty the room is save themselves and a gang of Charlie mates. Then the Barlows show up and a mumbling ensues about why they are there. Tracey makes her entrance and I think she breaks the sound barrier with the speed in which her face went from smiles to 'distressed widow' sad face.

Jason, worried that Charlie is going to go to his eternal resting place without any kind of eugoogly, stands up and says a few words about Charlie being a good mate, good for a few laughs (Sorry? What? When, WHEN the HELL was Charlie ever funny?), and he taught Jason a lot of things.

At this point Ken makes an aside, ‘I hope he didn’t teach him everthing he knows.’. Now, Glacia isn’t a hugely superstitious person, but really, heckling during a funeral is really asking for some bad ass karma as far as I’m concerned.

Then the big red drapes close and Glacia giggles when she thinks of the old Dave Allen skit where after the drapes close, the casket comes back out for a encore performance. I tried to find the skit on youtube, but will have to make do with this one.

Maria is overwhelmed by it all, breaks down in tears** and runs out of the funeral, but not before saying to Tracey, ‘I hope you’re happy now!’. Tracey screams back, ‘Happy? This is all your fault you evil little cow!’. David follows her outside to give her support, but can’t understand why she’s crying over Charlie.

Everyone else leaves the funeral and as Tracey is being hauled off in the prison van, one of Charlie’s friend calls her a ‘murdering bitch’. Oh SNAP!

Oh yeah, there’s more crap Deidre crying.

David continues to give Maria 'support' and they head over to the café. When Maria continues to be sad about Charlie, David says, ‘Oh god, you’re not still going on about THAT are you?’. David, David, David…when you offer 'support' to someone, that means you have to listen to them go on and on and on and on about their ‘issue’ until your eyes glaze over, and your neck hurts from nodding. This whining and complaining may go on well past 23 minutes after funeral.

Even later, on the Maxine Peacock death bench, Maria contemplates moving from Weatherfield. David wisely decides to seduce her into staying by going in for a kiss. Maria, creeped out this move, jumps up and calls him a kid, a freak, and tells him that this moment is NOT all about him and his agenda and that he needs to stay the hell away from her.

*I’ve been waiting soooooooo long to say ‘screw’ on Corrie Canuck
** Marie could give Deidre crying lessons. I just noticed that Maria cries differently from Deidre, she does it all, kind of, good.

Jamie Oliver Takes On Weatherfield
The Battersby’s discuss over the breakfast table about Chez’s flight to Fizz. Cilla is convinced that he will be back shortly once he realizes that Fizz can’t give him what he needs.

Less thinks that Chez is trying to teach them all a lesson. My god, Less, do you think there’s anything possibly wrong with the fact that you think a 12 year old needs to teach you a lesson?

Over at Fizz’s Swinging Peroxide Scented Pad, she is getting all Canadian Living by cooking a good healthy dinner as suggested by a pamphlet from Chez’s school. That blond celebrity chef has obviously been around.

I Treasure You People
Becky shows up late for work and Haley and Roy notice that she is not wearing a jacket. When they ask, she tells them that someone from the hostel stole her best (aka 'only') jacket. They wonder if it wouldn’t be better for her if she got a flat no that she’s earning some cash. The age old problem of getting first and last month’s rent seems to be her obstacle.

After some discussion, Haley and Roy tell Becky that they are going to clean out some items from their flat and have a carboot sale. All the money from that sale will go to Becky’s first/last month rent fund.

She is overwhelmed that they would do that for her and a Mary Tyler Moore type group hug ensues.

Screw It, I Think I Actually Dig Her
It’s Paul and Karla’s 8th anniversary and he has something special planned for the evening…that is until he finds out that Liam is going to business meeting that night. Paul is too worried that younger brother will be taken advantage of, so he throws off the anniversary date in order to accompany Liam to the meeting.

Karla, consoles herself with a drink at the Rovers, where Michelle comes in looking very, very glam for her date with Sonny*** that evening.

Karla asks Steve if he would consider buying a lonely married woman a drink and Steve replies, ‘No offense, but you terrify me.’ (Bling, bling, Karla’s got Glacia points.)

Later, when some one asks her what she’s doing at the bar, she replies, ‘Just living the dream’. (Bling, bling, bling - double Glacia points.)

Please note, the current on Glacia to Debbie points exchange rate is 1.43.

In Other News
Kelly likes Liam, Liam fancies Joanne

Steve won’t stop pursuing Michelle.

***Glacia wonders if Sonny’s downfall is that he never says more than one sentence at a time. Maybe he’s just got a dull as dishwater personality which he covers up with flashy cars and a fleet of polo ponies.


Debbie said...

I love the healthy eating phamplet from a northern English school: liver and bacon, jacket potatos and mac and cheese.

Potato is an amazing vegitable.

FYI: that exchange rate is in favour of Debbie points.

pip said...

Thanks for the great update, Jacqueline. I really needed it because my daughter interrupted me in the middle of Charlie's funeral to talk to me about her homework, of all things, and as I am not quite as neglectful a mother as Cilla I had to give her a portion of my attention.

I think Tracy's biggest downfall is that she believes people in general are as horrible as she is and will sympathize with her no matter what, so they won't betray her if she tells them what she really did. (She views people like Claire as freaks and rarities). Also, she's fairly proud that she pulled Charlie's murder off and I bet she's just dying (well, not literally) to tell someone about it.

I loved it when Steve told Karla that she terrifies him. Finally, an instant of honesty from him! He also showed very good judgment. He couldn't handle Karen, no way can he handle Karla.

Whitehorse Fan said...

I loved Steve's moment as well.

I thought that Tracy's honesty with her cell mate was a bit unbelievable, myself. I can see that she probably wants to tell someone, but I thought she was just too honest, too quickly.

And what kind of high priced hoity toit lawyer doesn't warn their client that their cell mate may be a plant?

Whitehorse Fan said...

"And what kind of high priced hoity toit lawyer doesn't warn their client that their cell mate may be a plant?"

Cleverly disguised as a fern, Andrea Palmer gets Tracy to confess to Charlie's murder.

I crack myself up.

Trudy C said...

Tracy is digging herself in deeper and deeper.

On another note - it was nice to see Blanche's dog (name escapes me right now) the beautiful Border Terrier. I'm partial to that dog because I have a Border Terrier.

Charlie did teach Jason something - how to come on to your female clients. Remember he tried it with Gail?

MJ said...

"Glacia wonders if Sonny’s downfall is that he never says more than one sentence at a time."

Perhaps he's secretly the father of Bethany Platt.

Debbie said...

MJ, that was hilarious!

OK, I would like everyone who reads and comments on Corrie Canuk to write the following bit of information on a post-it note and stick it to their computer:

Blanche's dog is named Eccles. Like the little cakes from the cafe and Compton's before it closed.

It could also be spelled Eccels or Eckles. I'm not sure. But that is his name.

Anonymous said...

Doea anyone else remember that when Charlie got into Steve's cab he told Steve that Tracey would not be at the house when he got home -- that he chucked her out?

I'm imagining Steve having to testify to this.

Speaking of Karen, I just got a CD boxed set from the library, More Secrets of Coronation Street. Lovely bit on Karen and her departure.

Pip, you are a wonderful woman to actually speak to, and help, your child during Coronation. I usually yell things like "a half an hour, a bloody half an hour, can't you all survive for 30 minutes without me?" Or something like that...


kunzie said...

I also would have thought there would be more people at Charlie's funeral; he spent enough time partying in the city to make more than 4 friends.

I hope we get more of a storyline inside the prison. As a fan of Oz and Prison Break, I'd love to meet some other assorted characters "inside".

GoBetty said...

1. Any Charlie grave cam shots?
2. Um, "Paul and Karla"? Is it the character's real names?

I know I haven't watched in a while, but whaaaaa...?

pip said...

missusmac, I certainly think that (and say that sometimes), but as this is a child who, when younger, actually did tear a head off a barbie doll in a fit of anger (and to see if she strong enough to do it) I must do all that I can to stop her from becoming another Tracy Barlow. The doll's head actually had quite a pleasant life after that. It was adopted by one of our kittens, who would race around the house with it, hunching over it a growling from time to time, as if she were a lion with the body of some poor little antelope.

Jason hitting on Gail. Ew. I'd forgotten about that. Do you think he shudders every time he remembers. He must be glad she didn't go along with him; it certainly would have made his relaitonship with Sarah . . . awkward.

Did anyone else think Maria was a complete cow to David, calling him a creep. David has major problems, but, come on! Have a little heart.

Whitehorse Fan said...

Jason came on to Gail?? That is gross. How did that happen?

So her dislike of him isn't just because he is Eileen's son (and- until recenlty- an insensitive dolt)?

Summer said...

Totally agree with you on Maria acting entirely cruelly to David... and yeah, David's a little creep, but he didn't exactly deserve such vehemence from his idol.

Anonymous said...

Random comments about last night:

1. Calling David a creep is EXACTLY the kind of thing that is going to turn him into the Son of Sam. If you are basically mentally sound, that kind of rejection hurts. If you have a couple of wheels off the rails to begin with, next thing you know, you are strangling coeds with their pantyhose...

2. Speaking of David, I noticed last night: he and Deirdre have the SAME HAIRDO! I guess because they are never together, I never noticed before. Check it out!!!

3. Boy, Cilla's right back to cheesing me off - that didn't take long!

4. Do I get points for remembering that Eccles' original name was Lady Freckles? (Although I cannot remember the name of Blanche's dead friend who left her the dog in the first place!)

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...


That's a hilarious story! I wouldn't worry too much about your daughter at this point - a little destruction can be cathartic. (Of course, if her head spins all the way around, you should call a priest immediately!)

My cats do something very similar - they bat something, chase it, and then kind of crouch over it like a mother hen. No idea what that's all about, but it always makes me laugh.


Anonymous said...

Tracy needs to shut her trap, STAT.

When I was in the pokey, I basically took a vow of silence. My cellmate never got the opportunity to snitch on me. And I never gave Johnny Law the satisfaction of wearing me down.

Then someone baked me a cake with a file in it, and next thing you know, I'm back to being a respectable citizen...


Anonymous said...


It is probably healthier than what I am eating for dinner tonight (the joys of being single)!


Whitehorse Fan said...

You know, I think I have to support Maria a little here.

Yes, she overreacted. But, she was very clear with David that he was just her mate, way, way, back. And, he was trying to take advantage of her when she was feeling vulnerable over Charlie. I know he is just 16, but she has not had a good week, so maybe overreaction is understandable.

And, I think David's development into the Son of Sam was pretty well inevitable when he started writing his mum those cards.

Anonymous said...

Great update as always! I adore Jamie Oliver! His show when he went into the schools in the U.K. and fought for healthy food in the cafeterias was excellent. You wouldn't believe the junk they were feeding the kids!

Debbie said...

Pip, regarding Maria,

No. Maria was well within her rights and David is a creep. You gotta be creul to be kind. As WHF mentioned, Maria was straight with him from the beginning.

I have no troubly believeing that the schools in the UK were feeding kids crap.