Monday, October 01, 2007

But on the bright side...

Violet may have lost her baby but according to Swiss/French/Belgian feminist and critic Corinne Maier, quoted in a story in this weekend's Globe and Mail, it was probably for the best:
"We went to a family dinner in the suburbs of Paris. [...] And on the way back, the two of us thought that it would be nice to see an exhibition on Belgian surrealists. Once inside the museum, the children began to be awful." Laure said that the exhibition was "bullshit." Cecil began to scream, so Yves took him outside. "And I started yelling at him for this: 'Why aren't you more strong with him?' And we began to argue. We didn't see anything. And at that point, I thought, 'I really regret it, I regret having children.' "
So she went out and wrote a book about how having children prevents you from enjoying the finer things and because motherhood has been a bad experience for her, nobody should have children.

So cheer up, Violet. The next time you want to take an exhibit of Belgian surrealists, just remember that you won't be burdened by badly behaving children who don't appreciate such things.

Cecil and Laure, for their part, regret having parents.


Jacqueline said...

It's difficult being Swiss.

papasmurf said...

I thought the author was French.

Anonymous said...

I gleaned from the comments that the author is Swiss, lived in France, and now lives in Belgium.

Jacqueline said...

That story just smells wait...I'll jsut leave the Swiss alone.

Anonymous said...

Ah, here we are:

"Corinne Maier, née le 7 décembre 1963 à Genève, est psychanalyste ; elle exerce à Bruxelles ou elle fréquente des artistes belges (Jan Bucquoy etc...) et Paris."

From Wikipédia

Jacqueline said...

And the headline says 'French Mom' further the artical speaks of her 'Gallic nonchalance'.

If you don't kids, don't have them...nothing wrong with that.

But once you have them, keep your regrets to yourself. If give interviews about how much you reget having're a shit.

I hope her kids write nice long Mommy Dearest books in 10 years time.

Anonymous said...

She makes a lot of good points about the way society gives a moral imperative to childbearing and I understand that. People have glommed onto this idea that the lives of the childless are hopelessly empty when compared to the lives of people who have had children. That's fine and I think that idea needs to be challenged more.

But, yeah, don't go into an art gallery and become disappointed when your children act like, well, children.

westcoast fan/pip said...

So mother and father act like children, yelling at and bickering with each other, because neither of them has bothered to learn even the most basic of parenting skills such as:
1. patience,
2.don't take small tired children to surrealist exhibitions where they will be bored out of their skulls and blame you for it,
3. don't use swear words in front of your children because they will inevitably throw them back at you in public, and
4. don't fight with each other over parenting issues in front of the children.

From this she concludes that she should never have had children because it has ruined her life. More to the point, its probably ruined her children's lives. Bad enough that she passed her non-nurturing genes on to them, but now she has irreperably harmed them by her public acknowledgement (for gain) of how much she hates having to raise them. My gawd, she makes Cilla look like June Cleaver!

In her old age, when her children say, 'sorry mom, we don't like having you creaking around the house, because you prevent us from enjoying the finer things in life', and they pop her into a substandard extended care facility, will she regret her regrets?

Whitehorse Fan said...

Yeah, it was actually kind of a weird article. The book seems to be a satire to show that motherhood is idealized, and for many women, it akin to enslavement. But then, it also seemed she was really just bitter. What I take from it is that psychiatrists are crazy (hell, if she can engage in gross generalizations, then so can I.)

Whitehorse Fan said...

Correction: psychoanalysts are crazy.

Jacqueline said...

She makes a lot of good points about the way society gives a moral imperative to childbearing and I understand that.

I totally understand that. Society can be kind of pissy to people who choose not to have kids. (Glacia knows.).

We've chosen not to have kids, but if I actually somehow ended up with children I'd sure as hell be a mensch and raise them without telling the world how much I regret it - kids don't need to grow up with that kind of guilt. (Our kids would be in a jewish/catholic household anyway, where guilt is an artform and can be done is so much more subtle ways.)

Rob Swizzle said...

I love the idea of a kid denouncing an art show as "bullshit." Sounds more like an Albertan standing in front of "Voice of Fire" at the National Gallery than a child.

Anonymous said...

I bet that back at home she is telling them she loves them and stuffing their pockets full of spending money from the profits of her book.

A shocked reading public is gold, and the story doesn't even have to be true. (See A Million Little Pieces.)

~missusmac, who has four kids and is pissed she didn't think of this book idea first. And whose children would have said "this is crap", not "this is bullshit" because they do have SOME manners.

Jacqueline said...

You know, I was thinking the same thing a few days ago.

Sit the family down say, I'm going to write this god awful book that everyone will buy and will make us rich...but don't worry I loves you.