Sunday, September 16, 2007

Weekly Recap of September 10th – 14th, 2007

(Original UK Broadcast December 15th – December 20th)


Violet is still pissed at Sean for not telling her about Jamie and Frankie. Jamie tries to apologize to her but she’s too upset. Sean defends his right to keep Jamie’s secret. But Violet has enough of secrets and announces to the pub that Jamie’s sleeping with his step mom while she’s pregnant with his child. Norris takes notes and spreads the word.

Frankie comes home from Spain and finds out everyone knows about her and Jamie, Violet’s pregnant and the paper Danny gave Jamie is worthless. Oh, and Warren’s not speaking to her. She’s distressed, to put it mildly.

Frankie confronts a very angry Violet. They get nowhere. Frankie tells Eileen that Jamie is the best person she’s known and Eileen seems to understand. Frankie and Jamie eventually start to worry about Danny. They decide to call Danny’s mom, Viv, but she hasn’t heard from him either.

Viv, suddenly shows up on the street. She drags them down to the police station where Frankie has to identify a body that was found in the river. It isn’t Danny. Frankie and Jamie try to hide the truth at first but Jamie decides the best time to be honest is at the pub. The entire Rover’s watches as Viv finds out her grandson is sleeping with her former daughter-in-law.

She practically accuses them of off’ing her son. The rumor then circulates on the street is that Jamie and Frankie killed Danny. Becky and Janice are particularly nasty to Frankie. The cops reproach Frankie for not being honest about her relationship with Jamie and its effects on Danny. Frankie confronts Jamie on his anger towards Danny, wondering where the limits were. Did he kill Danny?


Tracy plans to unload Amy on Steve for Christmas so she and Charlie can have a few days of ‘uninterrupted pleasure.’ She tells Steve it’s because Charlie’s not a fan of Christmas, giving Steve the impression there’s something wrong.

Tracy goes to the Platt’s to borrow a needle and thread and continues to spread the rumor that Charlie hates Christmas. Claire invites them over for Christmas Eve and Tracy accepts. Charlie actually wants to go until Tracey convinces him they’d have more fun alone together. She declines Claire’s invitation, implying it was Charlie’s decision.


Bev ‘takes care’ of Josh by letting him load up on pop and trash the house. Then she installs a real tree in the Peacock residence when Claire wanted to get a fake tree. Claire and Ashley try to convince Bev she’d be happier spending Christmas with Shelley. Finally they just come out and ask her to give them Christmas to themselves. She calls Shelley and decides to leave the Street permanently. But she’s firm about scattering her half of Fred’s ashes where he proposed – the lay-by on the A1. Apparently Claire hasn’t been wearing her glasses for weeks. And no, I didn’t notice either, Norris.

Bev starts to pack up “a few little keepsakes”, more like half the pub, to take with her to Shelley’s.


The Battersby-Browns wait for test results on Cilla’s cancer. Fizz tells Les they have to make the most of Cilla’s birthday ‘while she’s still here’, but she wants nothing to do with it. They throw her an ‘un-birthday’. Chesney struggles with the idea of losing his mum.

Cilla gets her test results on her birthday. Yana and Les wait for the news together at the pub. Cilla’s tests are negative for cancer and she kisses the doctor. Back at home, Chesney lets it slip to her that Yana and Les were up to no good when Cilla was away. Cilla decides to let on that she still has cancer and that it’s terminal. Even Janice admits she wouldn’t have wished this on Cilla.

Les becomes a big baby about Cilla’s ‘death’, intending to smoke and drink himself into oblivion. But when Cilla decides she wants to go to Florida to swim with dolphins, Les decides to give up his cans and fags to give her her dream.

She stops at taking Chesney’s paper money and doesn’t feel right about the Rovers collecting tip money for her. Instead, she decides to hold a sponsorship drive. Yana and Les will sit in a tub of beans to raise money for Cilla via signatures and pledges. The event will be held Christmas Eve.


Steve asks Michelle out on a date. Eileen tells him to ditch the Elvis ‘do, so he gets a haircut. Vernon takes a gig for his band, Rock Rhythm Rascals. He wants to ask Michelle to sing. Liz isn’t too pleased. Nor is she pleased about Michelle dating Steve. Michelle has to cancel the date with Steve to do the gig.

Jason buys the Platt’s a real Christmas tree. They already have one, but he and Sarah confirm plans for later. Clearly it’s starting back up.

Gail tries to get the pudding recipe out of Roy, determined to give Sally a run for her money on Christmas prep. She also buys David a little, dark blue hatchback beater to work on, presumably to keep him out of trouble. He’s quite astonished and actually gets into it. Audrey thinks he’s just being rewarded for bad behavior.

Sophie ‘knows things’ about people. She reveals to Rita that she knows about the time Alan Bradley used Len Fairclough's name to borrow money. Rita is astonished. Vera gets into it; Sophie does a séance for her in which Vera admits to flying knickers on a flagpole and hiding a gendarme’s hat for 25 years. Blanche doesn’t buy this whole psychic thing.


MJ said...

I'm enjoying the "Psychic Sophie" storyline as it keeps the memories of old Corrie characters alive.

Debbie said...

That was great. I like the weekly round-up.

Rob Swizzle said...

The weekly was fun and well organized by family. Good job.