Friday, September 28, 2007

Update - Thursday September 27, 2007

Bob the Builder – No, it’s Roger.

Janice's plumber turns up at the house and introduces himself as Roger Stiles, the plumber. Janice complains to him how he took so long to respond. In the meantime, Janice watches Roger at work and he says This is the little blighter that's been giving you all the trouble. I'll have your cockles warm again in no time!' (Insert loads of jokes here) Janice instantly becomes mesmerized with Roger and finds other jobs around the house for him to do. She hands him a cheque and some money and tells him to get a pint, but he doesn't take the extra money. So Janice adds, ‘Well if you are ever in The Rovers I owe you a pint. The Rovers, or the Weathy Arms?'

Later, Janice tells the girls about her plumber and how he did loads of other jobs for her around the flat. The consensus is that he must really like Janice.

Knickers in a Knot.

Tracey comes home from the sales and Charlie complains she has come home late. Tracey tells him of the song she has in her head, 'I was feeling insecure. Don't you love me any more? I began to lose control....' Charlie responds by finishing the lyrics, "I'm just a jealous guy", and adds that he doesn’t need to be. She reaches into a bag and tosses a pair of sexy underwear over to him. Charlie smiles, 'Oh yes, I like these. I mean, I like a joke with the next man.' She smiles and says, 'Oh I am not joking Charlie.'
He retorts, 'Oh yes you are. Believe me, you are.'

Liam barges into Jamie's home and tells him that he's just had a call from Danny, and that he should expect another business partner in a few days , and that he doesn’t expect Danny will be coming back. Jamie responds and tells him, that it is none of his concern. Later in the pub, Liam tells Carla and Paul that he is getting anxious about the prospect of a new business partner. Paul tells him not to worry as they can cancel the deal if they don’t like it.

At Number 11, Violet still lies unconscious in the hall. Norris pushes a magazine through the mail slot. The ambulance arrives and Norris is curious who it is for and the driver says for a young woman. Norris goes off to fetch Eileen. The driver sees Violet in the hallway. Rita gets Eileen from Streetcars and tells Eileen that Violet is in trouble. Violet is moved into the ambulance in a stretcher and Eileen tells the paramedic that Violet is eleven weeks pregnant. Sean arrives and sees what has happened. Eileen quickly explains to him and tells him to go find Jamie and follow her on to the hospital.

Sean goes off to find Jamie in the pub and tells Liz and Michelle that Violet has been rushed to the hospital. Liam overhears and tells him he might be at his house.

The ambulance arrives at the hospital with Violet. The paramedic tells the doctor the situation with Violet and her condition. The doctor orders her to be prepped for the emergency room as soon as possible. The doctor asks Eileen her medical history and tells her that she has internal bleeding and that she is a “very sick young woman”. Jamie, Sean and Michelle arrive at the hospital and are told by Eileen the doctor says they think Violet has internal bleeding. Jamie asks if it is the baby but Eileen tells him she doesn't know. Michelle tells them they should call Violet's family and let them know. Jamie tells her she doesn't get on with her family.

Everyone anxiously waits for news on Violet. The doctor appears and walks over to the group and tells them Violet has suffered an entopic pregnancy. He explains to them, that's where the egg lodges itself in one of the tubes rather than the womb. When it gets too big it can perforate the tube causing internal bleeding. Eileen tells him, 'But she had a pain in her arm.' The doctor explains that the internal bleeding caused pressure throughout her body. The doctor tells them they did an emergency operation to stop the bleeding and unfortunately, she lost the baby.


Jacqueline said...

Glacia's new motto, 'A lipstick and bottle opener are the only tools I need!'

Great update!

pip/westcoast fan said...

Great update, Mayfair Girl!

When Liam was whinging on about how some bloke he didn't know had bought Danny's shares and was going to horn in on the business I felt like screaming at the screen 'and what is it you did, Liam, when Danny was off on holiday and you bought Adam's shares!!!' Sheesh. Grow up.

Loved that exchange between Sarah and Jason, when Jason said it might have been better if Holly hadn't been born (just the way it was better that Violet was losing her baby) and Sarah said people used to say that to her about Bethany. Jason: 'that's different, Bethany has a personality'. She has??? Well, she keeps leaving it behind in the dishwasher, then. My god, the writers must be in stitches on the floor sometimes when they write this stuff.

Whitehorse Fan said...

I know there was supposed to be high drama with Violet last night, but I thought the whole epsiode was ho-hum. They spent more time looking for Jamie than on what was going on with Vi. It felt like nothing really happened.

Kristin said...

i completely agree with pip/westcoast fan. my husband and i couldn't help but roar with laughter at sarah's comment about bethany's personality. i've not seen it yet. she's the most useless child actor i've seen since cousin oliver joined the brady bunch.

Anonymous said...

Kristin: I completely agree with you regarding Bethany. Baby Holly has more personality.

BBC said...

corries great dont dis