Friday, September 07, 2007

Update - September 6, 2007 - Doctor! Doctor! Can't you See I'm Burning Burning?

A favourite song from the 80's: Doctor! Doctor!, Thompson Twins
(Due to PVR issues this update is less detailed than most entries, feel free to make any additions in the comment section. My apologies.)

Tracy is worried that her devious plan is at risk after Claire sees her and Charlie enjoying each other’s company in the pub. In a desperate bid to reignite Claire’s concern, she scalds herself with a hot iron. (Just watching that was painful!) Tracy screams with pain when she notices Claire and Bev in the back garden, knowing that caring Claire will hurry over to help her. Tracy’s scheming is successful as Claire instantly believes that Charlie has attacked her and insists on taking her to the medical centre.

Over at the clinic Tracy continues to make herself look like an innocent victim to Gail. Claire has mentioned to Gail that she thinks it might be the work of Charlie, Gail tells her she will get the doctor to make a note of it. Tracy sees the doctor and jokes how clumsy she is saying it was really “nothing”. Both Gail and Claire look at each other thinking about Charlie. On their return to the street, they nearly bump into Charlie and she is forced to seek refuge at Claire’s at her insistence. Tracy knows she has her right where she wants her. Claire now believes that Tracy is a victim of mental and physical abuse at the hands of Charlie. They go into Claire’s where Tracy confides after several denials, that yes, it is the work of Charlie. Tracy swears Claire to secrecy knowing full well she will tell the rest of the street.

Chesney and Sophie are walking into the Kabin singing songs of long ago behind Jack Duckworth. Jack turns around and asks what they are referring to and how Sophie knows the songs.

Inside the Kabin, Sophie mentions a woman’s name and Jack is taken aback as she utters a name of a woman used to know and insisting Vera never hear what Sophie has said.

At the Rovers, Violet has discovered that she is pregnant and decides on a termination. Michelle offers to go with Violet to the clinic and tells Liz that she has an appointment at the hospital so that Liz doesn’t suspect Violet. Violet picks up the phone and calls a taxi to Albert Street to the clinic. Michelle wants to know if it is Streetcars she has called and Violet lets her know it was a different firm. As Violet waits anxiously in the clinic, Michelle urges her to tell Jamie about the baby. Meanwhile, back at the pub, Liz becomes suspicious about Michelle’s appointment at the clinic and starts to make inquiries with Steve, just how close they have become… When the girls return from the clinic Liz takes Michelle in the back room. (Does Liz know anything about being an employer?) Liz accuses Michelle of being pregnant and implies Steve being the father. Michelle laughs this off and goes back into the pub and back to work. Violet remains uneasy all day, making slight mistakes and does not seem her normal self. Later in the back, Michelle and Violet have a chat and she decides she wants to keep the baby, thinking she might not have this opportunity again.

On the other side of the bar, Gail has joined Bill and Audrey for a drink. Despite her earlier opinions of him she begins to enjoy his company and doesn’t object when Audrey invites him to spend Christmas with them.
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westcoast fan said...

My gawd Liz is a nosy parker - the audacity of asking an employee if she's pregnant! At this rate poor Steve will never get a girlfriend. (Remember how Liz and Bev tailed Steve and Shelly to the restaurant when they went out on a date?) Steve definitely needs to grow some-you-know-whats. How on earth did he father Amy without them?

And where was Amy supposed to be during this drama of Tracy's? Claire's failure to alert Steve to what's supposedly going on in the household is baffling. I suppose the excuse is that Claire's really enjoying being Tracy's 'saviour'. Remember how she invited everyone in for drinks and snacks after the fake fight?

I don't think Gail was all that chuffed about having Bill over for Christmas dinner, but there wasn't much she could do about it, seeing that Audrey asked her in front of Bill and in the pub.

Anonymous said...

Mayfair, the summary is great.

I agree about Liz. She is not a bad character, but is a terrible boss. Asking Michelle if she is pregnant is beyond the pale, but she is also constantly nagging her employees (except Vern, who is the one who should be nagged). My very insightly husband said that she is probably uncomfortable with authority, and this is the way it is coming out. That and she needs to leave Steve alone.

I also agreed that Gail was less than pleased to invite Bill over for Christmas.

Whitehorse Fan

Anonymous said...

"My very insightly husband". Hah! I think I invented a new word. Perhaps is should mean "almost unsightly". Although my husband is not at all unsightly, though he is insightful (sp?)

Whitehorse Fan

Jacqueline said...

Excellent update...I love the title!

Anonymous said...

Liz and Steve are a lot alike in some respects and she has been closer to her Steve than the other twin son Andy. But it is odd how Liz always has a tendency to dislike the women in Steve's life that are good for him and likes the losers that aren't good for him. It's like she wants his women to be hand-picked to suit her. Set him free Liz focus on yourself darling.

Great update, doctor doctor can't you see I'm burning burning....nice touch.

Corrie Camper

Anonymous said...

Vince St Clair(e?) and Dulcie Froggat, now those are blasts from the past. Dulcie was Jack's bit-on-the-side way back in his window cleaning days. I wonder if our Sophie has been earwigging on Kevin and Bill reminiscing about the good old days on the street and overheard those two particularly juicy memories of Jack. I imagine the whole sordid tale would be common knowledge amongst the older Corrie folk, especially with Vera eventually finding out way back when. Anyone remember when Jack tried to install his own gas fireplace and ended up with the nickname "Sooty", given him by Bet Lynch? I've been watching this show way too long!


S. Poole