Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Update - September 5th, 2007 - Pregnant Pauses

If Violet Has Jamie's Baby and Jamie Marries Frankie, What Does that Make Frankie?

In the bathroom at the Rovers, Michelle finds Violet looking distraught, well, more so than usual. She asks if Violet has a hangover. Violet says no. She asks if she has a stomach flu. Violet says no. She jokingly asks if Violet is pregnant. Violet says "WHY DON'T YOU MIND YOUR OWN FLAMING BUSINESS?!"

Later, in the back room at the Rovers, Michelle and Violet are alone and Violet apologises for snapping at her earlier but yes, she fears she may be pregnant. Michelle asks if she knows who the father is (fair question on this show) but Violet gets a little a offended and says it's Jamie.

Michelle suggests she get a home pregnancy kit, otherwise she'll drive herself crazy until she knows for sure.

Later in the bathroom, Violet takes the test and tells Michelle it came out blue. Violet is pregnant. She says it must have happened on holiday two months ago as they only had sex the once (and worse for Violet, Jamie probably called her 'Frankie' in bed).

She's dreading telling Jamie but Michelle thinks she should as there is no reason she should go through this alone. Violet says she is considering having an abortion quickly and quietly.

I Hate Ironing, Too

At the Charlie-Tracy love nest, Charlie is getting ready to go to a job in Wigan but worries it may get scuttled if it rains. I changed trains in Wigan once. It was raining. He then notices that the house is a dump and that Tracy has let herself go. Tracy tells him to go to Hell Wigan and never come back.

He did not heed her advice as Charlie comes back later, saying that it's raining in Wigan (see?). He notices that the curtains are shut but Tracy says it's to keep the sunlight off the TV. He says she seems depressed but she denies it. He then tries to kiss her but she pulls away.

He says if she's a couch potato, won't have sex with him, and won't forgive him for Maria, then he wants out.

Tracy claims she can change and starts putting the moves on him. He says it would be too much like she was putting on an act. She says it isn't an act and they begin kissing.

Later Charlie comes down to find Tracy in a nothing but an apron and ... ironing? He says she hates ironing but she thought she'd do some of his shirts for him. They then decide to go across to the Rovers for dinner. (Have they ever turned on that stove?)

At the Rovers, they play Happy Families and Ashley notices to Claire how happy they look. Meanwhile, Violet is screwing up drink orders, thanks to that uterine parasite growing inside her. As they leave, Charlie gets a call about a lumber order and Claire catches up with Tracy and asks her how things are. Tracy pretends to look stressed out, saying things are so-so. Claire, oblivious, says that's lovely and walks off.

In the house, Tracy stares a good long time at the iron before picking it up and applying it to her forearm, where it leaves a burn mark. She later downs half a bottle of vodka and is about to burn herself again.

Amy Barlow? Still at Ken and Deirdre's.

In Other News

Bill gets a key to Audrey's. Sally thinks it's all so sordid but Kevin says, knowing his dad, it's not all that surprising and they're adults anyway, despite the fact that Bill is still married to Whatsherface. You know, Maureen.

Jamie tells Liam and Paul Connor about Danny's note, leaving all his possessions, including his share of the factory, to him. They think it's a bit of joke and suggest they'll need to see something a little more official than a note on a cocktail napkin. Jamie mentions it to Sean, who suggests that if Danny was dividing up his worldly goods, Jamie may need to consider the possibility that Danny is dead.


Jacqueline said... you type these things as you watch?

Debbie said...

John, that picture is fantastic. I applaud you!

Anonymous said...

I'll have you know it took me 90 minutes to do tonight's update, including all that hard Photoshop work.

Anonymous said...

Tracey is one scary woman.

BTW, Norris said to Connor kid "I know where you live".

Where DO they live?


Anonymous said...

Also, excellent photo and update. Thank you for the hard work, John!


westcoast fan said...

Love that photo and the link to the scary uterine parasite article! Poor Vi, can nothing go right in her life? I think she and Sean should play happy families in a platonic, best friends sort of way, and they could make Eileen the godmother, now that she's cut her teeth on Freddy, so to speak.

I have a feeling things are coming to a head in the Stubbs/Barlow household. One does not idly burn one's inner arm for no purpose.

I can't believe this bit of dialoge:

Liam's brother (Paul, is it?): If you want to transfer ownership of a partnership you have to go through proper channels.

Jamie: I was hoping we wouldn't have to go legal.

Come again???? Even in the freaky world of soap opera surely people aren't so shstupid as to believe they can become a partner (actually a shareholder and a director) of a business just by a handshake?

Liam, with his best Monty Python voice: 'suicidal fathers threatening to jump off overpasses and distributing scrawled bequests on the backs of envelopes is no basis for the transfer of business interests. Supreme executive power derives from a legal share transfer, not from some farcical written note.'

Jacqueline said...

No doubt it took you 90...I'm just amazed at the speed at which you post.

Brill update.

Pink Lady said...

I hate to iron too. I especially forget it when I forget to take my shirt off prior to ironing. Fortunately, that hasn't happened for some time.

Fab update, btw

Debbie said...

I have to say that while, yes, I have seen all these episodes one thing happened last night that I didn't catch the first go-round. This trip to Wigan, I think it is BS. Charlie is playng away. When he answered the phone, he had the truncated conversation of a cheating man. Is the lumber yard really delivering vynal flooring? That smirk on his face said it all.

I am loving Sally Webster's attitude toward Bill and Audrey. Hello, Pot. Kettle calling. I can't believe that BILL is setting a bad example for the girls. Hellooooo you were having an affair with Ian Davenport, the father of Rosie's bessie mate, and she caught you!

Anonymous said...

I missed what the shot was Gail gave Eileen something about the buffet...just as she passed her and they were going into Claire's after the church. Sometimes I can't get what they say even after replaying it...

For a split second there when Audrey and Bill took off together in the car and the families were all out there on the street shocked (?) I thought hmmm like father like son maybe one day how about Kevin and Gail...

Photoshop work of Violet is great and is that a true story or what regarding the parasite it sounds like a joke.

Corrie Camper

Rob Swizzle said...

When Claire ran up to Tracy outside the pub in the bright sunshine, her skin was lilac. She needs to spends some time on Cilla's sunbed.

Anonymous said...

Corrie Camper:

The uterine parasite story is a parody from the Onion.

Mayfairgirl said...

The reason Kevin is so laid back about his dad's cheating is because he had an affair with part owner Natalie who also used to work at the Rovers.

Poor Violet. I wish something would go right for her, she spends almost all of her time worrying.

John, LOVED the picture!


Anonymous said...


Thanks had to put another quarter in brain....

Corrie Camper

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the Onion. And the photo is great John. I am sure they didn't airbrush Violet.

Whitehorse Fan

Anonymous said...

Things I didn't believe about last night's episode:

1. Claire: Wait. You suspected Charlie of abuse. Now they're cuddly at the Rovers, and suddenly everything's OK? So, the Tardis took everybody back in time and the abuse never happened? How's that work? An abusive relationship is still abusive, even if they are having cuddles...

2. Jamie: Yes, no need to get all "legal" with this stuff. I'm sure Liam and Paul will just make room for you in their pack. (Even Adam had more sense than that!)

3. Violet: I get that Michelle caught her in the act (of upchucking) but still, once she knew, why is she talking to Michelle and not her buddy Sean? As a matter of fact, does Sean even work at the Rovers any more? He hasn't put in a shift in a while, unless I haven't been paying attention. (Always possible.)

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

Totally believable things about last night's episode:

1. Charlie: First of all, he manipulation of Tracy last night proves why he is the king.

Also, Debbie, thanks for mentioning that about his "work at Wigan". When it was going down, I had a fleeting thought, but dismissed it as paranoid on my part.

2. The reactions of Kev, Sal and Gail at the behavior of their parents. Gail and Sally would be absolutely shocked (regardless of their own behavior, past or present) whereas Kev is probably just planning for his own escape.


Anonymous said...

Oh, and one more thing. This is awful, so if you get squemish, don't read any further.

When Violet first said she was pregnant, I wondered - if it's a boy, will Frankie be able to move onto a third generation in about 20 years?

I know. I'm a monster.


westcoast fan said...

Is Charlie playing away, or was he trying to set Tracy up so he could return unexpectedly and catch her at whatever it is she is up to (because he knows she is up to something!)

I agree that Gail and Sally would be squicked by Audrey and Bill's behavior no matter how badly they had themselves behaved in the past.

I think Violet isn't telling Sean or anyone else because if she decides to go through with the abortion she won't want anyone to know.

I'm guessing we have seen the last of Frankie on the show (given how big she was getting). How are they going to write her out? Will Warren talk her out of her sordid affair with his brother or will he (stop eating if you're going to keep reading) suddenly see his mother in a new light and decide to take a chapter out of Jamie's book.

Tvor said...

So Kevin just dismisses Bill's infidelity. It surprises me after all the upset he caused when he had a fling with Natalie. He dind't like it very much when Sally had the flings with Greg and Chris though he did manage to suppress his suspicions about her cohorting with Ian Davenport and believed her lies then. Maybe if Maureen was actually his mother he'd be more upset. I'm surprised that Audrey, just minutes after losing Fred whom she thought she loved so much, is hopping into the sack with Bill and persuing him like a 15 year old.

Debbie said...

Tvor, Audrey didn't love Fred. It was obvious jealousy that he had moved on to Bev. I think that she'd admit that if given the chance.

Jacqueline said...

No, I think Audrey did love Fred very much, but in a platonic way. I think she chased after him for fear of losing that relationship.

Audrey chasing Bill doesn't suprise me. This is old school Audrey coming out, the one who needs a partner in her life and the one who quite frankly likes a good time.

I'm not excusing either Bill or Audrey, but I do think it's their own damn business, but they will have to deal with the consequences.