Saturday, September 22, 2007

Update- September 21, 2007- Who's Yer Daddy?

It is the morning after Jason’s daughter got dumped on Eileen. The baby is crying, and Eileen says that she forgot what it was like. The baby didn’t sleep much at night at all. Sean says that she probably misses her mum.

Then Jason walks in and asks when the social services people are coming. Eileen takes him to task for not being more humane. He keeps repeating that he is not the father, and is angry because the baby’s presence got in the way of he and Sarah getting back together. When Eileen gets annoyed with him for thinking more about sex than his child, he once again says, “That,” meaning the baby, “has nothing to do with me.”

At Gail’s house, Sarah is busy cleaning up the physical mess from the day before. Gail comes down and asks her how she is. Sarah assures Gail that she is okay, and Gail offers to make a cuppa. As Sarah agrees, the doorbell rings. It is Jason, coming to make things right. Gail quickly disappears upstairs. Jason repeats what he has been saying since the baby landed on his doorstep: “It has nothing to do with me.” Sarah is livid. She tells him that anytime he has to face up to some responsibility he scarpers and she is sick of it. She asks him, not very nicely, to leave.

Meanwhile, back at Eileen’s, the social worker has turned up. It is confirmed that the baby is healthy and well. Eileen asks what is going to happen, and the social worker indicates that they are going to find a place for her to stay while they try and find the mother. Eileen, looking actually excited despite her sleepless night, suggests that the baby stay with her. The social worker says that that should be no problem, and, in fact, it is preferred that children stay with family. Eileen, perhaps realizing what she is getting herself into, begins to look worried, and then says that the baby will stay, “just until you track down the mother”.

Eileen then visits Deirdre, gets some of Amy’s old clothes, and trades some barbs with Blanche.

After she has returned home, Jason comes back, and, the baby not being present, he asks if they took “it” away. He is very unhappy when Eileen says that the baby will stay with them until the baby’s mother is found, and that she is upstairs sleeping. He keeps denying that the baby is his, and Eileen is exasperated. She asks when he is going to admit that the baby is his. She reminds him that at the time of the baby’s conception he was going out regularly, getting “bladdered” (not the most charming turns of phrase the English have come up with) and “chucking it about”. Jason admits that there may have been a time when he did not use a condom. As he speaks Eileen notices that he has moved from a resolute denial that the baby is his to admitting the possibility. He very nicely says that he doesn’t want the baby, even if she is his, to live there just because of some “drunken fumble”. Eileen basically tells him he has to grow up and sends him out for supplies for the baby.

He comes back with all the gear, except for one item. Eileen informs him she is going for a nap, as she didn’t sleep very well the night before. The baby is up and needing care, and Jason looks panicked. Eileen leaves him, and the scene ends with Jason looking uncertainly at the baby while Eileen stands at the staircase, watching as her little boy finally grow up.

Tracey’s Game

Tracey and Charlie return from their Christmas rendez vous to the Rover’s. Liz tells them that Steve decided to play daddy for the day and took Amy to something “on ice”, and will drop her off at Tracey’s around 4 p.m. Charlie is pleased that Amy will continue to be out of their hair for the next little while. He walks away, and Liz notes that Charlie is as charming as ever. Tracey trots out her defence of Charlie: he just wants to relax, blah blah blah.

Then, Liam, not having learnt anything, apparently, from his attempts at courting Maria, flirts shamelessly with Tracey.

A little later, Deirdre, Ken and Blanche arrive at the Rover’s and seeing Tracey, give her a bit of a dressing down for not seeing them or Amy for Christmas. Charlie changes the subject by offering to buy them a drink. Ken very pointedly says no, and Blanche just as pointedly jumps at the chance. Deirdre gives in, and asks him to get a drink for Ken as well.

While Charlie’s back is turned, Liam sidles over and offers to buy Tracey a drink. Tracey coyly says that her boyfriend is very jealous. Liam notes that Charlie, who is playing a pinball game, appears oblivious. He then says that he is just being neighbourly. So Tracey agrees.

After Charlie returns, he tells her that he noticed Tracey flirting with Liam. Tracey says that he is okay, and then says that maybe, to make things right between them, seeing as he slept with two women, she should sleep with someone herself. Charlie says that she is always surprising, but not to push it. He finishes it off by grabbing her face and giving her a very unpleasant kiss. I think he is trying to assert his control. I don’t think it is working.

Mushy Peas- Not Just for Breakfast Anymore

Les and Yana are standing on the street corner talking. They have a card for Cilla and they have raised over 600 pounds. Les says that Cilla deserves it. Cilla, meanwhile, is watching Les and Yan through a window, and sees Les give Yana a peck on the cheek.

Later, at the Rover’s, the card is handed over to Liz, who will make sure everyone signs the card. They confirm that Cilla will receive the card at the Rover’s.

Later, Liz tells Yana that everything is a go. Les brings Cilla. Liz presents her with the card and the money, says that along with the mushy peas fund raising event, everyone pitched in to give Cilla a little something. Cilla, upon realizing how much money everyone has given her, either gets a pang of guilt, or, more likely, panics slightly. She says that there are people who deserve it much more than she does, and then gestures to Les and says, “all this, well, it’s all down to him.”
Blanche, who is still there with Deirdre and Ken, says, “I never got owt for my hip.” Deirdre is scandalized (you would think by now nothing Blanche could say would scandalize her) and reminds Blanche that Cilla is dying.

Cilla then abruptly leaves, leaving Les and Yana confused that she isn’t more effusive about the whole thing.

The Websters Have Chosen the Family Photo for Next Year’s Christmas Card

At the Websters, Bill, who is sleeping on the couch, wakes up to Sally vacuuming next to him. When he protests, she justifies it by telling him that it is 9:00 am. Kevin walks in and lets her know that he is unimpressed with her petty revenge of Bill. She once again justifies herself, saying that she’s not worried about herself, but the girls’ Christmas was ruined. Kevin says that the girls loved it, and was more entertaining than watching T.V. all day, which is what they normally do (and more educational too). Bill says that he made a “right mess of it” and Sally agrees.

Later, Gail and Audrey are outside taking the trash out when they see Maureen drive up to the Websters’. Maureen speaks with Bill, and Sally, and Kevin, standing at the door. Audrey, trying to be helpful, and showing a lot of tact, crosses the street to talk to Maureen as well. Maureen gives Bill a going over. Audrey tells her that nobody wanted Maureen to be hurt. This does not give Maureen a great deal of solace, as she turns around and insults Audrey. Audrey then reminds her that Maureen ran off with Bill before the ink was dry on her wedding certificate to Fred. Sally intervenes and says she doesn’t want a bunch of “randy geriatrics” fighting at her doorstep. She tells them to take it elsewhere. Maureen tells Audrey that if she wants Bill she can have him, and leaves.

Bill and Audrey go to the Rover’s to sort things out. Bill apologizes for what Maureen says, but Audrey, quite justly, says that Maureen was in the right. Bill tells Audrey that he is going to go after Maureen to try and put it right, as 10 years is a long time to be with someone. Audrey appears to have been expecting this, and simply says, “it was fun while it lasted”. They part.

Sit, Rover, Sit

Molly continues to train Tyrone and Jack as she would a dog, and brings Vera in on the game. Vera does it, but is uncomfortable with it, as it requires her to be nice to him. Jack responds, but also is uncomfortable Vera’s new sweetness.


Anonymous said...

Hmm, Eileen taking care of Jason's unplanned spawn. Gail taking care of Sarah's unplanned spawn. The similarities between those two would make you think they'd be allies, not enemies...

Wonder if Violet will change her mind about an abortion once she sees what a real life baby entails?

I love Blanche. She IS the Christmas Fairy.


westcoast fan said...

I don't think the real life baby will make Violet decide to have a baby; even if she's scared silly about the prospect of motherhood watching Eileen care for the infant will likely make her baby even more 'real' to her, and so un-abortable.

So where are Jamie and Frankie in all this? Have they done a runner? You'd think Sean would be looking for Jamie at the Rovers.

So Maureen was married to Fred??? And Eileen was with someone who later took up with Janice. My head's spinning. I need a summary of all the men who have been in all the women's lives and vice versa.

westcoast fan said...

Whoops, left out the word 'not' in my first sentence, meant to say 'I don't think the real life baby will make Violet decide NOT to have a baby'.

Anonymous said...

Dennis (for whom Janice dumped Les) was a motorcycle-driving softie who ended up boarding at the Battersbys. He worked with Les on some community service sentence thing, and then just showed up.

He and Eileen were sweet together, but as Dennis saw more and more of how Les treated Janice, he began to feel sorry for her. And love blossomed from there.

It was awful to see Dennis, basically a gentle soul, lie to Eileen. Finally, on the eve of the couples taking a joint holiday, Janice and Dennis spilled the beans. Didn't go well.

Dennis and Janice set up house together in a grimy apartment and planned to move to Sheffield. Dennis eventually died in a car accident manufactured by a drunken Les. Janice went to the hospital originally thinking Les had died in the accident, and Dennis had lived.

One of the very, very few times I have ever felt sorry for Janice Battersby.


Rob Swizzle said...

Sally has been quite funny the last few days. A nice change.

Debbie said...

I have to say that I am kind of on-side with Jason on this baby situation.

He has said that the baby isn't his. Even when he waivered he said that he does not remember the baby's mother.

I understand that this woman knows where Jason lives and came to find him, but who just gives away a baby? Maybe she was also chucking it about and someone else could be the father?

It is a little upsetting that no one is taking Jason's side here. Yes, he is a bit of a dumb ass, but I really think that if he and Eileen had a rational conversation about it, she would have to recognise the possability that Jason is not the father.

westcoast fan said...

I think if Jason from the get go had said he 'might' be the father then perhaps Eileen would have been more reasonable as well. However, she is always prepared to think the worst of her younger son (not without good reason). Jason's completely irresponsible attitude that it's nothing to do with him is working against him. Still, it is a bit of a plot hole that not even the social worker wanted more evidence of paternity that an fleeing mother's accusation. Presumeably the writers will pick up this loose thread at some point and send Jason off for a paternity test, but perhaps not before Eileen falls in love with the baby (so that her heart can be broken when Jason turns out not to be the dad).

Anonymous said...

I agree with Debbie that nobody is giving Jason's side of the story a chance. He may be a meathead but at the end of the day, he's a good guy and if he knew he fathered a child, he'd step up and do the right thing.

But then, everyone on that street always assumes the worst of people, don't they?

I think it's a key plot point that Jason wasn't home when the baby was dropped off. Otherwise he would have remembered the young woman and would have been able to confirm or deny paternity.

Whitehorse Fan said...

I agree that Eileen is overreacting. However, I also agree with westcoast fan that things would go a lot better for him if he: a) upon being confronted with the baby, had said that it was possibly his and b) had not continued to be completely callous and not wanting to have anything to do with it even after admitting it could be his.

Maybe Sarah-Lou would even have been a bit more conciliatory.

Anonymous said...

By the way, can anyone figure out the date or even the month of conception?

I've been going through the updates from September and August of last year to see when Jason was tomcatting around Manchester but it looks like he was in a rather torrid affair with Sarah-Lou at the time. I was trying to figure if the evening in question was actually included in a storyline back then or if this is a case of retroactive continuity.

Whitehorse Fan said...

Eileen said the baby was about 4 months old, plus the nine months, would put it 13 months back.

Debbie said...

Well, in November 2005 Sarah was just finishing with Scooter. There was some overlap when she and her rabbit fur coat were seducing Jason who had just finished with Violet.

I think it is a bit of revisionist corrie history. because, I don't know where Jason would have had time to cast out his wedding tackle when he was finishing with Violet, secretly bedding Sarah and begging Violet to marry him.

By the beginning of December, she and jason were an item big style.

Anonymous said...

That's what I call bullshit on the baby story. In the middle of all the Violet/Charlie/Sarah/Jason business, he was also hitting the night clubs and picking up girls, enough to remember "one time" that he didn't use protection? Bullshit.

Jacqueline said...

I want to see a DNA test done.

In fact, I want Montell to come on the show as some big time American talk show guy and have Jason, Sarah, Eileen and mystery girl on his show for some big 'who's the baby daddy' testing.

Then I want there to be some kind of battle/abuse that involves hitting with handbags.

I was going to suggest Morey, but that would just cheapen the show.

Anonymous said...

But just imagine if they went on Maury Povich:

"Jason Denzel Grimshaw*, the results are in. You are .......... NOT the father!"

*I don't know Jason's middle name but I know that Eileen loves Denzel Washington so I can see her naming her son after him.

Also, it's interesting that Jason first appeared on his mother's doorstep on Christmas Day, the same as his "daughter."

Debbie said...

DENZEL!!!!!!! HA!!!!!!

OK, so, Jason appeared on Eileen's doorstep on Christmas day? QUOI?

Soy confuado.

Anonymous said...

Jason's first appearance on the street was Christmas Day, 2000. He showed up, surprising Eileen with the news that he's come to live with her.

Debbie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
westcoast fan said...

Wow, how old was Jason when he showed up on Christmas Day 2000? Where had he been living before that?? Had he ever lived with his mom??? Why wasn't he living with her???? Tell us more! Inquiring minds want to know!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what the story was there, just that Jason's first appearance on the show was Dec. 25, 2000 and Eileen and Todd had already been established on the show.