Friday, September 21, 2007

Update - September 20, 2007 - Black Christmas

Please note this episode was not shown in Ontario.

Doesn't it look like David?

Devil Child

Gail is cleaning up the remains of the sad Christmas cake on the kitchen floor. Bill says he is sorry to Maureen. Audrey says they didn't mean for it to happen but Maureen says `she does not want her pity, as she is a cow.’ David tells his mom she should put her feet up but she tells him not to speak to her. The Webster girls thank Gail for Christmas dinner and say it was ...but stop and say "tat". David is smiling. (Can someone smack him, please?) Bill asks Maureen to let him explain but she says he would only be stating the obvious. In the back yard, Maureen is crying. Bill comes up to her and says it is what is seems and he was lonely without her. She says he is playing “happy families” with Audrey. Bill says it does not mean he does not love her. She says he is a dirty man. Bill says he didn't know she was going to come. She shouts asking if that makes it right. David opens the window and asks if they have sorted things out. (How about sending David to boot camp?) Maureen goes. Bill goes after her.

Maureen says she is going to the hotel she booked for them and opens the car door. Sally and Kevin come out of the Platt's house. Sally says she tried to get them to stop the relationship. Maureen gets into car and leaves. Bill says for them not to look at him like that as he feels bad (for once?) and asks if Audrey is still in there and if he should go talk to her. Sally says she thinks they should just go and let it things settle.

Later on, Audrey comes downstairs and says it's all quiet. David tells her he thought he was going to be the main event but she totally eclipsed him. Audrey tells him to shut up - about time! And tells Gail she is sorry. Gail says the day was ruined anyway but she didn't help. David then says in Ivy's diary she referred to Audrey as a flighty piece (LOL!) and asks if that is code for slapper. (Duct tape, anyone?) Audrey shouts telling him to shut up. She says he is a stupid boy and wished that Gail did get rid of him, as it would be better for the rest of them. FINALLY! Gail then shouts at her mom saying she can't say that about her child and she's been trying to tell him he is wanted child. I would begin to wonder about Gail’s sanity here… Gail then shouts telling her mom just to go. Audrey leaves and David has a grin and says someone in the family says what they really think of him. He then presses the button for his reindeer antlers on his head, that plays music and flashes and he gives a look like he is sooo smart. Gail says nothing but looks as if she could hit him. (How about kill?)

Outside Bill and Kevin are walking along the street. Bill says he has never cheated before and is a moron. I will second that. Kevin says he believes him and tells him to stop going on. As they head for the Rovers Bill says he should keep his head down. Kevin mentions the Weatherfield Arms and they head back the other way.

David comes in with his wheels for his car. Gail then asks if he has any thing to say about today. David say if today has shown them anything it's that ‘you reap what you sow and says she is reaping what she sowed all those years ago’. Gail asks what right he has to punish her for what feeling and thoughts she had before he was born. He says, if she puts it like that he is going. Gail says after they way he acted today he is not going anywhere for a month. He says she is not catching on. David then says he is 'now sixteen and can do what he wants'. She tells him not while he is under her roof. David then asks if she hears that ‘ping’ and says it's the cotton thread of parental authority snapping. He says he does what he wants now and she will never tell him what to do again and walks out. He sits in his car, listening to music with Gail outside trying to get his attention. David zones her out and continues, in his own world….

Invasion of the Body Snatchers
At the Duckworth household, Tyron says he has done the dishes. Vera says she thinks aliens have invaded Jack's body. Vera then says the aliens would not have him. Jack says they would take one look at her and they would want him. Vera tells them to get going to the pub. Molly gives Tyron some money and says she is going to get him a pint and says, if they come back in half an hour they can have the leftovers. They hurry out. Molly tells Vera she is training them like a dog. Rewarding the good behaviour, ignoring the bad. She says she is going to get a whole new Jack. Is this possible?

Caution: Earring Alert

Claire and Ashley are walking. Her earring is caught again and Ashley says he will be glad when tomorrow comes so she does not feel obliged to wear them. They pass Violet and Sean and say Merry Christmas. Claire takes them out of her ears. Ashley says it was good getting married on Christmas Day, but there is not a lot of places to go out to. Claire says he is lucky she is a cheap date and they go into the Rovers.

Moby Dick

At the Rovers Audrey sits next to Sarah and Jason. Sarah asks how it went after she left. Audrey tells them she does not want to talk about it now and just sit in silence. Sarah agrees. Jason asks if it's all right if he and Sarah just speak. Audrey just looks blank.

Blanche asks how much money Cilla needs to go swimming with whales, Deirdre corrects her and says its, dolphins. Blanche says whales would be better suited for her and they would get less of a fright. (Love her!) Ken says she is ill but she says she is not paying a penny till she sees a doctor's note. She might be the smartest one there…Norris tells her she is the true image of Christmas. She says at least she does not let her friends down and tells Norris he said he would walk Emily home from church. He quickly gets up and goes. Betty comes through from the back and tells Steve is five minutes is up. He asks if she is asleep and Betty says yes and he will be there to calm Amy if she wakes up. Betty says she is bored. He says he will be through in five. He then tells Liz he gets bored through there as well.

Santa Baby

A young girl walking down the street in front of the pub, holding a baby asks them if she knows anyone called Grimshaw. Emily says yes and they live at Number eleven. She walks on and Norris says it will not kill her to stay thank you. The girl says thanks and goes. Emily tells him she does not think it was bad manners, as the girl looks pre-occupied. Norris says she can't be in a hurry as he thinks she would hurry up just to keep warm, as the girl does not have a lot of clothes on. Emily says it's none of their business and tells Norris they should go. The girl stops before crossing the road, looks at the baby in her arms and takes a deep breath.

At the Grimshaw's household, Violet is crying at the movie they are watching. Eileen asks if any one is getting hungry for real food. She then says they think she is going to break first. Violet and Sean both nod. The doorbell rings and she says they think she is going to get that as well. Violet and Sean both nod and start laughing. Eileen gets up and heads for the door.

Outside Eileen opens the door to the young girl with the baby. Eileen says hi and the girl asks for Jason. Eileen says he is out at the moment. The girl then says Jason Grimshaw who is a builder. Eileen then says yeah, and she thinks they are talking about the same guy. The girl says her name is Emma and she met him in Heaven and Hell Night Club last Christmas. Eileen jokes and asks if he missed their one-year anniversary or something. Emma says she is a good girl but just can't manage any more. She says she has tried and tried but can't take it any more. She gives the baby to Eileen and runs away. Eileen shouts saying she will ring Jason. Sean and Violet come out. Eileen says for them to go after her. Sean goes after her and Violet looking at the baby says no way.

Sean says she just left you holding the baby - literally. Eileen says yes and tells him he needs to go to gym. Sean blames the slippers and says they slowed him down. Violet says if it is Jason's he should be helping out. Eileen says from what she can remember of motherhood is soon going to change. Eileen then says if it is Jason they are going to need a king carrying gold. Violet asks if she should call Jason and get him back. Eileen says yes and to say it is URGENT, very flaming urgent.

At the pub Sarah and Jason are talking when the phone rings. He puts down his phone and tells Sarah there is an emergency and has to go. Sarah gets up as well and goes with him.

At the Grimshaw's Sean asks what the baby’s name is. Eileen says she didn't say and then says that's her granddaughter and realizes just then – she is a grandmother. Jason and Sarah come into the house. Jason asks what that is, pointing at the baby. Eileen says ‘the stork dropped off a baby’. Violet and Sean look at each other and say they are going to the pub. Eileen says according to Emma who dumped her on her says it's his. Emma said she is tired of looking after it and it's his turn. Jason says no it's not his. Sarah hits him calling him a pig. He says he does not know who Emma is. Jason says he does not understand and asks where he could have possibly met this girl. Eileen tells him at Heaven and Hell. He says he has never been then but then says, ‘oh’. Sarah says so you have been. Eileen asks if it was a successful night. Sarah then says when it looks like they are going to get back together he does something or something happens. She storms out. Good idea. He tells her it's not his. Eileen tells him not to think about leaving. He says again it's not his and wants nothing to do with it, Eileen says neither does she. Sean and Violet are listening outside the door and say ‘ouch’. Violet says, that is a shocker then asks Sean if he thinks it is Jason's. Sean jokes saying it is ugly enough to be his and they head for the pub.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

So I cried and cried at the end of that episode. How is it that Christmas on corrie gets me every year (and new years too)

I told a friend who missed last night about it I almost started crying again and she got goosebumps! Great writing.

Anonymous said...

I loved the tableau of Sarah-Lou and her gran, sitting in the Rover's as "Somebody to love montage" played.

It's rare when Corrie does that and I loved it.

westcoast fan said...

I thought the montage was great, especially the shot of Eileen holding her granddaughter. Oh, I do hope we end up with Eileen raising her, Eileen's character really deserves a great plotline. I can hear her complaining already about how she knows nothing about girls!

Yikes, I couldn't believe it when Audrey said what she said to David (not that she thought it, just that she said it). He deserved it, but it won't help matters.

Two words for Gail now: tough love. Kick him out. He's asking for it and he does deserve it. That boy has a lot of growing up to do. (I loved the line about the 'ping' being the cotton thread of parental authority snapping - must have been a loud one, that thread's certainly been under a lot of strain.

Margaret said...

I also loved the montage ending last night -- and may I say how entertaining I find Mayfair Girl's Thursday recaps too. Great job!!

Jacqueline said...

I got to disagree a bit.

I hope that Jason has to raise his responsiblity and that Eileen finds true love with a wealthy man who takes her to his villa in the south of France.

westcaoast fan said...

You're right of course, Jacqueline. I suppose I just took it as a given that Jason would once again be unable to act in a mature and responsible manner. Although, I don't really want Eileen to leave the street. Can't she meet someone handsome and reasonably well off who's prepared to move in with her so we can keep her on the show? They could still go to the villa in France in the winter, of course, especially over Christmas, to avoid the blight.

Anonymous said...

Can I just say that Baby Grimshaw is already a better actor than Bethany?

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

That was a terrific episode. The montage was fabulous!

I too, love Eileen, and wish nothing but happiness for her, but she cannot be allowed to leave the Street.

I also loved the Audrey and Sarah bonding moment. Very sweet and poignant.

Are "youths" considered adults at 16 in Britain? (As opposed to 18?)

Does anyone know?


Gregg Anderson said...

'Tat'? I'm pretty sure they said 'Ta'..meaning thanks.

Anonymous said...

The montage couldn't miss, I mean we're talking QUEEN! Great stuff.

Eileen needs another Dennis Stringer type bloke. Last December we watched the "Corrie Christmas Moments" show purloined from UKn*va and there was a scene with Dennis and Janice exchanging gifts Christmas morning.
(note: obviously he'd left Eileen for Jaws Battersby by then. ;-))
Janice gave him a fab leather bike jacket which he promptly tried on for size -- in bed! Come to think of it, Janice needs another Dennis too.


S. Poole

Anonymous said...

First of all excellent update as always! I also loved the Queen montage. What I don't understand about Corrie (keeping in mind I have never been to the U.K.) is why almost everyone spends Christmas Day in the pub! It's not like they don't have families/homes to go to. Another question - why was Amy in the back of the pub with Betty - when her Grandmother, Grandfather and Great-Grandmother were sitting there complaining about how they didn't get to spend time with her, why didn't they just take her home with them? I found Charlie and Tracey's behaviour in the pub nauseating, now she is making the moves on my Liam? (LOL)

Anonymous said...

Christmas day in the pub is a very common thing in the UK. I spent Christmas in Scotland two years ago and the pubs were open first thing in the morning. People tend to go down after the big meal to meet their friends and neighbours to wish them a Happy Christmas.

Oh, and binge drink.

Anonymous said...

Seeing Maureen back on the street reminded me of her what she was like poor thing....she could give Violet a run for her money when it comes to shedding tears.

Ivy's diary...what a great way to bring back all the hatred she used to stir up with twisted David as the driving force.

Corrie Camper

Anonymous said...

Yes John, and binge drink is right! New Year's is even more about getting 'bladdered', which is already noted, is not a very pretty term...

I have a British sister-in-law, and while she doesn't binge drink, she's a pretty steady all-day sipper. Which means she fit quite well into my family.

missusmac, who thought the Queen montage slighty cheezy, but also liked its drama.

Anonymous said...

Audrey's laryngitis came and went in various scenes. Must be awful to try to film over a few days and have an actor show up with a cold/sore throat.

She was croaking at the Rovers right after leaving Gails Christmas dinner, and then again a day later when Bill and she broke up at, you guessed it, the Rovers.

AMAI said...

Here's a wild theory. What if Jason really isn't the father? What if Charlie is? What if Charlie told Emma that his name is Jason Grimshaw? I mean, it just seems really out of character for Jason to actually screw around carelessly the way Charlie does. And a year ago he was a lot more shy about putting it about to the extent of flirting with a chick. He's been involved with Sarah or Violet, one or the other, for ever so long.

I am hoping that Emma returns for some reason, and sees both Charlie & Jason together on the street, and calls Charlie by Jason's name. That would clear the mystery up really fast, and might also serve to re-ignite Tracy's hate (even tho the chances are that Charlie was cheating on Shelley when he bedded Emma. (Or was she the chick he banged against a wall after a scene with Shelley? We were shown a few occasions of Charlie's willingness to have one-night stands without apparent remorse.)

It seemed like a nifty idea to have Eileen have a little granddaughter, but it just doesn't ring true to me that Jason really would have done something like that and not remember the girl's name. Especially if he were so carefully to introduce himself. Jason isn't a stinker like Charlie.

Just my two cents.

westcoast fan said...

Interesting theory, amai, but Jason did acknowledge that he got it on with someone from that nightclub (whatever it was called) and that he didn't use protection, so it does seem possible he's the dad. He doesn't remember her clearly because he was 'bladdered'. Didn't Sarah or Eileen also point out that he was single at the time. We already have Shelley pregnant with Charlie's baby, I don't think the street could survive two of Satan's spawn at the same time.