Saturday, September 15, 2007

Update- September 14, 2007- Elvis has Left the Building

Taken from the website “The Black Elvis”

Tracey’s Christmas Spirit

Claire goes to Tracey’s house and asks how things are going. She says things are fine, and to not worry.

Claire invites Tracey and Amy over for Christmas tea. Tracey says that would be lovely, and that Amy would enjoy being taken out of the dishwasher for a while. Her face clouds over, and she says she doesn’t know if Charlie will go for it. Claire says that Charlie is not invited. Tracey gets upset, and says that Charlie has to be able to go. So Claire relents, and invites them all.

Tracey later goes to see Charlie, and tells him about this ridiculous invitation from Claire. Charlie seems interested in it. He paints a lovely picture of the tea, and says that if they go, Tracey might “discover the true meaning of Christmas”. Tracey says that for her the true meaning of Christmas is getting wasted, stuffing her face, and receiving very, very expensive gifts. Charlie replies that is only going to happen if she is good girl. And that line totally creeps me out. Tracey tells him she is always a good girl. He tries to draw her into a deep kiss, but she withdraws. Tracey asks whether she should turn down the invitation. He says yes, she will be otherwise engaged, and then goes on to tell her that she will be tonight, as well. Despite the light hearted banter from both in this scene, it appears both are irritated with each other.

Later, Claire meets Gail on the street. Gail asks if anyone is coming over to Claire’s on Christmas, and Claire says that she invited Tracey, and of course, that evil man Charlie will also have to come. Gail then tells Claire that Tracey came over to her house the other day, and she was sure it was to get away from Charlie. Claire replies that she is worried about Tracey, and worried that something will happen one day and she will not have done anything to help.

As they have this conversation, of course who walks up but Tracey herself. Seeing Claire, she comes up to her, thanks her for the invitation to tea at Christmas, but they can’t go. Claire gets upset, saying that she knows Tracey wants to go. Tracey gets upset and confused, says they simply can’t go, and leaves.

Elvis Lives

Steve comes to the taxi shop bearing Indian take out for Eileen. Eileen, knowing nothing from Steve comes for free, asks what this is about. Steve fesses up that he wants her to stick around for a while, so he can go out. Eileen wants to know why, and Steve, not yet realizing that he needs to lie a little less because he always gets found out, says he is buying a Christmas present for his mum. Eileen, touched by this scene of filial love, lets him go.

When he returns Eileen of course wants to see the present. It is not, in fact, something for Liz, but a new shirt for himself. Steve admits that it is for his date, but only bought it because he had nothing clean.

Eileen suggests he also get his hair cut, as he is looking a lot like Elvis lately. (Poor Elvis deserves better.) Steve takes this wisdom in, and Eileen stays a little longer while he goes to get himself coiffed.

Later at the Rover’s Steve and Eileen are chatting with Liz. As Michelle comes around, Eileen points to his new ‘do and also says that he got a new shirt. Liz’ suspicions are aroused and she wants to know if he is going to court. (Such confidence in her son). Eileen, in a kind of back handed compliment says he is pulling out all the stops for his date with Michelle, and then indicates that he might be getting a little desperate. It appears this is directed at Steve, not as Michelle, as Michelle does not blink an eye.

“I love you and I kiss you”

Sophie (AKA “SoSo Savard-Webster”) has come over to Vera’s house to reveal her psychic abilities. Chesney too is there. Sophie tells Vera that the spirit with whom she communicates is “Southern Wind” from the United States. Vera very nicely says, “What, a Red Indian?” Sophie corrects her, saying the term is “Native American” and that Southern Wind would not like being called anything else. She begins to make “contact”, and then the phone rings, giving Vera a small heart attack. It is Roy, asking her, it seems, to work.

After the phone call they pick up where they left off. Sophie says that Southern Wind is describing something about a journey. When Vera asks if he is talking about her death, Sophie replies that no, this is from long ago. She then goes on to relate that Southern Wind sees a building, and a flag post, with a flag. She stops and says it isn’t a flag.

“Knickers,” says Vera. Ches thinks Vera is dismissing Sophie and tells her that Sophie is doing her best. Vera clarifies that it was not a flag but knickers on the flag pole. This is indeed a trip that she took long ago. Sophie continues, saying that there is something about a hat that she does not understand. Vera knows what Southern Wind is talking about, and disappears briefly, re-emerging with the hat from the Inspector Clouseau movies.

After Sophie and Chesney leave Vera’s and they are walking down the street, Sophie promises that there is more where that came from. They run into Blanche, who says, “If it isn’t little Doris Stubbs,” asks Sophie to provide her with the Irish Lottery numbers. Sophie replies that what she has been given is a gift, and that she can’t use it for profit. Blanche scoffs at her, points out that psychics are making millions, and, when Sophie tells her she should not mock what she can’t understand, Blanche tells her she should be ashamed of herself.

Later, at the Rover’s, Blanche and Vera are dissecting what happened with Sophie. Blanche dismisses it as some sort of fraud, but Vera will have none of it. The only to people who know about the trip and the hat are Ivy Tillsley and Hilda Ogden, one of whom is dead, and one, who is living somewhere else. Both were sworn to secrecy, and even Hilda kept her end of the bargain up. There is no way, according to Vera, that Sophie could have known about that trip.

The mystery I want cleared up is why Blanche is so involved in this plot line that she can’t take a breather to make some snarky and perfect remark about Frankie and Jamie.

And that of course does lead us to…

The Candlestick, in the Library

Janice, Kelly and Sean are walking down the street to work, Janice filling them in on about how Danny’s mum accused Frankie and Jamie of killing her son. Sean defends Jamie and Frankie, saying she had no right throwing out accusations like that.

Who should be leaving the house at that time but Frankie? Janice sees her and taunts her, calling her the black widow, and tossing out other insults. Sean doesn’t protest until after she is done, and then unfortunately says that she shouldn’t “stick the knife in”, which Janice latches onto to make a final joke about Frankie and Jamie’s responsibility for Danny’s disappearance.

Later, at the Caf, Frankie is working away, and comes around as Becky and Charlie, apparently old mates (and well suited to one another, I think) are having a good laugh. Frankie asks what the joke is about, and they each make a few jokes about how the tea is “death” and “murder”. Oh how clever.

Becky does get more clever, however, as she makes more snide remarks about Frankie’s relationship with Jamie. Frankie retorts that she is not Jamie’s mum. Becky asks, “So, he never sent you any mother’s day cards.” Frankie’s uncomfortable look tells her he has. A better wit would have left it at that, but Becky gets a couple more digs in, about her and Jamie, and about their involvement in Danny’s disappearance. Frankie, fuming, tells her that neither she, nor Jamie, had a hand in Danny’s disappearance. Becky retorts that that is good, as Frankie would not last a day in the clink.

Soon afterwards, the cops arrive. Frankie asks if they have any news about Danny, and they say no, “But there are new developments”. When Becky says, “Oh, I’ve heard that one before” (I’m sure you have Becky), the coppers suggest going somewhere more private to talk. Frankie explains that she is working. At that point Roy helpfully says that he phoned Vera to ask her to work, as he thinks Frankie may need the time off. So off they go for some lighthearted questioning.

In fact, unlike Law and Order, they are quite nice with Frankie. Back at her place, they tell her Danny’s mother told them that Frankie and Jamie are in a relationship. She confirms it. They ask why she hasn’t mentioned it before. “You didn’t ask,” she replies. Because of course, asking whether a mother and son are shtumping should be the first question any good copper asks in a missing person’s case. She adds that she didn’t think it was important.

So the police explain to her that it is indeed important, as it might give some insight into Danny’s state of mind when he left. They question what he thought about Frankie and Jamie’s relationship? Frankie admits, “he was devastated.” The cops tell her she has to tell them everything from now on, and she says she has. They raise Danny’s mum’s belief that she is involved in Danny’s disappearance. When she protests such accusations, they tell her they are not accusing her (liars). Frankie says in a very heartfelt way that she would never harm Danny. “What about Jamie?” the coppers want to know. She very firmly says that no, he would not do that either.

When Jamie arrives home, Frankie is sitting on the sofa, looking pretty glum. She first explains that Roy sent her home, probably to get rid of all the people staring at her and making snide remarks about having killed Danny. “Some people are sick,” replies Jamie. Pot and kettle, is what I say.

She goes on to tell him that the police have returned, and he gets a little worried. He asks why. She tells him they came to question her about their relationship, and concludes that they are suspicious of Frankie and Jamie. “If they can hide that, what else can they be hiding,” she thinks they must be thinking. And then she says, “And they’re not the only ones.” Jamie is bit perturbed that Frankie seems to be insinuating that he did kill Danny. She points out that Jamie hates Danny. Jamie tells her he has good reason to. Danny almost killed him. To which Frankie says, “Exactly.” There were no limits to which he and Danny would go in dealing with each other. Jamie is increasingly angry and Frankie says she just wants to know the truth. Jamie walks out, leaving Frankie to wonder if true love can conquer all after all.

“How can you have any pudding if you don’t eat yer meat?”

Gail and David have a happy bonding moment over David’s new car. Apparently he has decided to abandon writing creepy cards in order to get his car in good running order. Gail beams at the thought of her psychopathic son having something else on her mind.

As Gail and David happily talk she reveals that she doesn’t want to be bested by Sally Webster, and will make the Christmas Pudding. She weasels the recipe out of Roy, and tries it, of course, to disastrous results.

In Other News

Bev, with Liz’ consent, takes away about half of the articles in the pub in preparation for her move on Friday to our Shelley’s. Just “odds and sods” that she owns, apparently. Hopefully this doesn’t include the Rover’s stock of gin.


Anonymous said...

Ah, but Whitehorse, this is the "15 minutes into L&O" part of the police questioning - you know, the part where the cops have no real evidence, but have been presented with something that makes them twitch with suspicion.

It's not until 25 minutes in when they start sweating the mopes (usually with a junior DA and Epatha Merkerson watching from behind the mirror).

If Danny doesn't turn up soon, Johnny Law will be turning up the heat!

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

In other news (terrific update, BTW)...

I loved Eileen's telling Steve he looks like Elvis.

Janice is back in form, I see. Why doesn't Sean stand up to her?

Overall, I wasn't impressed with Viv's reaction. I expected more hysterics. This is her daughter in law and grandson, for Pete's sake.

And, the most interesting question of all: why would a "Red Indian" be the spirit guide for someone from the North of England? Shouldn't it be an ancient Celtic princess? Or is it like being an exchange student- after you die, you get to visit far away lands and creep THOSE people out instead of your own?

Inquiring minds want to know...


westcoast fan said...

Great update, WHF!!

Why are the cops on Coronation Street always so incompetent? They interview Frankie but not Jamie? Who was the last person to see Danny alive? Jamie. Under what circumstances did he last see Danny alive? Well, they don't know do they, because at the station the day before they didn't think to ask such a penetrating question. Peh.

Sophie is probably channeling 'Southern Wind' because she's studying the history of North America in school.

I don't know why Sean hangs out with Janice, she and Norris are both hateful at times. For some reason Blanche doesn't bother me the way those two do.

Where is Viv, anyway? Did she go back home, or is she lurking about in Jamie's old room upstairs?

Anonymous said...

I must have missed something as I don't know how Sophie has come to have all this knowledge about Vera and Jack???

westcoast fan said...

anonymous, nobody knows how Sophie knows all these things. It's a mystery!

kunzie said...

I think it's kinda cool that Sophie's "medium" is a Cherokee...after all, she and Chez have concocted this, and probably think Shamans are pretty remote, mysterious stuff. It could have just as easily been an Oriental wizard ;-).

AMAI said...

Danny's mum probably cleared out, but where did she go? Funny how we weren't shown her leaving. Maybe she is still around? Anyway, I think if she is still around somewhere, there'll be more fireworks from her. I thought her reaction was appropriate, since they were in the pub and there wasn't anything in throwing range. Plus, she does have her own past which might keep her from being too over the top.

Oh -and another thing. Did anyone else think of the scribbled note that Jamie got from Danny? Frankie vowed she had told the police "everything" but did she just forget that one detail? She does know about it, doesn't she? Now my mind is playing tricks on me. I'm pretty sure she knows about it, and either forgot, or just felt like it would be better if Jamie revealed that tidbit to the police himself.

I wonder if Sophie is getting info from Bill Webster. He'd be the one person "from the past" who might know this stuff, or so we will learn in due course.

Blanche doesn't bother me at all. Her funny remarks are a highlight.

Lori said...

I don't think Frankie "forgot" to tell the police about the note. I think she knows it won't look good and is hiding that bit of information, thinking only her and Jamie know about it. She may have forgotten that Liam also knows and he's getting so frustrated with it all that he'd be sure to tell the police!

Thanks for clearing up the Sophie thing -- I watch EVERY show so couldn't see how I missed that bit of information!

westcoast fan said...

Frankie is just diggning herself deeper and deeper if she thinks she can keep the note from the police. I suppose her motivation is her suspicion that Jamie really might have offed Danny, and she's trying to protect him. Oh, what a tangled web we weave. . .

What is Warren doing in the middle of all this. You'd think the first thing he'd do when he found out from Frankie would be to try to track his dad down, and when that didn't work he would have contacted his gran (Viv).

Anonymous said...

Okay does anyone else agree with me. Why on earth would Claire invite Tracey and Amy for Christmas Dinner...when Amy's Grandmother, Grandfather, Great Grandmother, Father and Grandmother all live across the street? I don't get it! Why doesn't Bev even mention the fortcoming birth of her own grandchild (even though it was spawned by Satan (Charlie).

Anonymous said...

After watching the omnibus this morning, I have a few additional things I've noticed:

1. I am 99% sure we did NOT see Norris sharing the Frankie/Jamie trainwreck with Fiz during the week. That must have been one of the scenes the CEEB decided to cut during the weeknight airing. Good choice. I mean, who wants to watch something like that, when we can watch Ashley whining?

2. I take back what I said about Eileen "being supportive" of Frankie. Watching it again I felt strongly that she IS supporting Frankie, but because she is her friend, not because she thinks it's hunky dory. Which just confirms that Eileen is one of my favorite people on the Street. She is loyal to her friend. Good on her!

3. Did anyone else notice, when Kevin and Gail are showing David the car... there's one part where Kevin and David are standing next to each other, and holy cow do they look alike! Same build, same height, same knock-out dimples with the same terrific smile... I probably never noticed before because David never smiles... Glacia, are we SURE that Martin is David's dad? Kevin and Gail couldn't have... knocked boots once or twice, could they?

4. I see you guys are having an election as well. After the ad I saw this am, it's clear to me that Dalton McGuinty is a monster and must be stopped before he eats any more puppies for breakfast. Thank God that other guy is here to save the day!

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...


Well, it is odd of Claire to invite Tracy over on Christmas with family around. OTOH, it's odd for Tracy to give Amy to Steve for 2 whole days when perhaps Deirdre, Ken and Blanche might want to see their grandchild over Christmas as well.

Of course, I am beyond questioning why Tracy wouldn't want the wee one over Christmas herself. She keeps saying she wants her daughter with her, but I really see very little evidence of that, except when it suits her.


Anonymous said...

RE: Frankie and Jamie - yeah. That was a BIG mistake, not mentioning the note giving everything to Jamie. That's going to bite them in the heiny.

And I disagree about the cops being incompetent. I mean, maybe they are, but sadly, I have followed enough high-profile cases (and watched way too much L&O, Homicide, etc.) over the last decade.

Family members are almost always the first suspects, but of course, the police have to be politic about accusing people. As the Madeline McCann case has shown us recently, the police walk a dangerous line. If they accuse the family and it turns out the family is innocent, they are the biggest jerks on the planet. We just watched that with a local case this winter - the couple had a fight, and she "went outside, a car pulled up, she got in and left." For more than 2 weeks this guy cried to the media about his missing wife, refused to cooperate with the cops, called them incompetent, the whole 9 yards. Guess what? He's on trial for her murder right now.

So yeah, it may be that the Weatherfield authorities are subpar, but I think they are just biding their time and will ratchet up the investigation soon.

Which reminds me: I wondered this at the time - is there any chance that the scene we saw on the bridge isn't what really happened? Could the writers play a trick like that? Or, if we saw it, is it true?

Can someone who has been watching this show for a while comment - when Richard Hillman was knocking people off left and right, did the viewers ever see Richard's alibi instead of what was actually happening?


Anonymous said...

AND... regarding Sophie and her psychic powers... (BTW, who is "Doris Stubbs"? - Blanche called her that. Does anyone know? I take it no relation to Charlie...)

The second time I watched the seance, I was able to pick up more of the dialog (I always have a hard time with Sophie, but this time I couldn't really understand Vera either)...

Vera said that she stole that hat when she, Ivy Tilsley and Hilda Ogden were in France. Now, I've been reading the big red Corrie bible, and Ivy Tilsley is Gail's MIL, right? So... Perhaps Ivy told Gail this stuff and Gail has been talking either to Sally or to Sharah-Lou...But that wouldn't fit, because Ivy didn't like Gail, so she's not likely to have told Gail about her Continental crime spree.

I don't know, but the second I heard Ivy Tilsley's name, my ears perked right up.

On a semi-related note, I would LOVE to see some of the old episodes with Hilda Ogden on them - I'll bet I would have loved her as a character!

Anyone else go "Hmmmm" when Ivy's name got mentioned?


Whitehorse Fan said...

Frankie didn't mention the fact that Danny almost killed Jamie in the river, either, but I guess that's because they didn't ask.

MF, I had a terrible time with the Sophie/Vera scene as well. I originally had written down "Aga Tilsley" and only when I tried to google it did I realize how very wrong I was with the name.

I also googled "Doris Stubs" hoping to link it, but couldn't find any info, so I am glad you asked that question. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Whitehorse Fan said...

Oh, and I like someone's theory that Sophie and Chesney found a diary or something up in Chesney's attic.

I agree with MF that Ivy Tilsley and Hilda ogden are a big clue. Perhaps one of them lived in Ches' house? I bet there is a history somewhere of the pattern of ownership of the houses on the Street. Hmmm...

kunzie said...

1. I agree, I was also thinking that Chez and Sophie found a diary or something in the attic. In the Kabin, they asked Rita if she used to live there...

2. Someone has to tell Claire how horrible the tan woolly hat/ hairless look is.

3. What exactly do guys even see in Frankie that's worth scrapping over anyway? She's a dim-bulb and a sourpuss most of the time.

Anonymous said...

I guess i'm the only one that was bothered with the look Clair adopted with her hair all stuffed up in her hat. Thought she looked more like a little old lady. I also wondered if anyone else caught the moment that Sophie almost hit the candle flame with her hair! ....and lastley... I was a huge fan of another ITV show called Bad Girls, till the channel i watched it on stopped showing it. So, I thought it was funny when Becky said to Frankie that she wouldn't last a minute inside, when the character (Shell) she played on that show was a ringleader and very tough.

Anonymous said...

RE: Claire

OMG - I'm SOOOOO glad I'm not the only one - it's a horrid look for her. If the hat had been a kicky color, she might have pulled it off, but not with that oatmeal colored monstrosity (the only purpose of which is to make her looked even more washed-out, I suppose)...

I really laughed when I read your comments!


Anonymous said...

Whitehorse - there IS a history of the houses on

I'm going to check, and I'll get back to you.


Anonymous said...

Holy crap! EVERYONE has lived in No 5...

But... The Tilsleys lived there, which makes the plot thicken...

In 1979 Deirdre sold No5 to Bert, Ivy and Brian Tilsley, and the Tilsleys lived there in various incarnations until basically 1995.

In 1997 the Council bought No 5 and the Battersbys (Les, Janice, Toyah and Leanne) moved in. Somehow I don't see Janice as the "let's give the attic a really good turn out" kind of gal...

AND... in May 1981, Jack Duckworth threw Vera out (aside: WTF???) and Vera crashed on the couch at No 5!!!

So, the plot thickens, for sure! I'll bet Sophie and Ches found something in the attic. Have to have.

(All info courtesy of


Trudy C said...

Les lives in Ivy Tilsey's old house and the Webster's bought Hilda Ogden's house - so the possibility is great that there is a diary. I'm betting it's in the attic of Les' house because they had the scene of Sopie and Ches there. And of course Ivy went a little bizzaro in the end and left for the retreat with only a suitcase, if memory serves me correctly.

Jacqueline said...

Okay kinder.

#1 - I think that the Claire hat is the UGLIEST thing that has ever grace the screen on Corrie. This includes the Ena Shaprles hairnet, any pair of glasses that Deidre has worn and Jack in drag.

#2 - heiney? Tsk, tsk - such language anon! This is a family blog, for fuck's sake.

#3 - MF, I will be voting for neither Dulton nor Tory. I decided during the last federal election that the Green party will be getting my votes from now on. On a side note, Mayor Miller accosted me on the street last week for a schmooze fest (Obviously he knows that Glacia is THE person in Toronto to warm up to.) He is very, very tall, knows how to work a room and will definately not be getting my votes. Seeing my neighbour and myself for our power walk, he mentioned that walking is the best exercise. I was tempted to say that actually swimming is, but seeing as our community centre has been closed for the month...well, we'll just have to take up a new exercise.

I will post some background in a bit about ivy, vera and hilda for all to ponder

nwtrunner said...

Someone wrote that they'd have liked to have seen Corrie with Hilda as a character. Hilda and Stan Ogden were two of the best characters to grace the cobbles and I wish I had one of the channels that show "Classic Corrie" to see some of those old shows again. Hilda had one of the sharpest tongues ever - she'd easily go head-to-head with Janice or Blanche - and likely with a fag in her gob and her mop and bucket by her side!

As for Ivy Tilsey - she was one of the characters we most despised back in them days - a 'rubber brick' character cuz you wanted to throw a brick at the telly most of the time she was on screen!

The Channeling Sophie story line is a bit loopy, but am looking forward to seeing how it works out and it's good that it's bringing up references to characters and story lines from years gone by for those of us with 30+ years of Corrie watching behind us.

Great update WHF and wonderful to read all the comments too.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Glacia,

But you must see the commercial... Dalton McGuinty was harshly shown in B&W (not a very flattering picture - I thought I could make out vampire fangs) and the other guy was clearly sooo much nicer - all smiley and happy and colorized like a Technicolor movie!

Once you have seen that, I'm sure you will vote for him. I forget his name, though...

Sigh. Politics gives me a pain in my... heiny! I'd say that it seems very unfair that we should have to have both countries having electoral stuff at the same time, except that Canada is completely not to blame for that - your election is a few weeks away. Our is in more than a year, and already no one can shut up about it. There ought to be a law!


Rob Swizzle said...

The hat prooves that killjoy Claire is one of those rare creatures who can't wait to be an old biddy.