Friday, September 14, 2007

Update - September 13, 2007 - I Love Rock 'N Roll!

The constable leads Jamie, Viv and Frankie down the hall into the mortuary. He asks which one of them will identify the body and Frankie tells him she will do it. Viv objects saying she would like to do it since Danny is her son, Frankie insists that is the reason she should be doing it. She tells Viv, 'Which is exactly why you shouldn't do it. You don't want that to be your last memory of him. If it 'is' Danny you will have plenty of time to think about how you want to say goodbye to him.'

Frankie is led into the viewing area, looking very solemn. The detective tells her that when she is ready the mortician will pull back the sheet, He says the body was found in the water and he had been in there a couple of days.' Frankie replies, that she wants to get on with it. The mortician pulls back the sheet. Frankie is in horror as the corpse is revealed to her.

Frankie goes back into the hallway and tells them it wasn't Danny. Viv is relived but Frankie mentions, that it was still somebody, that some mother or wife or so is going to have to see him like I just did. Jamie asks if there is anything else she has to do and she replies, 'I don't know and I don't care. Just get me out of here.'

The Baldwin family arrives back to the Street. Norris and Jack watch from outside The Kabin and tells him, that it is Danny's mother. Jack sighs, 'I wonder what 'she' makes of the goings on over there.'

Viv notices them staring, and asks what they are looking at and if they have something to say. They both act flustered and say, no.

In the living room, Viv tells them she will go upstairs and unpack while she has still got the strength, and asks if she is in Jamie’s room. Frankie replies, that it is a mess. (Yeah, right.) Jamie is annoyed that Frankie doesn't want to reveal the truth about their relationship. Jamie says that it is tidy Viv laughs, 'What? A boy's idea of tidy? Don't worry, nothing I haven't seen before.'

Frankie replies she doesn’t even know when the sheets were last changed. She demands Jamie to go up and clean the room. Jamie says, 'Don't worry, I'll make it look like I don't even sleep in there.'
Viv then announces she is fed up drinking tea and wants a ‘proper drink’. (Trust me, she will need it) Frankie tells her she thinks there is some wine in the fridge. Viv tells her they should all go to the pub to get some air and talk to people. (The last thing Frankie wants) Frankie tells her she doesn't really feel like it but Viv tells her she wants to go and talk to people about Danny and ask if anyone knows anything.
Jamie and Frankie argue about if Viv should go to the pub on her own. Jamie thinks it is a good idea and that she should know the truth. Frankie wants to stop any more talk about them. Viv gives up waiting and heads out of the door.

At the Rovers Viv introduces herself and Liz mentions that she, along with Steve are the new owners of the Rovers. She quips how nice that a mother and son are together. Viv grabs her drink and sits down.
Liz mentions to Steve that Viv is drinking double brandies. He says not to stop her. She asks if he thinks she knows about Frankie and Jamie, and Steve replies, 'You know, with what she said about mothers and sons.' Steve looks up as Frankie and Jamie walk in and under his breath says he doesn’t think so, or she is very broadminded.

Frankie and Jamie sit down with Viv and Jamie tells Viv that they need to tell her something. Frankie bursts out that this might not be the best place. Viv squints her face and asks if she is missing something.

Jamie puts his hand on Frankie's and replies, 'You could say that.' Viv gets up and screams, 'You're together? You two?' Frankie begins, 'We're so sorry. We ever meant to....' but Jamie interrupts, 'We're not ashamed or embarrassed. There is nothing wrong with what we are doing.'
Viv explodes and says that they are “mother and son and you are sleeping together! I bet the police don't have a clue about this do they? Do they?' Frankie shakes her head. She stands up and spits that they will now! Well they will do now! And claims that they wanted Danny out of the way so they could carry on with their filthy affair. The entire pub watches with amazement. Viv asks “What have you done with Danny”? and storms out of the pub. Frankie looks at Jamie and asks, on the verge of tears.

I'm a Rock and Roll Star.

Liz has announced that all staff tips will be going towards Cilla's fund. Steve tells her she can't force them to do that. Michelle mentions that she is a single mom. Liz retorts that, she’ll have to persuade the punters to dig a little deeper. Steve mutters, 'If you ask me it's the poor dolphins we should be having a collection for.'

Sean asks Michelle if she has weighed up the pros and cons of playing with the band or going out with Steve. She tells him that she gets a buzz when I go on stage and the money is good. He asks about the cons – which is obvious. With a grin she says, that would be Vernon. Sean asks about the Steve situation, Michelle breaks it down: he is married and divorced twice and his kid isn't with either of them, he's my boss and, well look how long it took him to ask me out.
Sean tells Michelle she has to tell Steve she wants to play the gig and to postpone their date.

He shovers her to Steve.

Michelle explains to Steve about the band reforming and how the money would come in handy. He understands the situation and to go ahead and play the gig.
Clearly disappointed, she replies, 'I'll tell Vernon yes then.'
Steve approaches Michelle, who has been moaning to Sean about him not seeming bothered and mentions that he could come to the gig and go out afterwards. Sean rushes back over to Michelle, she whines that she isn’t as now, Steve will be watching her sing now. Sean replies that she said she gets a buzz out of performing. She cries that she does get a buzz, but not in front of potential ....' Sean smiles, 'Boyfriends? She sighs that he is going to be such hard work. Sean retorts, 'All the best ones are.'

Miss Cleo sees...

In the Kabin, Vera tells Rita about Sophie putting the wind up Jack the other day, and says about she reckons she hears voices. Sophie calls over from browsing through the magazines, that she can hear them now, and they seem to be talking about me!

Vera asks, if her voices told what's going on at No 7. Sophie looks at Rita and asks her if she has lived there. Rita replies that she did a long time ago. Sophie tells her, it must have been awful for her, when Alan Bradley was borrowing money in Len Fairclough's name. Rita is taken aback, and asks is Sally has been talking and how she could know that. Sophie smiles and says, 'That's just it. I couldn't possibly, could I?'

Later in the cafĂ©, Vera quizzes Sophie about her amazing powers and asks if she has had anything about her. Sophie tells her, that her name has cropped up a few times. ‘My spirit guide seems very in tune with you and Jack for some reason.' Jack looks scared and tells Vera he'd like another cuppa in the hopes of heading off any mention of Dulcie Froggat but she ignores him. She tells Sophie she would happily pay for a reading. Jack steps in and asks what currency the spirit guide deals in.

Hit the Highway

Ash and Claire catch Bev on the phone in the back garden. She gets off and mentions she is off to live with Shelley for good. Claire looks thrilled and mentions how great that is for her. Bev tells them they are right and that she'd like to make dinner tonight as a thanks. As she goes indoors Claire can barely contain her excitement. Ashley tells her he feels awful now and she replies that he better not talk her out of it.

Just like Olivia
Cilla is dismayed as she finds Chesney about to put his paper round wages in her fund jar tells him to take it back. Les arrives and tells them excitedly about the drivers at Streetcars wanting to donate their Christmas tips. Cilla looks a little uncomfortable and tells him she doesn’t want people’s sympathy. He tells her sympathy isn’t involved – just cash.

Chesney tells her that he has read that swimming with dolphins is very therapeutic. (He is such a cutie) Les adds they give pets to inmates to reform. Cilla smiles and says, 'And what did they give you? A rat?'

Later in the Rovers, Cilla is at the bar and sees Les and Yanna walk it and comments 'Here they are. My two soul mates. Where did you two bump into each other?' Yana tells her Les said Fiz would have to be getting back to work so she thought she would come and keep her company. Cilla puts her hand on Yana's and tells her, 'People are being so kind.'

Liz tells Cilla they could do a themed fund raising night at the pub if she and suggests a dart marathon. Cilla suddenly exclaims, ‘Beans. I'd like to see Les sat in a bath of baked beans!' Liz thinks it's a great idea. Cilla smiles, 'And you Yana. You'd happily squeeze into a bath with Les, wouldn't you? For me I mean.' (She is sooo good!) Yana hesitantly, agrees. Cilla gets another brainwave, and suggests that it should be outside. Les points out that it's December. Cilla retorts that it needs to be challenge or there's no point! How about Christmas Eve?


Rob Swizzle said...

I'm starting to think the ghost of Richard Hillman got into Jamie when he was in the canal and prompted him to kill Danny.

Debbie said...

Great update, Mayfair. Last night that Frakie and Jamie storyline really came home when I came to the realization that Jamie has been doing it with his mum in his parent's bed. And, after more thinking, I realized that is less creepy than Frankie doing it with her son in her son's bed.

Still creepy any road.

kowy said...

Maybe it's just me, but whenever Jaime says that he and Frankie 'aren't ashamed of what they're doing', Frankie cringes.

I'd cringe too if I were Frankie.

Not just because I'm sleeping with my step-son, but also because he needs to shave and generally looks in need of a wash and a haircut. (But put a bag over his head and I'd be good to go!)

westcoast fan said...

I really liked how they had Frankie and Jamie show Viv was what was going on, with a simple holding of hands. I've been expecting this story line to wrap up for the last few weeks, what with Frankie's iminent confinement. When and how is it going to end? I can't believe Danny's dead, though I know that Bradley Walsh wanted to leave the show. I'd like him to be able to come back sometime though.

kowy I've noticed Frankie doing that cringe, too. Makes you want to shake and say 'why are you doing it if it makes you cringe!'.

westcoast fan said...

Sorry, meant to say 'makes you want to shake her'.

Anonymous said...

At least Cilla has the grace to look a bit ashamed now. I really thought she was going to tell Fizz and Chesney the truth, and then Les walked in.

Excellent Les touch -- You're dying, and so I must think about myself...

Jamie with a shaved face is very yummy, that's true. I should think that after one tells Warren, telling Viv would be a piece of freakin' cake!

I am not sure about this Sophie storyline -- I find it so hard to decipher what she's saying, and most of this is before my time.

Nice though how she wound up Gail about Sally's Christmas prep. Who wants to bet she goes home and tells Sal that Gail has spent a fortune, etc., and works her magic there too?


Anonymous said...

I don't understand how Liz can tell her staff that they have to turn over their tips to Cilla's fund. I always thought tips were awarded to a servers for providing good service. Liz is starting to show a nasty streak particularly towards her treatment of Michelle.

Anonymous said...

Liz is just a jealous old hag...Michelle is younger and prettier...(but both are bad actresses! LOL!)