Thursday, September 20, 2007

Update for Tuesday

Sorry Kids, deadlines yesterday.


Wir Haben Kulture

Sally and Gayle are both trying to outdo themselves for Christmas dinner. Gayle back at home trying to make dried fruit into a lovely pudding and Sally making a stuffing that involves lemon. (Bill comments that he would prefer traditional sage stuffing and this is an arguement every year at Chez Glacia. Mr. wants traditional and I want my lovely sour dough bread/parmesean/wild mushroom stuffing....but I digress).

It's Rosie's birthday and a collection of Goethe poetry comes to her in the mail. She flips open the page to read from a quote from Mailed (May Day Celebrations).

O Lieb, o Liebe!
So golden schön,
Wie Morgenwolken
Auf jenen Höhn !

English translation can be found here.

(Glacia hat Kulture!)

Later that day, Rosie tells Kevin that she's down because Craig is living this big sexy life in Berlin and she's stuck at home. He tells her to cheer up that there'll be plenty of time for growing up later.

Meanwhile over that the Platts, Sarah worries to David about Sophie going on and on about her dad (Brian Tisley) flirtation with Suzie Birchall. David tells her that he'll go over and straighten it out.

After telling Sophie to knock it off, David finds out from Rosie about the diary of some mad old woman who used to live at the Battersby's. 'Ivy Tisley? You mean my gran?' asks David. (Who btw - technically isn't his grandmother because Martin was his dad, not Brian. Thankfully Ivy is no longer with us, because I shudder to think of the next 'pushing the envelope' love story Corrie would come up with.)

He tells Rosie that the diary belongs to his family and she agrees and gets Sophie to return it to him. Sophie does but not without saying that his gran was bitter and twisted so that must be where he gets it from.

David relaxes in his car with the book to have a look see. He finds the book hilarious and when Marie sees him having a good chuckle, she comes to join in the fun.

David reads her such delightful passages that Ivy wrote about Gayle like the following:

'Dirty mare, carrying on with Martin Platt, not more than a lad, with my Brian not cold in his grave. She's a filthy little tart, just like her mother.'


Things take a turn for the dark when Maria reads a passage outloud about Gayle being a piece of scum who will rot in hell, but suddenly stops. David takes the diary from her and reads that Gayle was planning to abort him and would have if Martin hadn't convinced her not to.

What's a boy to do with information like that?

Oh I know...bookmark the relevant passage and wrap up the diary as a gift for mom.

Steve MacDonald in 'What's My Appeal'?
Sean asks Michelle about the big date and she tells him that there was no date, just a bunch of garbled messages on her mobile and an awol Steve. She then tells him that the night wasnt' a total waste because she got to go out with some shiney guy in his shiney car.

Later Steve comes around with some flowers and apology. Michelle notes that the apology was a bit late in coming. He asks her out, but she tells him that she has other plans with shiney guy and *unfortunatley* she doesn't have his phone number so she can't break it off.

Shiney guy makes it into the pub because he's lost her number and wnated to check that they were still on for New Years at his friends place and oh yeah, make sure you bring your swimsuit because there's a pool, duke! Then he gives her his number.

Michelle makes no attempt to cancel her date with shiney guy.

And why should she?!!! I'm sorry, I love Steve but I don't *quite* get his appeal. He lies, he's losing his looks as he ages and he's saddle with a bitchy mom and a crazy ex with whom he has a child. But then there's Sonny with his sports car, hair and shiney life. Hmmmm, what's a Breck Girl to do?

On a side note, Tracey drops Amy off with Steve and Liz all the time alluding to how Amy would be better off at Steve's for Christmas (even though Pingu won't be able to attend Christmas dinner). Ken and Deidre lament that Amy won't be with them a Christmas, Tracey tells them to get off her back. Wash, rinse, repeat.

OMG - They Mentioned Albert Steptoe!
When the episode opens, Norris and Audrey are having a chat and in the back is a wonderful vision of Less and Yana wheeling their bathtube out.

The night of the Bean Bath is upon us! The only problem is, beans are kind of pricey, so they had to settle for mushy peas instead. (Glacia takes a deep breath for she truley hates mushy peas, even hearing them mentioned outloud.)

As they are about to jump in, Steve makes a comment that Les looks like Albert Steptoe*.

Folks come by with donations and even Vern is moved to part with 20p. Less tells him that he's cheap, but Vern only responds by saying that the best way to raise money would be to have Yana and Cilla have a mud wrestle in the tub with mushy peas.

With ideas like that, how is Vern NOT a multimillionaire?

When Janice comes by, Cilla tells her the more people donate, the longer Less and Yana have to stay in. Janice springs for a tenner just to keep them there until midnight.

While they freeze, Yana keeps them warm with a little ditty from Joy Division.

When the pub closes, Less and Yana decide to pack it in. They are a bit shocked to find their dressing gowns missing, but run quickly to the Battersby's thinking that Cilla will let them in. Oh she will, I guess, but not until she finishes her bottle of Jaegermeister. (Cilla hat Kulture!)

In Other News
Fizz laments to Kirkeh that she will miss Cilla's naft Christmas gifts when she's gone. He tells her that he will give her naft Christmas gifts. Fizz replys that it's not just that, it's the bad cooking too. (Glacia is confident that Kirkeh can treat her to bad cooking too.)

Norris wants a Russian themed christmas with vodka, caviar and Dr.Zhivago on the telly. (Glacia thinks that Norris's Christmas sounds like the best thing on the street.) Unfortnately, Rita is a stickler for traditional english christmas, so he has to satisfy himself with a White Russian at the Rovers. Janice joins him in one and we get to find out that not only does Liz not know what a White Russian is, she ain't never heard of Kaluha either.

Audrey got loaded with Bill once again. I want to have Audrey's senior years when I get to her age.

How many times are they planning to have Fairy Tale of New York play in the background?

* Steptoe and Son was a BBC show that started on television and then ended up on the radio and was the model for 'Sanford and Son'. Steptoe and Son is HILARIOUS and they often play episodes on BBC radio if you ever listen.

Or you could raid youtube.


GoBetty said...

I think it's NAFF? Whateves. :-)

Anonymous said...

It's either "Fairytale of New York" or "Merry Christmas, Everybody's Having Fun" by Slade.

westcoast fan said...

So how much younger than Gail is Martin? Is this why he took up with Katie, because he missed out on boffing teenage girls when a teenager himself and Gail got her claws into him?

Jacqueline said...

Ten years (she's 1958, he's 1968). Which might not seem huge, but I think at the time of their hooking up, he was fairly young.

He was 23 when they married.

Anonymous said...

I've heard that Jamaican "Mary's Boy Child" song a couple of times at Rovers.

It's weird and trippy having it be Christmas there, but last year's Christmas, when we are about 3 months from THIS year's Christmas. Know what I mean?

I've been watching Doctor Who to try and get comfortable with this kind of time travel...

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

When it's Christmas on Corrie in Canada, it reminds me to start buying Christmas gifts.

Anonymous said...

I love fairytale of new york and love that corrie plays it over and over...

Anonymous said...

Sophie tells David he's bitter and twisted?

See pot and kettle.

Granted, Sophie isn't anywhere near David's twisty pedigree, but bilking old ladies with a Native spirit advisor? Just a leeetle twisty.

I love Christmas on Corrie street. It's always such mayhem and misery!


westcoast fan said...

For the life of me I can't remember what the mayhem and misery was last year (other than Claire and Ashley tying the knot, that is)

Anonymous said...

Generally we have the return of someone. Last year, we had Norris slipping out in the kitchen, trying to get the plum pudding lit, and Les with the monstrosity Santa, etc on the roof that sparked out.

Haven't the Battersby Browns been trying to even eat a Christmas Dinner for years? They never have any food.

There was the year Raquel came home to tell Curly that she wanted a divorce, and oh yeah, they had a daughter she hadn't told him about...

Or maybe that was New Year's.

Christmas on Corrie street... more than just paper hats and leftovers.

Anonymous said...

There was the year Les brought a real live turkey home... and then they made it a pet, I think?