Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Update for Episode #6453 September 17, 2007

Claire and Charlie

Two of the 'friendlier' neighbours bump into each other in the street. Claire gives Charlie her best menacing stare/glare/baleful look and then tells him 'I'm watching you.'. Charlie looks at her like she might be some kind of a nutter. (he might be on to something there) Charlie mentions this little moment to Tracey when he gets home, but seems to not give a toss about what Claire is up to. Tracey asks of they can go out that night but Charlie tells her he is out with Jason for the work Christmas do. (no doubt an elegant affair at the pub)

Tracey incorporates this incident into her grand Machiavellian scheme and goes round next door to blame Claire for getting Charlie upset with Tracey. Again. Inspector Peacocok pulls out the journal she has been keeping of The Dastardly Deeds of the Nasty Neighbour Known as the Son of Satan. Or the shorter title, Charlie's Nasty Bits. (that's for you J) Tracey, upon seeing the documentation Claire is compiling, gets an evil little grin on her face.

Sophie and Rosie

The Webster sisters are flouncing around their living room. Sophie is nattering on about something in her usual unitelligible manner. Rosie happens upon the diary that Sophie and Chesney found up in the attic, and is the source of all the secrets that Southern Wind has been revealing to the old guard of the street. They have a bit of a scrap, and Rosie threatens to tell their mother about the diary, unless Sophie promises to not use the contents for evil any longer. Sophie agrees to the deal, but has her fingers crossed behind her back at the time.

Frankie and Jamie

Jamie shows up at home, after having been out all night or something. Frankie tells him how worried she was, and that he should never do anything like that again. All quite melodramatic really. Young Romeo thinks they should just leave everything in Weatherfield behind and fly off to Spain, where they can have a beer on the beach, watch the sun set, and have a bit of a lay in in the morning. Jamie wants to be able to hold her hand without anyone giving them the mick. Frankie, in her step-mom/lover role, points out how difficult it would be for him to change nappies from the Iberian peninsula. In the end they have a snuggle and a snog on the sofa and the cold, cruel world is but a distant memory again. Frankie agrees to the Spanish Gambit.

Paul is nice to Jamie when he sees him on the street.

Still no sign of Viv though.

Ashley and Claire and Bev and Fred

Bev is on her way to the country to spend the holiday with Shel. She is standing on the curb, the urn containing the ashes of Fred clutched tightly to her bosom, and a bottle of Tanqueray in her pocket. Bev has the same argument again with Ashley and Claire about what to do with Fred's ashes, I say what to do with Fred's ashes. They fail to come an agreement, so the Peacocks drive off to the spot Ashley has chosen for his dad's final resting place, leaving Bev waiting for a cab.

Deirdre comes out to say goobye to Bev. Rita pops out of The Salon to say farewell, while Audrey stands in the doorway watching. Bev walks over to Audrey and asks her if the last words Fred said were really that he loved Bev. 'Yes, of course my dear' replies Audrey, and the two women share a sincere but awkward hug.

The cab shows up and Bev gets in telling the driver to take her to Piccadilly Station, via the A54, where Fred proposed to Bev, and where she is planning on spreading his ashes.

The Peacock clan are in a lovely wooded spot saying their farewells to Fred. Before they scatter his ashes in the stream Bev arrives, realizing that is perhaps best for everyone involved that Fred be sent on his final journey in a somewhat coherent fashion.

'God bless you Fred.'

'Good-bye Dad.'

Steve and Michelle

Fate seems to be conspiring against Steve and his plans for a date with Michelle. The curry he brought Eileen so she would man the switchboard has made her ill. He tries to get Claire to fill in but she doesn't feel up to it. In the end he is forced to man the board himself.

Michelle is all tarted up at the pub and is waitng in vain for Steve to make an appearance. Finally she has to go to make it to the gig on time.

Les is in the pub with a fund raising bucket for Cilla. (a British tradition) Steve tries to get Les to cover the switchboard, which he eventually agrees to, for double time in wages and a sizable contribution to the charity bucket.

Steve rushes to get ready for the big date. Some mention of Christmas bonuses is made. There is a debate about him having a shower with Sean or Betty. When Steve is finally suited and booted he has a bit of a set-to with Yana, who has taken over from Les collecting for the charity bucket. To smooth things over he tells her to have a drink on the house, but gives Sean the 'only a half a shot' wink over her shoulder as he leaves.

Michelle is waiting for Steve to make an appearance outside the club.

Tracey then shows up with Amy, telling Steve he can look after her. Steve recruits Betty to look after his daughter in the back room, and continues on in his quest to woo Michelle.

Steve finally gets in his car, and manages to knock over Fiz's scooter, breaking the mirror in the process. Fiz comes out and sees what has happened, screeches at Steve about how much a mirror costs, so he gives her a 100 pounds to cover the costs. Cilla comes by and gives Steve an earful about him trying to steal from her charity bucket and get a leg over on her friend.

Steve finally drives off to meet Michelle.

At the other club, the gig is over and Michelle still has not seen Steve. Some bloke named Sonny chats Michelle up, telling her how great the show was, and inviting her to do for drinks at The Locks with his friends. Michelle hesitates. Sonny asks if she has to ask her dad first - meaning Vernon. She finally agrees to go for drinks.

As Michelle drives away with Sonny, Steve pulls up and tries to get her attention, but to no avail. Vern, watching the drama from the van, sings a bit for Steve.

'Cold, so cold without you.'


Anonymous said...

Excellent update! What I can never understand about parents on Coronation Street is that they never think to PAY someone to look after their children. They constantly dump them on neighbours and expect free child care. I felt sorry for little Amy last night. As Betty so obviously stated shouldn't she be in bed, she wasn't even wearing jammies.

Debbie said...

I thought taht Rosie and Sohpie were perfect last night. It was exactly how sisters behave. Especially when the older one kind of lays down behavioral rules for the yonger one letting them know what is or is not appropriate.

Also, for some reason last night, when Fiz yelled at Steve, it made me laugh real hard. "I can see that Steve." HA!

Jacqueline said...

I LOVED how Michelle is looking all shiney (yw, John) in front of what has to be the shinest poshest place ever to grace the Corrie screen....and there's Vern - jumping around, dressed like a reject from the Charlie Daniels Band, complete with Cowboy hat.

For some reason the song 'Cotton Eye Joe' kept running through my head.

Jacqueline said...

I'm kind of glad Michelle went off with shiney guy.

westcoast fan said...

Is it just mean or did Rosie look incredibly tanned last night, as if she had rescued Cilla's tanning bed when Les tried to throw it out.

Steve wouldn't be in the mess he's in with Michelle if he had just told her that he was having trouble getting coverage for Streetcars, and that he had to look after Amy. Michelle's a single mom, if she can't sympathize with a single dad scrambling for childcare then she's not worth Steve's trouble.

Yeah, I loved the way Fiz called Steve 'Steve'. I guess it was a bit startling because you don't see the two of them interact much.

Hmm, somehow it seems a bad idea for Frankie and Jamie to take off unannounced for Spain. Strike one: they didn't report Danny's disappearance to the police. Strike two: they're not straight with the police about their own relationship and the circumstances of Danny's disappearance. Strike three: they flee the country! You are busted!! Shtupid, shtupid, shtupid.

Whitehorse Fan said...

I'm a bit ashamed about this, but I have to confess that when Bev turned up to spread the ashes with Ashley and Claire, and Ashley was very humane, I teared up, even though I don't particularly like any of those characters.

Mr. WHF and I were also relieved to see that Ashley had moved his half of Fred from the coffee tin into a real urn.

And, I seem to say this alot, but here it goes again, WF, I totally agree with you. This time about Steve. Why why does he always lie? I am sure it would have gone much better had he been honest with her.

Anonymous said...

I'd say Rosie (or rather, Helen Flanagan) has been hitting the tanning salons. It's one of those things you need to be careful with on a show like this. You don't want to look your character to look like she spent more on her hair than what her family spends on groceries in a month.

I think the point of Steve's running around and missing Michelle's date is to show that he's immature when it comes to relationships with women. A simple bit of honesty with her would have been fine. But Steve doesn't know how to do that yet.

I agree with anon. who commented that there seem to be no professional baby sitting services around Weatherfield. Heck, Rosie could take on babysitting as a side gig to pay for her tans.

Fiz claimed her scooter's mirror cost a hundred quid. More like 30. It was strange, though, seeing her taking to Steve (even if it was in anger). I like when Corrie puts together characters who rarely interact.

Whitehorse Fan said...

Very insightful re: Steve, John.

I had thought since the beginning that Steve was really not good enough for Michelle, so this does prove it, doesn't it?

westcoast fan said...

I actually kind of like it that no one hires professional babysitters. Relying on your neighbors to help you out is what having a community is about, isn't it?

I agree that Steve is completely immature and acts like a teenage when it comes to women. It would be nice to see a little growth in his character, though. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Debbie - that WAS a perfect sister scene!

Whitehorse - I teared up too. It was a very touching scene. Even if you can't stand Ashley (coughs) it was still a lovely remembrance of Fred.

Glacia - Yeah. Where is Vernon getting the whole cowboy thing from all of a sudden? I don't remember him dressing like Wyatt Earp last time he was on. It seems like this has just started with his reappearance on the show (when Liz and Steve bought t'Rovers). I'm not a fan of the look myself.

You thought of Cotton Eye Joe? Hmm. When Mr Hunky introduced himself as Sonny, I had a whole weird stream of consciousness thing and ended up humming I Got You Babe.

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

Also, IMHO, Steve lied for the same reason that people on soaps always lie - to create tension in story lines. That kind of stuff drives my little Sophie - I mean, sister - so crazy she cannot watch even a fabulous show like Coronation Street. It makes her bonkers! It's kind of a cop out on the part of the writers, I think, but it's a staple.

On the other hand, I love Steve's facial expressions! He's got such an expressive face!


Anonymous said...


In complete agreement re: Jamie and Frankie's newest brain child - let's flee the country! Yeah, 'cause when OJ tried to run, everyone totally got how innocent he was!

Their only excuse is that they are both dim bulbs, and thinking is HARD!

It won't end well if they try to leave the country.

Anyone else starting to get verrry suspicious re: Jamie's behavior?


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Rosie's looking very polished in general these days - highlights in her hair and all that stuff. Pretty sophisticated for a 16 YO.

OMG - I sound JUST like my grandmother! "That's too sophisticated for a girl your age"!!!!

Great. Maybe Clair will lend me her groovy puke-colored beret. Hey - did anyone else notice that last night, the hair was out of the beret instead of all stuffed up in it? Which only made it marginally better, but hey...


Rob Swizzle said...

I thought that about the 100 quid mirror too. Fiz has got a bit of her mum in her whether she admits it or not. Schemer!

westcoast fan said...

MF, I love Steve's face, too! Even in scenes where he's just in the background he's still reacting to everything that goes on. Too funny.

Anonymous said...

Did anybody notice outside the club that Vernon was loading the van with his drum kit himself while Michele was putting her lippy on. He claims that he has a "bit of a bad back" when Liz (the mug) is around and she always shifts his drums while he stands there. LOL.