Saturday, September 29, 2007

September 28, 2007 Update- One Big Happy Family

Liam is standing at his car before the factory opens in the morning, and is speaking with Ken. He tells him that he has a new partner, but no one has told him who he is. Ken responds with appropriate sympathy.

Liam then spends the next little while in the factory bouncing around, nervous as a virgin on her prom date. He comes out of his office when Chesney comes by looking for lunch money, wondering if the new guy is there, and pacing in his office.

Then Paul arrives. He reminds Liam that Carla’s birthday party is that night. He then plays around with Liam for a little bit, talking about the new guy, until he reveals that he is in fact the new guy. Liam is not happy. He doesn’t know why Paul treated him like a 10 year old by not telling him (fair enough), to which Paul answers that he didn’t want Liam to get too excited (thereby confirming that he treated Liam like at 10 year old). Liam reassures him that he is not excited. Liam asks whether Carla knows. She does, but she does not know that the 12, 000.00 they had saved up and were supposed to invest in Carla’s new business has been, instead, invested in the factory. Paul then asks Liam not to tell Carla, as he needs to put it to her delicately. Liam tells him “discretion is my middle name”. Paul, over Liam’s objections, goes onto the factory floor and announces to the workers that they have a new boss- him. Paul reveals that he is not wise, though he is clever, as who would irritate someone when they have just been asked to keep a secret?

At Carla’s and Paul’s flat, we get to celebrate Carla’s birthday, and see the hideous 70’s wallpaper as well. Michelle takes swipes at Carla, Liam drops hints about Paul’s secret, and Paul begins to sweat. Carla opens her gifts, including a red negligee, at which point Liam tells Carla that Paul used the money they put away for his venture, not hers. Michelle starts to leave. Carla gets angry, says that Paul doesn’t want to see her succeed, says they should have gone for “marriage guidance,” and flounces away.

A little while later, Paul tries to make up with Carla. He knocks on her door. She appears wearing the red negligee- exactly what I wear when I have had a fight with my husband and want to relax. Paul tries to weasel himself out of the fight by talking about the first time they got together. Carla says it doesn’t work, but they do, somehow, end up kissing. As they do, Carla tells him, “This is not over.”

Baby Barf- the New Black

In the morning, standing in the doorway in his boxers and t-shirt, Jason is on the phone with Eileen. He is upset because he has had to take care of Holly since 2:30 p.m., the day before, and Charlie is getting annoyed that he isn’t going to work.

We never hear the end of the conversation, but it appears the phone call was to no avail, as the next time we see Jason, he is pushing Holly in the “boogie”, as Sarah calls it, back in forth in front of his house. Holly is wailing. Sarah comes by and paces with him for a bit. Jason is out of his mind. He tells Sarah that Holly has been up since two in the morning. He has fed her, and been barfed on, and changed her diaper, and gotten pooh all down his pants. He says that he doesn’t know why he hasn’t phoned the counselor to have her picked up. Sarah reassures him, saying that the bond between parent and child is like nothing else. She says that there were times when she wished that Bethany would simply disappear. She then says that all the crying and tantrums are worth it when Bethany emerges out of the dishwasher, and gives her a hug. With those words, Sarah leaves, and Jason is once again left with the wailing infant.

Later on Eileen comes in, and Jason emerges from the kitchen, looking harassed and cleaning more baby barf off his shirt. Eileen tells him that Sean has promised to baby sit, and she is going to take Jason out for a pint.

Some time passes before we see them again, ensconced at the Rover’s sharing a drink. Jason is leaning on Eileen’s shoulder and is dozing. Eileen, not realizing this, tells him that she is proud about the way he took care of Holly, and knew he would never phone social services. He comes to, says, “What?” in a sleepy way, and Eileen gives him a kiss.

The Jolly Roger

As the employees of Underworld gather around outside, waiting for the factory to open, Janice comes up, complaining that her heat is off again. Fizz does not believe that this is innocent, and accuses her of sabotaging her heat herself in order to get Roger the plumber back. Janice hotly denies it.

As the employees work, they continue to discuss “Jolly Roger”. Though Janice protests, everyone thinks that the heating problem is simply a ruse to get the plumber back on site. Kelly thinks it’s desperate, Hayley thinks it’s romantic. By the time they leave work, though, Janice is no longer pretending to be cool about it, and tells them that Roger is coming by after work.

When Roger does come by, Janice tries to work her magic on him by offering him more fish and chips. Roger hesitates and says “I should have mentioned it last night…” For the first time in her life Janice appears uncertain. Roger then admits that fish is not fish without brown sauce. So Janice happily promises to bring a bottle of brown sauce, and skips away to get the fish.

She returns shortly after, with fish and chips and a bottle of wine, only to find the apartment deserted. So she goes to the pub to commiserate with Fizz, and tries to commiserate with Steve, who acts like an ass instead. As she sits, nursing her beer, Roger enters the pub with a bouquet of flowers. He tells her that he had an emergency call, and when he returned to her apartment, she was gone, so he went to look for her at the pub. They have a few drinks, and Janice invites Roger back to her apartment. They leave the pub together.

Violet is Blue

At the hospital, Michelle comes around to the waiting area where Sean and Jamie are sitting. She asks how Violet is doing, to which Sean replies: “Alive. She’s asleep.” Michelle asks Jamie if he is okay, and he morosely responds that he is.

The doctor later goes in to see Violet, and tell her what happened. Jamie is there as the doctor explains that she had an ectopic pregnancy, and they had to remove a fallopian tube. He then tells her that there was scarring on the second tube. She asks him whether that means she won’t be able to have children. He says it is too early to tell, and counsels rest. He leaves.

Jamie appears to finally have gotten his head out of his navel. He holds her hand, and then tells her he would have been there for her, had she had the baby. Violet reminds him that a few days ago he was going on a plane off to Spain and he defends himself by saying that he didn’t go, though. Violet does not point out that that was only because Frankie left him, though she could. He apologizes, and she tells him she needs to sleep. He leaves.

In Other News

Less continues to be a terrible father.

Steve continues to be an idiot to Michelle.

Vern continues to be a complete idiot.


Anonymous said...

I loved the exchange between Liam and Chesney!! And, is it just me, but did Violet look extremely healthy for someone who has just had major emergency surgery. I'd at least have expected an IV or something.

pip/westcoast fan said...

Yeah, I thought Violet looked pretty chipper, too. I predict she is very unfairly going to blame Jamie for her infertility.

What is going on with the Tracy and Charlie show? I thought for sure something exciting was going to happen over Christmas with Amy spending the holidays in the dishwasher at the Rovers, but no.

BTW, great update WHF!

Anonymous said...

What is a potatoe batty? In aussie we called [half inch[ slices of spuds in batter, then deep fried [like chips] scallops or fritters. Is this the same thing?

Jacqueline said...

I think it's Chip Butty - which is french fries slammed between two pieces of buttered white bread.

Anonymous said...

Glacia said: "I think it's Chip Butty - which is french fries slammed between two pieces of buttered white bread."

Now THAT'S nutritious!

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...


I loved the Liam/Chesney exchange too! I like that kid who plays Chesney. That kid is fun - sure, he's not Laurence Olivier, but I hope they keep him.


Anonymous said...

When I was a kid my mom sometimes made eggs and "chips" for supper and we'd eat the chips wrapped in a nicely buttered piece of bread. Mmmmm... no wonder i have a weight prob lol.

Anonymous said...

I liked Michelle's little dig at Carla's drawings of her children's fashions line, noting the one of the lil' hipster with his hands in his pockets:

"Yeah, I can't draw hands either."

Why, exactly, does someone who seems uninterested in kids want to design clothing for them?

pip/westcoast fan said...

Mmm, I don't remember ever having a chip sandwich for dinner, but my mom used to make us bacon sandwiches to go along with our fried eggs, which I'm sure couldn't have been much healthier.

The boy who plays Chesney is entertaining, isn't he? I looked him up on Wikipedia a while ago. He's the youngest of 12 children, so bet he learned early how to get along with others, and is fun to have on set. He seems to have gone through a growth spurt lately, hasn't he?

Whitehorse Fan said...

John: I enjoyed that too. I quite like Michelle and Liam but Paul and Carla I find just boring.

And I also agree that Chesney is great.

Anonymous said...

I can't stand Michelle or is their hair....They look like Morticia Addams rejects!The bloke playing Liam is a horrid actor...he seems to to have trouble speaking clearly!

I had a chip butty in New Zealand along with a kiwi burger...yummy!