Wednesday, September 12, 2007

New on CBC - Update


Northwest Terriories Runner commented earlier this week:

'Sometimes the CC updates are better than the friggin' program -and no commercials for CBC shows to have to fast forward through :-)'

Well, thank you for the compliment love, it's much appreciated.

Which makes my next announcement *that* much more difficult to say. Unfortunately, my wild excess of vodka, cavier, gold plated toothpicks and weekly trips to England to worship at the gates of the Madonna mansion have exhausted even the heafty wallet of Mr. Glacia.

Therefore, I've decided to earn extra revenue by using this blog to announce upcoming CBC shows. Hope you don't mind.

Brewster and Schuster
Our Debbie teams up with the son of one half of Canada's best loved comedy duo to liven up our Sunday evenings with their vaudvillian show.

Meanwhile, back on 'the street', Frankie is approached by Frankie is approached by Becky on the street who asks if she is on for the early shift. When Frankie says that she couldn’t sleep, the smoking stick insect says that she wouldn’t be able to sleep either if she had Jamie in her bed. Frrfraow! Then she asks if it’s weird to sleep with the son after having had the father. (LOVE IT!)

Back at the house, Jamie assures Frankie that he loves her despite the Violet situation and that they will make the best of it. Jamie then tells her that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. (A cynical Glacia thinks this is hilarious coming from a 21 year old (or whatever he is). We’re gonna be together forever and ever because nothing will ever change between us and we’ll be the same people 20 years down the road.)

They head over to Danny’s flat to collect the mail and to inspect the apartment. No clothes have been taken, the apartment is untouched since Jamie left it and when Frankie opens up the bank and credit card statements, she sees that nothing has been withdrawn. Frankie suggest calling the police (FINALLY) but Jamie says, ‘Nah, not before Christmas.’ Presumably, because nothing bad ever happens during the holiday season and no one ever feels blue and suicidal.

I’m beginning to think that Jamie really, really hates Danny.

A bit later, Frankie talks to Danny’s mom who has not heard from him. Frankie is getting worried and persists on telling the police. I can’t believe they haven’t told his mom. Is Warren in on the loop? I suspect he would at least try to find Dad.

Frankie goes over to Eileen’s to talk to Violet and try to explain the situation. As predicted, it all ended in tears. Violet really doesn’t want to hear it and as she says, she’s got bigger issues to worry about than Frankie and Jamie. Eileen walks in just as Frankie excuses herself.

Later, Eileen pops over to Frankie’s to see how she’s doing and to give her some support. She asks Frankie if she’s maybe just trying to get back at Danny, but Frankie assures her that she truly loves Jamie. Eileen tells her how lucky she is to have found true love and then tilts her head in a kind of wistful happy way.

Glacia vomits.

END this storyline, for the love of God end it. It’s not only disgusting, but it makes no sense. The actors have no chemistry between them. Just make it stop.
Oh, yeah, Becky goes into the pub and tells Violet that she feels bad for her, because getting dumped is one thing, but getting tossed over for the mom…that’s really bad. Niiiiiice.

L'Heure avec John Shatnerianoupoulous
Live from the Tim Hortons on De Maisonneuve Est in Montreal, it's 'L'Heure' - 30 minutes of hard hitting interviews by one of Canada's most demanding goatee's, Shatnerian. Watch as he interviews kings and paupers alike!

Good luck Shatnerian, just be cautious though love, because dahling, the minute you start believing your own publicity, you're THROUGH!

Jason tries to deliver a tree to the Platts as he has been working at the garden center and they offered him a few on the cheap. Unfortunately, Sarah tells him that they already have one so when he sees Bev walking down the street he gives it to her.

Bev makes some comment about how Claire has a plastic tree planned, but oh what the hell, what’s Christmas without a real live tree? She takes it home and gets Josh to help decorate. When Ashley and Claire return they comment on how they were going to have a plastic tree, but when Bev turns around in tears they tell her it’s okay they can live with the real tree.

Bev explains that she isn’t crying about, but rather that a few minutes ago Josh held up the Christmas angel and said that it was the angel in heaven that was watching over Granddad. (oh come on….so very cheap). Anyway, Bev says that because Josh has been such a good boy helping her with the tree, she’s taking him to the shop to get a stocking. Claire tries to intervene by saying that he’s had enough excitement for one day, but it really doesn’t work.

Later Bev says that she got a call from Shelly and Claire jumps on that like Glacia on a bottle of Grey Goose. ‘So! When are you going up for Christmas?’ asks Claire. At least I thought that’s what she said because by this time she is so hopeful that her voice rises to a pitch outside of human hearing and I had to get my German Shepherd to translate for me.

Bev replies that she is not going, that she will stay there and help with the children by plying them with hourly doses of chocolates and toys. Besides, she feels Fred’s presence there.

Hmmmm, don’t you wish you had just bought her the damn cottage with Fred’s money now?

An American in Corrie Canuck
Michigan Fan stars in this Fish Out of Water tale of an American living close enough to the Canadian border to pick up the CBC. This show joins the great line up of shows that have Canada or Canadian in the title.

Fiz has asked Kirk to walk with Chesney on his paper rounds because she is worried about him. Chesney tells Kirk that he’s okay and that he needn’t bother.

Back at the house Cilla is doing her Christmas cards and is worried about losing her hair to chemo. She does say that the upside is that she will get to get a blond wig and be like Yana. Fiz comes in and kisses Cilla, who jumps a bit, but then remembers that Fiz is doing it because she’s concerned about her mom. Fiz and Les argue over who’s going to take Cilla to the doctors, but Cilla inists on going on her own.

While she’s gone, Yana comes over to wait for Cilla with Les and he invites her in. They sit on the couch and moan about losing Cilla and at one point they hold hands. Of course this is the same point that Chesney walks in on them and they have to make some blundering excuses before rushing off to the Rovers.

Sophie comes over to the house and Chesney tells her that he is convinced that Cilla is going to die and that he’ll have to stay with ‘Uncle’ Les because ‘Uncle’ Les is his real dad now. He doesn’t mind that so much as the fact that ‘Uncle’ Les will most likely be living with Yana, who hates children.

Cilla gets a clean bill of health from Dr. Handsome and with that news she takes the opportunity to give him a big old kiss on the lips – and who can blame her. (I did slow down the pvr to see if there was any tongue action, but without success.).

When she gets home, Chesney is in a state and tells her that he’s worried about her dying because he’ll have to live with Les and Yana. When she clues in that Les and Yana have been up to no good, she tells Chesney not to let them know that she knows about them.

She then marches over to the Rovers (Fiz, Chesney and Kirk following) and tells Les and Yana how hard it is to tell them the news. She goes into this big speech about Les being her soulmate, yada, yada, yada, but that her condition is terminal.
Okay, so I feel REALLY bad for Chesney and Fiz right now, but the revenge o’ Cilla is gonna be goooooooooood.

The Queen of King West Village
All the kids from the families in Kensington Market have grown up and got their own condos! Watch as Glacia takes the spectre from Al Waxman and becomes the community sage in a yuppie paridise!

'As she walks down the street, she smiles at everyone, everyone that she meets, calls her Queen of Kingwestvillage.'

Charlie decides to do some repairs on the flat by removing the wardrobe from the sparerooms. Tracey sees her opportunity with the banging that will be going on and tells him she's gonna round to Gail's for some thread to repair his shirt.

While there, she tells Gail that some job fell through (BANG! BANG!) for Charlie and that he's a bit upset (BANG! BANG!). And he's not really full of the Christmas (BANG!) spirit (BANG). When Gail invites her over for tea (BANG!) Tracey says that she really must scurry back and take care of (BANG!) Charlie. Plus, (BANG!) she needs to get his favorite shirt back to him (BANG!) so he can go out.

This is Corrieland
Watch the wacky antics of the Glacia's defence team as they try to stave off the inevitable lawsuit from the CBC


westcoast fan said...

Great update! Hope I can pick up those new shows out here on the Island!

I take back what I said the other day about beginning to like Cilla. Poor Chesney and Fizz! How can she do that to them for some cheap revenge? And just before Christmas, too (of course, this provides her with an excuse not to shell out any money on Christmas presents) She is a right cow.

When Frankie suggested calling the police about Danny I felt like doing my best Dr. Phil (the real one) impersonation: Do ya think???

Where does Violet get off blaming Frankie for her breakup with the katzenjammie kid? Frankie had nothing to do with it. Violet is going to dissolve into a little puddle of self-pity any moment now.

I like that we're seeing a lot more of Sophie these days, but I wish we could have a bigger dose of Amber, too. It was nice of Gail to ask Amy to stay and play with Bethany in the dishwasher.

Anonymous said...

A curious side-effect of the Cilla's Non-Cancer storyline is that Yana seems to have become a lot more human and suddenly sympathetic. I always liked her because, as Cilla's skanky enabler, she was always good for a laugh. Now, she is coming off as an actual person. I hope she sticks around for a while. It may be time to bring her in from the fringes.

Cilla's revenge and Sophie Webster's Reveen impersonation are the most interesting plots going on right now.

Debbie said...

Yana "RIVERDANCE!" Lumb is a great character, but the "skanky enabler" did lack depth for a while. This was a great way to get her more involved in the show. She is onbe of the characters that I just can't get enough of. Her, and Amber.

Anonymous said...

I'M FAMOUS!!! Thanks, Glacia - I laughed out loud! I also promise not to shoot anyone at the BIS. (Watch cutie-pie Craig Lauzon's video if that makes no sense...)

As for the actual show...

Re: Danny - yeah. What you said, Glacia. It's Christmas - what better time to reflect that your dad died this year, your wife is sleeping with your son, and your life is poopoo. Quick - let's all sing Deck the Halls!

Man, if anyone ever had a good reason to top himself, Danny has it.

Plus, by not calling the cops, if something has happened, well, I have watched a LOT of Law & Order, and all I can say is: Lennie Briscoe would be taking Frankie and Jamie down to the 19 for a little talking to...the spouse is always the first suspect. Just think what they'd do with the ex who's you know what and the son who magically claims to own all of Daddy's stuff.

I'm withholding judgment on Cilla until I see how this develops. This could be great, or horrid. If she either clues in the kids or doesn't drag this out too far, this could be terrific! If not, Joan Crawford's going to have to give up her "Worst Mother Ever" crown. (Wait... Frankie should really have that crown. I'm so confused!)

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

Oh, and also: Eileen. Hmmm. I sincerely hope the writers are not going to turn Eileen into a dull stick now that she's been baptized. I mean, come ON. She's Anglican, not fundie Mormon! So far the few scenes she has gotten, she's been... subdued.

She's been one of my favorite characters since I've been watching the show, and I hope they don't suck all the life out of her.

Her response to Frankie was... eerie. Although I was relieved that the phrase "burn in hell" didn't come up in the conversation.

I'm suspicious, but optimistic.


Nicole K said...

best recap ever!

Just when I thought it was safe to think Cilla was sane, INSANE is stamped back on her hand. /Simpson's

Anonymous said...

Didn't Jayshun sell the tree to tipsy Bev? I thought she could be seen reaching into her purse as the scene ended.

What will the expensive prezzie Ches is saving his pay to give Cilla be? Loved Kirk telling Ches he once took a wrong turn on his own paper route and walked miles out of his way!