Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Monday September 10th – The Fit Has Hit the Shan Update

Newsflash: Maybe Incest is NOT Best

The show opens with Violet and Sean walking down the street and Violet’s lame explanation as to why she is angry that Sean didn’t tell her about the scandal of the century. I understand that she is upset, but I think she will come to her senses and realize that Sean did nothing wrong by showing some decorum.

Jason ‘always the last to know’ Grimshaw meets them in the street where Violet tells him about the pregnancy. But, why, he wonders, is everyone – including his mum – in such a strop? Just after, Eileen stomps by Jason and heads straight for Jamie’s place. The Street’s uber-mum is going to give Jamie a talking to.

Later, Violet has clearly worked herself into some sort of evil frenzy – well, she is behaving like a woman who has had her heart broken. While talking to Sean she tells Michelle and Norris about the love affair. Could the writers have picked two better characters to pass that news on to? Michelle is a straight path to her hot brother, co-owner of Underworld and Norris … well he’s just Norris. Everyone will know by sundown and he is what I like to call a “no holds barred tongue pugilist.”

The gossip is juicy, for sure and Michelle tells Paul and Liam the moment she sees them. Norris, on the other hand, always looking for a sucker-punch sees Frankie getting out of her black cab and manages to convey how disgusting he thinks she is within a few seconds.

Watch, as Frankie has a meltdown. She has actually arrived early to surprise the love of her life. Leaving an angry Warren in Spain, she has come home to the crap splatter that is their life. Danny is still missing, Warren is still angry, Violet is pregnant and the crumpled envelope Danny gave to Jamie is worthless.

Strangely, what seemed to be number two on Frankie’s list of devastation (Violet’s pregnancy being numero uno) was the fact that everyone in the street knows about their relationship. It seems to me that Frankie didn’t want people to know. It also seems to me that Jamie needs a raft I call reality, because the guy is drowning in de-Nile.

The Human Interest Story: Cilla’s Brave Face Birthday

At home with the Battersby-Browns Cilla is in bed awaiting her test results and the family struggles to keep it together. The results are coming back on her birthday, which is terrible. Cilla has decided to knock both Christmas and her birthday on the head as they have nothing to celebrate. But, Fiz convinces Lez to do something because it may well be her last birthday.

Later the Battersby-Brown clan gets her a cake and some lager and convinces her to go for some Chinese takeaway. Come on, Cilla. Buck up.

This Just In: Amy Barlow to be Released From Dishwasher Over Christmas

Steve sees Tracey in the street and remembers that he has a uni-browed daughter named Amy. While hanging out of his car her asks Tracey when he can have Amy for the holidays. Even though Tracey normally keeps Amy in the dishwasher, she is always reluctant to let Steve have her over Crimbo. Don’t mistake this as love. She likes to use Amy as leverage.

In the Street, Tracey gives Steve a hard time about it, but then pops over to the builder’s yard to find Charlie. She tells him that they can be alone on Christmas as she has gotten rid of Amy. Isn’t that awesome! Charlie says that he wasn’t excited about waking up at 5:00am on Christmas morning to watch Amy play with her new toys (BIG SCROOGE!!!).

Later, in the pub, Tracey tells Steve that Charlie isn’t big on Christmas and that Amy is better off at Steve’s place. He gets concerned that there is a problem with Charlie and asks if everything is ok. Tracey tells him that she is fine, but Steve is left wondering.

Tracey slides another puzzle piece in place.

EXTRA EXTRA: Bev is Crazy and Claire is Up Tight

The holidays are always busy for the local butcher, and Peacock and Sons are no exception. Claire has come in to help with the workload and thank goodness she has. Someone’s got to put Norris in his place when he goes out of his way to insult Ashley.

Later, Claire and Ashley are walking home and discussing that even though Bev is crazy and a borderline alcoholic she can be very helpful with the boys. As soon as Claire lets those words escape her lips, she and Ashley hear loud music screaming from their house, which is ablaze with light. They go rushing in only to find Bev and Josh running around the house playing catch-the-alien.

Claire and Ashley are really upset and then find out that not only is Josh not ready for bed, he has had fizzy pop and candy for his tea. Bev is the best grandmother ever! Claire is worried that Bev’s antics have kept the gigantic melon upstairs awake. They have had a hard day and are upset to come home to the pandemonium caused by Bev, Josh, a space invaders costume and a mountain of sugar.

Then, to top it off, Bev has taken Josh to see Santa and when Santa’s gift wasn’t enough, Bev gave Josh even more presents. Bev wins Granny of the Year as chosen by pre-schoolers nation wide.

In Other News: Michelle and Steve Set a Date to Go on a Date

That is really all there is to that story.


Anonymous said...

Boy, I'll tell you what - as much as I dislike Norris, the actor who plays him does a FANTASTIC job, doesn't he? His reaction was spot-on!!!

I have given up trying to figure out what is going on in Jammie and Frankie's heads. If it's nothing to be ashamed of, why do you want to keep it such a secret? How do you expect to keep that up indefinitely? And, possibly even more important, WHERE'S BLANCHE? Because if anyone can really truly give this the dressing-down it deserves, Blanche can. They better use that actress while they can - she's great, but she's no spring chicken...

In other news, I was remembering last year's Christmas with Moley... has it really been a year?

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

Er... that would be Jamie, not Jammie... ahem... have another tin and gonic...


westcoast fan said...

Great update, Debbie!

Is Norris the biggest wanker in the world or what? I couldn’t believe that comment he made to Frankie suggesting that she’d gone to Spain to get it on with Warren, so as to treat both brothers equally. He needs a slap upside the head. He has no redeeming qualities as far as I can see, and I have to admit that I really hate him as a character. I just don't find it believable that he would be so readily tolerated by others, especially Emily and Rita who are actually friends with him. Surely he should have had his lights punched out by now.

Bev was great! Was that ‘The Ride of the Valkyries’ she was blasting out while playing with Joshua? I thought for sure that Claire would be annoyed they were playing first person shooter games, so to speak, but no, she was angry because Bev had been having a good time with Joshua rather than lodging him in the dishwasher while she got everyone’s tea ready.

Ugh, I don't miss Moley at all, MF. And I'm really starting to like Michelle, the way she's been helping out Violet. Steve is such a ditz. Find someone else to fill in tomorrow night and take Michelle out instead!!

Is the actress who plays Blanche really as old as Blanche (admittedly, I don't know how old that is)? She would surely have some scathing things to say about Frankie and Jamie, but perhaps she's got a dishwasher of her own to occupy. And where is Adam for pete's sake?

I’m not going to be able to handle the suspense of Tracy’s machinations much longer. So, it’s about 3 days before Christmas (and Tracy hasn’t even started on buying presents yet, she’s worse than me!). It’s gotta be over soon. A nice big gift present of ???? for Charlie.

Jacqueline said...

Blanche was born in 1936 and Maggie Jones who plays her was born in 1934.

So she's actually a bit older.

Here's an interesting side note.

Ken Barlow was born 1939...she's only 3 years older than him. Ken Roache was born 1932, so he's older than Maggie Jones.

Debbie said...

That makes Ken a sprightly 75.

Whitehorse Fan said...

Debbie, I was thinking of a similar title for my update. But I don't know if I would have found that brilliant comic that says it all.

Hilarious update.

Frankie sounded like a self centred, whiny 15 year old last night. So Violet might want Jamie's presence while she is raising the baby. And if that were the case, where is the problem? He is the father.

And, so perhaps Violet should not have told all the world someone else's business. But really, what was Jamie expecting?

Oh yes, we do need Blanche to say what we are all thinking, but more maliciously and deliciously.

Trudy C said...

I thought Bev was great last night. It's about time Josh has a bit of fun in his life! Claire needs to looosen up a bit. It's Christmas time - that's all kids do eat sugar and run around.

I agree that Frankie was whiney last night. Did she actually think that noone was going to find out about her and Jamie's tete-a-tete?

Tracey is sliding everything into place, it should be a interesting week on the Street........

Rob Swizzle said...

Claire and Ashley would be happiest in a 19th century mill town. Pinched-faced killjoys!

Anonymous said...

Bev's behavior is a little odd yeah, but please the reactions from Claire and Ashley are so over the top it's Christmas there, lighten up old-timers!

Great update Debbie.

Corrie Camper

Jacqueline said...

'a borderline alcoholic'

I think 'borderline' is generous.

I read "It also seems to me that Jamie needs a raft I call reality, because the guy is drowning in de-Nile."

Then I chose to read it again, this time with a z-snap of my right hand.

Debbie said...


Anonymous said...


Yes, that WAS the Ride of the Valkyries. I'm not sure I would have chosen that, when she could have had Holst's Planets... but oh well.

I don't miss Moley; I just could not believe it has been an entire year!

And, you know, I have worked with people like Norris, and unfortunately, they never seem to get the punching out they so clearly deserve. I think the actor is fabulous, because he is REALLY annoying.


Anonymous said...

Re: Frankie and Jammie

Yes, Frankie was being whiny and self-centered last night, but... did anyone else notice a flash of insight as she said to him, "You have no idea what raising a child involves!"

As in, yes, Frankie, you idiot, because he isn't old enough to have had this experience, but you have.

It almost seemed like those neurons fired.

Did anyone else see that?


Anonymous said...

Apparently I have developed a cutsey nickname for Jamie, since I KEEP spelling it "Jammie".

It is NOT intentional.


westcoast fan said...

MF, I saw that look in Frankie's eyes too, it was the look that said 'I know because I raised you!' The elevator is now going to the top!!

Everytime you call him Jammie, I have a picture in my head of Jamie in flannel cowboy pajamas, all tucked up into bed, waiting for (step)mom to come and give him a kiss goodnight (and a little bit more). It's really yucky.

I agree the fellow who plays Norris is brilliant, but I still really dislike Norris (moreso even than Charlie). Cilla is starting to grow on me.

Whitehorse Fan said...

I picture Jamie as a jelly doughnut when you call him Jammie, MF, which makes the whole thing alot more palatable for me.

Yes, the lights did go on when she told him he had no idea what it was like raising a child, but I don't share the same hope that they may stay on. There was a similar awkward moment, I thought, when Eileen asked if Frankie was upset because Jamie had left his underpants on the floor. The fuse shorted then, and I think it may now. I will stop before I take the light metaphor way too far.

Anonymous said...

I could not believe Norris. His comment to Frankie was vile, not mean spirited, not snarky or sarky, but vile! Over the top -- even for him.

Nice to see Steve keeps up with all the gossip on the street and in the pub. "D-uh, is everything all right with Charlie?" he asks Tracey.

Also, I have deciced I need to get into the greeting card business in the U.K. I have never seen so many cards, everyone has oodles on the wall.


Anonymous said...

BTW, did anyone notice Violet kept calling Frankie Jamie's stepmom, not mom.

I think she's the first to define the difference. Everyone else says she's his mom, which she isn't biologically.


Anonymous said...

Is it just me or does Bev's amount of drinking hardly get mentioned or considered by Ashely and Claire.

It seemed to me that they were angry that the routine wasn't maintained for the kiddies. How about some concern or intervention....where is Blanche when you need her she would say something.

I love to hate Norris every since he came on to the street with his unique way, he really is a good actor.

I agree, Frankie speaking the words "...what raising a child involves" was brilliant on the part of the writers.

Corrie Camper

AMAI said...

"Yes, Frankie was being whiny and self-centered last night, but... did anyone else notice a flash of insight as she said to him, "You have no idea what raising a child involves!""

Yes - I noticed! She definitely looked uncomfortable for a moment, with the realization of how their relationship has changed. I doubt it will stop her, tho.

I found the efforts to keep Frankie's RL pregnancy hidden rather amusing. They didn't quite succeed. There was one moment when Frankie walked three steps and all her water weight moved in all directions. And it was only a chest -up shot, but omg. She needs a reason to be gone and soon.

Does anyone else already know this? The actors who play Violet and Jamie are apparently in a RL relationship!! My friend who gets Hello! Magazine from England told me.

Anonymous said...

amai, I didn't know about the real life relationship. I did however, laugh out loud when Frankie's pregnancy was hidden by the toaster!

I mean, the toaster... LOL!


westcoast fan said...

That's interesting about the actors who play Jamie and Violet. I visited Wikipedia a few weeks ago to get a bit of info about the actors and read that the actor who plays Sarah at one time dated the actor who played Todd, and was currently dating the actor who plays Jason. Obviously, there's some chemistry on the set from time to time.

Does anyone know whether the actor who plays Frankie had a boy or a girl? I did think it was funny when the toaster was used to hide her pregnancy, especially when she walked away from the toaster and the baby 'bump' was exposed to full view!

Debbie said...

I think she had a girl, but I am not 100% on that.

I think that the directors have a great time hiding pregnancy on the show. But, I think they should actually use the hyland (highland?) cow we are so fond of.

I'd love it if there was a scene in a field somewhere and the not-supposed-to-be-pregnant character was delivering their lines from behind a cow. I would cry with laughter.

westcoast fan said...

LOL Debbie. That would be great, especially if the other actor was yards and yards away, maybe sitting on a fence, and neither of them was talking loud enough for the other, and they kept saying 'What, WHAT??' and shouting their lines louder 'I SAID . . . ', and the cow kept getting spooked by it, so the actor behind the cow had to keep hustling to stay hidden, and they got further and further away from the camera, until actor and cow were just a little speck at the far end of the field.

Debbie said...


Whitehorse Fan said...

Frankie did have a girl, in January, so it can't be long now.

I think it's great that they are so half assed about hiding her pregnancy. It's like they are acknowledging that we all know she is pregnant and are not fooled by the presence of a toaster or cow. It's all so post-modern.

Or I could be reading into it, she has reached such hugeness that even the cow would not work.