Friday, September 28, 2007

Little Help

I've had a request from a reader in Arizona.

She was previously able to get Corrie through her sattelite dish compnay that apparantly was not allowed to air them - so now she is without Corrie.

She would like to know if anyone would be willing to record the Sunday episodes and ship them to her - she would of course gladly pay for the expense.

I also wonder if anyone knows how she can see the episodes online. I think you can see the current UK episodes, but not the past ones. This may be easier in the long run.

If anyone can help send me an email at glacia at gmail dot com and I'll pass on her info.

Cheers kids!


Rob Swizzle said...

For current Coronation Street, and any other new UK programs, register with UKnova for torrent downloads. It's a good source for a British fix. I just discovered the Steve Coogan series Saxondale and am loving it.

Anonymous said...

Sorted, a friend is recording the show as I type this.


S. Poole

eps said...

wow. I went to uknova, read the rules and visited the chat as an "unknown guest". My head is swimming. I did not understand a thing re: torrents, the stats (I know about stats in other contexts), etc.

My proverbial hat is off to those of you who have the computer knowledge to use, what sounds like, a very cool system.