Monday, September 03, 2007

Jason of Nazareth Update - for Friday Aug 31/07

I Keep Waiting for Her to Sing Jerusalem
Minor storyline, but it provided my favorite line of the episode.

Eileen talks to Claire about the fishing licence - oh wait - sorry, I mean baptism lessons. She comments on how she just finds it weird and arbitrary the religion people take on, that if she was born in India she'd be a hindu or if she was born in Isreal she'd be a yeah, Eileen is really pumped about being baptised.

Turns out however that the pastor is trying to get Eileen to join the choir, which I don't think she's actually opposed to as she seems to like the old tyme hymns and wants to sing them.

Claire says something about how nice the vicar is and Eileen says, yes but he could switch any conversation over to 'HALLELUJAH GOD!'.* And here's my favorite...Eileen says she's almost afraid to tell the vicar that Jason is a carpenter.

Later in the pub we hear Eileen singing a snappy little tune.

Bring me my bow (my bow) of burning gold
Bring me my arrows of desire
Bring me my spears o'clouds unfold
Bring me my chariot of fire **

Oh yeah, Bev went a bought a christening gown for Freddy, but Claire says she wishes Bev had told her before she bought it as they were planning to use a family gown.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Norris
The garage seems to be the latest target of the mystery sprayer, but while Norris is having a fit, Kevin doesn't seem to actually care. He just opens the garage door and et voila, graffiti be gone!

Norris is even more determined to catch the culprit and at once accuses David of being the rat bastard who's spraying up the street. Gayle says, and everyone agrees, that this kind of thing would just be too much damn work for David.

Later that night, Norris is standing at the door of Emily's keeping an eye out. He is rewarded when a heavily hooded youth starts spray painting the shop. Emily wants to call the police, but Norris, aka Superfly decides to take matters into his own hands. He grabs the youth, but gets and elbow in the ribs (or at least that's what it looks like) and is forced to release the rapscallion as he falls to the ground.

Rita and Emily come to his aid and Rita tells him it's not like the old days when you could just box a wayward guttersnipe around the ears.

BONUS FUN: Who can tell me what Norris's favorite dinner is?

Audrey's Bill Has Arrived
Gayle goes around to the Webster's to talk about getting a old beater for David to fix up.

On a quick side note: I must be the only person on earth who doesn't think this is such a bad idea. It's not like she's buying him a fiat, she's getting him something that hopefully will keep him busy and maybe teach him something. If it's not stupid expensive, I think she should go for it.

When Audrey hears that Gayle is going over, she invites herself along. Once there, she really doesn't even pretend that she isn't there for Bill. Once he arrives her face lights up and gladly goes out with him to the Rovers.

And just for those of you who are keeping note, Audrey says that she likes her men 'rough and ready'.

Well, bloody cheers to that!

It's Time to Put in a 911 to Colin and Justin
Les and Chesney go up to the attic to give the first look around before renovations start. Chesney proclaims that it will be a grand fix up because 'Uncle Les can do anything!'

Lord, come on. This is a kid, who a few days ago, announced that he was 12 and savvy to ways of the world. Does HE even believe this Uncle Les deification?

Well, Les certainly doesn't and buys Charlie a pint for some quick advice on how to get started. Charlie accepts the pint and gives him a word of advice, 'Hire a professional.'

Even Jason thought was bastardly and Les proclaims that he spent his last bit of money on Charlie's pint. Charlie, of course, is nonplus and says that he doubts that Les would have given him a free cab ride. (Yeah, okay, but it was still a shit thing to do.).

Later back at the Battersby's Rosie tells Chesney to get Les to ask Bill for some help. Chesney says that Les needs no help because he can do *anything*. (Oh come one, give me a break.) Rosie tries to bring him back down with two words, 'Jacuzzi and roof.'.

And Oh Yeah This Story.....
Deidre comes over to Charlie's house and when Charlie tries to explain to Deidre that the last night's floor show was a game initiated by Tracey....Tracey refuses to agree that it was a game. She pushes Deidre out the door and tells her that she's just making things worse with all her questions.

Charlie tells Tracey that he's getting a bit bored with these 'games' and that she should be careful because he doesn't like her that much.

She tries to make up by telling him that she'll get take out for his dinner. He seems pleased with that as does she. Until of course he drives away, then her eyes turn this weird red/green colour.

In Other News
Mr.Bickles is back on the street and being walked by Ken.

Sophie still loves Mr.Spence her Capoeira dance instructor. Oh wait...that's Debbie.

* In reality, most religious people I know can carry on a conversation that excludes 'HALLELUJAH GOD', enjoy a pint or two, like their sports and there's the occasional priest that will let me bum a smoke off of them.

** Yeah, yeah, I know she wasn't singing Jerusalem, I just like it.


westcoast fan said...

Great update!

Is it my imagination, or is Bill less pleased to see Audrey than she is to see him?

I think I read somewhere that the actress who plays Eileen is a trained singer. Maybe she'll belt something out at the christening.

I think it's a good idea buying a beater car for David to work on especially if he'll be hanging out at the garage with Kevin and Tyrone. Those two are bound to be a good influence on him. Having said that, I suspect that he may be the midnight skulker. Lately he's been far too well behaved.

Jacqueline said...

Yeah I was going to mention that Bill looked a bit know.

I think I know why too.

Pamer said...

Norris loves Potato Leek Soup!!! But really, who doesn't?

Jacqueline said...

YEAH Pamer!!!

Anonymous said...

I realize I'm not a criminal mastermind, but did anyone else think that the graffiti artist's outfit was a little overdone?

Maybe it's just me, but if I was going to do some basic vandalism, I wouldn't dress up so Johnny Law thought I was a real criminal, like a bank robber, rapist or murderer...

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

In other news:

1. I agree - Bill seemed less interested in Audrey this time round.

2. That was a mean thing for Charlie to do to Les. Of course, Les cannot afford to hire a contractor, so this may not end well...

3. Hmmm. Michelle's son. That's an interesting possibility. I was actually thinking of the homeless friend of Becky... I was scouring my brain trying to remember if Norris said anything rude and scathing to him. (It's hard to remember - Norris is rude and scathing to so many people!) Actually, I'm reluctant to take Ken off the table as a suspect...

Michigander Fan

Jacqueline said...

Ooh, slug!!! I think it's Slug!

Anonymous said...

So, it seems Ken did not kill Eccles and throw the body in the canal behind the Baldwin flat. Damn, that would have given the coppers something to think about when they get around to searching for Danny.


S. Poole

Debbie said...

Capoeria is not a dance. It is a martial art. And, I saw my instructor this weekend while in Montreal. He was better than I remembered.

Debbie said...

HA! cabn you imagine. They come up with a sory line having Ken killing all the Coronation Street dogs.

Jacqueline said...

Day 345 in which Debbie starts speaking like mushmouth from the Fat Albert show.

'cabn you imagine.'

westcoast fan said...

You know, we've had recent sightings of Schmeichal (is that a dog or a horse!!!) and Eckles, but no one has seen Monica is a long, long time. And we all thought Tyrone was such a nice boy . . .

Rob Swizzle said...

Teens working on old cars seems like a good idea, unless, like me, you watched Stephen King's Christine last week.

I seem to recall our Craig was a dab hand with a brake fluid change back when he was a wee angry lad.

Debbie said...

Yes, Rob. Jailbait, I mean Craig, worked in Kevin's garage and was pretty good at it. It helped him to worm his way into Kevin's heart.

It was especially meaningful because that was the garage where his sister killed his dad.

Rob Swizzle said...

Don't forget he also removed all of Martin's brake fluid!

I've always thought Martin got a pretty soft send-off from the Street following the schoolgirl massacre. Many characters have been driven out in tar and feathers for far smaller transgressions.

westcoast fan said...

Isn't it strange how Martin isn't even mentioned any more. For a while there David would talk to him on the phone (usually about why his dad was having to cancel a visit with him), but now - nothing. Which simply isn't credible. Martin did love his kids. I can't remember if he even showed up for Sarah's non-wedding to Jason.

Anonymous said...

They have mentioned Martin and his new, and certainly legal, girlfriend were having or had a baby. Sooo, Martin has no time for anyone Chez Platt anymore.