Monday, September 17, 2007

Ivy, Vera, Hilda, Thelma and Louise - History lesson

Okay, because this has been mentioned twice in the comments section, I figured I'll make a big posting so everyone gets the background, which should shed some light on Sophie's visions. (The following info *may* be considered spoiler, but may be not. I have no idea where Sophie is getting the info from, but anyone with this background info can start working the numbers.)

I'm a bit rushed for time, so I'm just linking to the character's profiles.

The house where the Battersby's live used to be occupied by the Tisleys. Ivy and Bert Tisley were the parents of Brian Tisley. Brian and Gail married and spawned Nick and Sarah.

Ivy was also bessie mates with Vera Duckworth and during a row with Jack, V. ended up staying at Ivy's for a spell.

Ivy's been a bit hard to find on youtube, but the following shows her (during the scene with Gail shows Ivy, Brian and Bert).

BTW - Renee (Reg Holdsworth twin) was the second wife of Alf (Audrey's late husband that she mentions). Also, catch the comment about Tracey being the chip expert.

Also, also don't get me started on Mavis. Okay, she marrired Derek who was married to Angela who later married Norris.

Hilda Ogden...Hilda, Hilda...she was a goddess.

Here's a really beautiful scene with Hilda and husband Stan, it's 8 minutes long, but well worth the watch. I have to think this is Corrie writing at it's finest and why Jean Alexander (who played Hilda) is such a gifted actress.


Anonymous said...

Bless you, awesome stuff. I was fortunate enough to have started watching the show when all of those characters were in it! Jean Alexander is a wonderful actress.

Anonymous said...

That last bit about Hilda and the Macintosh was really quite affecting.

I know TV is different these days but sometimes I wish Corrie would go back to writing like this. Simple sketches that reveal someone's nature, rather than these plot-heavy storylines that go on forever.

You can have both, of course, but I'd prefer more of the former and less of the latter.

Jacqueline said...

I almost cry at the end when she just has such despair over her lot in life. Really beautiful writing and performance.

They just don't reveal characters like that much anymore, or at least make them complex.

Anonymous said...

I agree so much with Jon and Jacqueline! I would rather see into their sould and characters instead of all these storylines.

Isn't it funny how much the houses have "changed"??? The Battersbys door is missing as well as the stairway...
LOL! ;)


Anonymous said...

Those were wonderful - especially the last one. I second what everyone else said - I wish they would do more of that sort of story nowadays.

Anyone else a trivia buff? I'm wondering if the woman in the shop in the first youtube (the one with Ivy, Bert and Brian) is the same woman who was a regular character on Magnum PI (she played Higgins' oh-so-Blitish friend... hmmm maybe Agatha Someone?) The problem is I don't know any of the characters - Ken is in the shop, and a heavyset guy and he are talking about putting in a post office. The woman takes the call from the Post Office people.

Anyone? Anyone?


Anonymous said...

Can we start a petition to bring Jean Alexander back?


Jacqueline said...

Sorry MF.

That was Madge Hindle who played Renee Roberts on Corrie.

I did a quick imdb and it looks like she was never on Magnum PI.

Trudy C said...

I miss Hilda and her murial and the ducks. I started watching Corrie in the mid-eighties, just before Stan passed away. He was great - it there was a way of skiving, Stan knew how to do it. My husband still asks about the "woman with the curlers".

I can remember the great scandal when Gail started going out with Martin - not anything as creepy as Jamie and Frankie.

For my birthday this year I got the best of the 80s of Corrie on DVD. 10 DVD with 8 episodes on each. Great ones too: who is Sarah Louise's father, Brian's murder, Alan Bradley, etc.

corrierules said...

Sigh. Hilda is indeed a goddess. My favorite character bar none. Lovely piece of writing. Thank you for posting this.