Saturday, September 08, 2007

I Confess - Update

From Whitehorse fan:

Just When You Think it Can’t Get Any Worse

Morning at Eileen’s house. Eileen serves up sandwiches to Sean and Violet, which Violet, looking ill, rejects. When questioned why, she explains that she is pregnant. Sean and Eileen have a good laugh, but she insists. Sean asks who the father is. When Violet says that it is Jamie, Eileen says, “What, by remote control?”

“Well, I’m eight weeks, so I reckon it’s by the traditional method.” She tells them she will be telling Jamie that day.

Eileen, who is concerned that this pregnancy is wholly unplanned, suggests a termination. Violet says she simply can’t do that. Eileen, resigned, gives her congratulations, and leaves. As Violet and Sean are getting ready to leave, Violet asks Sean whether he thinks she is “being stupid”. He assures her that he doesn’t, but is worried that she is going through with the pregnancy to get back together with Jamie. Violet is a bit affronted and says absolutely not. Sean is reassured, and, reminding her that she and Sean had spoken about having a child together, offers help with the baby in anyway he can.

Cut to Jamie. He is leaving his house, and speaking to Frankie by phone. Shockingly, Warren is still having difficulties accepting that Frankie and Jamie are an item. Jamie asks whether Frankie is still coming back the next day. Satisfied with the answer, he hangs up.

Violet and Sean are leaving their house at the same time. Violet decides to tell Jamie right now. So she approaches him, and tells him they need to talk. They go to Jamie’s house, where Violet blurts out that she is pregnant. Jamie asks who the father is. She says: “It’s yours.” Jamie is bowled over, and speechless. Violet says that she is not expecting him to marry her, and he simply says: “It is a lot to take in”. Violet explains that she is telling him because she thought he had a right to know, and: “if you had been seeing someone, I may not have even told you.” Jamie regains the capacity for speech, and says he will do whatever she requires for the baby: he will be there if she wants him to, but can also stay out if she wants. Violet says that she doesn’t need him involved, and leaves. Outside, she stands in front of the door, looking even more unhappy than before, if this is possible.

Later, at the Rover’s Violet is sitting in the apartment?, back room? when Michelle walks in. Violet, realizing she is shirking her duties in the pub, says she will start working again, but Michelle says that Violet should go home. Michelle says that Violet is looking down since she saw Jamie. Violet tries to explain, saying that she was not expecting anything from him really, but Jamie was “horrified”, and being in the house brought back memories. Michelle asks her whether she still loves Jamie. Violet denies it, but when Michelle gives her a disbelieving look, she admits that she still does. She goes on to explain that she understands that Jamie doesn’t love her, and that she doesn’t want to get back together, but “just wished it hadn’t been raked up all over again.” She leaves and goes home.

That is where Jamie finds her. He has come to speak with her, saying, as she was honest with him, he wants to be honest with her. He then tells her he is seeing someone. She is a little surprised, saying he kept it very quiet, then asks why he is telling her. His explanation is a little muddled, saying that maybe, if he wasn’t, they could have gotten back together. Violet is not impressed by this statement. He finishes off, rather lamely: “I just didn’t want you to think I didn’t care.” Violet repeats that she does not need or want him in her life and he turns to leave.

That’s when Violet asks the inevitable question. “Who is it? Is it someone I know?” Unaccountably, Jamie is silent, and rather uncomfortable. Violet continues, “It is, isn’t it? Go on then, who is she.”

“It’s Frankie,” Jamie says, as Sean walks in the door.

“I don’t believe this,” Violet (understandably) says. “So how long has it been going on? When we were together?”

“No, it was after.”

“So that’s who it was wasn’t it? In your head, that’s who it was the whole time.”

Sean, who has just walked in the room and seems to have caught on about what is going on, says, “I’ll leave you to it then.”

Violet says, “No, no stay.” Looking at Jamie, she says, “You tell him what you just old me. This’ll make you laugh.”

Jamie, realizing that, yes, things are about to get worse, tries to intercede, saying, “Maybe you should leave Sean.”

Violet continues on undaunted. “Well, if you won’t tell him I will.” Turning to Sean she says: “You won’t believe this. You know all that time when you and I were wondering if he might be gay.” Sean, looking like a deer caught in headlights, nods. Violet says, “He was actually fancying his own step mum.” Sean looks down, and his (non) reaction says it all. “You knew.”

Sean tries to defend himself: “Not at first.”

“Well when then? When you come back and told me he didn’t fancy anybody?”

Sean, looking absolutely miserable, says, “I’m sorry.”

Jamie, trying to intercede once more, says, “Look, don’t blame him, I told him not to tell anybody.” Not the right thing to say.

“Yeah,” she says, “And when Jamie clicks his fingers then you jump, don’t you?” During this exchange Eileen walks in, and asks what is going on. She is ignored. Violet tells Sean that in his attempt to pander to Jamie he has been a traitor to his friends. She is outraged that he didn’t even tell her that morning, and instead indulged in his fantasy about wanting to be daddy. Then she finishes off by saying that Jamie is “sick”.

Eileen has had enough and asks again what is going on.

Violet says, “What, Frankie hasn’t told you that she is sleeping with her stepson? That will give you something to talk about when she gets back.”



In the morning, Michelle, Paul and young Connor (what is his name anyway?) drive up the Street, chatting about being late and getting up late. Michelle and young Connor get out of the car, and begin walking. They stop when they see Rita and Norris admiring young Connor’s latest graffiti job. It is a rather well done caricature of Norris, with the word “Noz” spray painted under it. Norris sees young Connor, and blames him. Young Connor, with a brilliant defence, says: “It weren’t me. I wouldn’t put ‘Noz’ underneath to say who it were.”

Rita helpfully suggests, “Maybe it is actually someone called Noz.” Norris gives her a withering look. “It was just a thought.”

Michelle, though clearly doubting her son, sticks up for him, and they leave.

Later, at the Rover’s, Young Connor comes by to get the key from his mum, as he forgot his. As Michelle hands it to him, she notices paint on the sleeve of his jacket and asks how he got it. Thinking on the spot is perhaps not Young Connor’s forte, as he says it happened in art class. Michelle quite logically points out that you don’t wear your coat in art class, and goes through his knapsack. She turns up a can of spray paint, and then marches him off for his day of reckoning. First, they run into Paul, who apparently gives Young Connor a dressing down off camera.

Then, it is off to the Kabin, where Michelle first makes Young Connor apologize (it is not particularly heartfelt). Then she tells Norris and Rita that Young Connor will do whatever chores they choose. Norris is not particularly gracious, saying he was humiliated in front of the police and his name was dragged through the mud. Michelle repeats that she is sorry, to which Norris says, “I’ve been ridiculed in public.”

Rita, trying to put an end to Norris’ whinging, says, “though, to be fair, it used to happen anyway.” Michelle suppresses a smile. Norris starts to go on again, mentioning something about bringing back the stocks, and Rita does put an end to his whinging by saying, “Just get on with it.” Norris suggests that Young Connor can pay his penance by sweeping up, and picking up litter. Michelle agrees, saying that he will do it for a whole week.

The Christmas Joy Continues

Bill runs into Sally and Kevin on the street, and mentions that he is going to spend Christmas with Audrey at Gail’s. Sally will have none of it. Smiling in that “I’m going to make it seem like I am being sweet, when I am really punishing him” way, Sally insists that Bill come over for Christmas. When he protests that he already told Gail he was going, she says, “Well untell her.”

Later on, at the Rover’s, Sally and Kevin walk in to see that Gail, Audrey and Bill are there. Sally tells Kevin to get drinks, and she will go join the gang. Kevin warns Sally not to, “start anything new.” Sally, all innocence, says, “As if I would.” She sits down, and then Kevin joins her. Sally coaxes Bill into “untelling” Gail that he will spend Christmas at her place. It is suggested that Audrey spend Christmas with the Websters. Gail, speaking for Audrey, says that Audrey wants to spend it with her always loving and ever grateful grandchildren. As Audrey and Bill resign themselves to spending the evening together Kevin suggests that the two families spend Christmas together. Seeing as Gail spoke for Audrey, Audrey also speaks for Gail, saying that they can have Christmas at Gail’s house. Gail is less than impressed, but grudgingly both she and Sally agree. But the last laugh is on Kevin, who will have all the “cleaning up to do.”

Where is Steve’s Mistletoe When You Need it?

Jason and Sarah leave the Caf after having a meal together. Jason wishes he had given Sarah a better meal, but Sarah protests that it wasn’t a date. Jason, in true romantic fashion, says, “I want you back, eh.” Sarah gives a noncommittal nod, and then after discussing the joys of work, they decide to play hooky.

Later, when they come back home, Jason tries to kiss Sarah. Sarah leans in, but decides at the last minute not to follow through. She suggests instead that he come with her when she takes Bethany to see Santa Claus. Jason, hoping that if he cooperates enough he will finally get some, agrees.

A Cry for Help

Claire watches Charlie leave the house, and then goes by to see Tracey. When she asks how things are, Tracey explains how things are much better. Charlie has been “lovely”, and even brought her a cup of tea to her bed that morning. Claire will have nothing of it, and points out that things can only escalate. She hand Tracey a number for a transition home.

Tracey then goes to the phone, and calls the number. Enunciating her full name very slowly and carefully, she chokes up, and says she needs to talk.

In Other News

Sophie continues to freak Jack Duckworth out with her “telepathic” powers. God knows where that is heading.


westcoast fan said...

Great summary WHF!

So Violet says to Jamie she might not have told him the baby was his if he was involved with someone else. That sounds like she was hoping the baby would bring them back together. It's clearly not because she didn't want to complicate his life if he had a girlfriend because she looks pretty pissed off when she finds out he does (before she knows it's Frankie). And it's a little unfair of her to be mad at Jamie for being less than immediately overjoyed at the news of her pregnancy when she's anything but happy about it herself. And to dump on Sean for not telling her about Frankie earlier is really unfair (she does know how he feels about Jamie, doesn't she?). As you can tell, I found Violet pretty annoying during this episode.

Gregg Anderson said...

I missed an Episode we know how Sophie knows about Vince St. Clair yet?

Anonymous said...

Gregg Anderson,

Unless I missed it too I don't think they have explained how Sophie knows about Vince St. Clair.

I do know how she knows though because I sneak peeks into the future episodes. We are not supposed to give spoilers so I won't tell, but it must be coming up very soon.

So now it's out there about Jamie and Frankie, and everyone can feel ill on the street as some of the viewers have been feeling....

Nice update thank you Whitehorse Fan.

Corrie Camper

Anonymous said...

Why do Audrey and Bill need to spend all Christmas Day together? Their children live across the street from one another. I find this particular storyline silly. Thank you very much for the terrific update - I missed the first half of the show.

Anonymous said...

What did Violet expect? That Jamie would fall back in love with her immediately?

I got what I wanted -- to see Eileen's face when she found out! Youwzah!

I still can't understand a thing Sophie says. Is her voice on a different and higher pitch than the rest of the world?


Jacqueline said...

Here's my wild guess about how Sopie knows about Vince.

I bet she's found something up in the attic of the Battersby's house.

The Duckworth's never lived there, but the Tisley's (Gale's inlaws) did and Ivy was a good friend of Vera. In fact Vera lived with them for a bit.

So maybe something ended up in teh attic...just my wild guess.

Rob Swizzle said...

Violet was amazing on that episode. There is nothing more withering that being dressed down by someone who is 100 percent in the right! Jamie used to be like that a long long time ago.

Anonymous said...

In defence of Violet, I think her actions are understandable. It really hasn't been very long since she broke up with him, and so it's not surprising she still loves him, and that she would feel all muddled in telling him something like this.

I don't think she was lying to Michelle about how she felt at Jamie's. She knew not to expect much, but it still hurt when he responded negatively. And it really was the first time they spent any time together since the break up, so inevitably a lot of feelings would come rushing to the surface.

And it wasn't Sean's place to tell on Jamie, but again, she is feeling extraordinarily betrayed, and so I don't think it surprising that she didn't stop to think about the terrible position Sean has been in all this time. And, she does feel jealous of Sean and Jamie's relationship, so it all comes flooding out.

That's my pop psychological moment.


westcoast fan said...

I understand why Violet behaved the way she did, I just find her annoying because she isn't being fair to Jamie or Sean, and I doubt that on further reflection she'll be any more fair. I guess I'm tired of the poor put-upon Violet persona.

I think it's funny how Audrey and Bill managed to get both families arguing over where they should spend Christmas, so they've become much-wanted guests as a couple instead of pariahs.

Anonymous said...

Since this is Corrie, you know the screaming and hair pulling will come soon with this Audrey and Bill thingy and it is set at Christmas!
Violet deserves a better friend than Sean. He has acted in his own interests...he had a crush on Jamie remember!! I pity Violet...she deserves to be upset.


Trudy C said...

Now that Eileen knows - it will be all over the street is 10 seconds flat. Looking forward to seeing it.

Isn't Michelle's son's name Ryan?

I thought the easiest thing to do was have Audrey go to Gail's and Bill to the Webster's. Bill & Audrey don't have to do everything together - do they?

Anonymous said...

Who's spending Christmas with Maureen? How is she not even an issue? This storyline annoys me.

And Claire just bores me. The writers don't know what to do with this character. She would be more interesting if she fell into a coma.


westcoast fan said...

I think Sean is a good friend, who is put into impossible situations by his friends. IIRC when Jamie and Violet were together didn't Violet send Sean out for a night on the town with Jamie so he could pump him for information and try to find out why Jamie seemed not to be interested in her. Sean shouldn't have agreed to do it, but he did (reluctantly). In the course of the evening Sean finds out Jamie is in love with Frankie and is sworn to secrecy! Jamie hasn't acted on these feelings (I don't think Frankie even knew at this point). Was Sean then to run back to Violet and disclose this to her? I think not. Nor could he have generically told her that there was someone else because she wouldn't have been satisfied with that (just as she wasn't satisfied with it from Jamie in the last episode). And once Jamie and Violet had broken up it was really no business of Vi's what Jamie was then (actively) up to. As I say, Sean's a good friend who has poor boundaries and lets himself get maneuvered into impossible situations.

Anonymous said...


The last mention I can recall made of Maureen was Kevin asking Bill when he came back the second time) what about Maureen - and his response was something like she's happy don't you worry....? interpretation does Maureen have someone else or does Bill not giva a hoot....

Corrie Camper

Debbie said...

Maureen's is about as dim as a bag of hammers, so I think Bill just thinks that she is too dumb to think anything is amiss.

Anonymous said...

Wescoast, I agree with you completely on the Sean issue. The only real mistake I think he made was to go along with Violet's plan to try and figure out what was going on with Jamie.

I still understand Violet's reaction, what with everything going on, though. My assessment of her will change if she does not, upon further reflection, see the situation he was in. And I have faith (groundless though it may be) that she will come through.

Whitehorse Fan

Anonymous said...

The saddest girl on the planet gets even sadder. poor thing!!