Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Corrie Swag

Just fyi....this in from S.Poole.

On sears.ca today I noticed a nice Corrie mug. Searching keyword "coronation" revealed a few more mugs (incl a N&R beer mug!) and a DVD trivia game. Best of all, if you spend $50 or more and add coupon code 941612477 at the checkout screen you get $10 off your order.

I wonder if Sears would give a discount...or shock even a free mug .... for the advertising.

Glacia out for freebies now.


Debbie said...

Hey, you know what would have been fun for Nuit Blanche:

We could have dressed up as Coronation Street characters and done a couple of the episodes. THAT would have been a blast.

Ang said...

That would have been pretty funny!!

Anyone checking out Nuit Blanche this year? I'll be working it all night long!

Jacqueline said...

I think we need to do this.

I suppose to run the cure the next day...but who knows, I might end up there.

I hear there's cabaret in the Village.

Debbie said...

I'm going everwhere I can for nuit blanche. I had such a blast last year. And I say, if some random dude can play air guitar on the corner on Bay and Bloor, then we can do a live Coronation street episode every hour, on the hour.

Jacqueline said...

I've got dibs on Bet. Or if we're only doing current characters, Yana...I've got the jubblies for it.

Ang said...

I'll be in Yorkville for the entire night so I hope to see you ladies!

Love the Corrie idea. Maybe I should put in a word with the city for next years festival!

Debbie said...

Do it, Ang! We can choose the Coronation Street era.

Oh, we could do the scene where Jim interrupts Fiona's wedding.
Jim, "You don't love him, Fiona."

OR we could do the scene where Ken looses it and grabs Deirdry by the front door while her fancy man, Mike Baldwin fights to get in.

Deirdry crying, "I'm sorry Ken."
Ken, "It's always sorry sorry sorry!"

Or, the scene when Ken yells at Tracey while her mother is off with Samer Racheed,
Ken, "Do you think I'm happy here in the same street, the same house I was born in? But I am here for Deirdry and where is she?"
Tracey, "I'm here"
Ken, "I don't want you, I want Deirdry!"

Oh, here is another idea. We could just re-inact the entire Ken and Deirdry relationship. THAT would be awesome.

Ang said...

lol sounds good!! didn't get the chance to mention this brilliant idea at the meeting tonight. I'll try for Tuesday.

My area has changed btw.. I'll be roaming in Zone B the entire night.