Saturday, September 01, 2007

Corrie Canuck Cares

To those of you who may be new to this site, Corrie Canuck has taken on breast cancer research as our pet charity.

Go Betty participates in the Weekend to End Breast Cancer and each year at this time I do my annual rattling of the tin cup to asking all the Corrie Canucks for donations for the 5K CIBC Run for the Cure.

I'm sure we've all be touched by breast cancer or know of someone who has fought this disease - someone that puts a face to breast cancer. So for all people in our lives, I'd like to ask everyone to consider making a donation to the run. Your money goes to help research for a cure and to provide education on breast cancer awareness.

Now this year, you get to choose from TWO lovely Corrie Canucks as both myself and Rebecca (who is actually working with the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation) will be running. Just click on the one of the links below and bada bing bada're a sweet angel who's made a donation.

Rebecca's donation page - help her get to her $750 goal

Glacia's donation page - I've got a $1,5000 goal that needs a bit of help right now ;-)

If you'd prefer to donate by cheque or cash (to either Rebecca or myself) just send me at glacia at gmail dot com.

And yes, international donors are also warmly hugged! (So if you the US or UK wants to 'represent'...)

Let's show how much Corrie Canuck cares and make a whatever donation you can.

Thanks loves!


nwtrunner said...

It's done Glacia - very glad to help you reach that goal you've set. But hope you're not planning on running 5 km in pink high heels!

Reminds me to get my annual message out to folk for the upcoming Terry Fox Run too - the fella that started it all and who still gets my vote for Greatest Canadian. But everyone who goes out for CIBC Run for the Cure and Terry's run are pretty great in my book - hope you get lots of pledges from the Corrie Canuckers Glacia, for you sure deserve it for your run and for giving us this great site!

EPS said...

FYI: I needed to get new walking shoes for my regular evening hike, ok,stroll, and if one buys the
"Hope" version of Dr. Scholl's walking shoe supposedly $5.00US is donated to cancer research - I forget which organization.


MJ said...

I'd like to see nwtrunner in those heels.

Jackie said...

My husband, me, my son and a friend of ours will all be running / walking in the Calgary race!!

Good luck to everyone!!

nwtrunner said...

Dream on MJ, dream on...

Good luck to Jackie and family - and to everyone that is going to run CIBC, Terry Fox, or both.

Which one are *you* doing MJ?!

Imagine Liz doing a 5 km charity run for breast cancer in her usual 'get up' The pink high heels might go with her outfit and I'm sure she'd certainly give breasts a high profile :-)

mare said...

have fun in the run, all... i'll be doing it too (the breast cancer one on my own, and my school is doing the terry fox one) this fall.
using fitness for good instead of evil!
- mare who hasn't posted in months but still reads, so hi!

MJ said...

NWT: I'll be watching from the sidelines with a martini.

Anonymous said...

Okay Jaqueline glad to do what I can for Corrie Canuck's too.

Terry Fox is our big event here. Good luck to you and your family.

Cheering for you with a rye and coke!

Corrie Camper

GoBetty said...

WONDERFUL!!!! Thank you. I have surpassed my fundraising goal, so please support the others mentioned if you are still considering it. I am walking this weekend (Sept 8 - 9) in The Weekend to End Breast Cancer - 60km!!!! This will be my third walk!

In other news... I just got back from Burning Man, and am SO behind in all aspects of life. But I did have an amazing time. It was a life-changer. Cheers to all of you,


nwtrunner said...

Would be glad to have a martini, rye & coke, or vodka with you all after the Terry Fox Run - or just pour 'em all together into an alcoholic version of "whatcha got stew". Hmmmmm, on second thoughts, maybe not - a cold beer usually works for me. Okay - multiple cold beers....

Glad to hear Burning Man was enjoyed GB - I've known a few folk who've attended over the years and the pics they bring back are quite something. Maybe one of these years.

And also good to hear that you reached your fund-raising goal GB - that must be satisfying indeed, particularly after a stint at Burning Man where I'm guessing running and raising funding ain't the highest things on the priority list. Way to Go Betty!

nwtrunner said...

Sheesh - damn near forgot to say a big GOOD LUCK and GOOD WALKING to you for this coming weekend GB! 60 km is a good distance - hope it's not too hot or too wet or too cold, but just NICE :-)