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September 28, 2007 Update- One Big Happy Family

Liam is standing at his car before the factory opens in the morning, and is speaking with Ken. He tells him that he has a new partner, but no one has told him who he is. Ken responds with appropriate sympathy.

Liam then spends the next little while in the factory bouncing around, nervous as a virgin on her prom date. He comes out of his office when Chesney comes by looking for lunch money, wondering if the new guy is there, and pacing in his office.

Then Paul arrives. He reminds Liam that Carla’s birthday party is that night. He then plays around with Liam for a little bit, talking about the new guy, until he reveals that he is in fact the new guy. Liam is not happy. He doesn’t know why Paul treated him like a 10 year old by not telling him (fair enough), to which Paul answers that he didn’t want Liam to get too excited (thereby confirming that he treated Liam like at 10 year old). Liam reassures him that he is not excited. Liam asks whether Carla knows. She does, but she does not know that the 12, 000.00 they had saved up and were supposed to invest in Carla’s new business has been, instead, invested in the factory. Paul then asks Liam not to tell Carla, as he needs to put it to her delicately. Liam tells him “discretion is my middle name”. Paul, over Liam’s objections, goes onto the factory floor and announces to the workers that they have a new boss- him. Paul reveals that he is not wise, though he is clever, as who would irritate someone when they have just been asked to keep a secret?

At Carla’s and Paul’s flat, we get to celebrate Carla’s birthday, and see the hideous 70’s wallpaper as well. Michelle takes swipes at Carla, Liam drops hints about Paul’s secret, and Paul begins to sweat. Carla opens her gifts, including a red negligee, at which point Liam tells Carla that Paul used the money they put away for his venture, not hers. Michelle starts to leave. Carla gets angry, says that Paul doesn’t want to see her succeed, says they should have gone for “marriage guidance,” and flounces away.

A little while later, Paul tries to make up with Carla. He knocks on her door. She appears wearing the red negligee- exactly what I wear when I have had a fight with my husband and want to relax. Paul tries to weasel himself out of the fight by talking about the first time they got together. Carla says it doesn’t work, but they do, somehow, end up kissing. As they do, Carla tells him, “This is not over.”

Baby Barf- the New Black

In the morning, standing in the doorway in his boxers and t-shirt, Jason is on the phone with Eileen. He is upset because he has had to take care of Holly since 2:30 p.m., the day before, and Charlie is getting annoyed that he isn’t going to work.

We never hear the end of the conversation, but it appears the phone call was to no avail, as the next time we see Jason, he is pushing Holly in the “boogie”, as Sarah calls it, back in forth in front of his house. Holly is wailing. Sarah comes by and paces with him for a bit. Jason is out of his mind. He tells Sarah that Holly has been up since two in the morning. He has fed her, and been barfed on, and changed her diaper, and gotten pooh all down his pants. He says that he doesn’t know why he hasn’t phoned the counselor to have her picked up. Sarah reassures him, saying that the bond between parent and child is like nothing else. She says that there were times when she wished that Bethany would simply disappear. She then says that all the crying and tantrums are worth it when Bethany emerges out of the dishwasher, and gives her a hug. With those words, Sarah leaves, and Jason is once again left with the wailing infant.

Later on Eileen comes in, and Jason emerges from the kitchen, looking harassed and cleaning more baby barf off his shirt. Eileen tells him that Sean has promised to baby sit, and she is going to take Jason out for a pint.

Some time passes before we see them again, ensconced at the Rover’s sharing a drink. Jason is leaning on Eileen’s shoulder and is dozing. Eileen, not realizing this, tells him that she is proud about the way he took care of Holly, and knew he would never phone social services. He comes to, says, “What?” in a sleepy way, and Eileen gives him a kiss.

The Jolly Roger

As the employees of Underworld gather around outside, waiting for the factory to open, Janice comes up, complaining that her heat is off again. Fizz does not believe that this is innocent, and accuses her of sabotaging her heat herself in order to get Roger the plumber back. Janice hotly denies it.

As the employees work, they continue to discuss “Jolly Roger”. Though Janice protests, everyone thinks that the heating problem is simply a ruse to get the plumber back on site. Kelly thinks it’s desperate, Hayley thinks it’s romantic. By the time they leave work, though, Janice is no longer pretending to be cool about it, and tells them that Roger is coming by after work.

When Roger does come by, Janice tries to work her magic on him by offering him more fish and chips. Roger hesitates and says “I should have mentioned it last night…” For the first time in her life Janice appears uncertain. Roger then admits that fish is not fish without brown sauce. So Janice happily promises to bring a bottle of brown sauce, and skips away to get the fish.

She returns shortly after, with fish and chips and a bottle of wine, only to find the apartment deserted. So she goes to the pub to commiserate with Fizz, and tries to commiserate with Steve, who acts like an ass instead. As she sits, nursing her beer, Roger enters the pub with a bouquet of flowers. He tells her that he had an emergency call, and when he returned to her apartment, she was gone, so he went to look for her at the pub. They have a few drinks, and Janice invites Roger back to her apartment. They leave the pub together.

Violet is Blue

At the hospital, Michelle comes around to the waiting area where Sean and Jamie are sitting. She asks how Violet is doing, to which Sean replies: “Alive. She’s asleep.” Michelle asks Jamie if he is okay, and he morosely responds that he is.

The doctor later goes in to see Violet, and tell her what happened. Jamie is there as the doctor explains that she had an ectopic pregnancy, and they had to remove a fallopian tube. He then tells her that there was scarring on the second tube. She asks him whether that means she won’t be able to have children. He says it is too early to tell, and counsels rest. He leaves.

Jamie appears to finally have gotten his head out of his navel. He holds her hand, and then tells her he would have been there for her, had she had the baby. Violet reminds him that a few days ago he was going on a plane off to Spain and he defends himself by saying that he didn’t go, though. Violet does not point out that that was only because Frankie left him, though she could. He apologizes, and she tells him she needs to sleep. He leaves.

In Other News

Less continues to be a terrible father.

Steve continues to be an idiot to Michelle.

Vern continues to be a complete idiot.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Update - Thursday September 27, 2007

Bob the Builder – No, it’s Roger.

Janice's plumber turns up at the house and introduces himself as Roger Stiles, the plumber. Janice complains to him how he took so long to respond. In the meantime, Janice watches Roger at work and he says This is the little blighter that's been giving you all the trouble. I'll have your cockles warm again in no time!' (Insert loads of jokes here) Janice instantly becomes mesmerized with Roger and finds other jobs around the house for him to do. She hands him a cheque and some money and tells him to get a pint, but he doesn't take the extra money. So Janice adds, ‘Well if you are ever in The Rovers I owe you a pint. The Rovers, or the Weathy Arms?'

Later, Janice tells the girls about her plumber and how he did loads of other jobs for her around the flat. The consensus is that he must really like Janice.

Knickers in a Knot.

Tracey comes home from the sales and Charlie complains she has come home late. Tracey tells him of the song she has in her head, 'I was feeling insecure. Don't you love me any more? I began to lose control....' Charlie responds by finishing the lyrics, "I'm just a jealous guy", and adds that he doesn’t need to be. She reaches into a bag and tosses a pair of sexy underwear over to him. Charlie smiles, 'Oh yes, I like these. I mean, I like a joke with the next man.' She smiles and says, 'Oh I am not joking Charlie.'
He retorts, 'Oh yes you are. Believe me, you are.'

Liam barges into Jamie's home and tells him that he's just had a call from Danny, and that he should expect another business partner in a few days , and that he doesn’t expect Danny will be coming back. Jamie responds and tells him, that it is none of his concern. Later in the pub, Liam tells Carla and Paul that he is getting anxious about the prospect of a new business partner. Paul tells him not to worry as they can cancel the deal if they don’t like it.

At Number 11, Violet still lies unconscious in the hall. Norris pushes a magazine through the mail slot. The ambulance arrives and Norris is curious who it is for and the driver says for a young woman. Norris goes off to fetch Eileen. The driver sees Violet in the hallway. Rita gets Eileen from Streetcars and tells Eileen that Violet is in trouble. Violet is moved into the ambulance in a stretcher and Eileen tells the paramedic that Violet is eleven weeks pregnant. Sean arrives and sees what has happened. Eileen quickly explains to him and tells him to go find Jamie and follow her on to the hospital.

Sean goes off to find Jamie in the pub and tells Liz and Michelle that Violet has been rushed to the hospital. Liam overhears and tells him he might be at his house.

The ambulance arrives at the hospital with Violet. The paramedic tells the doctor the situation with Violet and her condition. The doctor orders her to be prepped for the emergency room as soon as possible. The doctor asks Eileen her medical history and tells her that she has internal bleeding and that she is a “very sick young woman”. Jamie, Sean and Michelle arrive at the hospital and are told by Eileen the doctor says they think Violet has internal bleeding. Jamie asks if it is the baby but Eileen tells him she doesn't know. Michelle tells them they should call Violet's family and let them know. Jamie tells her she doesn't get on with her family.

Everyone anxiously waits for news on Violet. The doctor appears and walks over to the group and tells them Violet has suffered an entopic pregnancy. He explains to them, that's where the egg lodges itself in one of the tubes rather than the womb. When it gets too big it can perforate the tube causing internal bleeding. Eileen tells him, 'But she had a pain in her arm.' The doctor explains that the internal bleeding caused pressure throughout her body. The doctor tells them they did an emergency operation to stop the bleeding and unfortunately, she lost the baby.

Danny Baldwin: The Final Scene

As we've mentioned on this site, CBC trims a bit from Corrie during the week. For example, this week, we saw Danny Baldwin call Jamie from a fabulous New Year's party. What we didn't see is the continuation of that scene, after he hung up with Jamie. Perhaps it'll be included in the Sunday omnibus but in case it isn't, here is the deleted scene:

Little Help

I've had a request from a reader in Arizona.

She was previously able to get Corrie through her sattelite dish compnay that apparantly was not allowed to air them - so now she is without Corrie.

She would like to know if anyone would be willing to record the Sunday episodes and ship them to her - she would of course gladly pay for the expense.

I also wonder if anyone knows how she can see the episodes online. I think you can see the current UK episodes, but not the past ones. This may be easier in the long run.

If anyone can help send me an email at glacia at gmail dot com and I'll pass on her info.

Cheers kids!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Schedule Change

More udpates, affecting NEWFOUNDLAND ONLY...

On Monday, October 8th (Thanksgiving), CBC is airing a CFL double-header
Coronation Street will be seen at 1:00 pm that day.

There will also be a crawl that day (again, just for Newfoundland) on
Monday, October 8, that says:

"Due to special election day programming on Tuesday (October 9th),
Street will be seen 30 minutes earlier at 7:00 pm."

Stay tuned for something similar in Ontario on October 10th (our
provincial election day).

Where Are My Flying Cars!!!!


Emily wonders where the flying cars of the future are.

Well, love, life is full of disappointments.

Predictions made in 1901 in the Lady’s Home Journal – some insane, some right on the money, some we’re still hoping for. The full article is here, but I wrote down a simplified version for you.

What I think is actually the neatest thing is the focus agricultural advances that dominate the last 5 predictions. Tells you something about how people were much more connected to the source of food back then.

500 Million People In The United States. Nicaragua and Mexico will ask to join the union. So will most of South and Central America.

The American Will Be Taller by one or two inches. He will live 50 years.

There Will Be No C,X Or Q in our everdya alphabet. They will be abandoned as because unnecessary. English will be spoken more than any other language. Russian will be second.

Hot Or Cold Air Will Be Turned On From Spigots to regulate the temperature of a house. Rising early to build the furnace fire will be a task of the olden times. Homes will have no chimneys because no smoke will be created within their walls.

No Mosquitos Nor Flies. Along with roaches, they will all have been exterminated.

Ready-Cooked Meals Will Be Bought from establishments similar to our bakeries of to-day. (Apparantly today was hyphenated in 1901.)

No Foods Will Be Exposed. Storekeeprs who expose food to air breathed out by patrons or to the atomospher of the busy will streets will be arrested with those who sell stale or adultered prodoce.

Coal Will Not Be Used For Heating Or Cooking. It will be scarce, but not entirely exhausted. Man will have found electricity manufactured by water-power to be much cheaper.

There Will Be No Street Cars In Our Large Cities. All hurry traffic will be below or high above the ground when within city limits. (Oh sweet jesus, were it true – assuming by the term street cars, they mean cars.)

Photographs Will Be Telegraphed From Any Distance. If there is a battle in China a hundred years hence, snapshots of it’s most striking events will be published in newspapers an hour later. Photographs will reproduce all of Nature’s colors.

Trains One Hundred and Fifty Miles an Hour.

Automobiles Will Be Cheaper Than Horses are to-day. Automobiles will have been substituted for every horse vehicle now known.

Everybody Will Walk 10 Miles. Gymnastics will begin in the nursery where toys and games will be designed to strengthen the muscles. Exercise will be compulsory in the schools. A man or woman unable to walk 10 miles at a stretch will be regarded as a weakling.

To England In Two Days! – through electric ships.

There Will Be Air-Ships but they will not successfully compete with surface cars and water vessels for passenger or freight traffic.

Aerial War-ships and Forts on Wheels

There Will Be No Wild Animals except in menageries. Rats and mice will have been exterminated.

Man Will See Around The World. Persons and things of all kinds will be brought within focus of cameras connected electrically with screens at opposite ends of circuits, thousands of miles at a span. American audiences in their theatres will view upon huge curtains before them the coronations of kings in Europe or the progress of battles in the Orient.

Telephones Around the World. A husband in the middle of the Atlantic will be able to converse with his wife sitting in her boudoir in Chicago. By an automatic signal they will connect with any circuit in their locality without the intervention of a ‘hello girl.’.

Grand Opera Will Be Telephoned To Private Homes and will sound as harmonious as though enjoyed from a theatre box.

How Children Will Be Taught. A university education will be free to every man and woman. Medical inspectors regularly visit the public schools will furnish poor children free eyeglasses , free dentistry and free medical attention of every kind. The very poor will, when necessary, get free rides to and from school and free lunches between sessions. In vacation time poor children will be taken on trips to various parts of the world. Etiquette and housekeeping will be important studies in the public schools.

Store Purchases By Tube. Pneumatic tubes, instead of store wagons will deliver packages and bundles.

Vegetables Grown By Electricity

Oranges Will Grow In Philadelphia

Strawberries As Large As Apples

Peas As Large As Beets

Black, Blue And Green Roses.

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Update - September 26, 2007 - All is quiet on New Year's Day


For those keeping track at home:

1 Promo for the National: 15 seconds
1 Promo for No Opportunity Wasted: 30 seconds
1 'So Montreal' local feature with host Leah Hendry: 15 seconds (this obviously varies from region to region)
1 Promo for the Tudors: 15 seconds
1 Promo for Triple Sensation: 30 seconds
1 Promo for Little Mosque on the Prairie: 15 seconds
1 Promo for 5th Estate/Million Dollar Baby: 15 seconds
1 Promo for Heartland: 30 seconds.
1 Combined Rick Mercer/22 Minutes promo: 15 seconds


Until recently, per CRTC rules, the maximum number of minutes per hour during prime time that could be devoted to commercials was 12 minutes (or 6 minutes per half hour). If that is still the case here, CBC actually devotes half of its commercial airtime to promoting its own programming.

However, I'm pretty sure CBC has gone along with the recent increase to 14 minutes, which puts the airtime at something closer to 43%. I guess my question is: does the CBC sell itself airtime or is the advertising department considered a separate business unit? Does the CBC make money for itself through their numerous promotions or is this "free" for them to do? If some of these promos are done to fill up space, I think it may be time to cut back and put those missing minutes back in, before the Sunday omnibus.

Anyhow, on the episode.

The Connors Move In

Outside the Kabin, Michelle is unpacking a few things from her Ford Fiesta. Rita comes out and wishes her a Happy New Year. Norris asks if she's allowed to be doing that and Michelle replies no, she plans on squatting in the apartment. Norris also asks if Ryan the graffiti artist is coming with her. She says no, she plans on leaving him behind. Michelle and Ryan, of course, are moving into the flat above the Kabin.

Norris mutters something about defacing her own property.

Steve comes along and asks if she's moving in today (and not offering, by the way, to help the lady he fancies with some of her boxes up the stairs). She says no, just cleaning the place as the previous tenant was a real pig.

"I used to live here," Steve says offended. She then hands him a sock, a fridge magnet, and a magazine that must be used, she reckons, for "uplifting moments."

Steve asks how her evening was last night and reckoned she must have been desperate. She counters that Sonny was a good kisser and then asks who his kissed last night? His mother? (no, but you never can tell with this show.)

At the Baldwin's house (which is paid for by whom, these days?), Jamie is on the phone to Frankie who claims not to have seen Danny nor told him of the news. She then hangs up on him.

Jamie tries to figure out who could have told Danny when his attentions turn to Sean, accusing him of tearing him and Frankie apart. Sean is offended and asks him to take it back. Jamie doesn't back down so Sean tells him that the next time he needs a shoulder to cry on, find someone else.

At the Rover's, Jamie orders a pint and tells Liz he and Frankie are through. Liz thinks it's best to happen now than later as it was doomed from the start. Violet comes over to tell Jamie that Sean is hurting over his accusation and that he should apologise.

He reconciles with Sean, but aided with some additional pints, because obsessed with who could have told Danny. When Liam, Paul, Michelle, and Carla come in he starts giving them the Manson Lamps.

Carla is giving Michelle a hard time over the throw she bought for her chesterfield, which Carla says is old and ugly. But then, Carla reminds her that she's just a barmaid and can't afford nice things like her. Or something. She's a bright ray of sunshine, that Carla. It looks like the street has just inherited its latest snob.

Jamie then accuses Liam of calling Danny but he honestly appears to not know what Jamie is on about. Paul also confesses that he's not heard from Danny since his disappearance. Later, outside the Rovers, Liam gets a call from Danny but it's clear that this is the first time for him as he starts demanding to know just where he has been.

Meanwhile, Liz tells Steve about Vernon's romantic gesture. Steve points out that it was him who planned all that for Michelle. Overhearing this, she asks how long this was in the works. He says a few days, proudly. Michelle calls him a stupid prat for getting his mum to make her work last night when she had other plans.

Jason's baby and Violet's baby

As the gang at number 11 prepare for their day, Eileen forces Jason out of bed by splashing water on his face and telling him that he is going to take care of Holly as Eileen is working all day. Meanwhile, Violet is rubbing her shoulder and looking very ill.

Jason, after much moaning, has managed to feed and change the baby without driving out to a park and leaving her in the car (*cough*Claire!*cough*). It may have something to do with Eileen telling him that his current attitude toward children reminds her of his father, Tony.

At the Rovers, Liz regales Violet with Vernon's romantic New Year's Eve candlelight dinner. Vernon claims he has a sore back and won't be fetching any barrels today. When Liz leaves, Violet says that dinner was prepared by Steve for Michelle but she'll keep it under her hat if Vernon gets those barrels. Vernon weighs working for his pay for a change versus not having sex with Liz for an afternoon and decides to work.

Throughout the day at Rovers, Violet complains to Liz that her shoulder is getting worse and she feels awful. Liz says Vernon, who lied about the romantic dinner, will be happy to fill in for her.

Violet walks out and we see her staggering down the street.

When she gets to number 11, Jason is on his way out the door with Holly and asks Violet for help walking her. Looking awful, Violet brushes past Jason and goes to the kitchen to make tea (Violet is obviously part Maritimer as she knows toast, tea, and a bath cures everything, almost).

As she takes the milk from the fridge, she collapses in pain, dropping the bottle and clutching her abdomen. She calls out for Jason but he is already out the door. She makes it to the phone dials an ambulance to number 11, Coronation Street. Violet's baby, it seems evident, is in trouble.

In Other News

Liz has given up smoking for her new year's resolution and is becoming increasingly short-tempered. It lasted 7 hours and 12 minutes. It ended when she put Vernon to work.

Janice's heating has gone off and the plumber is nowhere to be found. She, Chesney, and a hungover Fizz and Kirk head over the Rovers. They proceed to get drunk (except for Chesney) and leave insulting messages on the plumber's voice mail.

Rita and Emily thought we would have had flying cars and hotels on the moon by now.

Captain Sisko agrees:

Sexy Party Update


It Maybe Over Soon Kittens
I take back everything I said about no one packing on Corrie (save Keef). The show opens with Jamie packing a suitcase to go to Spain. (Still….where are the boxes to pack the contents). Frankie is giving him a bit of shit about the Vern situation so Jamie goes over to make amends.

Over at the Rovers, Vern refers to Jamie as ‘Oedipus’ and when he tells Vern that he’s sorry, Vern looks at him and says, ‘I’m normal.’ Not having had great success with this apology, Jamie storms out of the pub, but not before Paul sees him to wish Jamie and ‘his missus” (sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo creepy) all the best. Jamie does a bit of ‘yeah, whatever.’.

When he returns to the flat there’s no Frankie to be seen, but Sean drops buy to give a present (a dress shirt) to his ‘bezzie straight friend’. They have a little chin wag and Sean says that every time he looks at a Enrique Inglesias poster he will cry.

Frankie has a talk with Liz and confesses that she just doesn’t feel right with Jamie and he’s turning into his dad. She then goes back to the house and tells Jamie that she just can’t go through with it. He cries that they are not related and what they are doing is not incest. ‘Then why does it feel like it is?’ replies Frankie. (uuuuuh, cause you raised him as your own son?)

Jamie says that once they go to Spain, there won’t be any accusing eyes. Frankie asks if there will be no mirrors in Spain because she can’t look at herself in one anymore. She tells Jamie that she’s going to stay with a mate in Essex.

I know which Essex mate too.

So amongst a lot of tears Frankie gets into a cab and drives off into the sunset. Jamie is left standing on the street just as Sean arrives. Sean puts his arm around Jamie and they go back into the house to ring in 2007.

Now….I’ll save the really best part for the end of the update.

Modern Ethics and the Manchester Man
Less is moaning about how he’s going to have to pay back all the money that Cilla scammed off of everyone for the dolphin trip. Chesney tells him that really he only has himself to blame because when he slept with Yana he forced Cilla to do this.

Less replies that all the times that Cilla cheated on him, he never pretended that he was dying. And besides, Chesney’s a bit to blame too because he never told Cilla about Less and Yana. And, and, and what kind of person tells their mom they wish they were dead.

Oh dear, it’s gonna take a team of Rabbis and Dr. Phil to figure out who’s right here.

Less talks to Steve about the big Cilla scam and explains that he was scammed just as much as anyone else. Steve tells him that if he’s willing to work New Years for free, then he’ll fix it with the other drivers who gave up wages for Cilla. Less agrees and asks who is on dispatch tonight. Steve replies, ‘Fat Brenda from Ladycabs in Levenshulme.

OMG – is there actually a character called ‘Fat Brenda’?! I NEED to see Fat Brenda. I NEED to see Ladycabs – are they a line of pink cabs? It’s too fabulous. In fact, if the writers ever want to write her into the show, I will be on the first plane to go audition for the role. Glacia really, really wants to be Fat Brenda from Ladycabs.

You Bad, Bad Lad.
Over at the Rovers, Liz has decided that the evening will be fancy dress for all the staff, with the theme of Stars of the Silver Screen.

There is much guessing about who Liz will come dressed as and Michelle suggests, ‘Lassie’. Glacia giggles. When we do see the costumes, Violet is looking fetching as Marylin Monroe in the Seven Year Itch, Michelle is Kirsten Dunst in ‘Bring it On’ (The costume itself was cute, but as she looked nothing like K.D. I thought the idea was lame.). Sean walks in wearing a wee cowboy outfit and Violet asks, ‘Carry on Cowboy?’ - Sean finds this droll and responds, ‘Brokeback Mountain’. (Mr. Glacia laughs with gusto at that.).

Liz shows up in vest and bowler hat and although Glacia immediately recognizes the costume from the greatestmovieevermade, Michelle says how she LOVES Stan Laural. ‘It’s Sally Bowles.’ Responds Liz.

Steve comes down the stairs (sans costume) and Michelle asks, ‘Shrek?’ Michelle is GOLD tonight with the digs.

Steve tells Violet as an aside that he has a champagne and goodies in the back room for Michelle and to make sure Violet gets Michelle into the backroom at midnight. Violet responds with my favorite line of the show, ‘You bad, bad lad. What are you like?’

At the stroke of midnight, Steve is alone in the back and he ventures out to the front only to find that Sonny is kissing Michelle. Sonny tells Michelle that if he had a choice between a party and her, he’d always choose her. (See Steve, THIS is why Sonny is going to win her heart.)

So Steve takes his two glasses of champagne and walks past the crazy congo line that’s going down the street and shares it with Eileen who is tending Holly.

Meanwhile, Vern stumbles into the back and sees the spread laid out. As he begins to help himself, Liz walks in and says, ‘Oh Vern! For me?’ He responds, ‘Happy New Year, Tiger.’

Yeah, there’s not enough ass whooping of Vern on the show.

Fag Hag
Tracey spots a young man who she finds attractive (and so does Glacia!) at the Rovers and says to Charlie that he should be her payback for when Charlie cheated on her. She flirts with him and tells Charlie and Jason how he probably will think that Tracey is their fag hag.

She announces to Mr.Cute Guy that Jason and Charlie are celebrating getting married. Jason puts his arm around Charlie to prove the point until Charlie threatens him with grievous bodily harm. Later, outside the pub she is seen flirting with Cute Guy and a few others until Charlie hauls her ass home.

In Other News
Vera wants the old Jack back and tries to provoke him into snapping out of the good guy thing. Finally they let the cat out of the bag that Molly has been ‘training’ Jack. Tyrone hopes that she hasn’t been doing that to him. She says no, then gives him a bit to eat and gives him a pat.

Fizz says after the day she’s had, the world is lucky she’s not on meth.

Liz has a tattoo!

The Sit Your Ass Down and Get Ready For This Part
So Sean and Jamie are commiserating at the house when the clock strike 12. At that moment Jamie’s cell rings and he says he doesn’t want to talk to Frankie. Sean throws him the cell and says he should talk to her.

Jamie says ‘Hello’.

And on the other end freaking DANNY says, ‘Hello Son. Just calling to wish you happy new years and sorry to hear about you and Frankie.’

Jamie freaks out and starts asking how he knows.

Danny replies by telling him not to worry about the factory, that’s been sorted out. Oh also, he’s sold the flat and contents (another packing issue resolved) so if he could be a good lad an slip the key in the mail slot.

Jamie keeps asking how he knows and then finally says that he hopes Danny and Frankie will be happy together…they deserve each other. He gets off the phone and tells Sean that Danny has been manipulating the whole thing from the get go.

Meanwhile, here’s Danny.*

He’s not with Frankie, but rather at a sexy party with a bevy of beautiful broads. Grinning from ear to ear.

I love how Corrie does characters, especially complex ones like Danny. I cheered when he got screwed over for the factory by Adam…but this time, this time I’m totally cheering for Danny. You go you cockney star you!

I said sexy party.

*As Glacia will be in Cuba in 2008

Schedule Change

Just in from the CBC:

Two episodes of Coronation Street will air back-to-back.
This balances a pre-emption on THURSDAY, OCT. 4, due to hockey.

I'll try to remember to post this again on monday.

Note: the CBC will scroll this notice of Friday's show. I'm just getting the heads up now to tell you.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Monday September 24th – Three Idiots and a Deceitful Cow

HERE IS A LIST of the CBC commercials that aired during the Coronation Street broadcast. One entire commercial break was dedicated to CBC commercials. Please note, I only started counting part way through the first break. Also, I was watching the Northern Broadcast where there were two public service announcements about workplace safety. So things could have been different in the south. The line-up was as follows:

1 2008 Olympic Games
2 Little Mosque on the Prairie
1 Fifth Estate
1 Commercial montage for No Opportunity Wasted, Little Mosque, Heartland
1 Market Place
1 Rick Mercer report + This Hour Has 22 Minutes
1 CBC.CA commercial
1 Dragons Den

THE SHOW OPENS WITH the Battersby-Brown camp. Fiz, Yanna (who deserves an award for that skirt) and Cilla head toward the salon where Cilla has plans to get herself together for the big trip to Florida. It is the least she could do considering the whole street has put their hands in their pockets to send her off under false pretences. Later Cilla and Yanna go into the pub where we learn that Yanna has paid for the works at the salon and will now be getting the drinks in.

Les got a camera from Ken Barlow and has enlisted Kirk to film the big departure for posterity. The Street’s answer to Steven Spielberg continues to film and Cilla lets everyone in on a little secret. She knows Lez and Yanna have been at it on the couch and she's not happy. Then she drops the real bomb. Devastating and confusing young Chezney, Cilla tells everyone that she is not sick and has known she was well since before Christmas. The news is met with confusion and anger. Chezny is so angry he has decided to take a pass on the trip to Disney World/Land (whichever one is in Florida). After Chezney tells his mother that he hates her and he wishes she were dead, Cilla looks like she knows that she has gone too far. But, in the cab she hops and off she goes to see Mickey an the gang in a large, over sanitized freakish place that is probably the scariest place on earth.

As the drama unfolds outside of number 5 Rita and Norris stroll by and learn that Cilla has been cured. The word is sure to spread.

OVER AT NUMBER 8 the baby, now called Holly, is still the source of conflict in the Grimshaw/Wilson/Tully household. Jason, in a staggering feat of ignorance tries to smooth over things with Sarah by admitting the baby is his but assuring her that he will have nowt to do with her. Smart. Sarah, in an increasingly common display of maturity tells Jason that he is being an immature, irresponsible loser and closes the door on his face. Good job, Sarah Louise Platt. Will her reaction get Jason to change his ways?

Probably not, later we see Jason relaxing on the couch doing his best NOT to be a dad. Eileen resorts to some mild physical violence to get Jason to take the baby for a walk in a pram thoughtfully donated by Sarah. Strangely during the pram hand-over the grim reaper walked by and scared the pants off me. Seriously, who was that dude?

STUPIDITY WAS ON DISPLAY at the Rovers when Steve, instead of acting like an adult and talking to Michelle like a growed up, decided to see if he can manipulate the schedule and remove Betty from behind the bar on New Years so that Michelle will have to work and not go out with the handsome Sunny. His mother falls for Steve's stupid reasoning (so offensive I refuse to repeat it here, on the blog) and tells Michelle that she has to work. Michelle is none too pleased, but Steve says that he will try to have a word with his mom. PLEASE, STEVE. GROW UP!

number 7 fizzling out? It may be. Jamie and Frankie have really made the decision to leave the street. In Street tradition, that means that they have to go to the Kabin to cancel the papers. How else would Norris get to slip in a nasty word? Jamie then runs into Violet. I guess he didn't tell his baby-mother he was leaving. That's thoughtful. Violet is pissed, yet keeps telling him that he needn't do anything for the baby.

She reiterates that sentiment later in the pub when Jamie tries to give her a cheque and his address in Spain. I guess the pressure is getting to Jamie. When Vern suggests that Jamie get Frankie a cocktail and then suggests sex on the beach, Jamie decks him. Now, I am not sure in Vern was being malicious. I think he was seriously suggesting that Jamie get Frankie a cocktail. What do the Canuksters think? Do the Canuksters think any excuse to deck Vern is a good excuse?

After, Frankie jumps up, scolds Jamie and accuses him of turning into Danny. Jamie is pissed and storms off. Later, Frankie tells Liz and her breasts that she is now unsure of Jamie. She thinks her feeling for Jamie may have a lot to do with Danny. Oh Frankie, that was obvious as Liz’ cleavage.

That is all fans.

Schedule Change - and a few Questions

The Corrie omnibus on this sunday (sept 30) will be moved to noon in order for the CBC to air the Fifa soccer. And to be fair, they do have to show the games live. As we we've waited 9 months for these episodes of Corrie, I think we can wait another hour or so.

Also, I've received two requests in my mail box this week.

First from Amy:

I was wondering if you or any others on the wise corrie council know if you can get a copy of Coronation Street: Viva Las Vegas! here in canada? I'm dying to see it!

Second we received a request for boxing epsiodes:

I collect boxing episodes and am hoping that you know someone who tapes show and would have these episodes. I have episodes 2005 of 6082,6083,6084,6085. But I would like complete story line that includes all these episodes.

CORNATION STREET-2005- EPS 6061,6062,6063,6064,6065,6066,6067

CORNATION STREET-2005-EPS 6078,6079, 6082,6083,6084,6085

Can you please help me. I can pay for tape,shipping and someone's valuable time. Thank you.

If anyone can help out, just send me an email at glacia at gmail dot com and I'll put you in touch with the requesters.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday Afternoon Fun

OK, time for another round of “Who Said That” (OK, I jut made that name up).

Who said the following line, “Love of my life, meet the fruit of my loins.”

Who is talking?
Who are they talking to?
Who are they talking about?
And, what are the circumstances?

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Update- September 21, 2007- Who's Yer Daddy?

It is the morning after Jason’s daughter got dumped on Eileen. The baby is crying, and Eileen says that she forgot what it was like. The baby didn’t sleep much at night at all. Sean says that she probably misses her mum.

Then Jason walks in and asks when the social services people are coming. Eileen takes him to task for not being more humane. He keeps repeating that he is not the father, and is angry because the baby’s presence got in the way of he and Sarah getting back together. When Eileen gets annoyed with him for thinking more about sex than his child, he once again says, “That,” meaning the baby, “has nothing to do with me.”

At Gail’s house, Sarah is busy cleaning up the physical mess from the day before. Gail comes down and asks her how she is. Sarah assures Gail that she is okay, and Gail offers to make a cuppa. As Sarah agrees, the doorbell rings. It is Jason, coming to make things right. Gail quickly disappears upstairs. Jason repeats what he has been saying since the baby landed on his doorstep: “It has nothing to do with me.” Sarah is livid. She tells him that anytime he has to face up to some responsibility he scarpers and she is sick of it. She asks him, not very nicely, to leave.

Meanwhile, back at Eileen’s, the social worker has turned up. It is confirmed that the baby is healthy and well. Eileen asks what is going to happen, and the social worker indicates that they are going to find a place for her to stay while they try and find the mother. Eileen, looking actually excited despite her sleepless night, suggests that the baby stay with her. The social worker says that that should be no problem, and, in fact, it is preferred that children stay with family. Eileen, perhaps realizing what she is getting herself into, begins to look worried, and then says that the baby will stay, “just until you track down the mother”.

Eileen then visits Deirdre, gets some of Amy’s old clothes, and trades some barbs with Blanche.

After she has returned home, Jason comes back, and, the baby not being present, he asks if they took “it” away. He is very unhappy when Eileen says that the baby will stay with them until the baby’s mother is found, and that she is upstairs sleeping. He keeps denying that the baby is his, and Eileen is exasperated. She asks when he is going to admit that the baby is his. She reminds him that at the time of the baby’s conception he was going out regularly, getting “bladdered” (not the most charming turns of phrase the English have come up with) and “chucking it about”. Jason admits that there may have been a time when he did not use a condom. As he speaks Eileen notices that he has moved from a resolute denial that the baby is his to admitting the possibility. He very nicely says that he doesn’t want the baby, even if she is his, to live there just because of some “drunken fumble”. Eileen basically tells him he has to grow up and sends him out for supplies for the baby.

He comes back with all the gear, except for one item. Eileen informs him she is going for a nap, as she didn’t sleep very well the night before. The baby is up and needing care, and Jason looks panicked. Eileen leaves him, and the scene ends with Jason looking uncertainly at the baby while Eileen stands at the staircase, watching as her little boy finally grow up.

Tracey’s Game

Tracey and Charlie return from their Christmas rendez vous to the Rover’s. Liz tells them that Steve decided to play daddy for the day and took Amy to something “on ice”, and will drop her off at Tracey’s around 4 p.m. Charlie is pleased that Amy will continue to be out of their hair for the next little while. He walks away, and Liz notes that Charlie is as charming as ever. Tracey trots out her defence of Charlie: he just wants to relax, blah blah blah.

Then, Liam, not having learnt anything, apparently, from his attempts at courting Maria, flirts shamelessly with Tracey.

A little later, Deirdre, Ken and Blanche arrive at the Rover’s and seeing Tracey, give her a bit of a dressing down for not seeing them or Amy for Christmas. Charlie changes the subject by offering to buy them a drink. Ken very pointedly says no, and Blanche just as pointedly jumps at the chance. Deirdre gives in, and asks him to get a drink for Ken as well.

While Charlie’s back is turned, Liam sidles over and offers to buy Tracey a drink. Tracey coyly says that her boyfriend is very jealous. Liam notes that Charlie, who is playing a pinball game, appears oblivious. He then says that he is just being neighbourly. So Tracey agrees.

After Charlie returns, he tells her that he noticed Tracey flirting with Liam. Tracey says that he is okay, and then says that maybe, to make things right between them, seeing as he slept with two women, she should sleep with someone herself. Charlie says that she is always surprising, but not to push it. He finishes it off by grabbing her face and giving her a very unpleasant kiss. I think he is trying to assert his control. I don’t think it is working.

Mushy Peas- Not Just for Breakfast Anymore

Les and Yana are standing on the street corner talking. They have a card for Cilla and they have raised over 600 pounds. Les says that Cilla deserves it. Cilla, meanwhile, is watching Les and Yan through a window, and sees Les give Yana a peck on the cheek.

Later, at the Rover’s, the card is handed over to Liz, who will make sure everyone signs the card. They confirm that Cilla will receive the card at the Rover’s.

Later, Liz tells Yana that everything is a go. Les brings Cilla. Liz presents her with the card and the money, says that along with the mushy peas fund raising event, everyone pitched in to give Cilla a little something. Cilla, upon realizing how much money everyone has given her, either gets a pang of guilt, or, more likely, panics slightly. She says that there are people who deserve it much more than she does, and then gestures to Les and says, “all this, well, it’s all down to him.”
Blanche, who is still there with Deirdre and Ken, says, “I never got owt for my hip.” Deirdre is scandalized (you would think by now nothing Blanche could say would scandalize her) and reminds Blanche that Cilla is dying.

Cilla then abruptly leaves, leaving Les and Yana confused that she isn’t more effusive about the whole thing.

The Websters Have Chosen the Family Photo for Next Year’s Christmas Card

At the Websters, Bill, who is sleeping on the couch, wakes up to Sally vacuuming next to him. When he protests, she justifies it by telling him that it is 9:00 am. Kevin walks in and lets her know that he is unimpressed with her petty revenge of Bill. She once again justifies herself, saying that she’s not worried about herself, but the girls’ Christmas was ruined. Kevin says that the girls loved it, and was more entertaining than watching T.V. all day, which is what they normally do (and more educational too). Bill says that he made a “right mess of it” and Sally agrees.

Later, Gail and Audrey are outside taking the trash out when they see Maureen drive up to the Websters’. Maureen speaks with Bill, and Sally, and Kevin, standing at the door. Audrey, trying to be helpful, and showing a lot of tact, crosses the street to talk to Maureen as well. Maureen gives Bill a going over. Audrey tells her that nobody wanted Maureen to be hurt. This does not give Maureen a great deal of solace, as she turns around and insults Audrey. Audrey then reminds her that Maureen ran off with Bill before the ink was dry on her wedding certificate to Fred. Sally intervenes and says she doesn’t want a bunch of “randy geriatrics” fighting at her doorstep. She tells them to take it elsewhere. Maureen tells Audrey that if she wants Bill she can have him, and leaves.

Bill and Audrey go to the Rover’s to sort things out. Bill apologizes for what Maureen says, but Audrey, quite justly, says that Maureen was in the right. Bill tells Audrey that he is going to go after Maureen to try and put it right, as 10 years is a long time to be with someone. Audrey appears to have been expecting this, and simply says, “it was fun while it lasted”. They part.

Sit, Rover, Sit

Molly continues to train Tyrone and Jack as she would a dog, and brings Vera in on the game. Vera does it, but is uncomfortable with it, as it requires her to be nice to him. Jack responds, but also is uncomfortable Vera’s new sweetness.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Update - September 20, 2007 - Black Christmas

Please note this episode was not shown in Ontario.

Doesn't it look like David?

Devil Child

Gail is cleaning up the remains of the sad Christmas cake on the kitchen floor. Bill says he is sorry to Maureen. Audrey says they didn't mean for it to happen but Maureen says `she does not want her pity, as she is a cow.’ David tells his mom she should put her feet up but she tells him not to speak to her. The Webster girls thank Gail for Christmas dinner and say it was ...but stop and say "tat". David is smiling. (Can someone smack him, please?) Bill asks Maureen to let him explain but she says he would only be stating the obvious. In the back yard, Maureen is crying. Bill comes up to her and says it is what is seems and he was lonely without her. She says he is playing “happy families” with Audrey. Bill says it does not mean he does not love her. She says he is a dirty man. Bill says he didn't know she was going to come. She shouts asking if that makes it right. David opens the window and asks if they have sorted things out. (How about sending David to boot camp?) Maureen goes. Bill goes after her.

Maureen says she is going to the hotel she booked for them and opens the car door. Sally and Kevin come out of the Platt's house. Sally says she tried to get them to stop the relationship. Maureen gets into car and leaves. Bill says for them not to look at him like that as he feels bad (for once?) and asks if Audrey is still in there and if he should go talk to her. Sally says she thinks they should just go and let it things settle.

Later on, Audrey comes downstairs and says it's all quiet. David tells her he thought he was going to be the main event but she totally eclipsed him. Audrey tells him to shut up - about time! And tells Gail she is sorry. Gail says the day was ruined anyway but she didn't help. David then says in Ivy's diary she referred to Audrey as a flighty piece (LOL!) and asks if that is code for slapper. (Duct tape, anyone?) Audrey shouts telling him to shut up. She says he is a stupid boy and wished that Gail did get rid of him, as it would be better for the rest of them. FINALLY! Gail then shouts at her mom saying she can't say that about her child and she's been trying to tell him he is wanted child. I would begin to wonder about Gail’s sanity here… Gail then shouts telling her mom just to go. Audrey leaves and David has a grin and says someone in the family says what they really think of him. He then presses the button for his reindeer antlers on his head, that plays music and flashes and he gives a look like he is sooo smart. Gail says nothing but looks as if she could hit him. (How about kill?)

Outside Bill and Kevin are walking along the street. Bill says he has never cheated before and is a moron. I will second that. Kevin says he believes him and tells him to stop going on. As they head for the Rovers Bill says he should keep his head down. Kevin mentions the Weatherfield Arms and they head back the other way.

David comes in with his wheels for his car. Gail then asks if he has any thing to say about today. David say if today has shown them anything it's that ‘you reap what you sow and says she is reaping what she sowed all those years ago’. Gail asks what right he has to punish her for what feeling and thoughts she had before he was born. He says, if she puts it like that he is going. Gail says after they way he acted today he is not going anywhere for a month. He says she is not catching on. David then says he is 'now sixteen and can do what he wants'. She tells him not while he is under her roof. David then asks if she hears that ‘ping’ and says it's the cotton thread of parental authority snapping. He says he does what he wants now and she will never tell him what to do again and walks out. He sits in his car, listening to music with Gail outside trying to get his attention. David zones her out and continues, in his own world….

Invasion of the Body Snatchers
At the Duckworth household, Tyron says he has done the dishes. Vera says she thinks aliens have invaded Jack's body. Vera then says the aliens would not have him. Jack says they would take one look at her and they would want him. Vera tells them to get going to the pub. Molly gives Tyron some money and says she is going to get him a pint and says, if they come back in half an hour they can have the leftovers. They hurry out. Molly tells Vera she is training them like a dog. Rewarding the good behaviour, ignoring the bad. She says she is going to get a whole new Jack. Is this possible?

Caution: Earring Alert

Claire and Ashley are walking. Her earring is caught again and Ashley says he will be glad when tomorrow comes so she does not feel obliged to wear them. They pass Violet and Sean and say Merry Christmas. Claire takes them out of her ears. Ashley says it was good getting married on Christmas Day, but there is not a lot of places to go out to. Claire says he is lucky she is a cheap date and they go into the Rovers.

Moby Dick

At the Rovers Audrey sits next to Sarah and Jason. Sarah asks how it went after she left. Audrey tells them she does not want to talk about it now and just sit in silence. Sarah agrees. Jason asks if it's all right if he and Sarah just speak. Audrey just looks blank.

Blanche asks how much money Cilla needs to go swimming with whales, Deirdre corrects her and says its, dolphins. Blanche says whales would be better suited for her and they would get less of a fright. (Love her!) Ken says she is ill but she says she is not paying a penny till she sees a doctor's note. She might be the smartest one there…Norris tells her she is the true image of Christmas. She says at least she does not let her friends down and tells Norris he said he would walk Emily home from church. He quickly gets up and goes. Betty comes through from the back and tells Steve is five minutes is up. He asks if she is asleep and Betty says yes and he will be there to calm Amy if she wakes up. Betty says she is bored. He says he will be through in five. He then tells Liz he gets bored through there as well.

Santa Baby

A young girl walking down the street in front of the pub, holding a baby asks them if she knows anyone called Grimshaw. Emily says yes and they live at Number eleven. She walks on and Norris says it will not kill her to stay thank you. The girl says thanks and goes. Emily tells him she does not think it was bad manners, as the girl looks pre-occupied. Norris says she can't be in a hurry as he thinks she would hurry up just to keep warm, as the girl does not have a lot of clothes on. Emily says it's none of their business and tells Norris they should go. The girl stops before crossing the road, looks at the baby in her arms and takes a deep breath.

At the Grimshaw's household, Violet is crying at the movie they are watching. Eileen asks if any one is getting hungry for real food. She then says they think she is going to break first. Violet and Sean both nod. The doorbell rings and she says they think she is going to get that as well. Violet and Sean both nod and start laughing. Eileen gets up and heads for the door.

Outside Eileen opens the door to the young girl with the baby. Eileen says hi and the girl asks for Jason. Eileen says he is out at the moment. The girl then says Jason Grimshaw who is a builder. Eileen then says yeah, and she thinks they are talking about the same guy. The girl says her name is Emma and she met him in Heaven and Hell Night Club last Christmas. Eileen jokes and asks if he missed their one-year anniversary or something. Emma says she is a good girl but just can't manage any more. She says she has tried and tried but can't take it any more. She gives the baby to Eileen and runs away. Eileen shouts saying she will ring Jason. Sean and Violet come out. Eileen says for them to go after her. Sean goes after her and Violet looking at the baby says no way.

Sean says she just left you holding the baby - literally. Eileen says yes and tells him he needs to go to gym. Sean blames the slippers and says they slowed him down. Violet says if it is Jason's he should be helping out. Eileen says from what she can remember of motherhood is soon going to change. Eileen then says if it is Jason they are going to need a king carrying gold. Violet asks if she should call Jason and get him back. Eileen says yes and to say it is URGENT, very flaming urgent.

At the pub Sarah and Jason are talking when the phone rings. He puts down his phone and tells Sarah there is an emergency and has to go. Sarah gets up as well and goes with him.

At the Grimshaw's Sean asks what the baby’s name is. Eileen says she didn't say and then says that's her granddaughter and realizes just then – she is a grandmother. Jason and Sarah come into the house. Jason asks what that is, pointing at the baby. Eileen says ‘the stork dropped off a baby’. Violet and Sean look at each other and say they are going to the pub. Eileen says according to Emma who dumped her on her says it's his. Emma said she is tired of looking after it and it's his turn. Jason says no it's not his. Sarah hits him calling him a pig. He says he does not know who Emma is. Jason says he does not understand and asks where he could have possibly met this girl. Eileen tells him at Heaven and Hell. He says he has never been then but then says, ‘oh’. Sarah says so you have been. Eileen asks if it was a successful night. Sarah then says when it looks like they are going to get back together he does something or something happens. She storms out. Good idea. He tells her it's not his. Eileen tells him not to think about leaving. He says again it's not his and wants nothing to do with it, Eileen says neither does she. Sean and Violet are listening outside the door and say ‘ouch’. Violet says, that is a shocker then asks Sean if he thinks it is Jason's. Sean jokes saying it is ugly enough to be his and they head for the pub.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Mystery Solved

I got word back from the CBC about the missing bits from the weekly show that appear in the Sunday omnibus.

On Sundays, they don't run the entire opening credits with each show, so that allows them to run the episodes in their entirety. On the weekdays, they show the full opening credits (with kitty cat) so in order to make the show fit in the slot they have to take a wee bit from it.

Update - September 19 - Do They Know It's Christmas?

Well, it's Christmas Day on Coronation Street and there isn't much to report. The Platts and the Websters sat down together for a quiet dinner. The Grimshaws ate chocolate and watched videos and The Macdonalds served drinks down at the pub. Everyone was in good cheer and listened intently to Ken Barlow, who paused to remember those they lost this year before reminding everyone listening to embrace their families and friends and live with the true spirit of Christmas in their hearts every day of the year.

Ken then turned to the camera, raised a glass, and said, "From all of us at Coronation Street, may you have the happiest of Christmases and the very best in the new year."


What are you kidding me? It's Coronation Street. As if the day is going to pass quietly. They must come to dread the holidays by now.

Let's begin, shall we?

What Child Is This?

It's Christmas morning, or as David Platt calls it, "Birthmas." She gives Bethany her present, which Sarah says Bethany loved. David mentions that he was going to get her a new voicebox. Sarah takes offense and says she's just contented.

"Sarah," David says, "Trappist monks think she's quiet." He then adds that it would be really lame if someone gave him racing gloves to go with his beater in the driveway. Sarah looks down at her present, looking guilty.

David hands Gail her gift. It looks like Ivy Tilsley's diary. When she opens it, it's just a novel. The title was "Mourning Dakota" but I was hoping it would be "Hard Grinding" by Mel Hutchwright.

Later, Sally and Kevin are there and she and Gail are trying to determine if the chicken is cooked. David asks if Gail ever thought about having him induced early when she was carrying him.

"Of course not," says Gail.

"Do you remember the day or were you all fuzzed out on pills?" he then asks.

"I remember it very well and your father and I were very happy."

Bill and Audrey arrive and Bill wishes a happy Christmas to all and sundry. Audrey wishes David a happy birthday and hands him a present. David tells his grandmother she smells very nice.

"Oh, thank you David." she replies.

"Gin and tonic, ain't it?" he asks.

Later, Gail, Bill, Audrey, Sally, Kevin, David, Sarah-Lou, Bethany, Rosie, and Sophie are all wearing paper hats and tucking into their Christmas meal. Everyone is laughing, even as it's scandalously revealed that Sally's attempt to make a pudding went pear-shaped and she ended up buying one from a store after all. David gives Gail a new present, asking her to open it right there. She does, and finds it's an old book.

"It's Ivy Tilsley's diary," David says, prompting an exchange of looks between Rosie and Sophie.

"I didn't know she could write," Kevin jokes.

David pushes the issue and tells his mother that there's good reading in there and she should read it right now. Sensing her son has a point to make, she quietly refuses and says she'll read it later.

David pulls it from her, point out all the things she's written like Ida Clough's body odour and Vera's nasty coats. Everyone is laughing along and David then reads the following passage:

"I honestly do not know how the Good Lord has seen me through today's trial. Gail went for an abortion. If it weren't for Martin Platt, that innocent little child inside her would be dead now"

The table goes silent. David asks Gail if she remembers the date when she went to abort him. Then he asks if anyone wants more sprouts.

Sarah asks why David treats his mum this way and calls him a headcase, before excusing herself from the table. Gail tells David that he was wanted as he is here now. Sally and Audrey try to change the subject by talking about how well the chicken turned out.

Audrey and Bill ask David why he has to do that to his mum when she is doing the best she can. Kevin says he remembers "Poison Ivy" and doesn't think it happened the way she wrote it. Everyone seemed happy to him. Rosie calls David a loser and Audrey agrees, saying that he brings this stuff on himself.

Sally announces that the rum pudding will be ready in ten minutes. Bill says he's looking forward to it as they don't get pudding like that in Germany. (Ah, but it's the Land of Chocolate).

Wow. I don't think this day can get any worse.

The doorbell rings. Gail goes to see who's there and it's ... Maureen. You know, Maureen Webster. Bill's wife. Bill is busy lecturing David on his value when Maureen comes in, yelling "Surprise!" He lets go of Audrey's hand as Maureen drops herself on his lap, telling him how much she missed him.

Maureen asks about some of the old crowd, like ex-husband Fred (dead) and Martin Platt (divorced Gail, had an affair with a minor, moved to Liverpool). David is thoroughly enjoying seeing the adults squirm like this.

Bill then announces he needs to stretch his legs. He is quickly followed by Kevin, then Sally.

When they're outside, Kevin asks, "So, Baldric. What's the cunning plan?" Bill tells Kevin to pretend he has an emergency call. Bill will go with Kevin so he can fetch his things at Audrey's.

They go back inside and begin enacting their Christmas panto when David starts doing the slow clap.

"Oscars all around!" he says.

Maureen asks what he means. He tells her that Bill has been a dirty dog. He then asks Bill whee will he sleep tonight? Kevin's? Or Maureen's? He then lights the rum-soaked dumpling. Maureen jumps up, knocking it over onto the floor. Everyone scrambles to put it out.

Best! Christmas! Ever!

Here We Come A-Wassailing

Sean brings giant chocolate bars to the Grimshaws where they settle in for their own Christmas day. He and Violet call a Christmas truce.

The Barlows are going for Christmas dinner with the seniors. Tracy seems to be missing.

Steve is supposed to be with Amy today but Liz and Fern keep retiring upstairs to have sex watch the Queen's message. So Steve has to watch the bar, leaving Betty to look after Amy.

Claire got her dangling earring caught in her scarf.

Corrie Episode Tonight

Okay, just got confirmation from the CBC.

There will be no Corrie episode tonight in Ontario to make room for the elections. There will be two episodes Friday night.

The rest of're good to go.

Update for Tuesday

Sorry Kids, deadlines yesterday.


Wir Haben Kulture

Sally and Gayle are both trying to outdo themselves for Christmas dinner. Gayle back at home trying to make dried fruit into a lovely pudding and Sally making a stuffing that involves lemon. (Bill comments that he would prefer traditional sage stuffing and this is an arguement every year at Chez Glacia. Mr. wants traditional and I want my lovely sour dough bread/parmesean/wild mushroom stuffing....but I digress).

It's Rosie's birthday and a collection of Goethe poetry comes to her in the mail. She flips open the page to read from a quote from Mailed (May Day Celebrations).

O Lieb, o Liebe!
So golden schön,
Wie Morgenwolken
Auf jenen Höhn !

English translation can be found here.

(Glacia hat Kulture!)

Later that day, Rosie tells Kevin that she's down because Craig is living this big sexy life in Berlin and she's stuck at home. He tells her to cheer up that there'll be plenty of time for growing up later.

Meanwhile over that the Platts, Sarah worries to David about Sophie going on and on about her dad (Brian Tisley) flirtation with Suzie Birchall. David tells her that he'll go over and straighten it out.

After telling Sophie to knock it off, David finds out from Rosie about the diary of some mad old woman who used to live at the Battersby's. 'Ivy Tisley? You mean my gran?' asks David. (Who btw - technically isn't his grandmother because Martin was his dad, not Brian. Thankfully Ivy is no longer with us, because I shudder to think of the next 'pushing the envelope' love story Corrie would come up with.)

He tells Rosie that the diary belongs to his family and she agrees and gets Sophie to return it to him. Sophie does but not without saying that his gran was bitter and twisted so that must be where he gets it from.

David relaxes in his car with the book to have a look see. He finds the book hilarious and when Marie sees him having a good chuckle, she comes to join in the fun.

David reads her such delightful passages that Ivy wrote about Gayle like the following:

'Dirty mare, carrying on with Martin Platt, not more than a lad, with my Brian not cold in his grave. She's a filthy little tart, just like her mother.'


Things take a turn for the dark when Maria reads a passage outloud about Gayle being a piece of scum who will rot in hell, but suddenly stops. David takes the diary from her and reads that Gayle was planning to abort him and would have if Martin hadn't convinced her not to.

What's a boy to do with information like that?

Oh I know...bookmark the relevant passage and wrap up the diary as a gift for mom.

Steve MacDonald in 'What's My Appeal'?
Sean asks Michelle about the big date and she tells him that there was no date, just a bunch of garbled messages on her mobile and an awol Steve. She then tells him that the night wasnt' a total waste because she got to go out with some shiney guy in his shiney car.

Later Steve comes around with some flowers and apology. Michelle notes that the apology was a bit late in coming. He asks her out, but she tells him that she has other plans with shiney guy and *unfortunatley* she doesn't have his phone number so she can't break it off.

Shiney guy makes it into the pub because he's lost her number and wnated to check that they were still on for New Years at his friends place and oh yeah, make sure you bring your swimsuit because there's a pool, duke! Then he gives her his number.

Michelle makes no attempt to cancel her date with shiney guy.

And why should she?!!! I'm sorry, I love Steve but I don't *quite* get his appeal. He lies, he's losing his looks as he ages and he's saddle with a bitchy mom and a crazy ex with whom he has a child. But then there's Sonny with his sports car, hair and shiney life. Hmmmm, what's a Breck Girl to do?

On a side note, Tracey drops Amy off with Steve and Liz all the time alluding to how Amy would be better off at Steve's for Christmas (even though Pingu won't be able to attend Christmas dinner). Ken and Deidre lament that Amy won't be with them a Christmas, Tracey tells them to get off her back. Wash, rinse, repeat.

OMG - They Mentioned Albert Steptoe!
When the episode opens, Norris and Audrey are having a chat and in the back is a wonderful vision of Less and Yana wheeling their bathtube out.

The night of the Bean Bath is upon us! The only problem is, beans are kind of pricey, so they had to settle for mushy peas instead. (Glacia takes a deep breath for she truley hates mushy peas, even hearing them mentioned outloud.)

As they are about to jump in, Steve makes a comment that Les looks like Albert Steptoe*.

Folks come by with donations and even Vern is moved to part with 20p. Less tells him that he's cheap, but Vern only responds by saying that the best way to raise money would be to have Yana and Cilla have a mud wrestle in the tub with mushy peas.

With ideas like that, how is Vern NOT a multimillionaire?

When Janice comes by, Cilla tells her the more people donate, the longer Less and Yana have to stay in. Janice springs for a tenner just to keep them there until midnight.

While they freeze, Yana keeps them warm with a little ditty from Joy Division.

When the pub closes, Less and Yana decide to pack it in. They are a bit shocked to find their dressing gowns missing, but run quickly to the Battersby's thinking that Cilla will let them in. Oh she will, I guess, but not until she finishes her bottle of Jaegermeister. (Cilla hat Kulture!)

In Other News
Fizz laments to Kirkeh that she will miss Cilla's naft Christmas gifts when she's gone. He tells her that he will give her naft Christmas gifts. Fizz replys that it's not just that, it's the bad cooking too. (Glacia is confident that Kirkeh can treat her to bad cooking too.)

Norris wants a Russian themed christmas with vodka, caviar and Dr.Zhivago on the telly. (Glacia thinks that Norris's Christmas sounds like the best thing on the street.) Unfortnately, Rita is a stickler for traditional english christmas, so he has to satisfy himself with a White Russian at the Rovers. Janice joins him in one and we get to find out that not only does Liz not know what a White Russian is, she ain't never heard of Kaluha either.

Audrey got loaded with Bill once again. I want to have Audrey's senior years when I get to her age.

How many times are they planning to have Fairy Tale of New York play in the background?

* Steptoe and Son was a BBC show that started on television and then ended up on the radio and was the model for 'Sanford and Son'. Steptoe and Son is HILARIOUS and they often play episodes on BBC radio if you ever listen.

Or you could raid youtube.

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Corrie Canuck Meetup in Second Life

I've had some requests for another Corrie Canuck meetup in Second Life.

So I will be very available on Second Life with treats in my new sexy NYC skybox. It's a great way for Corrie Canucks from multiple time zones to get together and blab.

Glacia's Pad
7 pm est.

Send me an email at for details, or if you are brave post your second life persona here and I'll friend you.

Corrie Contest

With regards to the Corrie contest on CBC Newsworld, someone asked if you won a daily prize woudl you still be eligible for the grand prize.

I spoke to the CBC and yes you are totally eligible.

All entries are eligible for the grand prize (even daily prize winners).
Contestants can only win one one daily prize tho.

And, contestants can only enter once per day, per e-mail address.

Corrie Swag

Just fyi....this in from S.Poole.

On today I noticed a nice Corrie mug. Searching keyword "coronation" revealed a few more mugs (incl a N&R beer mug!) and a DVD trivia game. Best of all, if you spend $50 or more and add coupon code 941612477 at the checkout screen you get $10 off your order.

I wonder if Sears would give a discount...or shock even a free mug .... for the advertising.

Glacia out for freebies now.

Wendi Peters Comes to Canada

Wendi Peters in Character[1]

I think I already posted this, but just as a reminder as the date draws nearer, Wendi Peters (aka Cilla) will be appearing at the British Show in Hamilton November 23-25th.

She'll be appearing 4 times a day to meet fans and sign autographs.

More details can be found at the British Show website.

So strap on your boots and get your Go-train tickets, there's a party in Hamil

Update for Episode #6453 September 17, 2007

Claire and Charlie

Two of the 'friendlier' neighbours bump into each other in the street. Claire gives Charlie her best menacing stare/glare/baleful look and then tells him 'I'm watching you.'. Charlie looks at her like she might be some kind of a nutter. (he might be on to something there) Charlie mentions this little moment to Tracey when he gets home, but seems to not give a toss about what Claire is up to. Tracey asks of they can go out that night but Charlie tells her he is out with Jason for the work Christmas do. (no doubt an elegant affair at the pub)

Tracey incorporates this incident into her grand Machiavellian scheme and goes round next door to blame Claire for getting Charlie upset with Tracey. Again. Inspector Peacocok pulls out the journal she has been keeping of The Dastardly Deeds of the Nasty Neighbour Known as the Son of Satan. Or the shorter title, Charlie's Nasty Bits. (that's for you J) Tracey, upon seeing the documentation Claire is compiling, gets an evil little grin on her face.

Sophie and Rosie

The Webster sisters are flouncing around their living room. Sophie is nattering on about something in her usual unitelligible manner. Rosie happens upon the diary that Sophie and Chesney found up in the attic, and is the source of all the secrets that Southern Wind has been revealing to the old guard of the street. They have a bit of a scrap, and Rosie threatens to tell their mother about the diary, unless Sophie promises to not use the contents for evil any longer. Sophie agrees to the deal, but has her fingers crossed behind her back at the time.

Frankie and Jamie

Jamie shows up at home, after having been out all night or something. Frankie tells him how worried she was, and that he should never do anything like that again. All quite melodramatic really. Young Romeo thinks they should just leave everything in Weatherfield behind and fly off to Spain, where they can have a beer on the beach, watch the sun set, and have a bit of a lay in in the morning. Jamie wants to be able to hold her hand without anyone giving them the mick. Frankie, in her step-mom/lover role, points out how difficult it would be for him to change nappies from the Iberian peninsula. In the end they have a snuggle and a snog on the sofa and the cold, cruel world is but a distant memory again. Frankie agrees to the Spanish Gambit.

Paul is nice to Jamie when he sees him on the street.

Still no sign of Viv though.

Ashley and Claire and Bev and Fred

Bev is on her way to the country to spend the holiday with Shel. She is standing on the curb, the urn containing the ashes of Fred clutched tightly to her bosom, and a bottle of Tanqueray in her pocket. Bev has the same argument again with Ashley and Claire about what to do with Fred's ashes, I say what to do with Fred's ashes. They fail to come an agreement, so the Peacocks drive off to the spot Ashley has chosen for his dad's final resting place, leaving Bev waiting for a cab.

Deirdre comes out to say goobye to Bev. Rita pops out of The Salon to say farewell, while Audrey stands in the doorway watching. Bev walks over to Audrey and asks her if the last words Fred said were really that he loved Bev. 'Yes, of course my dear' replies Audrey, and the two women share a sincere but awkward hug.

The cab shows up and Bev gets in telling the driver to take her to Piccadilly Station, via the A54, where Fred proposed to Bev, and where she is planning on spreading his ashes.

The Peacock clan are in a lovely wooded spot saying their farewells to Fred. Before they scatter his ashes in the stream Bev arrives, realizing that is perhaps best for everyone involved that Fred be sent on his final journey in a somewhat coherent fashion.

'God bless you Fred.'

'Good-bye Dad.'

Steve and Michelle

Fate seems to be conspiring against Steve and his plans for a date with Michelle. The curry he brought Eileen so she would man the switchboard has made her ill. He tries to get Claire to fill in but she doesn't feel up to it. In the end he is forced to man the board himself.

Michelle is all tarted up at the pub and is waitng in vain for Steve to make an appearance. Finally she has to go to make it to the gig on time.

Les is in the pub with a fund raising bucket for Cilla. (a British tradition) Steve tries to get Les to cover the switchboard, which he eventually agrees to, for double time in wages and a sizable contribution to the charity bucket.

Steve rushes to get ready for the big date. Some mention of Christmas bonuses is made. There is a debate about him having a shower with Sean or Betty. When Steve is finally suited and booted he has a bit of a set-to with Yana, who has taken over from Les collecting for the charity bucket. To smooth things over he tells her to have a drink on the house, but gives Sean the 'only a half a shot' wink over her shoulder as he leaves.

Michelle is waiting for Steve to make an appearance outside the club.

Tracey then shows up with Amy, telling Steve he can look after her. Steve recruits Betty to look after his daughter in the back room, and continues on in his quest to woo Michelle.

Steve finally gets in his car, and manages to knock over Fiz's scooter, breaking the mirror in the process. Fiz comes out and sees what has happened, screeches at Steve about how much a mirror costs, so he gives her a 100 pounds to cover the costs. Cilla comes by and gives Steve an earful about him trying to steal from her charity bucket and get a leg over on her friend.

Steve finally drives off to meet Michelle.

At the other club, the gig is over and Michelle still has not seen Steve. Some bloke named Sonny chats Michelle up, telling her how great the show was, and inviting her to do for drinks at The Locks with his friends. Michelle hesitates. Sonny asks if she has to ask her dad first - meaning Vernon. She finally agrees to go for drinks.

As Michelle drives away with Sonny, Steve pulls up and tries to get her attention, but to no avail. Vern, watching the drama from the van, sings a bit for Steve.

'Cold, so cold without you.'

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I'm Running Out of Candles....

It's Corrie Canuck's Ang's birthday today!


All these Virgos!!! I feel like tidying up - the little clean freaks they are.


Coronation Street Contest - CBC News Morning

As a reminder: CBC News Morning everyday this week will have behind the scenes interviews and features on the set of Coronation Street. Harry Forrestell speaks with cast members, production crew and we learn the little tricks of the trade that go behind the making of our favourite show.

This morning he spoke with production crew about dressing characters and extras. The costume designers admitted their favourite people to dress were the "over the top" people like Cilla. Harry also spoke with crew about how they create props such as food and drinks on the set.

Wendi Peters who plays Cilla was interviewed speaking about her love for the show as a kid and her instant celebrity status with her family when she was cast as a regular.

Not to be missed! A good hint: PVR the entire show so you don't miss anything.

Below is a link to the site with a contest to win daily prizes, plus a Grand trip for 2 to Manchester and personal tour to the set.

Ivy, Vera, Hilda, Thelma and Louise - History lesson

Okay, because this has been mentioned twice in the comments section, I figured I'll make a big posting so everyone gets the background, which should shed some light on Sophie's visions. (The following info *may* be considered spoiler, but may be not. I have no idea where Sophie is getting the info from, but anyone with this background info can start working the numbers.)

I'm a bit rushed for time, so I'm just linking to the character's profiles.

The house where the Battersby's live used to be occupied by the Tisleys. Ivy and Bert Tisley were the parents of Brian Tisley. Brian and Gail married and spawned Nick and Sarah.

Ivy was also bessie mates with Vera Duckworth and during a row with Jack, V. ended up staying at Ivy's for a spell.

Ivy's been a bit hard to find on youtube, but the following shows her (during the scene with Gail shows Ivy, Brian and Bert).

BTW - Renee (Reg Holdsworth twin) was the second wife of Alf (Audrey's late husband that she mentions). Also, catch the comment about Tracey being the chip expert.

Also, also don't get me started on Mavis. Okay, she marrired Derek who was married to Angela who later married Norris.

Hilda Ogden...Hilda, Hilda...she was a goddess.

Here's a really beautiful scene with Hilda and husband Stan, it's 8 minutes long, but well worth the watch. I have to think this is Corrie writing at it's finest and why Jean Alexander (who played Hilda) is such a gifted actress.

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Weekly Recap of September 10th – 14th, 2007

(Original UK Broadcast December 15th – December 20th)


Violet is still pissed at Sean for not telling her about Jamie and Frankie. Jamie tries to apologize to her but she’s too upset. Sean defends his right to keep Jamie’s secret. But Violet has enough of secrets and announces to the pub that Jamie’s sleeping with his step mom while she’s pregnant with his child. Norris takes notes and spreads the word.

Frankie comes home from Spain and finds out everyone knows about her and Jamie, Violet’s pregnant and the paper Danny gave Jamie is worthless. Oh, and Warren’s not speaking to her. She’s distressed, to put it mildly.

Frankie confronts a very angry Violet. They get nowhere. Frankie tells Eileen that Jamie is the best person she’s known and Eileen seems to understand. Frankie and Jamie eventually start to worry about Danny. They decide to call Danny’s mom, Viv, but she hasn’t heard from him either.

Viv, suddenly shows up on the street. She drags them down to the police station where Frankie has to identify a body that was found in the river. It isn’t Danny. Frankie and Jamie try to hide the truth at first but Jamie decides the best time to be honest is at the pub. The entire Rover’s watches as Viv finds out her grandson is sleeping with her former daughter-in-law.

She practically accuses them of off’ing her son. The rumor then circulates on the street is that Jamie and Frankie killed Danny. Becky and Janice are particularly nasty to Frankie. The cops reproach Frankie for not being honest about her relationship with Jamie and its effects on Danny. Frankie confronts Jamie on his anger towards Danny, wondering where the limits were. Did he kill Danny?


Tracy plans to unload Amy on Steve for Christmas so she and Charlie can have a few days of ‘uninterrupted pleasure.’ She tells Steve it’s because Charlie’s not a fan of Christmas, giving Steve the impression there’s something wrong.

Tracy goes to the Platt’s to borrow a needle and thread and continues to spread the rumor that Charlie hates Christmas. Claire invites them over for Christmas Eve and Tracy accepts. Charlie actually wants to go until Tracey convinces him they’d have more fun alone together. She declines Claire’s invitation, implying it was Charlie’s decision.


Bev ‘takes care’ of Josh by letting him load up on pop and trash the house. Then she installs a real tree in the Peacock residence when Claire wanted to get a fake tree. Claire and Ashley try to convince Bev she’d be happier spending Christmas with Shelley. Finally they just come out and ask her to give them Christmas to themselves. She calls Shelley and decides to leave the Street permanently. But she’s firm about scattering her half of Fred’s ashes where he proposed – the lay-by on the A1. Apparently Claire hasn’t been wearing her glasses for weeks. And no, I didn’t notice either, Norris.

Bev starts to pack up “a few little keepsakes”, more like half the pub, to take with her to Shelley’s.


The Battersby-Browns wait for test results on Cilla’s cancer. Fizz tells Les they have to make the most of Cilla’s birthday ‘while she’s still here’, but she wants nothing to do with it. They throw her an ‘un-birthday’. Chesney struggles with the idea of losing his mum.

Cilla gets her test results on her birthday. Yana and Les wait for the news together at the pub. Cilla’s tests are negative for cancer and she kisses the doctor. Back at home, Chesney lets it slip to her that Yana and Les were up to no good when Cilla was away. Cilla decides to let on that she still has cancer and that it’s terminal. Even Janice admits she wouldn’t have wished this on Cilla.

Les becomes a big baby about Cilla’s ‘death’, intending to smoke and drink himself into oblivion. But when Cilla decides she wants to go to Florida to swim with dolphins, Les decides to give up his cans and fags to give her her dream.

She stops at taking Chesney’s paper money and doesn’t feel right about the Rovers collecting tip money for her. Instead, she decides to hold a sponsorship drive. Yana and Les will sit in a tub of beans to raise money for Cilla via signatures and pledges. The event will be held Christmas Eve.


Steve asks Michelle out on a date. Eileen tells him to ditch the Elvis ‘do, so he gets a haircut. Vernon takes a gig for his band, Rock Rhythm Rascals. He wants to ask Michelle to sing. Liz isn’t too pleased. Nor is she pleased about Michelle dating Steve. Michelle has to cancel the date with Steve to do the gig.

Jason buys the Platt’s a real Christmas tree. They already have one, but he and Sarah confirm plans for later. Clearly it’s starting back up.

Gail tries to get the pudding recipe out of Roy, determined to give Sally a run for her money on Christmas prep. She also buys David a little, dark blue hatchback beater to work on, presumably to keep him out of trouble. He’s quite astonished and actually gets into it. Audrey thinks he’s just being rewarded for bad behavior.

Sophie ‘knows things’ about people. She reveals to Rita that she knows about the time Alan Bradley used Len Fairclough's name to borrow money. Rita is astonished. Vera gets into it; Sophie does a séance for her in which Vera admits to flying knickers on a flagpole and hiding a gendarme’s hat for 25 years. Blanche doesn’t buy this whole psychic thing.