Thursday, August 02, 2007

Welcome New Corrie Canuck Contributer!


As a very special bonus to last night's festivities, I was able to score another update contributer to our lovely blog.

Please join me in welcoming Mayfairgirl to our line of Corrie Canuck contributers (aka The Rover's Return Roundtable). She will be taking on the Thursday night updates and will start next week.

Mayfairgirl also had the privilage of living in Manchester for a year, so maybe we can convince her to regale of stories from the land of Morrissey.

Welcome aboard Mayfairgirl!


Ang said...

Welcome my old friend! It was a great time lastnight. Good to see all who came out.

Anonymous said...

Welcome Mayfair Girl. Uh-oh. I just noticed.

So, I'm MF, she's MFG. Important distinction. Heavy hangs the head and all that.

Michigander Fan

Mayfairgirl said...

Thanks for the welcome, I look forward to writing about my favourite show!

BTW, I love the pic of the get together.


Debbie said...

How come no one has ever asked me to do a corrie update? Is it because my spelling is deplorable?

Jacqueline said...

Wait...Debbie...were you not sitting RIGHT beside me when I bemoaned the fact that we need another writer?

Or was that Monica.

Honey, if you want to be a contributor...come on board!

Debbie said...

I think it would be fun to be a contributor. Do you have room for me?

Anonymous said...

A belated but hearty welcome.


S. Poole