Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Update Tuesday August 21st – the Desperate Attempt to Make a Boring Episode Marginally Interesting

Man Suspects Wife is Playing Away, Has no Clue of Truth

The show opens with Cilla in the dining room and Les bounding down the stairs complaining about the lack of nuptials in his life. He's obviously hurt and angry that Cilla passed on the curry take-away and lager anniversary extravaganza. Noticing that Cilla has put her slap on and is looking like a right bobby dazzler he ask where she's off to. She tells him that she's got plans to go out with Yanna. Likely story.

Later, Lez sees Yanna in the street, for which, she is perfectly dressed (seriously one of the BEST outfits I have seen on the street – Rosemond or Queen East). Lez asks her if she and Cilla are going out seeing as she left the house looking like "full totty on the lot.*" Yanna calls Cilla and gets nowhere. Assuming that Cilla is playing away and hasn't told her, Yanna is put out. Her reaction is… questionable.

Meanwhile Cilla walks into what looks like a medical clinic, the speculations of the Corrie Canuksters are confirmed. Cilla may well be sick.

As Cilla is at the clinic Yanna makes it back to the Battersby-Brown house bringing Lez a special order of fish (please, keep the sophomoric humour to yourself, Papa Smurf). Lez, Yanna, Fiz and Chezney all find themselves wondering is Cilla is up to her old tricks.

Sadly, this is the one time we wish she were up to no good. Cilla meets with Dr. Street Totty** and the two get ready to go over her test results.

Remember folks, this was the first of a double episode that aired on a Monday night in the UK. Be ready to start with Clla tomorrow when we find out what Dr. Street Totty has to say.

*I’ll have all Corrie Canuk readers know that the phrase “full totty on the lot” is how one may choose to describe how I look on any given day.

**I know what you're thinking. You are thinking that Dr. Street Totty isn't that hot. I argue that they dressed that man down. He's got potential. If he had a shave and better hair, he'd be Dr. Delicious.

Local Man Identifies 11 Year-Old as Petty Crime King Pin

In a bit of classic Corrie storytelling, there is a vandal on the street. Norris has found some graffiti on the wall of the shop and he blames Chezney – the only young person he knows. Chezney refuses to take the blame for the graffiti and goes off to school. Good for Chezney.

Later Norris is cleaning the wall and has decided that if there is indeed a cadre of can wielding hooligans Chezny is the mastermind behind them. Rita doesn't take him seriously and walks back into the Kabin.

Norris really is a special person.

Local Meth Addict Runs Café, This Time, Scores Only Points

Due to Roy's visit to an old aunt* and Frankie's being busy committing incest over the road, Becky has to run the café on her own. She does a bang up job. Making a couple off colour jokes about salmonella and rats doesn’t sit well with Blanche who, for some reason, has made the café her business. Ushering Snug out of the restaurant makes Blanche that much more peevish. The two of them have a couple verbal sparring matches (my personal favourite part is when Becky calls Blanche "Flower"). During these scenes one has to wonder if Becky could be Blanche's long lost granddaughter. Personally, I’d like Becky and Blanche to join forces and run for mayor or something.

Hailey pops by every so often only to see that Becky is running the café like a star. Roy gets home and is surprised to see that everything was fine. Who knew a meth addict could run a café?

*Both Roy and Hailey seem to be the only characters who have elderly aunts and uncles living elsewhere that they have to tend to.

Mother/Adoptive Son Love Story Tests the Limits of Good Taste

Jamie is looking at his battered reflection and fusses with a scab on his face. Frankie tells him, "It won't get better if you keep poking at it." Moms always have the best advice. As these two talk I think to myself that the writers do a good job dancing around the taboo that is the sensual relationship between mother and son. All of their embraces are very mother/lover mix. It grosses me out.

Frankie tells Jamie why she went to see Danny alone the night before. Poor Jamie just isn't experienced enough to know that you gotta be cruel to be kind. Frankie had to go and rip Danny's heart out (then throw it on the floor before she shoved the heel of her stiletto through it) so that he would stop grasping at any imagined shred of hope.

Anyway, the two of them seem to be hiding out in the house and Danny seems to be wigging out in the car. He skulks around the street and as soon as Liam sees him he takes off. He's just driving, man. Just driving.

Later Liam goes to see Frankie and gets over the weird incest vibe long enough to ask her if she knows where Danny is. She doesn't. What is happening there?

Corrie Writers Beg Fans not to Forget About Sarah and Jason

For once in her life Sarah is making someone work for it.


Anonymous said...

I think Norris is an a** the way he spoke to Chesney. The poor kid is worried sick about what his mother is up to. And what is with Jamie he got what he wanted yet he still hasn't shaved and looks miserable. I am starting to warm up to Becky a little at least she isn't boring like Claire. Wouldn't it be more economical for Hayley and Roy to run the cafe themselves and hire a part time person. Rather than pay 3 employees?

Debbie said...

I have never been sure about why Hailey works at the factory either.

They are paying three people. Unless cafe wages + bennefits package are that much less than factory wages.

Anonymous said...

"For once in her life Sarah is making someone work for it."


Looks to me like Yana and Les are going to do some hanky-panky stuff. This will, wait for it, end in tears!

Everyone can drink now.

`missusmac, who missed the first 15 minutes and is glad she didn't miss much...

Rob Swizzle said...

Chezny = Banksy

Westcoast fan said...

Though Roy is very sweet and caring, he's also pedantic and has absolutely no sense of humour (which he readily admitted a month or two ago). I'm guessing Haley works in the factory to preserve her sanity. Living 24/7 with Roy would no doubt leave her 'barking'.

Norris's rudeness and prejudice against all persons young is almost over the top. He is such a jerk I don't know why Emily and Rita fraternize with him. Really, what redeeming qualities does he have?

So is Becky setting Roy and Haley up for a big fall, or has she really turned over a new leaf? I'm hoping the latter, but I'm guessing Mr. Sleazy is going to mess her up.

Blanche was hanging out in the cafe because Blanche likes to be where the action is.

Anonymous said...

Chesney to Norris re: the graffiti: "That wasn't me, that's miles better than I could do."

Love that kid.


S. Poole

Trudy C said...

I see it all coming now......... Les and Yanna are going to sleep together because they think Cilla is having an affair.

Anyone else agree?

papasmurf said...

Sophomoric humour?


Pas possible.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Les and Yana are going to mess around. I was wondering whether Cilla will walk in on them having just learned that she has breast cancer. But probably not, as that card was already very effectively played with the Danny/Frankie/Jamie train wreck.

Whitehorse Fan

Debbie said...

Danny has breast cancer?

Rob Swizzle said...

This aunt who Roy's always visiting, maybe she's really his Fancy Woman?

Anonymous said...


Great update - loved the section titles. This one is my fave:
Local Man Identifies 11 Year-Old as Petty Crime King Pin

I want to be a petty crime kingpin. Can I put that on my resume?

Re: Norris - it's the mark of a good actor that we all get sooo annoyed with him all the time. He is petty, mean-spirited, prejudiced (not necessarily racially, but he is ageist) and a nasty gossip. In other words, he's doing a great job!

And good for Chesney for standing up for himself. I like that kid.

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

Also, I have to second Westcoast Fan - now that Blanche's funeral crashing galpal kicked the bucket, she needs to be able to fill the long, lonely days of an OAP.

That means being where the action is. And, for the record, I LOVE BLANCHE.

Wouldn't want her to be my grandma, but as a character, she ROCKS! She steals every scene she is in.

You know, the old dogs tend to be my favorite characters. That probably says something deep and psychological about me...

Michigander Fan

GoBetty said...

I fuckin love Blanche too. She does rock.