Monday, August 20, 2007

Update for Friday Aug 17, 2007

Okay gentle readers, here’s yer update. We’re having to make some adjustments right now with the contributors as we are adding more, Papasmurf is going to step down from his regular slot and of course our Working From Home is away in wheat fields of Saskatchewan.

This means the updates are going to be a bit bumpy until we can get back into our groove. So until everything settles down, I’ll fill in the spots with at least the bare minimum. I might not have time to do a full out update with my regular rapier wit, but you’ll get something to talk about.

So here is your Friday’s update – cut for time.

Danny sulks in his flat with the blind closed while Frankie and Jamie debate when they’re going to break the happy news that they’re in love to the townsfolk. Sensing that Clair and Blanche won’t be throwing her a shower, Frankie suggest that they wait awhile before making the announcement.

They head over Danny’s flat and he calmly invites them up for some coffee. This civility last for about a minute when he finally tells them that they are sick and Glacia agrees.

Frankie goes into the bedroom to get her clothes while Danny says that Jamie is doing this not because he loves Frankie but because he hates Danny. I didn’t catch the entire bit because the phone rang. It was Oedipus asking for his storyline back.

There’s much arguing and in the end Danny says that he won’t have any of this sick affair in his house and grabs Frankie’s luggage to haul it into the van. As he gets near the van he throws it, but it breaks and opens up, spilling her clothes all over the place.

He tries to pick her stuff up and then pleads with her to come back to her, and at that point Jamie rushes Danny into van. KABLOOOEY! Then the fight. POW! KABOW! FLLLLLLLUWOA! Danny tells Jamie that he loves him just before he delves a hard blow to his stomach. KEEEEPAW! Danny gets in a few good hits and it seems like he’s winning until Jamie pushes him into the water. KERSPLUSH! But Danny hasn’t let go of Jamie so the fight continues in the water SMACH! CRUNPUNCH! And Jamie’s looking bad! GULP GULP he goes down and out of Danny’s sight.

Frankie, meanwhile, goes into labour on the dock. Oh maybe not, but she is screaming.

Danny realizes that Jamie is unconscious and drowning so he goes down into the water and drags him up.

They get him on the dock, where he’s not breathing. Frankie performs something that I think she believes to be mouth to mouth, and somehow that works and he revives spitting up water and such.

Danny is really a mess and tries to explain that he didn’t mean to hurt Jamie and that he loves him. Frankie tells him to get away and that she did have doubts about her relationship with Jamie, but she doesn’t now.

No love, you should still have doubts.

My two cents about the fight. Typically you’d think that Jamie could win because he has youth on his side, but I think Danny is in good shape for his age and in addition, I suspect Danny’s been in a lot more fights than the walking hair-do we call Jamie.

Claire meets Tracey on the street and makes arrangements to go out later that night. Tracey agrees.

Later, when Clair is hanging up the laundry, Tracey does a fake phone call with Charlie near an open window in which she pretends that sexy bastard refuses to baby-sit. She tells Claire the bad news with a Sad Bear face.

Rita comes home and we find out that it was Norris who was responsible for her fall. Apparently there’s no bread in Hungary and when he saw a fresh roll at the hotel restaurant he tripped up Rita in order to secure it. (We later find out that the roll was a bit dry and not worth the agro.)

Rita is bummed about having to had stay in an Hungarian hospital and getting thrombosis, but Emily tells her there’s an important lesson to be learned. Give the baby his g.d. pen to begin with and then you don’t have to share the holidays with him. (Although even if she had given him the pen, I’m sure he would have demanded to be on the trip.)

Norris comes back to the Kabin with a peace offering, a pair of comfy trainers for her to walk in. Rita loves them until she finds out that blink as she walks. He’s gotten her a pair of kid’s shoes.

Rita attempts to kill him.

Becky meets up with that weasely guy from the café that she knows. She gives him cigarettes saying she can easily get more, which Haley overhears from around the corner.

Then they have the most weasely of al weasely kisses. It’s all large noses, skinny arms and unwashed hair. Glacia shudders but STILL thinks it’s better than having to watch Frankie and Jamie.

Anyway, Haely and Becky have a girl chat on the Maxine Peacock death bench which makes an special appearance. Haley suggest that Becky can do better than weasel boy and that she should have a bit more self respect. She then asks Becky outright if she’s been stealing and surprise, surprise Becky lies and is insulted that Haley would even ask.

One observation, Haley was this sweater in the factory that was a nice colour and actually had some frill on it. Could it be that Haley is buying from a clothing store? Up to this point I thought she was catologue shopping.


Anonymous said...

What I couldn't understand about Fridays show was why were there no bystanders? Particularly with Frankie screaming at the top of her lungs. I live in a quiet residential neighbourhood but if I heard a woman screaming I would certainly be calling the police! I wish this storyline would wrap up, I just don't see any chemistry between the actors playing Jamie and Frankie.

MJ said...

I wanted the long arm of Richard Hillman to emerge from the murky depths and submerge the pair of them.

Anonymous said...

I also thought there would have been more of a fight from Jamie - he could easily kick Danny's butt.

Westcoast fan said...

I suppose Danny was able to beat up on Jamie because he had the adrenaline pumping and Jamie maybe was caught unawares. I get the feeling Danny was a real scrapper in his younger days.

Yes the lack of bystanders was odd. But that seemed to be the case way-back-when when Mike was wandering about the quay in his jammies.

So what's up with Becky and that man she was sucking face with. On the Thursday episode they had a cryptic little exchange that I didn't understand. Haley needs to grow a backbone and start listening to her friends' warnings, rather than blindly trusting Becky (or being too scared to cross her).

Rob Swizzle said...

I turned to the Missis during he commercial break and said, "This is why British sopas are better than American ones. You will never see an underwater fight to the death on One Life To Live."

Westcoast fan said...

I forgot to ask. I know Maxine is Ashley's first wife, murdered by Richard Hillman. But I don't know the details of the murder, hence don't understand the reference to the 'death bench'. Enlightenment, please!

BTW, Jacqueline, most excellent and witty update and well worth waiting for. Loved the 'Oedipus asking for his storyline back' remark.

Anonymous said...

Richard was trying to kill Emily to get her house, which he had claim on should she die.

Emily was babysitting for Ashley and Maxine, who were at the pub. They were going to make an early night of it for romance, so Maxine went home first and Ashley was to follow asap.

He stayed for drinks instead.

Maxine walked into her house just after Richard had smucked Emily on the back of the head. He killed her. Ashley found her and still-alive Emily a long while later.

Fred bought the bench, I believe, as a memoriam/


Anonymous said...

Somebody heard the screaming because the ambulance sirens were coming. I expect they called 999.

I got the feeling Jamie wasn't going to fight his dad, that there was this resigned "OK, punch me a few times if it will make you feel better" attitude. I don't think he or anyoe expected what happened.

I can't wait for tonight's episode!


Rob Swizzle said...

"Then they have the most weasely of all weasely kisses. It’s all large noses, skinny arms and unwashed hair. Glacia shudders but STILL thinks it’s better than having to watch Frankie and Jamie."

This is just hilarious!

AMAI said...

Becky & Weasel sucking face was more disgusting than Frankie & Jamie. I think Weasel is fresh out of prison.

Re Frankie going into labour on the dock - I had the exact same thought. LOL!

Thanks for the update/recaps.

Mayfairgirl said...

Did anyone notice the sweat stain when Jamie lifted his arm? Eeewww.


Anonymous said...

You know, this has been a pretty tough plotline for the actress playing Frankie. She's been pushed around by Danny and Jamie, and she's stood screaming on the dock for what in real life were probably hours.

She's about 96 months pregnant, so obviously she's being a real trooper about this.

Anonymous said...

that whole bit with Danny and Jamie in the water i was so scared that Danny had drowned Jamie. i was like Holy crap!!!