Monday, August 13, 2007

Update for Episode #6428 August 13,2007

Chesney is conducting a customer satisfaction survey among the clients on his paper route. The youngest Battersby-Brown wants to be sure that he keeps his job so that he he can purchase Christmas presents for all and sundry. Upon hearing of his good intentions, everyone gives him a nice tip to start him on his way. True to his roots, Chesney actually has no intention of using the money for gifts, he fancies a new pair of trainers for himself. Clever lad.

Cilla is up early looking like death warmed over. Les comes down and points out that it is only 10:00am on a Sunday morning, she should go back to bed. (winkwink) Cilla isn't keen on that idea and Les is further dimayed to discover that his beloved has just finished off the last of the bacon. Les declares that he can go without his nuptials, but he can't go without his bacon, so he's off to the cafe.

While Les is waiting at the cafe for his full English, Becky shows up for work. Les moans a bit about the wait for his food and Becky reaches across the counter and gives him a cuff on the side of the head, telling him not to give Roy any lip. Roy tries to smooth things over by telling Les that his food is almost ready, but he is taking his custom elsewhere.

I think Becky is working out quite nicely.

Becky pleads with Roy to keep her job. She points out that in the old days she would have chucked Les through the wall, not just boxed his ears. Hayley views this as some form of progress so Roy begrudgingly lets Becky stay on. Excited by the news, Becky thinks they should all go for a drink to celebrate. Roy points out that someone needs to be in the cafe to run the cafe, so in the end only the girls go out.

Poor starving Les comes home to find Cilla has changed - her outfit and her attitude. She tells the whole clan that she is taking them all out for meal - except poor Schmeichel, alone in the kitchen. The Battersby-Browns (and Kirk) are having a good feed and a wonderful time at The Rovers. Fiz is still suspicious though, having watched Cilla play her games over the years. When her mom goes to the loo Fiz follows her in and confronts her, wondering if this is the last meal before Cilla does a runner with some other bloke. Cilla calls her daughter a nasty little cow and then drags everyone out of the pub, without any dessert. No ice cream for Kirk, no pudding for Chesney. Sigh. Poor lads. Fiz points out how Cilla is showing her true colours. Kirk comments that he was kind of liking the new colours.

While at The Rovers Becky makes a half-assed apology to Les.

Claire pops round to see Tracey, who hides behind some furniture when she sees who is at the door. Later, when she thinks it is safe to go out, Tracey slinks out wearing an unobtrusive red coat. As is always the case on the street, the person you least want to see is the one you always run into. (Newton based his law of attraction on this phenomena) Claire tells her neighbour that she had stopped by earlier but no one seemed to be home. Tracey tells Claire must have been in the shower and not heard the door. Must have been a long shower replies Claire, I came round twice and there was no answer either time.

Knowing she is busted, Tracey tells Claire (in a sotto voice) that Charlie is jealous of her having any type of friendship, and she has to be careful not to rile him in this regard.

Later we see Claire with a glass to the wall trying to listen in on what is happening next door with Charlie and Tracey. Bev comes in and points out to her 'only ten minutes short of being her daughter-in-law' that it works better if she holds the glass the other way. The two women have a chat about Claire's concerns regarding Tracey's situation. Bev gives confirmation to Claire's suspicions, based on the experiences that Shel had with Charlie.

Sarah and David fight over the remote control. Gail intervenes and then uses some deep breathing exercise to calm herself down. David imitates his mother, which infuriates Sarah, who thinks her brother is taking the mick. She storms off to The Rovers. Gail asks her son what he is watching. Nothing you'd like he replies, Formula 1 Review. Gail seems willing to give it a go and sits down beside him to watch the program for a bit.

Jason sees Sarah come into the pub on her own and ditches Eileen in a heartbeat. The two Mensa rejects have an almost enjoyable time together at the bar. When Sarah goes to leave Jason asks if they could go for pizza or something sometime, not as a date but just to hang out. Sarah sort of agrees and admits that Jason can still make her laugh once in a while.

Sean, Violet and Eileen watch this with pained looks on their faces.

Sarah comes home to find her mother and brother sittting at the table.


Mind you they are only talking about how fast F1 cars go, and what direction the tracks go because of the effect on the necks of the drivers, but at least they are talking. Perhaps the parenting classes are helping after all.

Sean and Jamie argue. Sean tells his friend that a relationship between him and Frankie has no chance of getting off the ground. Maybe it already has replies Jamie. Sean looks suitably appalled. He points out how wrong it is for the situation between Jamie and Frankie to continue, how she used to read him bedtime stories and tuck him in at night. While they are arguing Frankie lets herself in and hears the tail end of the conversation. She joins the argument and tries to justify what is going on but Sean has heard enough and leaves, wanting nothing more to do with their sordid little conspiracy.

Jamie and Frankie are left alone, sitting on the sofa. Jamie wonders how they are going to tell Danny. Frankie tells him to stop angsting and gives him a snog. Right about then Danny shows up and invites them for a drink, hair of the dog and all that. He wants to show them some information he has received from the estate agent.

The three of them sit in a booth at The Rovers. Danny, oblivious to what is going on between the other two, goes on about how he fancies the place with the games room, so he and Jamie can shoot some stick together in the future. Sean saunters by and wonders if Danny has put a deposit on a place already, because you never know how things might change in the future when you least expect it.

When Danny is in the loo Jamie urges Frankie to tell her fiance - his Dad - about their forbidden love, or else he will do it himself. Frankie insists that she will tell him, but only when it is the right time.

Back at their flat, Frankie tells Danny that things aren't working out between them, she's not sure if she can go through with it. Danny does his best to talk her into sticking around. Frankie concedes, and comes up with a plan to put the marriage and buying a house in Spain on hold for the time being. Danny agrees, still with out an inkling of what is really going on between Jamie and Frankie.


Anonymous said...

OK, as I was watching this episode, I "wrote" a storyline which involved Gail kidnapping Chesney, since he is so much nicer and more responsible than David...

And, I'm sorry, when exactly did Sarah and David smacking each other around start? I don't remember that happening before last week. Sure, he's got a smart mouth (I'm saying that like Red Forman), but I don't remember fisticuffs except for within the last week.

Doesn't that seem a little... young for them? I mean, my sibs and I had stopped that stuff way before I was running around in a rabbit-fur coat, flirting with the guy who left me at the altar...

Umm. Yeah. You get the point.

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

Roy's Rolls is becoming a living example of those goofy fake motivational posters I've seen around (My favorite: If we stop answering the phones, maybe they'll stop calling.)

With Becky around to smack the crap out of the customers, Roy will be able to close the shop and devote all his time to his trains.

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

Oh, and one more thing - way to go Sean, for telling it like it is to both Jamie and Frankie! I heart you! (In a platonic way, of course!)

And very cool that the writers have not taken the cop-out with this storyline - Frankie tried to bring it up tonight - that because Sean is gay, he would automatically side with them, because mean old society doesn't understand them.

All that does is attempt to rob gays of any moral voice, and it's despicable and wrong. Way to go Corrie, for not taking the bait.

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

I thought Sean did a cracking bit of acting when he was telling Frankie off. He really looked mad!

I find Becky a bit much. I've never met anybody in my life who acts the way she does; smacking people if they look at her sideways and always ready for an argument. I'd imagine there are people like that to a point, but she is just so out of control with it. As a result, I find her character unbelievable.


Trudy C said...

When Sarah was leaving the Rover's she told Jason that she had to pick Beth up at a friend's house. She then goes straight home for dinner - no Beth. Maybe mother and daughter should attend the parenting classes.

I loved the way Sean told Frankie and Jamie off - he was so convincing.


Kristin said...

What friends could Bethany possibly have? It takes weeks to coach her to say one bloody word, and she still grins while saying it! Time to kill of lil Beth (or replace her with a kid who can act). Perhaps the child who plays Josh has a sister who could do it.

Mayfairgirl said...

I would have to agree with Pauline, things are getting over the top with Becky. How long before she smacks everyone on the street. Although there are some people who really need it: Frankie and Jamie.


Westcoast fan said...

Not only is it over the top for Becky to continuously slap the customers around but it's out of character for Roy to tolerate it. The old Roy would be 'oh, I say, we can't have that, and as you're still on probation I'm afraid I'll have to let you go.' Then (if he knew what was good for him) he'd duck.

I'm surprised that Sean made that veiled comment to Danny. It may come back to haunt him when all is revealed and Danny realizes that his trusted employee was in on the secret but didn't tell him.

Please, please can we wrap up this storyline by the end of the week? Oh, I do feel sorry for poor Danny practically (actually, literally) begging Frankie not to dump him.

Anonymous said...

Trudy I said the same thing to myself (no one else in the family watches)when Sarah walked into the house and they all ate dinner with Bethany's empty chair at the table. I don't mean to sound cruel but it is time that they replaced the actress who plays Bethany she is really bad.
No one ever seems to spend any time with a poor little kid. For a young single mother Sarah seems to spend an awful lot of time in the pub.

Rob Swizzle said...

Sean was indeed great last night.
Also agreed on Becky turning into a cartoon. Until this week, she was doing a DaVinci's Inquest worthy job of portraying a conniving junkie.

Debbie said...

I have to say that Danny's cluelessness is a little baffling for me considering their behaviour and the fact that his brother had an affair with his father's wife. It is not like it is beyond the pale.

I don't know where little Bethany is most of the time, but I don't really miss her. I just assume that she is somewhere with Amy at an ugly child convention.

Sarah and her rabbit fur jacket do spend a lot of time at the pub. At the same time, in my experience, the English go to the pub in the same way that we go to a coffee shop.

Westcoast fan said...

I think Danny is being completely clueless because he so desperately wants to play happy families again that he's oblivious to any indications it's not going to work. Also, I don't think that anyone would truly suspect their son and his stepmother of having an affair. Danny refers to Frankie as 'your mom' when he's talking to Jamie and clearly sees her in that role alone. He really hasn't been exposed to anything in their behavior (that he's noticed, at least) that would lead him to suspect they are having an affair (and frankly, I think it would be a bit sick of him to suspect them of an affair unless he saw them passionately snogging each other). In fact, the only person who does know is Sean, and that's only because Jamie told him and even he didn't think they would go so far as to sleep with each other.

Anonymous said...

Hi there:

I have been coming to this blog for the past couple of weeks, reading everything and enjoying it mightily, and wanted to see if I could join in as well.

I had wanted to contact Jacqueline but that required "Configuring Outlook 2003" and I am doing this from my work so didn't want to play with the computer. So I am sending a more public message.

I hope I am not out of line with this message.


Whitehorse Fan

Jacqueline said...

Hi Whitehorse!

Send me an email at glacia at gmail dot com.

Anonymous said...

I'm another one - the Becky thing isn't working for me at all. Get rid. Now.

Westcoast fan said...

I find Becky's character amusing, but they need to tone her down. It's weird how all of a sudden we have Becky smacking the customers and David and Sarah whacking each other like they're children. Did something get into the writer/director's water (steroids, maybe?).

Working From Home Today said...

"Mensa rejects"! Ha!