Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Update for Episode # 6423 August 6, 2007

It was such a lovely holiday Monday yesterday here in Thunder Bay Papa Smurf decided to indulge in an afternoon pint at his local. Before you know it some of the footie team showed up and then a few young crackers arrived and then we tried to drink all the beer and then it was time to go home. They put Coronation Street on behind the bar while we were there and here is my best recollections of what transpired.

Steve, Liz and Michelle get the pub ready for opening. Steve and Liz debate what their titles should be. Liz is wearing a leopard skin top that defies the laws of physics by somehow managing to constrain her jubblies.

Steve meets Danny and Frankie on the street. Danny shows off the new ring on Frankie's finger. She seems less than enthused. Steve invites them to the pub that evening for some free drinks. Sarah and Gail come by and get the same offer from Steve. Sarah is excited to go, but Gail has to turn him down because she to go to - plumbing class. Actually she is going to a parenting class but obviously wants to keep that a secret.

Jason invites Sarah to go for a drink but she has to take care of her daughter for a change. She tells Jason about the offer of free drinks, and about Gail going to parenting class,swearing him to secrecy. Good luck with that. Jason volunteers to babysit so Sarah can get her free drinks.

Bethany actually speaks.

Eileen mocks Gail later in the street about the whole parenting class thing, so it seems obvious Jason was unable to keep the secret Sarah told him.

Steve makes a half-assed attempt to get rid of Bev.

Michelle and Betty are in the loo discussing the new regime and the merits of potpourri. Bev comes in for a chat and tells them Steve wants to put her out on the street.

Steve puts up a new sign over the door with Elizabeth Jayne McDonald listed as the licence holder. Blanche gives the ladder a shake to show how unsecure it is and then points out why Steve's name isn't over the door, what with his criminal record and all. Bev gets the old Fred Elliott sign. An end of era she says.

Steve is useless at pulling a pint.

Bev is in the back wondering if she should use some polyfilla on her face. Steve comes in to make another half-assed attempt to get Bev to move out, and makes up some lame story about how Michelle and her son have to move in since they live in a hovel and she has too much pride.

Blanche stops in at The Kabin to complain to Norris and Emily about the big vulgar ring that Frankie is wearing and how Danny is daft as a brush to get married again. Emily wonders maybe it will be third time lucky.

Danny tells the factory staff about his engagement. They are tepid in their response. Frankie comes in and the staff do a rendition of The Wedding March for her. Frankie is looking very pregnant in this shot, maybe the cow they've been hiding her behind has been quarantined because of the Mad Cow outbreak.

Janice gives Hayley some stick over her volunteer work.

Later at The Rovers Liz tries to charge Danny for a round of drinks but he tells her that according to Steve, drinks are free for mates that evening. Liz is pissed. Bev is perched at her usual stool with Fred sitting next to her in his urn. After an appropriate consumption of gin she gets stuck in with Michelle about her moving in, according to Steve at least. Michelle is pissed. Eileen has been working too much lately because Steve has been swanning about doing whatever. Eileen is pissed.

Danny, Liam, and Paul have a bit of back chat in the pub. Paul and Liam are going to the gym for a workout after having a beer. Clever plan lads.

Sean and Jamie have a chat in the yard behind the pub. Sean thinks he should move on. Jamie announces that he is going to raise his game.

Norris and Blanche rush into The Rovers to tell the factory girls that they just saw Becky Grainger with Hayley. Kelly scurries outside to confirm this and sees Becky and Hayley getting on the bus together.

Steve comes back to The Rovers and gets an evil look from Liz, Michelle and Eileen.

Tracey continues to play happy neighbours with Claire.

Gail is at the parenting class looking uncomfortable. The guy running the class tells them to communicate their feelings by naking a noise to represent what they are feeling. He demonstrates by sounding like a kettle on the boil. He gets Gail to go first, and she makes a sad, strange sort of squeal. Poor Gail.


Anonymous said...

I have to admit, as much as I hate Gail Platt, her non-verbal expression of her current feelings as a parent was hilarious - and spot on.

Jacqueline said...

I had a moment of pity for Gail.

The minute that guy said express yourself with out words...well, I'd be gone.

Anonymous said...

Amen, folks, amen! I thought, gadzooks! I would be soooo out of there! That's like those idiotic "teambuilding" exercises they force you to participate in. All that tells me is this guy is stuck in 1978.

I actually felt sorry for Gail twice during this episode - then, and also the second Sharah Lou opened her big gob and told Jayshun about the parenting classes. I knew Eileen would know about it before the show was over. How dumb can you be, Sharah?

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

Also, boy oh boy, Bev is manipulative, isn't she? "They're going to throw me out on the street." As if she couldn't see this coming. Hello - you don't own the place!

It really irks me when things like Steve's lie come up. I mean, come ON. The truth was good enough - I'm having to dump my flat to afford this place - I kind of need to sleep here, Bev, so GET OUT! Why on earth did he have to go and invent some easily debunked lie?

That's Lying 101 - if you're going to tell a lie, it must be difficult to disprove. Using Michelle as your cover is like lying to your parents and saying you are sleeping over at Grandma's house. They're going to figure it out. Soon.

That kind of writing is lazy, I think. All that did was burn 2 minutes of time in the episode. It accomplished nothing else, except to demonstrate that Steve needs to grow a pair.

But we already knew that.

Michigander Fan

Mayfairgirl said...

I could not believe that guy was for real when he gave that "team building" exercise. So sad.

But really, was screaming allowed?

Anonymous said...

Are these free parenting lessons? 'Cause I sure as hell wouldn't pay for that.

Loved Danny's line to Steve: you and me is the biggest employers around here now. Wasn't so long ago we'd be mill owners.

Steve McDonald, the street's biggest employer... boggles the mind, really. MF, I'm with you on that plot twist. Steve was always a zig when he should zag guy, so maybe that's how the writers justify these lame things.

I'm totally at a loss about Jamie. Hmm, she's with my dad, she's going to marry him... well, I'll just have to up my game?!?

Nice to see someone, hey janice, acting their usually normal cow self though.


Jacqueline said...

MF - you're dead on. I've complained about lazy writing on Corrie before. The lie was stupid and unnecessary.

PLUS - Steve is very well versed on telling lies, so why would he do something that lame?

Jacqueline said...

I keep thinking about the Simpson's episode with the Brad Goodman self help seminar.

'As soon as you're not a human being...you've become a human doing,. Then what comes next?'

'A human going!'

Debbie said...

Papa, I missed this episode, but I seem to remember from my advanced viewing that Eileen was supportive of the parenting classes.

Anonymous said...

Eccles is what Blanche's dog is named, and Eccles cakes are what Rita is said to be craving in the land of Hungary.

This may tell you why she's craving them, they sound yummy:
Eccles Cakes

Made with shiny topped flaky pastry and filled with dried fruits, sugar and spice. Proprietary brands are to be avoided as they bear little resemblance to the real thing - available at good local bakers. A round fruit filled pastry with three distinctive slashes on its top which is brushed with egg and dowsed in sugar prior to baking. So scrumptious was it thought to be that it was banned by the Puritans, but locals continued to make and eat them in secret! So called due to originating in Eccles (now part of the Metropolitan Borough of Salford).


Anonymous said...

Mmm. I believe I have a recipe for them - it's in a cookbook called Great British Cooking: A Well-Kept Secret.

I've never tried to make them, and as far as I can tell, there are ZERO British ex-pats living in metro Detroit. We do have a lovely Belgian restaurant not far away though...

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

Well there are plenty of Brit ex-pats in Ann Arbor...My friends are from the Cotwolds area and I will sk then if they will make me those cakes. I was just thinking about those damn Eccles cakes when Norris mentioned them. Just like the fudge bit...anything recipe related I want to know esp. if it is British. I will look for that book thanks..and thanks for the ingrediants!


Debbie said...

Amazingly, the Guyanese family that owns the cafe beside the Pickering Go-Train station makes eccles cakes. I am totally serious.

When leaving Pickering in the morning, you can pop in for an eccles cake and also pick up a curry and roti for your lunch.

I almost fell over and banged my head when I saw that. I had one. It tastes like something the British citizenry would have made up during the war when they had to cook on rations during WWII. I wasn't big on it.

Still, for a country who's poor culinary skill may well have been the driving force behind the invasion and colonization of entire nations of good taste, they are not bad.