Friday, August 10, 2007

Update - August 9th, 2007 - Roy's Worst Nightmare

At the factory Danny arrives back from lunch to find most of Underworld disappearing into The Kabin instead of the factory and says, 'We need a sheepdog for this lot.' Liam complains of Danny's flip-flops between going to Spain, selling the factory and buying a dog.

Danny sees Jamie and reminds him of the evening plans of dinner of spaghetti bolognaise and he manages to force a fake smile. Somehow I think Gordon Ramsay has nothing to worry about.

It is Charlie’s birthday and he finishes his meal and compliments Tracy. She grins, 'Do you think I'd poison you on your birthday?' He tells her nobody would blame her after what he did.

At the house Jamie tells Sean he just can't imagine not seeing Frankie again. Sean assures him it is the best thing in the long run. Sean says he is better off leaving and avoiding a potential disaster. Sean asks Jamie to promise he won't leave without saying goodbye first. Run Jamie Run.

Becky arrives, chewing gum and smoking, for her first day in the café. Roy informs her of the smoking rules and promptly butts it out with his shoe.

Later inside the café, Danny is dismayed to see that the special is what he is preparing for tonight’s dinner and brags again about his culinary skills. Becky sends a cup crashing to the floor, and yells at Danny for slagging off Roy.

Danny arrives back at the factory to find Liam on the phone and grinning. Liam informs Danny he will have to get married in Gibraltar and not Spain as he had planned because of new marriage laws in Spain.

Chesney tries to get into the house but is barred from entry as Cilla tells him she's not feeling well. Hmmm…..

Claire is over at Tracy’s helping her make a cake for Charlie and Tracy asks Claire if it is okay not to tell Charlie about her assistance. Ahh, Nigella would be proud. She then tells Claire she thinks she can hear Freddy crying next door, to get Claire out of the house. In the meantime, Tracy texts Charlie to try and delay him - she tells him there will be cake when he gets home from the pub.

In her search for Jamie, Frankie arrives at Street Cars and asks Eileen if she has seen him anywhere. Eileen informs her that Les will be around their place at six to drive Jamie to Manchester Piccadilly Station. She storms off at the news.

Sophie asks Chesney why he has bought grapes for his mother, and he mentions his mother is not feeling well. They look up to see Cilla leaving the house all tarted up.

Back at the café, as Tyrone orders a chocolate doughnut, Hayley arrives and asks how things are going. Becky puts Tyrone's doughnut on a plate. He tells her it's for take-out - as she takes the money from him, she drops another piece of dishware to the floor. Hayley puts another doughnut in a bag and apologizes to Tyrone. Becky proclaims it's Tyrone’s fault and looks dismayed as he receives his change and tells her he has been short changed. Becky lunges for him and Hayley and Roy are forced to hold her back again. Roy re-assures Tyrone it will all be sorted. Note to Tim Horton's: Do not hire Becky from Weatherfield, Manchester.

Jamie answers a knock at the door expecting it to be his taxi but is taken aback as Frankie pushes through the door and is yelling and sobbing asking where he thinks he was going. He tells her she will get over it and she slaps him hard across the face. He tells her he didn't mean to hurt her and she sobs, 'Hurt me Jamie? You are breaking my heart.' He reaches out to her and she falls sobbing into his arms. Their lips meet and she cries softly, 'Don't leave me.' I am feeling so ill.

At No 7, Frankie and Jamie are having some post-coital time and asks if he's okay. They kiss until they are interrupted by a knock at the door – Jamie looks and sees Danny below. They hear the phone ring downstairs as Danny dials the number and peers through the letterbox. He looks up and sees Jamie peeking down from the bedroom window.

They suddenly hear a key being inserted into the front door.

Best lines:
“…Just remember Jay, you don't have a wrong cell in your body, other than the one that makes you straight, obviously.' – Sean to Jamie

'If I don't smoke I get ratty and if I don't chew I get clumsy.' – Becky to Roy

'Do you think I'd poison you on your birthday?' – Tracy to Charlie

'Yeah, you stupid git!' – Becky to Danny

‘Go and call for Sophie and don't come back till your voice has broken!' – Cilla to Chesney

** Gordon Ramsay's pic promoting his show "The F Word"


Anonymous said...

Ewww! Ewww! Ewww! Frankie's line in bed to Jamie to "always talk to me first" sounded more maternal and lecture than an example of 'my hot new girlfriend said something to me..."

Can I repeat: EWWWWWWWWW!

Wonder what's up with Cilla? This doesn't read as clear as when she last was having an affair. An affair with someone Les knows, maybe?


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your first update, Mayfairgirl!

It looks as though Cilla is having an affair but I think it's something completely different.

corrierules said...

My eyes! My eyes!
Eww! Eww! Feh and double feh!
That scene in bed, I need to shower stat.
Almost as bad was the scene when Frankie comes charging into the house, crying and angry that Jamie is leaving. Hello? You are engaged to his father! You should offer to pay for the cab to the train station. Completely unbelievable scene. I did not get the sense that Frankie was crazy in love; just got the sense she was crazy.

Nicole K said...

Okay, really - WHAT is going on with Tracey and Claire? Do we know what she's up to? I'M SO CONFUSED!

I watched the Frankie and Jamie things through my fingers and trying not to gag.

Nicole in Vancouver - who finally got a blogger account!

Anonymous said...

Kudos Mayfairgirl on a most excellent recap! I can start to type now that my eyes have regained their sight, being temporarily blinded last night by the image of Jamie and Frankie in bed...Oedipus Rex, your car is waiting...

Also, did anyone else think it was funny that Danny didn't have a bigger reaction to seeing Becky in the cafe? Especially since she stole from his employees and pinned it on Kelly? Maybe some more lazy Corrie writing :(


Anonymous said...

In addition to the creepiness of it all (to quote Missusmac, "ewww! ewww! ewww!"), two other things bother me about the Frankie/Jamie storyline:

1) The characters aren't acting like themselves. It's as if fembots or something stole Frankie and Jamie's souls, leaving pale, soft imitations of these two people in their place. I hate it when TV writers screw around with the characters we know and love, all for the sake of a (terrible) plot contrivance.

2) The storyline is God-awful boring. At this point, I don't give a fig whether Frankie ends up with Danny or Jamie (and, until fairly recently, she was my favourite character on the street). Boring and creepy is a lethal combination.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to sign my name.


Debbie said...

OK, Cilla was not tarted up, that is just how she looks.

Westcoast fan said...

Great first update!!

Tracy seems intent on portraying herself as an abused ‘wife’ to Claire. When she followed Charlie outside after his lunch, and saw Claire there, she called after him very apologetically about not having baked him a cake, looking very anxious.

I am completely flabbergasted by the Jamie/Frankie storyline. Tell me exactly how it is that Jamie is better than his dad, or that Frankie is better than Leanne. It was pretty sick that Leanne was sleeping with father and son at the same time (any fans of Friends out there? Remember when Monica dated the character played by Tom Sellick, and then tried dating that character’s son? She was totally repulsed, to the point of shuddering at the recollection, by the fact that they kissed the same). Anyway, how much sicker is it that Jamie is not only sleeping with his dad’s fiance, but that this fiance is his stepmom of some 15 odd years???? Vice versa and ditto for Frankie. They don’t even have the decency to feel guilty about what they’re doing to Danny. Feh.

Cilla has been acting weird ever since she went to see about having breast enhancement done. I’m guessing her odd behavior has something to do with that. Do you think she might be getting involved with pornographers or something?

Jacqueline said...

Fabulous job Mayfair!!!

I think the reason Danny didnt' have a bigger reaction to Becky is maybe he doesn't remember her....has to be reminded that she's a drone from Sector 7G.

Debbie said...

I would go from son to dad or vice versa. It doesn't gross me out at all. Yeah, it would be ackward, but only because I would worry about their feelings. But it wouldn't bother me physically.

That said, if someone were to date my dad and then my brother, then I'd think that person was a weirdo.

I'm a hypocrate, though.

Anonymous said...

Excellent update, welcome aboard!

re Liam's post-lunch talk with Danny, could this be a wind up and is Liam as big a Beatles fan as I am? I know Dan has been known to listen to the Jam and Elton so you never know, verse, chorus, verse Nirvana style.

Danny arrives back at the factory to find Liam on the phone and grinning. Liam informs Danny he will have to get married in Gibraltar and not Spain as he had planned because of new marriage laws in Spain.

The Ballad of John and Yoko

Standing in the dock at Southampton
trying to get to Holland or France
The man in the mac said
you've got to go back
You know they didn't even give us a chance
Christ you know it ain't easy
You know how hard it can be
The way things are going
They're going to crucify me
Finally made the plane into Paris
Honeymooning down by the Seine
Peter Brown call to say
you can make it O.K.
You can get married in Gibraltar near Spain


S. Poole

Rob Swizzle said...

I guess if there had to be a step-parent/step-child make out storyline, the writers at least pinned it on two of the most telegenic actors the Street has ever seen. There have been a lot of steps on the Street over the years, and some of those combos make me shudder.

Oh, and if I was making a secret getaway, I wouldn't call the minicab firm on the same street as me.

Westcoast fan said...

S. Poole I thought of the John Lennon song too when Liam said that, except that I'm so gullible I thought it added credibility to what Liam was saying.

I forgot to add that Roy should seriously consider stocking all the tables at the Cafe with pepper spray so his customers can defend themselves against RabidBecky whenever they unwittingly offend her. She is a trainwreck waiting to happen.

Anonymous said...

In other news, Becky is doing GREAT in the cafe! How could Roy have worried that this wouldn't work?!?!

I wonder if the Parenting Class instructor also teaches anger management classes...

Michigander Fan

summer said...

Becky is hilarious... and a very good actress, to boot. Yes, of course her character is vulgar, unlikeable, etc., but you gotta love the way she's portraying her.

Mayfairgirl said...

thanks for your feedback guys, i really enjoyed doing the update.

another thing with the becky character, we all knew she was scatty in the factory - but don't you think they are exaggerating it a bit? or maybe it is prison that has sent her on a downward spiral.

Anonymous said...

I like the Becky character a lot. Not someone I'd want to have in my apartment but the actress plays her really well.

I also like how it's implied, without saying so, that there is addiction in her background. After telling Roy that she gets grumpy without cigarettes and clumsy without gum, she might as well have told him, "And without either, it's straight back to the meth!"

They're playing her for comic relief this week but you can tell she could slip back into bad old Becky at any second.

And the idea that fastidious Roy has hired someone whom you KNOW has dirty fingernails is hilarious.

Trudy C said...

Hello - I'm new here but have been a Coronation Street fan for well over 20 years and thought I'd put my 1.5 cents worth in.

As has so been so well articulated here - Jamie and Frankie EWWWWWW!!! I liked her so much more when she arrived and was a real cockney girl, who didn't want to be caught dead in a northern 2 up and 2 down.

My guess about Cilla is that she really is ill - since she's been funny ever since she came back from the Dr's about having breast implants. IMHO (and I have no clue - don't like spoilers, and have not peeked) I think the Dr found a lump or something during the exam. Again, this is purely a guess.

I loved Roy's line about Becky walking and masticating at the same time. I do believe that's a bit over Becky's head.

Keep up the good work on the updates everyone. I love them.


Anonymous said...

Mayfairgirl - excellent job! I have to agree with one of the posters(sorry I forget who) about Jamie and Frankie acting totally out of character(in particular) Frankie - I completely HATE this storyline and I wish it would wrap up very soon.

Anonymous said...

Canucklass, I think it's possible Danny knew Becky was there ahead of time. It may have come up in conversation, and been cut.

There are odd snippets edited out for time in the weekly episodes.

Someone asked what made Jamie 'better' than Danny, and Frankie 'better' than Leanne.

I think that because Jamie is not a serial cheater like his old man, and Frankie didn't steal Danny from Carol for money, that makes them better.

How's that for justifying taking your stepson to bed?

I agree, this is completely out of character for Frankie. At least Jamie's unrequited love has been an ongoing plot line.

The only saving grace for this plot is that I want to see Eileen's face if, and when, she finds out.


zuzu said...

I am a tried and true Corrie fan and I just have to say -----EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! re: the Jamie/Frankie story line. It is so preposterous that this would ever occur with these two - stop messing with our character, writers! I almost have to watch with a barf bag when these two are together. Please - remember so things really are off limits - and incest - even with a step parent is one of those things. Yecchhh.