Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Update - August 8th, 2007 - Bad Idea Jeans

"He's an ex-freebase addict, trying to turn his life around and he needs a place to stay for a couple of months."

In the café, Roy tells Hayley he thinks giving Becky a job there is a terrible idea, given her past and current reputation. Hayley takes that as a "maybe" and scuttles off to work.

Outside Underworld, Hayley is confronted by her angry workmates who call her "Becky's best mate." Hayley protests, saying it's not her choice who she works with. The girls point out that it's not that she stole, it's that she stole from her mates.

Later at the café, Becky shows up, asking where Hayley is. Roy points out that perhaps this isn't the best environment for Becky, given the esteem in which she is held, and Hayley's co-workers are making things difficult as it is.

Becky arrives on the scene outside Underworld to defend her new friend. They confront her with her past crimes. Becky counters that they got their possessions back and she only stitched up Kelly because she was being a cow (as you do). Of course Kelly was convinced to plead guilty and now has a criminal record but no matter.

Feeling defensive of her, Hayley sticks up for Becky and says everyone needs another chance. For that reason, she's going to start working at the café. Becky is ecstatic. Janice reckons she'll burn the place down. No matter, Kelly says nobody will want to go in that poxy café now anyway.

Later Roy is informed of his new employee but tells Hayley it would be wise in the near future if she is kept away from open flames. Mind you, last week, Roy installed a new burner himself, to save a few pounds so if you want to talk fire hazards...

"I thought about it and even though it's over, I'm gonna tell my wife about the affair."

In the back room at the Rovers, a post-coital Vernon and Liz are having their breakfast to keep Vern's strength up. Bev notes that Liz recognises that she had a good one and knew to hold on to him.

"Good one?!" sputters Steve. "He was chasing Michelle around like a demented Benny Hill!"

At the taxi office, Les counsels that Steve should sling Bev out. Eileen thinks he should sling Vern out. Steve can do neither, because he's afraid of his mum.

Steve heads over to see Ashley and convinces him to take in his would-be mother-in-law. When he tells the news to Bev, she thinks it's because they can't cope with the two kids on their. She arrives at the Peacock's and sets herself to work putting the kids to bed, leaving Claire to angrily demand of Ashley just when she'll be leaving.

Meanwhile, in the Lake District where she has a new job, lives alone, and knows nobody, Shelley Unwin's due date draws ever so much closer.

Liz also reminds Michelle to keep away from her sexy, sexy Vernon. Later, Michelle reminds Vernon to keep his hands to himself.

"Now that I have kids, I feel much safer having a gun in the house."

At the Platt's, Sarah and David start slapping each other over, oh, who cares, really? and Gail calls a time out and walks out the door. Later, she sets the dinner table and then heads, saying she's going to have some creative personal time. At the Rover's Eileen finds Gail and asks who's looking after her kids while she's in parenting classes.

"I let them play hide and seek on the motorway," she replies and the two women share a smirk. Eileen probably doesn't think these classes are such a bad idea after all.

Make. It. Stop.

Jamie is still leaving. Frankie is still kissing him. Danny is still oblivious. I'm still throwing up a little in my mouth.


Anonymous said...

Excellent update John. I completely agree with you regarding the Jamie/Frankie storyline I HATE IT!
I was wondering about a few things during last nights show
1. Why wouldn't Gail send one of those brats to buy the milk?
2. Why on earth would those brats need a babysitter?
3. Why doesn't Bev go live with her OWN CHILD? Can you tell I'm getting really sick of Bev and her urn. Time to wrap this storyline up.

Jacqueline said...

Here's my take on the Bev situation.

Alright, even though he's under no obligation to do so, I would have think the smart thing to do would be for Ashley just to set Bev up somewhere.

Honestly, this was his dad's fiance and I will envoke the god-awful 'just 10 more minutes' and say that she would have been entitled anyway.

On TOP of that, don't you think Fred would have wanted Bev taken care especially in lieu of the shock she received on her wedding day.

So what I would have done, given that I was basically given an estate worth God knows how much (anyone ever see Fred's old digs?) just buy a small cottage or whatever and be done with it. (It'd save a lot of grief in the long run.)

Then I'd ask for the ashes back.

And thank God I'm not the only one who worried about Roy installing his own burner.

papasmurf said...

Roy engages in some DIY deep fryer repair and replacement.

Hayley hires the chain smoking easily distracted Becky.

A bad combination.

Frankie has lost the plot.

Jacqueline is now my official queen of the street.

Jacqueline said...

Aww, ty Papa!

I was going to add, that I like the new Gail, although I wish her 'personal time' had been something a bit more exciting than going to the Rovers.

Doesn't she go to Rovers sans les enfants already?

Anonymous said...

Papasmurf, you're right, I think. It was a frier, not a burner, that Roy replaced.

Jacqueline, you're right. Fred did buy a cottage near the town where Shelley moved for he and Bev to retire, which Ashley inherited, along with everything else Fred owned. It's just sitting there. Ashley doesn't need it and will never live there, unless he wants to use it as a second home in the summer.

There's a perfect opportunity for Ashley to give it to Bev and she and Shelley and the new baby can live there. It's fairly obvious that's what Fred would have wanted. But Ashley is too stubborn to effectively deal with the situation.

Anonymous said...

It's either the Rovers, or bingo with Janice! New Gail, the one with a sense of humor, is refreshing.

Anyone else wish Sarah had really flattened David with a good punch?

Jacqueline, I agree with your Bev solution. Still, one would think that no matter how much they'd fallen out, Shelley would have got in touch with Bev after hearing Fred was dead!

I think I love Liam.


Westcoast fan said...

Great update.

Did anyone notice when Sarah started whaling on David at the kitchen table that Beth's hand shot out and landed a weak one on his arm? She's a Platt through and through. (Where is her father, anyway?)

So now Frankie's the one taking the lead in her sordid little relationship with Jamie?! This story line gets sicker by the day. Anyone laying odds on whether they finally bed each other before they are run out of town? Danny is going to be devastated.

Did I miss Lloyd leaving Streetcars or whatever it's called now? Where is he?

Jacqueline said...

Bethany's dad, Neil Ferns died in a auto accident.

Debbie said...

Westcoast, Ugly Bethany's father died years ago when Bethany was a baby. He never had anything to do with Bethany. This brought the first psychopath into the Platt lives (The second being Richard Hillman - but I am not clear on the timing. Perhaps Jacqueline can clear it up).

The guy who was Bathany's father was a boy named Neil Ferns. He knew Sarah from school, then he knew her biblically when they were just 13 - gross.

After Neil died, his mother lost the plot and tried to kill herself AND the ugly baby. They were saved by Emily Bishop.

Please, if you do not like spoilers DO NOT read the Wikipedia entry on Bethany. There is a ridiculous spoiler at the end that is, at this time, pure conjecture and has not yet aired in the UK. Although, it looks like that story line will indeed play out.

Regarding Lloyd: back when these episodes were being filmed the actor who played Lloyd was susspended for drug or alcohol addiction. Yes, he just vanishes suddenly, but he pops back into the show just as suddenly in a classic Street move. There is never an explanation.

Debbie said...

Also, please, for the love of the Street, do not do any research on David Platt. You will be sorry the spoilers are out of control.

Westcoast fan said...

debbie and jacqueline you are founts of knowledge! Thanks.

This blog has increased my enjoyment of Corrie tenfold, and I thank everyone for that (my children might not, though, they have never reconciled themselves to the fact that dear mama is inocommunicado from 7:00 to 7:30 every night).

Jacqueline said...

Westcoast...that's your creative personal time.

Jacqueline said...

Of course, I immediately had to go to the David Platt entry on wiki.

Imagine my suprise when I found out that he was rejected by Manchester United!

Then I realized I was reading about a *real* David Platt.

GoBetty said...

Yes, I saw wee Bethany reach out and give David a little punch and he whipped his head around in genuine surprise (I thought). Then later I thought that Frankie looked a bit pregnant. Then I continued my nap... This was the first Corrie I have watched in MONTHS!!

Rob Swizzle said...

"Hayley . . . scuttles off to work"

Perfect verb choice, John!

Jacqueline said...

They're not even TRYING to hide her pregnancy.

GoBetty said...

OK, at the risk of sounding gross and pissing you all off. And please note that I have not a leg to stand on since I basically haven't watched the show in forever, just snippets here and there... I LOVE THE BIZARRE LOVE TRIANGLE. I love the forbidden love. I want those two to do it like pigs! YEE HAW! IN YOUR FACE DANNY AND RESPECTABLE SOCIETY!

Debbie said...

While doing some research for my comment above I learned that the the Sarah Louise Platt character was played by twin babies when she was born. But, one of the twins dies of what they call "crib death" which I think is sudden infant death syndrome.

The things the internet will tell you.

Jacqueline said...

oh're worse than Hitler.

Anonymous said...

I agree if Sarah had flattened David it would have been great and would have been more realistic.

I am getting sick of Jamie and Frankie for sure that is so wrong.

That character Becky is played so well you can almost see yourself being afraid to cross her if you met her she is such a will be fun to watch her.

Excellent updates, I so enjoy reading stuff on this site!

Corrie Camper

Westcoast fan said...

I agree that Becky is a fun character to watch and very believeable. Haley is in over her head with her. Sean needs to grow a backbone; you can see him throw sympathetic looks to Haley when the other girls are dissing her, but does he stick up for her, or even dissociate himself from them?

Anonymous said...

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Chorley cake
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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