Friday, August 03, 2007

Update - August 3rd, 2007 - How Wonderful Life is While You're in the World

How Wonderful Life is While Liz Runs the Bar

Steve returns from holiday in Spain to find the remains of the Rovers after Liz had a celebratory lock-in the previous evening, as Michelle informs him who also points out the oddness of giving his mum duty free liquor, when she runs a bar.

Liz and Bev stumble in as Michelle also informs him he's new pub also comes with a drunken almost-widow and the ashen remains of the previous owner.

Later he asks just how long Bev will remain in the room he is supposed to be taken. Feeling like he has no role, he insists on opening up the pub, only to find nobody waiting to come in, except Jamie who saunters in a few moments later.

Later Michelle asks Liz if she can take a lunch break. Liz tells her she can take a few hours, seeing as she came in early. After she leaves, she says Michelle will be the first one to go, just as soon as she's finished off the re-org she's preparing on Excel, presumably.

Steve insists she's staying as she is a good barmaid as he deals with personnel. He then orders Liz to boot Bev out of his room. Liz replies that if he is dealing with the HR, he can deal with Bev.

How Wonderful Life Is, While Claire Takes In Laundry

Deirdre pops by Tracey and Charlie's to ask if she and Amy would like to come down to visit Peter. Tracey looks to Charlie in a way that suggests it's up to him, and then says no.

"Amy's upstairs if you want to say goodbye to her before you go," Charlie smarms.

Later, Tracey is hanging up the washing in the back garden and makes some idle chit-chat with her obviously terrified next door neighbour Claire. She asks if Claire could take in the washing if it rains, just so Charlie's work clothes are dry for the week. Claire says she will.

Charlie calls from inside, asking where the tea bags are and Tracey looks vaguely fearful.

She then goes inside and starts slagging off Claire to Charlie.

Later the terrible twosome arrive at the Kabin where they are refused service, sort of, by Blanche who is subbing for Norris. A row appears to be brewing until it is stopped short by the arrival of Norris.

Later Tracey bumps into Claire, who tells her it did look like rain so the washing was brought into theirs. She asks if Tracey would like her to bring it round. Tracey says that it would likely be best if she came to get it as she wouldn't want Charlie to think she's even more useless than he already does.

I think I see what Tracey's plan is here.

How Wonderful Life is While Frankie's in the World

It's Sunday and Jamie catches Violet on her way to work at the Rover's. He asks her if she's been working a lot of weekends. She wonders if he means because she doesn't have a bloke. She says that new owners take over today and she wants to make a good impression. Jamie thinks they'd be mad to let her go. He also tells her he's meeting his dad and mum Frankie for dinner.

Violet wonders if this is the same dad he was engaging in a rousing bout of fisticuffs just recently, and then admits that she can't keep up anymore.

Meanwhile at Danny's flat, Mr. Baldwin is preparing breakfast and doing a little ironing, singing along to Sir Elton John's "Your Song."

"How wonderful life is," he sings as Frankie comes out of the bedroom. "While you're in the world."

"You do realise Elton probably wrote that song about a bloke, don't you?" she asks, although, technically, the words were written by Bernie Taupin, while Elton wrote the music.

"Love is love," says Danny. He then points out some of things he's learned when he and Frankie were separated, which Frankie takes to mean that Leanne wasn't that much of a domestic godess.

He then asks her what she plans to wear to Sunday lunch. She gets a little irritated by the question, point out that it's just lunch. He says, of course it is, but with a difference.

Over at the Rovers, Jamie pops by for a bottle, telling Violet he plans to take his sweet time getting to the restaurant before joining his dad. Michelle tells Violet that she thought she and Jamie were on the outs. She says she said the words, but isn't sure if it was her idea.

At the restaurant, Frankie wonders if Jamie will show up. Danny is confident he will and obviously wants them back together, otherwise they'd be in Spain by now.

Jamie finally arrives and is all smiles, giving his mum a slightly inappropriate kiss on the cheek. Danny does his best to keep things jovial and light but can tell there is tension, especially from Frankie. He excuses himself and asks Jamie to see if he can get her to talk.

"So, what can I do to put a smile on your face?" Jamie asks, sarcastically.

"Don't," says Frankie. "We both said we'd make an effort."

"Yeah, well I can see it's working out for you at least."

"I am with your father!"

"Yeah? Well you could have fooled me."

Danny returns and signals a waiter to come over who arrives with champagne on ice and three flutes.

"That you two are prepared to give me a second chance means the world to me and that's what this lunch is all about," says Danny.

Danny says Frankie always liked champagne.

"..And I wanted to ask you," he begins, as a waiter arrives with a martini with a big diamond ring at the bottom of the glass. "Frankie, will you marry me again?"

(Man, my proposal sucked compared to this.)

Frankie protests that they are different people now. Danny says he knows but thinks they could be even better now.

"You're right," says Frankie. "I do still love champagne and I will marry you!"

They embrace. Danny is over the moon while his son sits at the table with little cartoon steam shooting out of his ears.

How Wonderful Life is While Other News Happens

Blanche fills in for an overworked Norris, acutely feeling the absence of Ken. She takes a free bag of fudge for payment.

Bill has packed his bag (in the Websters' dining room, as you do) and is heading back to Germany, his job, and, oh yeah, his wife.

Later, as they say goodbye, he and Audrey share a passionate kiss in full view of everyone in the Rovers.


Anonymous said...

Ok did you notice....

When Steve came back and Liz was in her dressing gown...she was showing off her bits...was that in the script? The camera seemed to zoom in on!

Last night Audrey made a snide remark about Liz's hair? Loved that...It looks frightful!

So when does Audrey and Bill start their illicit affair?

Ok, why do they call that salt water taffy looking stuff in Corrie "fudge"??? Here in Michigan, fudge is chocolate and marshmallow creme, nuts etc. Just go to Mackinaw City and Mackinac island for our fudge...

The tourists are called "fudgies"


Jacqueline said...

....little cartoon steam shooting out of his ears.

Glacia giggles.

Anonymous said...

Corrie Lover,

Yeah. I wondered about that too. It looks nothing like the stuff you get at Mackinac or Frankenmuth (which I try never to buy because it's really really fattening!)

Other than that:

I loved Danny singing to Frankie. That seemed like a very real life moment.

Best line: Blanche (AGAIN). The only cards they ever have for men have tools or racecars on them. Which is fine for Steve McQueen, but my son-in-law isn't Steve McQueen. (I'm paraphrasing.)

I think about that every time I buy a Father's Day card for my dad, and have to wade through all the fishing and hunting-themed cards. Dad does neither. Ever. It's fortunate he golfs, or I'd be SOL.

Michigander Fan, from the land of actual fudge!

Anonymous said...

RE: Tracey.

My theory is that she realized she was getting actual sympathy from the rest of the Street for once, and she's going to milk it for all it's worth. It was almost like she was pretending to Claire that Charlie beats on her.

Claire's a good choice for such a scam. Gullible, yet not forceful enough to raise hell about it. Hayley would be another good choice.

It's important to choose your mark carefully, if Hustle has taught me anything.


Anonymous said...

My favorite fudge - chocolate walnut, followed closely by maple walnut.

Mmmm... fudge.



Anonymous said...

Does anyone ever really pack by bringing all their clothes to the kitchen and balling them up and stuffing them into a suitcase? They all seem to do it on Coronation Street. It would make more sense to pack in the bedroom, where the clothes are. I guess it's because they must chatter or rant as they pack, and the studio might not have sets for the bedrooms.

AMAI said...

Where are the answers to the Trivia?

Westcoast fan said...

Speaking of bedrooms, just where did Bill sleep when he was visiting? Did one of the girls give up her room for him? Did he take Audrey back to that room in the middle of the night and have carnal knowledge of her in his granddaughter's bed!? This show is totalling squicking me out. First Jamie and Frankie, then Steve giving his mom a hug when her dressing gown is half open, and now Bill. Could we please go back to Charlie half drowning David. That now seems normal.

corrierules said...

Liz's breasts should get paid as non-speaking extras for this episode. They certainly dominated the screen! LOL And Liz seems to be channelling Cruella Deville with her new hairdo... And while CorrieRules is in the Corrie Canuck neighborhood, she just wants to say she was dead chuffed to be quoted in an update last week. "I was honored, I say honored, " says CorrieRules, evoking the lovely Fred. (But Oy! Enough with the urn already. It gets more airtime than Vera!)

Anonymous said...

IF I was packing, I'd pack in the front room. But then, I like to give myself airs.

~missusmac, who does even not want to think about (a) what Bill and Audrey did or (b)where they did it!