Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Update - August 29h, 2007 - Trapped in the Closet

Trapped in the Bedroom

Out on the street, Claire meets Ashley, who has just returned from dropping Joshua off for his first day of school. It went without incident which is a far cry from Bethany's first day when David told her that Dory from Finding Nemo was going to be her teacher and Bethany ended up at the bottom of the canal.

Tracy calls down from her second floor bedroom window to Claire to tell her that she's locked in her room again. Charlie suddenly shows up and asks what's going on.

"Your bedroom door handle's come off," Ashley says.

Charlie gives an "O RLY?" look and asks Tracy what's up.

Tracy looks embarrassed and flustered and asks him to forget. Charlie won't, of course, and heads upstairs to examine this troublesome door handle. Using his uncanny builder skills, he discovers that it's been unscrewed.

He asks if she did this, telling her that no gust of wind could knock off a whole doorknob. She claims she didn't even as he shows her the loose screws.

"Fine, don't believe me!" she claims.

He leaves to go down to van where a waiting Jason watches him try to work out Tracy's latest scheme. Deirdre comes by and tells Charlie that she's got her eye on him.

Charlie wonders aloud if Tracy is doing something she wants people to see.

Later Claire asks Tracy if Charlie locked her in to prevent her from leaving the house. Tracy denies but begs Claire not to say anything.

Later at Tracy's Charlie comes home to tell Tracy that he's got her planned all figured out. She was going to make people think of poor Tracy, having to live with the ogre Charlie and that's how she's going to get him back for Maria. He says he's disappointed that she didn't come up with something better.

As he leaves, Tracy says, "Something better, eh?"

Tracy goes over to her parents' where she asks them to look after Amy tonight as she is planning a "special night." Knowing what that means and fighting a wave of nausea, Deirdre agrees but asks Tracy is everything is alright, and mentions the whole "did Charlie trap you in the bedroom?" thing.

Tracy denies it, asking if she looks like someone who's trapped.

Charlie later comes home, where Amy is dispatched to her grandparents'. Charlie wants to know if she expects a "slap up" meal after her recent behaviour. Tracy says no and instead offers to cook (?) him a "slap up" meal.

Afterward, Tracy suggests for desert, they have a big ol' fashioned row. Charlie doesn't know what to say so Tracy leaves him there with his drink as she goes upstairs to get changed.

Into her rowing outfit, apparently.

More Godmothers Not Named Hayley

Claire asks Bev if she would be a godmother, alongside Eileen, to baby Freddy, I say, baby Freddy. Bev agrees and then, without consulting Claire nor Ashley, goes and books the Rovers for the after Christening do.

When she informs Claire of this, Claire refuses and says it'll be done at their home. Bev plays the "Fred would have wanted it in his old bar" car but Claire trumps with "Fred would have wanted it in his old home."

Bev hopes Claire doesn't think too badly of her because she didn't consult her first. Claire says no, but keep on about it and I will.

Mistletoe and Wine

At the Rovers, the employees dig out some Christmas decorations back from when Ena Sharples was holding court in the snug. Vern, all-around handy man, is nowhere to be found so it's up to Liz, Michelle, and Betty to put them up.

Steve spends much of the episode making jokes about getting a kiss from Michelle under the mistletoe. She warns him off, jokingly, but at the end, kisses him in the back room, where they are spotted by an unhappy Liz.

Vern, meanwhile, returns to find the decorations have been put up, but they aren't to his liking. He promises next year, he'll show Liz how to do it properly.

The Missing Baldwin

Danny is gone and this can only mean one thing: who's going to sign the factory girls' cheques?

First of all, who gets paid in cheque form anymore? Is there not direct deposit in Weatherfield?

Secondly, why doesn't Underworld outsource its payroll and HR like every other company? All they need is someone to submit the workers' hours every week (look, Sally just volunteered!) and this sort of thing is taken care of.

Anyhow, it turns out Danny signed a bunch of cheques before he left so that'll hold them until Liam figures out the next step. For his part, Paul isn't so sure about a business that has missing partners.

Meanwhile, Frankie is in Spain but she phones Jamie to tell him there is no sign of him.

Bill's Back

Audrey finds out from Gail that Bill's in town. She spends the rest of the episode drinking in the Rovers, not listening to Gail prattle on about David's beater, and hoping that he'll show.


Anonymous said...

You know, I have always dreamed of being asked to be a godmother. I sincerely hope that the asker will explain that "it's appropriate" that I be the godmother. (Wistful sigh)

Won't somebody ever consider me the appropriate choice?

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

In other news, Vern seems to think that Santa is a pirate - am I losing my hearing, or did he walk in with the Xmas decorations and say "Yo ho ho"???

Actually, Pirate Santa might be lots of fun...

Michigander Fan

Westcoast fan said...

In a fit of religous fervour my brother asked me to be godmother to his daughter, neverminding that I'm an atheist. It's turned out well in the end, she's all grown up, I'm still an atheist and now so's my brother.

What's up with Claire? Is she going off her meds and not telling anyone, or is she just overwhelmed with worry about Tracy?

Well, finally Amy did something cute, brushing mum's hair with her toothbrush before heading off to gran's. How hygenic.

Now that Danny's gone I'll just have to latch onto Steve as the most interesting Corrie man to watch. I love his facial expressions. He looked so dumb with his mouth hanging open after Michelle kissed him.

Anonymous said...

Now why does Tracy have to change to have a row? I think I'm missing something.

I think that Bill Webster and Maureen are definately headed for splitsville. I think he and Audrey make a great couple.

And Vernon told Liz that next Christmas he'll put up the Christmas decorations and show everybody how they should be put up. If I was Liz, he wouldn't be seeing next Christmas :)


Trudy C said...

Diedre was so concerned for Tracy the other night when she wouldn't show her entire face or let her in the house. The next day, nothing at all is said. A little strange, IMO.

And is Tracy trying to suffocate poor Amy? She has her dressed in a parka in the house, then she leaves to take her next door and Tracy's only wearing a short sleeved shirt.

Westcoast fan said...

I think Tracy is going to change into a bullet proof vest and break out the AK47s for her little row. Now that Charlie is on to her 'abused wife' scam she has to carry out her devious plan quickly.

I can't believe that Liam and Danny have countersigned blank cheques lying around in case of an emergency. Isn't the whole point of countersigning cheques to ensure that your partner doesn't rip you off? It's time someone went to the police about Danny, and that someone should be Jamie or else he'll wind up becoming a prime suspect in his dad's disappearance.

Why didn't Dierdre notice that Tracy face isn't bruised? Wouldn't that be top of her list of concerns when she saw her next? And how can Ken stand by so idly if he does suspect that she's being abused and his granddaughter's caught up in it?

Anonymous said...

I agree with the other posters regarding the pre-signed cheques. Could anyone explain to me why Paul is parked in the Underworld Office all of the time? I thought he had his own business to run and just lend Liam the money. I am not sure if I like Michelle she seems quite full of herself. And judging by her wardrobe the barmaids in the Rovers must be very well paid. I also agree that the police should be called re: Danny. And I have never heard of child having 2 Godmothers (talk about over-kill).

Anonymous said...

If Audrey really disliked being called Fred's "other woman", why is she so smitten by Bill?

She really needs to find someone SINGLE and AVAILABLE.

Anonymous said...

Audrey had someone single and available - Keith. She dumped him like a hot potato.


Anonymous said...

And, oddly enough, I can relate to Ken's attitude. When you have a person in your life whom you love very much, but who is hell-bent on self-destruction, at some point you just have to say, "I've said and done all I can to try and improve this situation, and I cannot be involved in this insanity any longer."

I've had to do it. It's not pleasant, but it can save your sanity.


westcoast fan said...

MF, I'd agree with you except the innocent unibrow is caught in the middle. No child should have to witness her mother being abused (and no child should have to witness her mother pretending to be abused, but let's not go there!). So Ken and Dierdre should do what they tried to do when Tracy first moved in with Charlie and insist that Amy live with them (after all, they have a dishwasher, too, haven't they?)

Anonymous said...

Keith was cheap, and wanted to stay home and make wine out of potatoes and stuff like that. Definitely not Audrey's type.

I could be wrong, but I thought the British could and do designate several godparents for a child?

Wasn't it still recently the Underworld staff were getting pay packets with actual cash in them? I thought that was truly old fashioned then.

BTW, I have signed just-in-case cheques before. I have not signed 20 or so of them before though, as one would have to for the factory staff.


Anonymous said...

About Ken.

I have to agree with MF. What would really happen if Ken and Deirdre asked once more to have Amy live in their dishwahsher instead of Tracy's? Tracy would say no.

Then they have the option of living with it, or trying legal means to get Amy. Good storyline, but a rotten decision to have to make.

I don't think it is unusual, and sometimes it is best, to just be there, providing support until your loved one gathers whatever s/he needs to be able to leave.

Whitehorse Fan

Anonymous said...

Regarding the godparent questions. If you are christening a girl, you have two godmothers and one godfather. If it's a boy, you have two godfathers and one godmother. That's how it was when I lived in England 35 years ago and it looks like it's still the same.


Anonymous said...

Ahh, thank you, Pauline. I knew it was possible to have more than one.

I think Audrey is having a mid, mid-life crisis. And why Bill? Archie is kind, dashing and well-off, and loves to do spur-of-the-moment things.

Dump Bill, go to Archie I say!