Friday, August 24, 2007

Update - August 24th, 2007 - It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

The Bronx has hit Weatherfield again, as the talented graffiti artist has struck the Kabin. Norris moans that they should bring back National Service, that would put a stop to it all. Rita and Emily are both of the opinion that it is quite well done, with nice colours. "Quite arty really," says Emily. Norris is outraged. Any guess as to what it says?

Norris plans to stay awake all night, with the aid of strong coffee, and keep watch to see who is painting the graffiti on the Kabin walls and windows. He informs Emily that if he sees the perpetrator he intends to make a citizens arrest. "Please Norris, no heroics," says Emily, worried. Norris should ask Charlie for his camera surveillance kit.

Ghost of Christmas Past
Another person who is outraged is Ashley, who has just opened their first Christmas card to find it's from Matt Ramsden asking when he can see Josh over Christmas. Claire mentions that they were expecting it, and Ashley sighs, but agrees. Eileen comes along and Claire asks how she's finding the Religious Instruction. (Does she ever give up?) Eileen smiles and says it's the highlight of her week. Bev butts in and says they could have avoided all this by picking someone who had already been baptised to be godparent. Claire asks Eileen if she minds doing it all. Eileen grits her teeth and assures her she doesn't.

In the Peacock house, Ashley is still worrying about Matt Ramsden's card, but Claire tells him that they're good now, and they have a lot to look forward to. She thinks that Christmas will bring a lot to look forward to, and a chance to welcome Freddie into the world properly. She says that she still worries that Freddie will know that at first she didn't love him, "What if I've scarred him for life?" she says. Ashley starts to say that she's getting better every day, when she stops him. "Listen – I'm sure I can hear Tracy crying next door."

True Blue Friend
Yana sees Cilla getting on a bus and goes straight round to Les and says, "She's left you, hasn't she?" He sighs, "That's it, she's gone," he says, "married a year and already playing away." Yana asks if Cilla actually said she was seeing someone, but Les seems to think that as she didn't actually deny it, it's an admission of guilt. Yana is shocked because she thought Cilla told her everything. Les wails, "I love her, Yana!" Yana tells him she doesn't deserve him, and then, like the wonderful friend that she is she moves in on Les and starts to kiss him. My stomach hurts.

Chesney arrives home to find half-undressed Yana and Les dozing on the sofa. They leap up and start adjusting their clothing. He asks Les if his mum has come back, and when he's told she hasn't, he asks what's going on. "I don't know until I talk to her, son," says Les, flustered. "No, I mean with you two, I'm not stupid!" retorts Chesney. Yana tells him she didn't feel well and had to have a lie down! "What, with your buttons undone?" snaps Chez, "I am 12 you know, I know what's what!" What a cutie.

Nurse Fizz
Over at Fizz's flat, Cilla tells her daughter that the hospital has had a cancellation and so can fit her in that day. They're going to take some more skin and see how far the cancer has spread. Fizz tells Cilla she should tell Les, but Cilla is furious. "No," she says, "why should I after he accused me of having an affair and all sorts!" Fizz wants to go with her but Cilla tells her to go to work, and that the best thing she can do is to carry on as normal.

Cilla is sitting in her hospital bed, and just as she starts to take off her make-up, Fizz comes in and tells her she wasn't going to let her do this on her own. Cilla tells her not to come running to her when she loses a day's pay. "I don't care about the money, you stupid cow!" says Fizz, "I'm here and I'm stopping and that's that!" Cilla tells her she's been so stupid, the cancer is her own fault. She wouldn't been seen dead with pale skin. Fizz says that loads of people sunbathe, but Cilla says she's vain. "I won't be so vain with a baldy head, will I?" she says grimly. Then adds, "Mind you, I've always fancied a wig!"

Fizz goes to the Battersby house to find Les sitting sullenly, beer can in hand. "Sent you to do her dirty work has she?" he snaps, and tells her to forget it, he's going to make a bonfire of all Cilla's stuff. Fizz tries to tell him he's got it all wrong. "You'd better brace yourself, I've got some bad news," she tells him. He starts to says he reckons she's shacked up with a couple of blokes in Moss Side. (Look at the link, under “Notable People")

"She's got cancer!" blurts out Fizz. At first he doesn't believe her, he thinks it's a Cilla-stunt. Fizz tells him that Cilla is at the hospital now, about to have an operation. "I was just there with her," she says, "I think it's quite serious." All this time, Chesney has been sitting on the stairs, listening. He turns and runs upstairs, Fizz turns, "Oh no, Chez," she says.

Later, in the back yard, Chesney says that he wants to see his mum. Fizz tells him maybe later, when she's feeling up to it. Les punches the wall. "She has skin cancer and she couldn't even tell me?" he wails, "it was that sun bed, she was never off the damn thing." Fizz says it's too late to worry about that now. He says that he's said and done things that can never be undone, and storms off inside. Chesney tells his sister that he heard her say it was serious. Fizz admits that their mum has a fight on her hands, "but that's her thing isn't it? She's a top fighter, our mam!" Inside, obviously feeling really guilty, Les cries and kicks the sunbed.

He then drags the sunbed into the back yard. "This thing is killing her, it's my fault!" he cries, and kicks it. Chesney shouts at him to stop as he picks up a brick and hammers the sunbed with it. Les collapses, crying. "It's all my fault! oh Cilla! I want to see her!" The whole family arrives to see Cilla in hospital. Chesney throws himself on his mum's bed and tells her that he loves her. Les takes her hand and says that they all love each other. Cilla looks really pleased and says, "Yes." Awww.

Over at the the Local
Charlie asks Tracy to go for a drink with him, but she says she still isn't feeling well. He thinks her mystery illness is dragging on a bit, and she should see a doctor. Tracy tells him she's knows exactly what the doctor would say, "It's a virus, get plenty of rest and make sure your man treats you to something nice." She tells him to cook her something nice, but first she's got to put Amy to bed so she suggests he goes to the pub for a beer or two.

Violet is shocked to see the state of Jamie's face. He tells her he got into a fight in town. She tells him to look after himself and he says he'll try.

Claire is telling Bev about Tracy, and how she thinks she's genuinely unhappy. Bev says she has no sympathy for her, she was vile to Shelley and she reminds Claire that she hasn't exactly been sweetness and light to her, either.

Eileen is at the bar, and seeing Jamie, jokes to Frankie, "What did he do? Leave his underpants on the floor again?" (Little does she know…) There's a long silence, and she says awkwardly, "Sorry, I was only making joke….I can see you've had a pasting." Frankie reassures her it's her, she's had a sense of humour failure. "Me and Danny have split up," she explains. Eileen is shocked. "Why?" she asks her. Frankie tells her it was never going to work, and it's for the best.

Oh Danny Boy
Danny turns up at the factory, much to Liam's surprise. He starts to tell Danny all the things that need doing, but then sees that Danny isn't really his usual self. He tells him it will all keep till later, to give him time to settle back in.

Over at the factory it's break time, and the girls are chattering about Christmas when Danny comes over. Sean asks if he's all right, he looks a bit peaky. Danny replies that he's fine, but would love a cuppa and a custard cream. Joanne goes to put the kettle on. The talk goes back to Christmas, and how they love sharing it all with their families. "That's what Christmas is about," says Jo, "spending time with the people you love." At that point Danny turns and walks out of the factory, without a word to anyone. You just want to give Danny a hug.

Liam goes round to Danny's to get him to sign for the wages withdrawal. Danny signs and Liam tells him he didn't even look at it, it could have been anything. "You're taking it hard then, this Frankie thing?" he asks him. "Well spotted, that man," says Danny. Liam asks if there's anything he can get him, food, bottles of the hard stuff? "Look," says Liam, kindly, "if there's anything I can do….." Danny tells him there are some things that can't be fixed.

Danny is alone at the viaduct, in the dark, drinking. He sways precariously on the wall, holding out the empty Scotch bottle. He lets it go and there's a few moments silence till it hits the ground far below. He looks down, still swaying. Don’t jump!


Anonymous said...

Nice update! My thoughts:

1. Someone is clearly targeting the Kabin. I suspect Ken Barlow. He left the firm in suspicious circumstances. Teehee.

2. Emily thinks graffiti is arty. I'm less than half her age, and I think it's one of the surest signs of the decline and fall of western civilization.

3. Jamie appears to be applying for the job of Narcissus. Every time he appears on camera, he's wooking at his wittle face - him not so pretty anymore. Gag.

4. Yana has gone from one of my favorite characters to skank of the week in 2 minutes flat. Great job, Yana!

5. Chesney cracked me up. "I'm 12 - I'm not stupid!" He's is SOOO cute!

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

MF: re: Ken: LOL. But I think he would have spray painted a quote from Shakespeare.

Danny breaks my heart. I think it a real testament to his acting ability that I could go from being disgusted by him for sleeping with Leanne to wanting to mother him when he is so hurt.

Jamie: He has been annoying and irritating for a good long while with his self-pity because noone can understand why he wants to sleep with his mom. And, despite getting what he wants, he has just gone from bad to worse.

MJ said...

I was miffed at Danny for dropping the Scotch bottle.

I'm sure I could have got another drop out of it.

Trudy C said...

I'm liking Danny more and more each day. Great acting.

Don't know if he could have actually got another drop out of it but he could have returned it for the 20 cent deposit.

Anonymous said...

Excellent update on a super episode. I don't know about anyone else but Jamie is REALLY starting to get on my nerves! He got what he wanted why does he look so miserable? Why are they hanging around, just to rub Danny's nose in it? I agree what a skank Yana is. I loved Fizz, Chesney and Liam in last nights show. I am also getting tired of goofy Claire and whinny Ashley. Surely we don't have to relive the Dr. Matt story again. I have to wonder what the point is the christening story...don't Ashley and Claire have any friends their own age? The godparents for our child was our best friends who were raising two children of their own.

Anonymous said...

I hoping it's David targeting the Kabin. Then Gail will have to buy him an easel and paints too because he's so talented.

Which kiss was more gruesome:
(a)Becky's kiss with Weasel Boy
(b)Yana's kiss with Les

I loved loved that Haley has 'quite a lovely rain bonnet' in her purse that she will lend Eileen for her baptism.

And Amy is out of the dishwasher. Yay! No word on Bethany though...


Anonymous said...


Of course, the baptism won't "take" if you are wearing a rain bonnet, but perhaps that's the point...

Actually, you may have hit on something there - David is a great suspect! And remember, he's just misunderstood. He's not a bad boy.
There are no bad boys.

Michigander Fan

Westcoast fan said...

Actually, I think Norris is walking in his sleep and painting the graffitti himself. He's never happy unless he has something to fuss about.

"Don't jump, Danny!" Yeah, that's all I could think during that scene, too (that and the fact that I'm not sure the drop is high enough to kill him, especially in his artificially 'relaxed' state).

Yes, what are Jamie and Frankie's long term plans? Are they looking for the perfect moment to announce their engagement to everyone in the pub? And why is Frankie suddenly saying she's broke. She has the villa in Spain that she can sell (because I'm sure she and Jamie won't want to be using it anytime soon; they will be personas non grata in that country once Warren finds out that his mum has been playing 'hide the sausage' with his brother.)

Why doesn't Claire go whine about her concerns to Steve? After all he is her boss and the father of Amy (who briefly left the dishwasher to make an academy award winning appearance on the stairs) and she's in the middle of all this alleged family violence. Dads want to know these things.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon,

Well, it's probably not Shakespeare (the old dear was rather wordy), but it could just be some obsolete medieval word for "Loser Jerk", which Norris certainly is.

Michigander Fan

Debbie said...

I think it is funny that everyone is anoyed that Jamie still looks miserable.

Jamie has wanted to be up-front with Danny from the beginning and I seriously doubt he enjoyed going behind Danny's back or hurting him. Secondly, he probbaly has a lot of left over feelings from the Leanne situation and finally, he just got his face bashed in. AND his mom/girlfriend still wants to keep the relationship a secret because she is obviously ashamed.

There is a long way to go before he gets to happy days

I also want to say that the Claire and Eileen thing is being played out well. I think that is exactly what would happen in real life.

Anonymous said...

MF: Ha! Maybe something Chaucerian.

I think Frankie and Jamie should tell Tracy. She would come up with the perfect announcement to make at the Rover's to tell the world of their love for each other.

Whitehorse Fan

Debbie said...

HA! Norris is spray painting the kabin. HA! THAT would be hilarious. Then he could just tell Rita that he is bored and that is why he did it. HAHAHA!

Anonymous said...


EXCELLENT POINT - why ISN'T Claire going to Steve?

You know, besides Amy and Bethany (and the dogs) being basically invisible unless specifically called for, there have been a couple of situations where characters that should be around aren't. Perfect example: Cilla shows up at Fizz's apartment, not once, but twice. She spends the night. Where is Maria? She lives with Fizz again, now that Charlie and she are kaput.

So, again, Claire has an issue, and should absolutely talk to Steve. Where is he? As a matter of fact, he has shown zero interest in Amy since she got the unibrow. (Which only made her look more like daddy, in my opinion.)


Anonymous said...

Corrie Lover USA,

Are you out there?

Michigander Fan

Debbie said...

Frankly, the unibrow is what makes Amy interesting.

Westcoast fan said...

MF, I'm glad you see the similarity between NewAmy and Steve, too! I even wondered if she was his natural daughter.

Whitehorse Fan: yes, tell Tracy and she'll make sure everyone finds out in the most deliciously evil way.

Maybe Jamie's upset about how hard Danny's taking the news but he doesn't express that; he really isn't saying anything about what he wants. And why is Warren such a non-entity in their minds? Really, before they tell anyone else they need to be telling Warren, and you'd think Frankie at least would be checking with Danny to find out if he's told #2 son, yet. In fact, you'd think she'd beat Danny to the punch, because she'd want to be the first to spin it to Warren (though, admittedly, I don't know how you put a positive spin on this news).

Debbie said...

Oh there is no positive spin to this.

Westcoast fan said...

So Frankie and Jamie sit Warren down and Frankie says:

'Warren, love, you know how much I care for you? And you love me, too. And you know how much I care for Jamie and he loves me too? But you remember that I'm not really Jamie's mum, am I? Not really old enough to be, more like a sister to him - wait, cancel that thought. But the fact is he was almost grown when I married your dad, well, at least he was out of short pants by then, and the bedwetting was over. What we're trying to say is that Jamie and I have found a very special, grown up, wonderful way to express our love for each other, and we've checked with our solicitors and they've assured us that technically we're not committing a criminal act, so that clears up any concerns there, no harm in being careful, though.

[At this point Warren throws up, or faints, or does one then the other, and Jamie and Frankie quietly sneak away with satisfaction of having made a good job of it.]

Anonymous said...


Point well taken about Jamie. And maybe part of what is going is that he thought that once Danny knew, everything would be great, but it is not. Frankie is still having difficulty, and maybe Jamie in his heart of hearts still feels a little weird too. But he can't really admit that Sean was right and this is really messed up, so all he can think to do is to continue not shaving and stare at himself balefully in the mirror.

As a proud owner of the unibrow, I say long live the unibrow!

Whitehorse Fan

Anonymous said...

Here I am !!!,,2155280,00.html

HEre is an article about Anthony Cotton and his new chat show in the UK.

I do feel badly for Danny...but that is because the actor is pretty good at his portrayal.

Yeah Frankie and Jamie are making me sick....

I wonder if Cilla will find out about Les and Yana?


Tvor said...

Of course Cilla will find out about Les and Yana. It's standard soap opera stuff innit?

Seemed to me that Jamie took great delight in stealing Frankie behind his back and i think subconsciously did it because of what Danny did to him. After all those years of Danny fooling around on Frankie and then doing the dirty to his own son, Karma came back to bite him hard on the ass. payback, baby, is a bitch. Having said that, i do feel sorry for Danny, too and Bradley Walsh is putting in an amazing performance. Frankie and Danny just leave me cold.

Anonymous said...

Corrie Lover USA,

Were you talking about the blonde newscaster with the "weird bob" as being the chick who is the News at 6 Windsor newscaster? If so, her name is Susan Pedlar.

Anyhoo, I was just at my local salon, Beaux Richards, and I discovered that Pedlar's new 'do is a major new rage.

Go figure!

Michigander Fan

Rob Swizzle said...

Where did that terrifying Christmas photo come from?

Mayfairgirl said...

Rob: just did a google image search of coronation street+christmas.


here is the link: